League of Legends Pro Player ‘Christian Rivera’ Got Banned

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  • December 5, 2012

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Professional League of Legends players have been penalized before on account of toxic behavior but this time the tribunal, the game’s system for monitoring player behavior, and Riot Games player behavior team has made a tough decision.

IWillDominate, real name Christian Rivera, one of the top players on the North American ladder and the Jungler for Team Dignitas, has been heavily penalized. The offense was in-game harassment, verbal abuse, offensive language and negative attitude. He had been reported and reviewed in the Tribunal nine times and punished eight times including the most recent offense.

Statistics showed his harassment score rose by over 30% starting from early August, despite repeated warnings. The penalties he will face are one year suspension from participating in the League of Legends Championship Series and permanent ban on all his known accounts. Multiple accounts is against Riot’s policy, however, there is nothing stopping permanently banned players from making another account.

More importantly, the one year ban means that he will miss out on any season 3 activity altogether and will also mean that Team Dignitas has to bring in a replacement if they want to play.

By Staff

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    • XieonGaming

      It does seem a little tough.

      I’m not going to write an essay, but I worked for MLG and there is trash talk in video games, especially COD, and then Halo, however sponsors don’t like that.

      So it’s taking a part of the game out to be PC, and that isn’t right on some levels.

      – Dave

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