Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Strategy Guide – Solo and Co-op

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With the release of the new Die Rise zombie map we here at SegmentNext have compiled a detailed guide on the level and some strategies you can use to get to the really high rounds of the map. This guide refers to the floors from the top. Meaning that the first floor is the floor right underneath the top floor, the second is the one underneath that and so on.

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Black Ops 2 Die Rise Map Overview

Spawn Building: Top Floor
This is the floor where you begin the level. You’ll immediately notice the locked double doors in front of you. These cost 750 points to open and are necessary to obtain one of the two guns on this floor. Speaking of which, the two weapons on this floor are:

  • Olympia: (500 points) – Found to the right of the double doors.
  • M14: (500 points) – Found in the hallway past the double doors.

There is an elevator in the hallway through the double doors that contains a Quick Revive. There is another Elevator that contains a Speed Cola around the corner. These elevators will remain closed to you until you turn on the power.

You can also find four parts on the top floor. These items are all components of the Trample Steam. The Trample Steam is a useful trap you can use to fling zombies and players off the side of the building.

To learn where to find them and how to build the Trample Steam refer to our buildable parts locations guide. There are a total of three ways to leave the top floor:

  • There is an old elevator to the left side of the starting room, you can stand on top of it for a few seconds to make it fall down and take you to the fifth floor of the Radio Tower Building.
  • Go through the double doors and clear the debris that is blocking the stairs to the right for 750 points. Proceed down to the first floor.
  • Go through the double doors but go down to the other end of the hallway to see a broken wall you can jump through to drop down to the first floor.

Spawn Building: First Floor
Alright so there is one door on the First floor and two more weapons. There is an open elevator shaft on this floor nearby if you came via the stairs and to its right you’ll find a door you can unlock to reach the shopping center for 750 points.

If you went through to the hole in the wall to get to the first floor you’ll already be near the shopping center somewhere near the SVU-AS.

The two weapons on this floor are:

  • PDW-57: (1000 points) – Just to the left of the elevator shaft.
  • SVU-AS: (1000 points) – In the shopping center to the left of the escalator.

There are two ways to leave this floor and go to the second:

  • If the power is on, you can ride the elevator down. This will take you to a workbench.
  • You can simply go down the escalator in the shopping area.

Spawn Building: Second Floor
There are two main sections on this floor and it’s difficult to get from one to the other. If you took the escalator you can access a room with a section of rubble that acts as a slide/bridge to the next floor. Only take this slide of you don’t intend to come back, it’s a one-way trip.

If you took the elevator you’ll be in a section that contains a workbench and the only weapon on this floor.

  • B23R: (1000 points) – On the wall near the Quick Revive elevator

There is some debris to the left of the workbench you can clear for 750 points to open up the way to the Speed Cola elevator. If you got here using that particular elevator then you’ll need to clear the debris to access the workbench.

When you’re ready to proceed, use the slide/elevator to emerge into a section of the building that’s been turned upside down.

Upside-Down Building: Third Floor
The room you find yourself in after using the slide contains both the first mystery box (on the ceiling) and one of the weapons for this floor. You probably already know what the mystery box does but in case you don’t here’s the basic gist of it; you can spend points on it to get a random weapon.

  • Colt M16A1: (1200 points) – Found on the wall to the right of the Mystery Box.
  • Galvaknuckles: (6000 points) – Found halfway down the elevator shaft, refer to our Galvaknuckles guide.

There isn’t much else on this floor, when you’re ready to leave use the open doorway to the right and turn left to go up the slope to the open elevator shaft. You can drop down here to the next floor but halfway down you can get access to the Galvaknuckles.

Make sure to land on the various ledges because a straight drop to the bottom will kill you.

Upside-Down Building: Fourth Floor
After Dropping down several ledges and platforms you’ll find yourself in a room with Japanese style architecture and a weapon right next to you.

  • AN-94: (1200 points) – On the wall right next to you as you drop onto the floor.

Explore the hallways and you’ll eventually find debris you can clear for 750 points. This leads to the last room in the building which you can use to access the second building.

Radio Tower Building: Sixth Floor
On this floor you can find a number of things. It’s a bit confusing as there are many turns and hallways but you can find a workbench on this floor as well as two weapons.

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  • Diesel

    On the rounds with goblin zombies if u position ur self against the wall in a corner with trample steams directly in front and don’t fire a single round only knife u get 100% accuracy which gives u a max ammo and free perk at the end of the round comes in handy as far as stradgedy

  • Pilomas23

    A working strategy is to go on the rooftop and where you build the parts on the roof stick around there. Here you and your teammates will hold off in the area, one person watching the barrier behind and the others blasting the zombies in front. Also buy claymores and trample steams and put them in front of you as they would act as a powerful wall of defense

  • ur mom

    not reallyhelpful. i know where everything is i just need a good strategy. i can make i to 25+ rounds but i wanna be able to hit 80+.

  • JD Sorensen

    for the trample steam let people know the elevator also goes up past the top floor and can crush you if on top of it.

  • Zantronix1

    in the b23r rom there is a littl box shaped room before you jump down have every one set a trample steam there like a wal and stand behind it