Ni no Kuni Horace’s Riddle Solutions Guide

By   /   3 years ago

If you have come across a ghost named Horace in Ni no Kuni and are stumped at all of his riddles, then fear no more. The ghost does not know that you can cheat, and we are here to give you all the answer to his pesky riddles.

Remember that if you answer his riddles correctly you will be rewarded with a unique spell. One of them allows you to exit from a dungeon while the other gives you secret treasure chest radar. These are handy spells and not to be missed out on.

Let’s begin by where to find Horace and the answer to his riddles/puzzles:

  • In Ding Dong Dell at the Castle entrance, the answer to his riddle is to cast “Spirit Medium.” Reward: N/A.
  • In Al Mamoon at the Fountain square, the answer to his puzzle is “Dragon of The West.” Reward: Draw Poison Spell.
  • In Castaway-Cove at the Dock bridge, the answer to his riddle is “Finest Fiber.” Reward: Vacate Spell.
  • In the Fairy Grounds at the Fairy Godmother path, the answer to his riddle is “Crispy Lettuce.” Reward: Sage’s Secret Alchemy Formula.
  • In the Hamelin at the Hootique Balcony, the answer to his riddle is “5.” Reward: Chart Chests Spell.

If you still can’t solve these puzzles, comment and we will help you out!

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  • BEEF

    I got stumped at castaway cove on the child so i moved on but he does not appear there anymore nor does he appear at his next location does that mean thats it i wont be able to finish the game 100% im up to the zombies and ill be pissed off if i cant get every spell now…

  • QT

    this is not all of the solutions he shows up again in peridia when trying to put together the wand he is located in swift solutions

  • hc

    Hi, I’ve only met Horace at Ding Dong Dell, and didn’t see him subsequently. I’m now at the stage where I’ve obtained Tengri. Can I still go back to doing the sidequests with Horace, or is it gone forever?