Black Ops 2 Zombies Strategy Guide – Easter Eggs, Weapons, Tranzit, Survival and Grief

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The Tranzit game mode is probably the highlight feature of Black Ops 2. Whereas previously firms went along with the Zombie multiplayer mode as a sideline project, Treyarch took it head on and made it a big part of their game.

The mode includes four new playable characters: Stewey, Marlton, Misty and Russman. Samuel is the funny guy of the group that laughs even while being pursued by a dead mob.

Marlton is the brains of the group; he has the nerdy look which comes complete with geeky glasses and a white button-down. Misty is a southern bad-ass girl of the group who excels at butt-kicking. Russman is an outback African-American who seems to be a little laid-back in the zombie onslaught.

Tranzit has its own storyline and uses a single map called Green Run, which is divided into five different areas: Bus Station, Diner, Power Plant, Farm and Town.

Most of the above-mentioned maps can be played separately in the survival mode, where the only major difference is in the availability of perks.

Below is a compilation of our Survival Strategy guides of the maps. The guides give you an overview and highlight the key locations of each map, giving you an increased chance of surviving the undead horde.

For a better understanding of the Tranzit mode you can go through our Green Run Tranzit Strategy Guide which reveals secret locations, how to travel to them, the upgrades to your Tranzit bus and more.

For a detailed take on Zombies Grief mode, read our Grief Strategy Guide. (Coming Soon!)

The Work Bench
The Tranzit mode also features the ability to create your own weapons to use against the undead. The work bench, much like in Dead Space 2, enables crafting through which you can create unique items like a Zombie shield or Turret. To do so you will need different parts that are found all over the maps.

Our Item Building Guide tells you the location of each part and the recipe of every weapon.

Weapons, Upgrades, Perks and Power Ups
The right amount of fire power is crucial for survival against the raging zombies. Our comprehensive Equipment Guide helps you know better of what weapon to carry, what upgrade and perks to take and which power ups to go for.

Secrets and Easter Eggs
You will come across streetlights all over the map that emit a green glow. A Denizen zombie that is led to one of these streetlights will escape by digging underground, right below the post. The zombie will leave behind a portal that leads to other green streetlights in the map.

In Town, there is a safe door that can be blown open with the help of an explosive. Inside there is a special vault which stores your points. In Farm, there is a fridge where you can store your weapon and pick it up later.

For Music Easter Egg, read our Teddy Bear Locations and for Tower of Babel Easter Egg, read our Tranzit Easter Egg Guide. You can find the rest of the Easter Eggs in Easter Eggs Locations Guide.

Found something missing? Let us know by commenting below!

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    fuck youuuuu jeffrey

  • CrodManDoon

    Hey Guys! Me and a few buddy’s were searchin around and we found a Corn Maze. we looked into this further and its right in between the FARM and the POWER. if you go through the corn maze, it seems to go in a U shape, back around to where you came from. but at the top of the U it heads off in a different direction, dodging all of the zombies and what not, you finally end up in the First original ZOMBIES map, NACHT DER UNTOTEN, where you can find a part to the new WONDER WEAPON – THE JET GUN (for short) other pieces are scattered in the mist and forest, along with the corn maze and tunnels of the game. Good luck everyone! if you need help finding any of these items, google search – “HOW TO CREATE THE JET GUN”



    • bojmax

      Not to be a technical asshole haha but its not a wonder-gun, technically it isn’t a “wonder-gun” because the element 115 does not power it.

    • jeffrey

      ok ill add you, but i can’t get my ps3 till next week

    • jeffrey

      ill add you, but i can’t get my ps3 till next week

  • SiMed

    Apparently this writer doesn’t even know that Treyarch are the ONLY devs to include a zombies mode, so all that “other firms went along with Zombies as a sideline project” and “Treyarch took it head on and made it a big part of their game” is utter bullshit. It’s always been their game, do your research! Zombies is a Treyarch exclusive, and the other ‘firms’ (they’re called developers) include only Inifinty Ward, original creators of the series.

  • Ark

    the guy in the generator is the Electric “boss” Zombie of TranZit bullets do no damage to him primary weapon to use on him is your knife also note this in the mystery box are EMP grenades these are one hiton him and are necessary to KILL him as Treyarch made clear in the Tower of Babble Easter Egg

  • bojmax

    On nuke town, if you go to the fallout shelter and knife the door you can hear voices. I don’t know for sure, but knowing Treyarch this will be part of an easter egg which is unknown to us at this moment.

  • jon

    the electric guy can only be killed with your knofe using the R3. you cannot shoot him, takes about 10-15 swipes, if you don’t kill him he will kill you, even with jug

  • Chris

    What about the Neon skeleton electric dude that comes out?

  • BAyBaY

    I seen a man jump out of the generator on the trazit zombies and idk what that mean i know its just not for show

  • Brett

    Just a few corrections on the names of the characters:

    Marlton is the “nerdy” character, and Samuel, not Stewey, is the funny dude. Also, Russman was revealed to be the mysterious character, an outback African-American who seems to be a little laid-back in the zombie onslaught.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Corrected. Thanks for the heads-up.

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      aboriginal people are not africans, they’re australian natives.