SimCity 2013 Electronics Specialization Guide – Consumer Electronics and Electronics HQ

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If you want your city to be a symbol of technology, one that thrives not on oil and coal but on the modern consumer electronics that drive the current world, then you need to focus on the Electronics Specialization.

However, unlike the oil extraction and mining, electronics is an extremely advanced field, and cannot be initiated quickly. In fact, you will need to build your city specifically for this purpose, focusing heavily on education and methods of importing or creating Alloys and Plastics.

In short, making electronics will require you to have access to advanced oil specialization, advanced mining specialization, and a highly progressed educational structure in your city.

You will need highly educated workers to run your electronics factories, so setting up a University with the School of Science is an essentiality.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the factories themselves are extremely expensive. This can make Electronics a very demanding specialization – one that a city should look forward to if it already has a very well established infrastructure and secure earnings.

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SimCity Electronics Specialization

In order to initiate your work as a high-tech city, you’ll need to start off with the Processor Factory.

Processor Factory

  • Production rate: 2,400 crates/day
  • Cost: 160,000
  • Upkeep:  700/hr

Requirements to unlock: 5 medium-tech Industrial buildings, working power, worker water supply

If you’ve focused on education and cleanliness, then you are well on your way to unlocking the Processor Factory. For this factory, you will need a properly working supply of power and water, alongside 5 medium-tech clean industrial buildings (tech level 2).

It’s not like it’s impossible to work the factory without educated workers, but the efficiency will be less, and its likely that the factory will not progress. Thus, it’s extremely important that you have a University and established educational system in order to hire skilled workers for the factory.

If you have a Smelting Factory and an Oil Refinery factory in your city, then you should be well on your way to making fortunes from this heavy investment. However, if you haven’t advanced to such a level, consider opening up trades with your neighboring cities, or buying Alloys and Plastics (the building blocks of all electronics) from the Global Market. The latter is a more expensive approach, but it’s good enough to kick-start your factory if your city lacks the capability to produce its own material.

Another important thing to remember is that like other facilities your Processor Factory will seize function if its storage reaches full capacity. It is thus important to further invest in Delivery Truck Garages for more delivery trucks and Processor Assembly lines for faster production rates.

Delivery Truck Garages

  • Cost: 10,000
  • Operational Cost: 50 per hour
  • Truck Capacity: 20,000 crates
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Processor Assembly Line

  • Cost: 50,000
  • Operational Cost: 350 per hour
  • Production Rate: 360,000 processors/day
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Electronics HQ

  • Cost: 37,500
  • Operational Cost: 450 per hour

Prerequisites:Manufacture 500,000 processors in a day

The Electronics Headquarters is an impressive skyscraper with fancy glass work and glorious architecture. It stands as a beacon of your progress as an electronics-dominant city. The number of stories of the building will grow as you make more and more successful processor sales.

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