ZombiU Weapons and Gear Items Locations Guide

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Everyone likes to kill zombies especially in games like ZombiU where you are doing it to survive and uncover the truth. How heroic is that? Yes, you are doing it in ZombiU for the greater good but that’s why you do it in all games, right? No. ZombiU is different, you are uncovering the Black Prophecy and discoveries are very fascinating.

You can’t do it without the right weapons though, you will need your gear and equipment to stay ahead of the undead and reach your objective safely. We know you need your gear and weapons but where to get them? Well, if you are looking for these rare weapons and gear items, you should follow our leads:

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ZombiU Gear Items Locations

Location. It can be found in the Mission #1. You can take it off the body of a recently dead survivor. The dead body can be found near the safe house.

XL Backpack
Location. This can be found during Mission #6, in a long crawl space which can be found while exiting Buckingham Palace interior. It allows you to carry up to twelve items.

XXL Backpack
Location. It can be found during the Mission #11, in a dirt yard off the Quaker Park. However, you need to blow up a cracked wall by C4 to get access to it. It allows you to carry up to sixteen items.

You should place your most frequently used items in the holsters. This way, you can choose them instantly rather than rummaging through your entire bag. Ammunitions are an exception; they do not require being in the holster for your character to access them directly. Remember not to stock up useless items. Throw away the stuff you do not use or keep it in your safe house until you find a purpose for it.

Location. You will have at the start of the game. It is used to light your way but beware as it can attract zombies too. You need to balance your need to see to your safety. The full battery of a flashlight lasts just about for four minutes. To recharge it, simply stow it away.

Location. It is found during mission #2, inside a metal cabinet in the Brick lane supermarket.

The hammer helps you build barricades or destroy them. Furthermore, you can use it to strengthen already set up barricades. It takes eight taps on your gamepad to remove/destroy a barricade. To do it quickly use both of your thumbs and one finger to tap the gamepad.

Location. It can be found inside your safe house cabinet, near the manhole.

It allows you to write online messages. Though it is located at several places, you can find it at the above-mentioned place most easily. However, when you first get your first spray can it vanishes from all other places. Use the spray can to help or deceive others by leaving online messages with it.

Lockpicking Tool
Location. It can be found during Mission #4, in the metal container inside Victoria Memorial close to the shelter near the palace gates.

It allows you to open some locked doors. Use your thumb on the gamepad to line up with the end of the tool. Now move your thumb in a curve until a white circle form around the lock. Once the circle is formed stop and repeat the entire process until the whole lock is compromised.

Prepper Pad
Location. It can be found during the Mission #1, inside the safe house on the workbench. It serves many purposes such as communication, mapping and resource management.

Virucide Shot
Location. It can be found during Mission #6, inside Dr.Knight’s lab on your first visit.

When injected into zombies; it poisons them and prevents them from grabbing or eating you. You can refill the syringe by plunging it into a specific corpse of an infected person that has the antibodies in it.

Location. They are located inside a small armory in the side tunnel. You can also find them in the Palace underground storage area as well as in the lower basement of Spitalfield’s nursery. These explosives are used to clear out trash piles to gain access to special items.

ZombiU Melee Weapons Locations

Cricket Bat
Location. It can be found during Mission #1, in the travel shop by the infected survivor.

It is a hard wooden bat, whack zombies with it. Swinging it requires stamina so use it sparingly. Only use it when going up against one foe and when you do not want to waste your ammo on it.

ZombiU Handguns Locations

L9A1 Browning
Location. It can be found during Mission #1, inside the first backpack you find on the recently dead survivor by the travel shop. On top of that, it is also placed on a small pedestal birdbath in the courtyard of the St.George’s Church.

Ammo for this gun is easy to come by, and it offers the longest range for handguns in the game. The reload time for this gun is very high, so it may be better for you to swap it with another weapon when under constant threat.

Location. It can be found during Mission #6, in the Palace underground, situated in the restrooms there.

It is almost like the L9A1 but comes equipped with a silencer. This gun can be used when you do not want to attract zombies by the sound of your gunshot. Furthermore, it uses the same type of ammo as the L9A1 but does not do as much damage.

Magnum Pistol
Location. It can be found after Mission #11, on Bacon fields on Darwin Yard. It is inside the shed. Hack the keycard lock of the door once your pad is updated.

Although this gun inflicts twice the damage, but it also attracts twice as many zombies by its sound alone. It is lethal at close range but even more on the long range. You can use it to kill two enemies with a single bullet, and it is also good for armor penetration.

ZombiU Explosives

You can use flares to attract zombies. By doing this you can get them in a group. With the attention of the zombies else where you can either surprise attack them or make an undetected escape.

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