SimCity 2013 Tourism Guide – Gambling and Culture

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If you think your city has the luxuries to attract foreigners and get them to spend money, then you need to focus on the Tourism aspect. In SimCity, tourism plays an extremely important role in a city’s economy.

Tourism itself can become a major source of income for your state, allowing you to generate sufficient profits to run the every day requirements of the city. However, attracting tourists is not a spontaneous thing, but one that has to be worked for.

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SimCity Tourism – How To Attract Tourists

There are multiple types of tourists that can be attracted to your city, and you have to make sure that you are sufficiently equipped to satisfy the needs of all those types.

Flow of Tourist

It’s important to understand how exactly tourists behave in SimCity. Every city has a specific attraction rating for each wealth class. This rating is based on a variety of things, such as your mass transit designs, your roads, industries, pollution, terrain, buildings, parks, and much more. The higher your rating for a given wealth class, the more likely the tourists will come.

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However, tourists won’t emerge from the grounds; you need to have a very efficient transport infrastructure in your city that allows for travel for tourists of all types of wealth. It is thus very important to understand what kind of tourist uses what type of transport to come to your city.

Thus, you have to define different parameters for different types of tourists. Let’s categorize the tourists into three types: low wealth or working-class tourists, medium wealth or upper class tourists, and high wealth tourists which are entrepreneurs and/or demanding big-shots.

Now, for every tourist type, there is a specific set of variables. The wealth of the tourist will determine what type of transport method he/she uses to enter the city, the transport method used within the city, the commercial places the tourist is likely to get attracted to, the type of place the tourist would prefer living in, and the type of transport they would choose to leave your city.

You have to ensure that each every one of these demands is rightfully met for the tourist type you are targeting. If all these demands are satisfied, then your tourist will spend the most time possible in your city, which will mean he/she will spend the maximum amount of money possible.

So, let’s take a look at what kind of tourist prefers what:

Low Wealth Tourists
The low wealth tourists prefer the following:

  • Bus or car to enter the city
  • Bus, taxi , or walking to travel within city
  • Low-priced shops and inexpensive attractions
  • Inexpensive hotels
  • Bus or car for exiting city

Medium Wealth Tourists
Medium Wealth tourists prefer the following:

  • Train or ship to enter city
  • Bus, taxi, or walking to travel within city
  • Medium price shops and medium-class casinos
  • Medium priced hotels
  • Train or ship for exiting city

High Wealth Tourists
Rich tourists prefer the following:

  • Airplanes to enter city
  • Limo, taxi, or walking to travel within city
  • High class attractions (certain Great Works) and expensive casinos
  • Luxury hotels
  • Airplanes to for exiting city

The above bit will help you understand what types of buildings and attractions you have to set up to attract tourists. It’s generally a good idea to have as much variety as possible so that tourists of all classes can come to your city and spend. Sometimes players will opt to build an exclusively high-wealth tourism infrastructure.

This may be a good idea initially, but the most effective way to earn profits from tourism is to have all kinds of tourists coming to your city.

Another very important thing to remember is efficient Mass Transit management within your city, and also to make sure that there are sufficient hotels to accommodate the amount of tourists flowing. If you do not have enough hotels, or lack a good transit system (in which case tourists will get stuck in traffic), then tourists will leave before spending large portions of money.


Gambling is perhaps the best way to attract tourists, and one that has the potential to earn you loads of profit. The real issue with gambling though is that it tends to increase your crime rate. You’ll see a rise in congestion near these areas, and also a rise in crime in the local region where your casinos and associated hotels exist.

Thus, it’s important to have an efficient transit system up and running near your casinos, and equally important to have a strong police force that can tackle criminals and prevent them from running amok. Thus, the gambling trade should be looked at carefully; it’s not recommended that you start creating casinos unless and until you have a very good transport system, and are also mentally prepared to tackle a large cluster of criminals-to-be.

Gambling House

  • Cost: 15,000
  • Operational Cost: 260 per hour

Prerequisites: Working water and power, 21 commercial buildings

The Gambling House is your entry-level casino, and a great place to start off your casino business. The Gambling Hall is likely to draw tons of tourists, and thus it’s important to have your roads and transport steady and efficient. You will also want to have a Police Precinct or Police Station near the place to suppress the high risk of criminal activity.

In addition to the house itself, it’s a good idea to have some commercial areas nearby that tourists will also visit during their stay in the gambling house. Thus, you should set up a huge portion of land just for this very purpose.

The Gambling House will only attract low and medium wealth tourists, so try to target them with adjacent inexpensive shops and commercial attractions.

Gambling Houses aren’t too expensive, so you might want to consider building two of them, one for low wealth and the other for medium wealth. You can then select associated modules for each House, targeting the type of audience that they are built for.

Here are the modules you can select from:

Casino Marquees

  • Cost: 1,000
  • Operational Cost: 50 per hour
  • Maximum Tourists per day: 25
  • Maximum Modules: 1

Cheap Rooms

  • Cost: 3,500
  • Operational Cost: 115 per hour
  • Low Wealth Rooms: 60
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Nice Rooms

  • Cost: 4,000
  • Operational Cost: 135 per hour
  • Medium Wealth Rooms: 30
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Nickel Slots

  • Cost: 4,500
  • Operational Cost: 40 per hour
  • Low Wealth Gambler Capacity: 45
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Blackjack Tables

  • Cost: 5,500
  • Operational Cost: 75 per hour
  • Medium Wealth Gambler Capacity: 30
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Comedy Club

  • Cost: 4,000
  • Operational Cost: 75 per hour
  • Low Wealth Gambler Capacity: 45
  • Maximum Tourists per day: 25
  • Maximum Modules: 4


  • Cost: 4,000
  • Operational Cost: 225 per hour
  • Medium Wealth Gambler Capacity: 45
  • Maximum Tourists per day: 25
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Gambling HQ

  • Cost: 37,500
  • Operational Cost: 450 per hour

Prerequisites: Working water and power, 50,000 casino revenue in a day

Like the headquarters associated with Petroleum, Mining, Trade, and Electronics, Gambling itself has a specific HQ that comes in the form of a towering skyscraper. You will need to make sure that there is enough space around the HQ itself to accommodate its divisions.

The HQ is a mandatory building if you wish to unlock the other superior casinos and associated buildings, which will have the capability to attract and accommodate higher wealth tourists.

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  • Lauren

    Very good post. I was hoping for some thoughts on strategic placement of attractions, but perhaps there is none. Also, kind of a lot of wasted space regurgitating the specs for each ploppable. A brief rundown of relevancies for each item would have saved me a page skip.

  • XelN4g4

    Same for me, I had 6000 tourists/day when I began building culture builldings and now I’m back to approximately 200 tourists/day. I don’t really understand why this is happening but it bothers me, too. Either this is a bug and they will release a patch to fix this or I’m just too bad ^^ Has anyone some tips to get a flourish steady stream of tourists?

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