Games of March 2013 – PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and More!

By   /   Mar 1, 2013

Free from the anxiety of system reveal, March looks to be a promising month to be a gamer. With games ranging from blockbuster AAA titles to those promising under-the-radar releases, there seems to be ample amount of new titles regardless of whether you are a console owner, PC gamer or prefer portable gaming.

This month is home to much anticipated multiplatform games like Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite as well as system exclusives for every type of system platform there is in the market.

From a new God of War for PS3 to next iteration of Gears of War for Xbox 360; a fresh episode of Starcraft II for the PC or Lego Undercover City for the WiiU and at the portable side; with an original 2D Castlevania for the 3DS and Soul Sacrifice for the Vita.

What’s more, March seems to have a little something for everyone, no matter what your taste in gaming. Whether it be RPG, Action, Fighting, FPS, TPS, Racing, Sports or Puzzle, every Genre is represented well in this month’s offering.

So without further ado, here are all of the games being released in the month of March, broken down with respect Platforms, Release Date, Genre and brief description for each game.

Games of March 2013

For your ease, the games are segmented according to weeks of release. Though please note that 1st week includes the first two days of the month and the 4th week includes the last day. Also, as is the case with all official timelines, the Release Dates mentioned are subject to change.

Games of March – Week #1

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

Platforms: PS3

Release Date: 5th March 2013(North America), 8th March 2013(Europe), 28th June 2012(Japan) & 23rd August 2012(Chinese translation)

Genre: RPG

Description: The game follows the journey of Ayesha Altugle, who has been living alone since her sister went missing and the passing of her grandfather.

When she learns that her sister is alive somewhere in the world, she devotes herself to find her long lost sister; and so her journey begins.

Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Platforms: PS3, Xbox360, WiiU & PC

Release Date: 5th March 2013 (PSN), 26th February 2013 (WiiU, PC) & 27th February 2013(XBLA)

Genre: Platformer

Description: Sequel to the rhythm based platforming game; Bit.Trip Runner. Players aim to find and twart evil schemes of Timbleot by exploring the fantastical environments using jump, kink, slide and soar mechanics while experiencing brand new moves and original soundtracks that the sequel has to offer.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate

Platforms: 3DS

Release Date: 5th March 2013(North America), 8th March 2013(Europe) & 20th March 2013(Japan)

Genre: Action-Adventure

Description: This sequel to the critically acclaimed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow picks up the story 25years after the events of its predecessor.

In Mirror of Fate, players experience the story of Gabriel’s descendants, as they battle, what was Gabriel Belmont and now a powerful vampire called, Dracula throughout the eras only to discover their own fate.


Platforms: PS3 & Vita

Release Date: 5th March 2013

Genre: Puzzle

Description: Germinator deviates from the ‘three of a kind’ approach and offers gameplay where players need to crash their germ bubbles into those of the same colors, where they combine and grow until they POP!

Players can expect to experience gameplay based on timing and accuracy in full 1080p visuals and an option to utilize move controller support.

Major League Baseball 2K13

Platforms: PS3 & Xbox360

Release Date: 5th March 2013

Genre: Sports

Description: The next iteration of the popular MLB 2K franchise promises to , yet again, enthrall the fans of Major League Baseball and provide them with the polished game mechanics that they have come to expect from the series.

MLB 13: The Show

Platforms: PS3 & Vita

Release Date: 5th March 2013

Genre: Sports

Description: In this next installment of of the number-one selling Major League Baseball video game franchise, players can enjoy new features such as a brand new beginner mode and instructional enhancements, as well as Play Now mode.

In addition to these, the returning Franchise and Road to the Show modes let players sync their season between portable and console Platforms, allowing them to continue their game anywhere, making ‘The Show’ best pick-up and play baseball gaming experience available in the market.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Platforms: PS3 & Xbox 360

Release Date: 5th March 2013(North America), 8th March 2013(Europe) & 18th April 2013(Japan)

Genre: Fighting

Description: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 features the most extensive character roster of any Naruto Shippuden game to date.

Packed with returning favorites from the Naruto franchise, players can expect to be thrown into thrilling battles set in the village of Konoha, in an adventure that includes an awesome confrontation with the Behemoth known as Nine-Tails.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Ultimate Edition)

Platforms: WiiU

Release Date: 5th March 2013(North America) & 8th March 2013(Europe)

Genre: Action-Adventure

Description: Based on the Amazing Spider-Man motion picture, the game lets player control the web-crawler they experience Spider-Man adventure for the first time on the WiiU.


Platforms: PC & Mac

Release Date: 5th March 2013(North America), 8th March 2013(Europe), 7th March 2013 (Japan) & 2013 (Mac)

Genre: Simulation

Description: The new SimCity marks the rebirth of the franchise that birthed the city building simulation Genre.

This new edition offers unprecedented depth on creation and simulation, while adding a robust multiplayer mode that allows players to change a world together.

Tomb Raider

Platforms: PS3, Xbox360 & PC

Release Date: 5th March 2013 & 25th April 2013(Japan)

Genre: Action-Adventure

Description: Tomb Raider revives the franchise that gave birth to gaming industry’s gun-toting female explorer, Lara Croft.

Through its sharp physics-based gameplay, the game tells a griping tale about the origins of Lara and the journey she takes that turns a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor that we have all come to love.

Dollar Dash

Platforms: PS3, Xbox360 & PC

Release Date: 6th March 2013

Genre: Action

Description: Players will be left shouting with joy as they attack, defend and outrun their fellow thieves to make a dash with the cash.

The objective is to deposit the “hard-earned” cash in the getaway vehicle before it goes away, and use comedic actions and crazy weapons to thwart the rivals.

Soul Sacrifice

Platforms: Vita

Release Date: 7th March 2013(Japan), 30th April 2013(North America) & 1st May 2013(Europe)

Genre: Action RPG

Description: Soul Sacrifice is a co-op action game that offers brutal combat and choices that have consequences in the game.

Players take the role of a slave who gets hold of a forbidden book that allows the holder to battle sorcerers and monster from the past. In order to succeed, will the player be willing to sacrifice their belongings, limbs or even Lives?


Platforms: 3DS

Release Date: 7th March 2013

Genre: Action

Description: The allows the players to become one with the stone on its journey from toss to the splash.

Players experience variety of levels where they will have to use the circle pad to maneuver each stone through numerous hazards that hinder the free fall of the stone and stop it from getting to the bottom of the well.

Games of March – Week #2

Darkstalkers Resurrection

Platforms: PS3 & Xbox360

Release Date: 12th March 2013 (North America; PS3), 13th March 2013 (Europe & North America; Xbox360), 14th March 2013(Japan)

Genre: Fighting

Description: Experience the revival of the beloved Darkstalkers fighting game franchise and get ready to take the fight to current gen.

Darksiders Ressurection compliments the nostalgia of controlling the unique and colorful cast of characters from Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers3, with the modern features like GGPO-enables online gamplay, HD graphical filtering, replay sharing, spectator mode, challenge and tutorial mode as well as various unlockables.

God of War: Ascension

Platforms: PS3

Release Date: 12th March 2013(North America), 13th March 2013(Europe), 14th March 2013(Australia) & 15th March 2013(UK)

Genre: Action-Adventure

Description: God of War: Ascension features another stellar return to the God of War franchise.

A prequel to the original God of War, the game allows players to control Kratos through an epic single player story of freedom, redemption and vengeance and for the first time ever, experience 8-player multiplayer battles in the God of War universe.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Platforms: PS3

Release Date: 12th March 2013 (North America), 15th March 2013(Europe) & 30th August 2012(Japan)

Genre: RPG

Description: Hyperdimension Neptunia V is the third game in the Compile Heart’s RPG series. The game allows players to control Neptune as she reprises her role as the self-aware main character and meets characters new and old after getting transported back to the ’80s version of Gamindustri.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Platforms: PS3, Xbox360, PC, WiiU & Vita

Release Date: 12th March 2013

Genre: FPS

Description: Powered by CryEngine 3, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 allows players explore the graphically stunning environments through the eyes of a special ops sniper and bring down the enemy with bulls-eye precision..

Star Craft II: Heart of the Swarm

Platforms: PC & Mac

Release Date: 12th March 2013

Genre: RTS

Description: Heart of the swarm offers a new chapter to the long awaited return of the premier competitive real time strategy game franchise; StarCraft II.

Players are welcomed to The Hive as they take control of Sarah Kerrigan, the former Queen of Blades as she awaits her fate in the depths of a research laboratory. Guide her through the confrontation with Terrains and plot her escape allowing her to escape to the dark reaches of the space and reclaim her empire.

Monster High: Skulltimate Roller Maze

Platforms: 3DS, DS & Wii

Release Date: 13th March 2013(North America), 15th March 2013(Austrailia) & 16th March 2013(Europe)

Genre: Racing

Description: On Your Mark, Get Set, Scream! Monster High: Skulltimate Roller Maze allows the players to control their favorite Monster High Character and skate them through the twisty catacombs of Monster High.

Players get to collect power-ups and battle fellow skaters all the while avoiding monsters and obstacles to race their way to the finish line.

Slam Bolt Scrappers

Platforms: PS3 & PC

Release Date: 14th March 2013(PC) & 15th March 2013(ps3)

Genre: Puzzle

Description: The game is all about building the most powerful towers and defending them through their own custom created weapons against a cast of cute bad guys as well as huge bosses.

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