Dead Space 3 Weapon Blueprints Locations Guide – Where To Find

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In Dead Space 3 Isaac can find a total of twelve weapon blueprints which he can use to create various weapons at Benches. This is essential in succeeding in Dead Space at the higher difficulties as the default weapons leave something to be desired.

You can craft various weapons onyour owown; many of thelueprint weapons are unique and have certain features that you can’t craft by yourself. Here we’ve compiled a Dead Space 3 Weapon Blueprints guide to help you infinding these elusive treasures.

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Dead Space 3 Weapon Blueprints

Shotgun Blueprint
Location. (Found in Chapter four) – A Standard S.C.A.F Shotgun, fires multiple rounds with each shot. It’s effective at close range. You find the blueprint in the same room where you meet up with the team, the same room where you found a number of collectibles. You will find the Blueprint for the shotgun near a dead body.

Basic Line Gun
Fires a horizontal beam of energy that cuts through anything. Can tear off the legs off a group of Necromorphs and does more damage than the plasma cutter.

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Bolas Gun
Location. (Found in Chapter eight) – A weapon that is two bola guns in one. The top bola gun fires an electric bola that bounces off walls. The lower bola creates a sort of land mine on the ground that damages enemies that walk through it.

You can find it after the cut scene where the giant monster throws you off a cliff. Eventually you’ll take a ladder to the top of the pipe and enter the RS 10 Radio Tower to turn on a generator. The blueprint for the bolas gun is sitting on the desk nearby.

Contact Beam
Location. (Found in Chapter eleven) – The contact beam is a charged laser that can destroy most enemies with one shot. You need to hold down the fire button to charge it for a few seconds though. The alt-fire mode pushes away nearby objects and enemies.

When you’re exploring the Armory in chapter eleven you’ll eventually come to a room with three doors and some wrapped up bodies. Head in the opposite direction of the unlocked door to find the blueprint near some lockers.

Force Gun
The Force Gun fires a short-range, high-powered blast of kinetic energy over a wide area that pushes enemies and objects back. The alt-fire shoots the force in a narrower radius that has a longer range and does more damage.

Heavy Metal Thunder
Location. (Found in Chapter nine) – The Heavy Metal Thunder is a rivet gun that fires numerous sharp projectiles in a short amount of time. Also fires rockets. During the Supply Depot side quest, after you lower the bridge using Kinesis, you will find a locked door that requires a Tungsten Torque Bar to open. If you have one, use it to find the blueprint inside.

Hot Death
Location. (Found in Chapter Fourteen) – The Hot Death fires either a sawblade that spins in place in midair and damages all enemies nearby, or a stream of flame similar to a flamethrower. Features an ammo sweeper attachment that grabs nearby dropped ammo automatically.

Soon after you get to the Geology sector in the fourteenth chapter, you will come to an area with a bench. In the room after this is a door requiring a Tungsten Torque Bar to open. Inside you will find the blueprint for this weapon.

HUN-E1 Badger
Location. (Found in Chapter Thirteen) – The HUN-E1 Badger is basically a rivet shotgun. It fires multiple sharp projectiles with each shot that also do flame damage. The Secondary fire is a powerful melee attack. Shortly after you begin chapter thirteen, you reach a survey office. You will find the blueprint in a box outside the office.

Javelin Gun
Location. (Found in Chapter Sixteen) – The Javelin Gun fires a single, powerful projectile that impales the target. The secondary fire causes the fired projectile to emit electricity, damaging everything around it.

After you use the rappel device for the third time in this chapter and defeat/bypass the weird necromorph. Follow the path onwards and look below the scaffolding you come across to see this blueprint.

Medic Support Handgun
Location. (Found in Chapter nine) – The Medic Support Handgun is a compact rivet gun with a hydraulic knife designed for quick and accurate triage. It has a fast rate of fire and reload and features a powerful melee attack to go along with it.

You can find it in the same room where you find the supply depot key in chapter nine, after you escape the spiked pistons.

The Mjolnir is a powerful weapon that shoots chain lighting at enemies. The electricity arcs from one target to the next. The alt-fire is a melee attack with a hydraulic hammer that does considerable damage.

Pulse Rifle
Location. (Found in Chapter nine) – The Pulse Rifle does small damage per shot, but has a high rate of fire and large ammunition capacity. The alt-fire is a grenade launcher.

After the fight with the big necromorph in chapter nine (sometime after you get the arctic survival suit) go inside the outpost. In the second room from the entrance there is a ladder that leads to some personal quarters. You can find the blueprint on a desk.

Show Stopper
Location. (Found in Chapter Fourteen) – (DESCRIPTION). When you’re doing the Reaper Barracks optional side quest in chapter fourteen you’ll come across a room with some spike traps. After this room is another room with a screen and projector. In this room is a large supply cache and there you will find the blueprint for this weapon.

Seeker Rifle
Location. (Found in Chapter Fourteen) – (DESCRIPTION). You find this in Chapter fourteen right after the cut scene with Danik’s ship. Enter the courtyard and check the rear side of the snow vehicle to the left to find this.

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