ZombiU Weapons Upgrades Locations Guide

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Surviving the zombie plagued streets of London in ZombiU is a hard task to say the least. Zombies are out to get you, and they will not stop until they get your brains. Fighting these zombies with orthodox weaponry is possible but with stock only guns you can be sure the zombies will hand it to you most of the time.

To really get things started and give these pesky zombies a solid butt-kicking you need that extra “omph” in your arsenal. This means that you need to have modded and upgraded weapons, which deliver that extra fire power you require to survive.

This guide will help you find different upgrades for your weapons that suit your play style. If you want to get the most out of your weapon, continue reading. For more help on ZombiU, read our Weapons and Items Locations Guide.

ZombiU Weapon Upgrades

Capacity Upgrades
Basically, these upgrades increase the size of your magazine meaning you can carry more bullets at any given time. However, keep in mind this kind of upgrade is not compatible with the double barrel shotgun or the hunting crossbow.

Firepower Upgrades
These upgrades increase the damage output of your weapon. This means you can kill enemies with fewer bullets. These kinds of upgrades can go along with any sort of ranged weapon.

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Fire Speed Upgrades
These upgrades decrease the time required for your weapon to fire bullets. This means your gun fires at a faster rate. It is applicable with any ranged weapon except the hunting crossbow.

Spread Upgrades
These upgrades increase the accuracy of your guns over a long range. They can be attached to any ranged weapon. Now that we have discussed the types of upgrades, let’s talk about how we can utilize them to their max potential.

Apart from the double barrel shotgun and the hunting crossbow, all weapons in ZombiU are totally customizable. However, the main question is do u tinker with all your guns or the mod the hell out of a single gun making it a weapon of mass destruction? Well, the simple answer to that question is that you should upgrade at least two weapons of different type.

A modded pistol is a must have. Now depending on your play style, you should choose the second weapon to upgrade. If you like to get in the center of all things, then you should upgrade your shotgun otherwise a modded rifle is good to pick off foes from a safe distance.

Furthermore, do not waste your upgrades on the guns you barely use. Save these upgrades for the types of weapons you actually prefer. Below we have listed all the upgrades found in a particular location. We will start with the safe house.

Safe House
Firing Speed Upgrade 1: Located in the small storage room near to the exit to the brick lane market.

Firing Speed Upgrade 2: Scan and hack the door in the lower mezzanine red storage to reach the hidden platform area; the upgrade is at the tunnel junction.

Spread Upgrade 1: Loot dropped by an enraged super zombie near the entrance to the Victoria Memorial on the tube train.

Spread Upgrade 2: It is located in the tube station passage going to St.George’s Church.

Brick Lane Markets (Hanbury Green and Market Street)
Capacity Upgrade 1: Situated in the small connecting yard behind the gate leading to the Brick Lane flats.

Capacity Upgrade 2: Found in the backyard. You can get there with a help of a C4, you can also find a Dee’s Letter here.

Firepower Upgrade 1: Located in the locked storage shed adjacent to the manhole.

Firepower Upgrade 2: Found in the Hanbury Green Alley can be looted from an evolved super zombie.

Brick Lane Markets (Supermarket)

Spread Upgrade 3: It is located behind the strewn shelving inside the supermarket.

Victoria Memorial (Green Park)
Firepower Upgrade 3: Situated in the Armory, accessed via the keycard during mission nine.

Spread Upgrade 4: It is located in the knee deep waters in the main sewer corridor. It can be looted of the evolved super zombie there.

Firing Speed Upgrade 3: Situated in the small drainage to the left of the drainage entrance gate.

Firing Speed Upgrade 4: It can be found in the connecting chamber going to the Tower Of London.

Victoria Memorial (Palace Gates)

Firepower Upgrade 4: It is in the container with ambushing infected, just before the ambulances.

Fire Speed Upgrade 5: It is situated in the container in the chain link fence area.

Palace Underground (Royal Bunker)

Capacity Upgrade 3: Situated in the hub chamber, opposite to the entrance stairs.

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