Black Ops 2 Crashes, Errors, Freezes, Lag, Stuttering and Fixes

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It’s the day when a Call of Duty game is going to be released globally, and fans are going crazy about it. The PC users can enjoy the high throttle graphics and better frames but there are always chances that you may end up cursing the game due to some incompatibility issues, crashes and other game breaking issues.

For those who have been struggling to run the game on their machines properly, we (like always) have compiled a list of common problems related to Black Ops 2. So if you are seeking a solution, scroll through the following list to find the concerned fix.

#1 Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 Crash Fixes
All right, there can be multiple reasons for your game to crash. Reasons for crashes and their possible solutions highlighted by Treyarch are as follows:

  • If you are getting a crash while in the lobby, then make sure that you check that it has Nuketwon in it or not. If you have pre-ordered the game, you will be fine otherwise, join some other lobby.
  • Make sure that your on-board sound device and PCI sound card aren’t enabled at the same time (disable one). The crash can also occur due to sound drivers conflict so make sure that you are using the up-to-date drivers.
  • Your game can crash if you try to change resolution while live streaming.
  • If you get a team error after selecting update when prompted with a “Game Settings Have Changed” message. Launching the game again will resolve this.
  • You may also want to runs some installers manually to avoid random crashes. Exit Steam and run the following installers:
    • ..\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\redist\vcredist_x86.exe
    • …\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\redist\DirectX\dxsetup.exe

#2 Black Ops 2 Error – Could not load default asset ‘fonts/720/consolefont’ for asset type ‘font’
It is language related so if you are Polish or Russian, change the English language to local to resolve the issue.

#3 Black Ops 2 Error – Dependency Failure Error When Launching Game
It can occur due to incomplete installation of the game. Installing all components of the game (Singleplayer, Multiplayer, & Zombies) before launching can fix the issue.

#4 Black Ops 2 Crashes At Boat Scene in the Second Mission
This issue is specifically related to Nvidia drivers. You can follow this link for the fix.

#5 Black Ops 2 – DirectX Encountered An Unrecoverable Error
You can try out the following to fix this issue:

  • Verify your cache
  • Make sure no other background programs(like anti-virus) are running, you might need to temporary remove them.
  • Re-install your graphics driver
  • The error can also pop-up due to the multi-monitors. You should disable one to make it work.
  • Re-installing BLOPS 2 may work as a last resort.

#6 Black Ops 2 Crash – Dependency Failure
You should try the solutions mentioned in #1 to resolve the issue.

#7 Black Ops 2 Decryption Code Error
This error is related to incomplete installation. Make sure that all the components of the game (SP, MP and Zombies) have been fully installed before you launch the game.

#8 Black Ops 2 Error During Update
If you have pre-loaded the game, then I will recommend that you uninstall the game and proceed with a fresh install. It’s worth of a shot if nothing else is working.

#9 Black Ops 2 Freezes on Launch
If you have an Nvidia card then you should give these drivers a go. Also make sure that you are not running the game on Windows XP as Black Ops 2 doesn’t support it.

#10 Black Ops 2 Cut-scene Lag/Stuttering
It has no technical aspect. You just need to lower down your graphics (try depth of Field first) a bit to make the experience smoother.

#11 Black Ops 2 Steam Download Stuck on 96% Or Like That
If your download is not proceeding further, and it’s been ages, you should try restarting Steam and your PC. This can fix your problem, and the download will continue.

#12 Black Ops 2 Server Issue – Getting Kicked Every time
If your firewall is not blocking the game then there is no fault at your end. It’s the problem faced by a considerable amount of people and the devs are already working on a fix. So yes, it should work magically after some update before you enter a server.

If you come across any other issue, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out!

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  • Idon’tknowwhattoputhere.

    Im On The Campaign Level Karma And Can’t Customize My Class Without It Freezing. (Xbox 360)

  • Ryan Kolman


  • Zachery Kyle Rambo

    I keep getting disconnected from the black ops 2 servers in zombies at random this has never happend before i need this problem fixed so i can play a full match with my friends and i need to re max my bank since i lost all of it from getting disconnected so many times so someone please help i really need it

  • fart

    mine just says you have a build problem somethin somethin common.english

  • Qudratulllah

    Could find the bsp for this map please build the past file
    associated with maps/mp/mp-drone.d3dbsp and try again

  • Bencole7

    Here’s another one! When you switch on Graphic Content in Suffer With Me right before Menendez shoots Hudson’s left leg, the following will show up
    dobj for xmodel ‘c_usa_panama_hudson_upper’ has more than 160 bones (see console for details)

  • MR.Bean

    the fucking game wont start and whines about “ERROR:sound bank failed to load zmb_patch.all. You have a build problem.”DO SOMETHING!Please and thx in adv

  • Suyash Mishra

    hey My Black Ops 2 wont start on launch.. No error Msgs .. my config is Win7 64bit, 4GB DDR3, AMD RADEON 6570 1GB graphic card..

  • miniraptor

    I have a build problem: “ERROR:sound bank failed to load zmb_patch.all. You have a build problem.”
    HELP ME !!

    • Omar11111cool

      Same here and i am using Windows 8 when this problem comes i cant do anything i should restart the computer only


    error during intializination: Error: sound bank failed to load mpl_patch.all help me please

  • Arinjay Bhattacharya

    When i run the black ops 2 my cursor turns into rotater and then whole screen turns black and everything freezes
    but task manager says it is running

  • Braxtor

    Same problem Disconnected from the Black Ops 2 server. Wth? Did all the necessary step on it. yes I am using laptop only this game fucked up playing multiplayer. So any step for you guys? because we are getting your service, we already paid for it and yet nothing is happening for like what? 6months? I already have Nuketown shit, IDK what is going on but loading map for like 5-6mins then kicks out, but everything on internet works fine, even steam, I even played dota 2 for it, and my ping is remain same for the region.

  • joe

    wtf this is the game is to find out how to make it run to play it isnt that nice . hi evryone my fucking black ops dosen’t run at all and i update all my computer systems . but i still dont have this folder in my steam .

    ..SteamappsCommonCall of Duty Black Ops IIredistvcredist_x86.exe

    …SteamappsCommonCall of Duty Black Ops IIredistDirectXdxsetup.exe
    any help :)

  • wadeo30

    hi im geeting an error msg 214 702 4809 does enyone no what this is.

  • Someone

    I have the same problem

  • Anton Ahlin

    For some reason i have 100 fps on highest graphics and 90 fps on the lowest, it doesn’t matter whatever i choose, as it freezes for 1 second from time to time (especially in combat) in the multiplayer. is there something i can do or do everyone have it? is it just some poorly coding? or is it something with my graphic card?

  • CoD2Fan

    I am having a problem with CoD2- my create a class is completely been deleted and in my lethals it has 2 boxes. When i try to click the classes it freezes my ps3 and now i cant play multiplayer. I have brought the season pass and today the maps come out but if i cant play the multi player and if treyach isnt fixing this, how can i? It really is a pain since i have gotten domination master and have a k/d of 3.43. Please let me know if anyone is experiencing this problem and if you have fixed it. Thanks

  • CoD2Fan

    You will have to take it in, since it seems that your system hardwire is curropte. It will cost around 150$ to fix problem, but ill just buy a new ps3 at that cost

  • free weekend

    ok so my chance to play ends tomorow as im uusing the free weekend i could play earlier on yesterday but at around 2 o’clock it stoped being able to connect i need a fix soon

  • andrew

    when i try to play online on black ops 2 it comes up the black ops 2 server is unavailable please try later or visit blackops2/server. when i check it it says everything is fully operational

  • akash7878

    The game runs fine for me until the mission karma.but in the mission karma after finding who’s karma a few seconds later the game’s my machine specifications:
    Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
    Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs)
    Memory : 4096MB RAM
    Card Name : Intel(R) HD Graphics
    DirectX Version : DirectX 11

  • Upset donkey

    Everytime i play a game the map restarts over and over again and need to dashboard i havent been able to play since november20th please help

  • Taghi Saadatmand

    I played a normal game and was in prestige 7 lv 27. Then I was disconnected from online. I was bored and played a bit on the Local against bots. So I tried to log on online again, but then I saw that all the stats was reset and I was lv 1. What Happend, and how can i fix it.

  • Pissed

    I need to know how to fix this for XBOX! All im finding is PC fixes. None of this helps me.

  • fuckwiththisshit

    so someone have same crash position like me celerium right before erik birbhmhmhmh said follow me huh and no one have found fix for this, well it’s totally sucks i lose my appetite for playing this game anymore

  • sue ramden

    we put black ops 2 in press play then nothing just a black screen all other games work fine

  • sumit

    i have gone through this error while iam playing an mission in India.
    Couldn’t find the bsp for this map. Please build the fast file associated with maps/mp/mp_drone.d3dbsp and try again.
    can u give me a solution for it.

  • Shawn Massy

    hey there.whenever i play game it works but when it gets to mission TIME and FATE……………..after the demo of the mission it stops on its own and writes It has stopped working………….why so……………..!!!!!!!!

  • jake

    How do u change the language on ps3

  • faisal

    when start first level game crach & black screen. plzzzzzzzzzz help.

  • pulsar

    After doing a lot of surfing on the web atlast I was able to run Call of duty black ops 2. Hope this works for all the unfortunate Call of Duty Fans who have been waiting so long to play this game.
    Step1: Change Date and time zone to 13th Nov 2012 and +8:00 Hong Kong
    If this does not work
    Step 2: Update Drivers
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA(beta) ATI Radeon(latest update)
    PhysX from NVIDIA software for both Nvidia and ATI Radeon
    If this does not work
    Step 3: Download Skidrow update 1 and 2 for call of duty black ops 2
    Search for it on google, then download via torrent (beware torrent may have virus) preferred torrent site kat torrent
    Install update 1 and 2 to game directory
    Copy and replace crack directory to Game Folder.

  • bob

    When I go to play It takes me into the game and then it says match will began in 12 seconds then it freezes and brings me back to the main menu saying error 85203 I dont know how to fix this also when I go to custom class 2 the screen turns black and takes me to the main menu.Any one know how to fix this?

  • Lylia

    I am having the same issue. On hold to activision to find out is going on. Grrr 57 people in front of me though!!!

  • Marwan

    Black ops 2 crashes after the scene when the first mission is about to begin.. Does anyone have a solution for this ??

  • Tetsoni

    I get always error code….Couldnt find tag_flash on turret (entity 244, classname’misc_turret’) I have reinstalled the game but it still comes…

  • grimmjow ookami


    System Specs
    Motherboard – Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3
    CPU – Intel Core I7 2600K @ 3.4GHZ

    Graphics Card 1 – GTX 550TI SLI Factory Over Clock To
    975Mhz Core Clock
    1950Mhz Shader Clock

    Graphics Card 2 – GTX 550TI SLI Factory Over Clock To
    975Mhz Core Clock
    1950Mhz Shader Clock

    Memory – 8GIGS DDR3 GSkill 1333 CL 9
    HDD – 1TB Western Digital Cavier Green
    Sound Card – Creative Xfi Titanium
    Suround System – Logitech Z906’s
    Power Supply – ThermalTake 750W Bronze Modular
    Case – Antec Three Hundred Illusion


  • hasankov

    the game is installed properly but when i want to play i press double klick on the game but nthng happen ! the gane doesnt launch ! can u help me plz ??

  • anonymous

    Hey all,
    I have had this happen 3 times in BO2 Zombies. When a host leaves game and they migrate players, I have been restarted from spectate mode and lost all my points, weapons, perks, etc. One game in Town Survival I was at lvl 20 with 32,000 points, pap’d weapons, all perks and the host left. It shuffled us around and when the dust settled I ended up in spectate mode. When next round started I had NOTHING…points, weapons, perks, even my stats were all gone…wtf? That’s a really bad glitch (if you can call it a glitch) that needs to be fixed asap! I like the fact that they are trying to continue a game when the host leaves but this is almost worse.

  • abdullah

    when i start the game it frezzes sometimes but sometimes it work but i’m on the mujahidin mission after compeleting half the mission it crash why that!!!!!help plzzzzz

  • mahesh

    this fucking game freezes at the starting video of the game and says something about the intel drivers crashed does anyone have a good fucking idea

  • gagandeep

    Hey guys, when my india mission start i have got some error like ( Couldn’t find BSP for this map. Please build the fast file associated with maps\mp\mp_drone.d3dbsp and try again ) so my game is hanged here . Any suggestion . Thanks in advance

  • Luck

    For xbox 360 version I have “error 82216.” All my create a classes have 84/10 and eventually kicks me back to the main screen with the same error 82216 pop-up. Everything else works fine. Also in-game I cannot use any create a classes (because of “error 82216.” How do I fix this?

    • Laurens

      I have the same situation. Lost a few custom classes and cannot recreate them because an UI error 82216 is popping up. I’ve googled this error but found nowhere a reference to it apart from this message. Is there already a resolution for this?

      • someone

        same here

  • linksbro1

    I’ve got problem #5
    I’ve tried everything, re-install, update drivers, directX, I only have 1 monitor, verified the cache
    Nothing is working DX

  • Jake

    Ive had 2 error messages, first one is when i load a campaign level when it loads the cutscene it freezes then shows this error message: ERROR: failure to load weapons, then when the next loading screen appears, this error message appears: ERROR: server script runtime error
    (see console for details)
    Exceeded maximum number of child server script variables
    Terminal script error.
    And when i press a to carry on, the 2nd error message keeps appearing
    Anyone else had this problem?

    • rewreyw

      I have the same thign

  • Jake

    Ive had 2 error messages, first one is when i load a campaign level when it loads the cutscene it freezes then shows this error message: ERROR: failure to load weapons, then when the next loading screen appears, this error message appears: ERROR: server script runtime error
    (see console for details)
    Exceeded maximum number of child server script variables
    Terminal script error.

    And when i press a to carry on, the 2nd error message keeps appearing

    Anyone else had this problem?

    • Lylia

      I am having the same issue. On hold to activision to find out is going on. Grrr 57 people in front of me though!!!

  • blow245

    Hey, Please help me.
    When i start call of duty black ops 2 the game crashes at the loading screen and no Error message appears.
    the game just hangs.
    I tried to reinstall the game 5 times and loaded me the two newest drivers down.
    It doesnt work now.
    Please help me.

  • Nabeel

    I am on 2nd mission dragging frank in the grass when I get this error in campaign server script runtime error exceeded number of child serv

  • Brendan

    I have a rather odd issue. All my graphics and settings are turned to low, since this sunday I have an issue that while playing Multiplayer I get what seems to be Graphic Lag. As I’m shooting at enemies the screen freezes for a second and then I have either killed them or they have killed me. Wen this happens I get that Network icon occasionally as if I have been disconnected from the network. This only happens in Black Ops 2 mind you and none of my other games. Any help or suggestions that you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated.

  • Lyon

    I cannot see the text in welcome buttons.
    I can load the game and all, but I cannot select a play mode because the buttons do show any text.

    Check screen-shots please:

    After the first presentation movie, a blank screen appears:

    Then I click with my mouse, and this one appears, all well, except the button has no text:


    • Ali Asif

      Drivers? System specs?

    • Jay

      Yep, that happens to me aswell. I’m currently changing my language to English (since I bought the game in Italian) and hopefully that will work.

      • Benito

        How can I change my spanish version to english audio??? any suggestions?

        I already downloaded and installed spanish version, now I want the english version. help me please.

  • Alex Belone

    Hi. I bought Black ops 2. Everytime I try to play zombies Xbox live local play. The following error appears.
    Error: Sound bank could not load. You have a b.uild problem?
    Any tips will be helpful A.S.A.P.

  • Roro

    Hy i have porblem when i save woods in the water and when i get him up it freez i have ati redeon 4500/5100 please i need help ASAP

  • Ali Joseph

    On the 2ND mission when i save Eric ((the scientist)) and after defeating all the enemies… he stand on the right and i stand on the left to open the big door and when he say follow me the game crash and the screen turn black !!!!! anyone has the same issue ??
    plzz reply !!

    • sunny soren

      yes i too hav d same problem…no fix found 4 it yet

  • teemui

    Anyone know a fix for the “server not available at this time… bla bla bla” problem for pc. Finland pc and no firewall no router.

  • Tsahi

    On “Karma” in the server room I interface with a computer and need to control it with “D” key and it doesn’t respond
    please help (not with my English)

  • Harid

    The game was working fine, until today. The game crashes at the start movie scene. I cant get pass it.
    plzz helpp…thank you

    • neyo

      change your system date to 12-11-2012…….that worked 4 me…i hd ths same problem earlier

  • Adrian

    Anyone know why I am getting an “DirectX Error” that states “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error. Check the readme for possible solutions” I have no clue where to readme file is and am not seeing a response on how to get pass this anywhere.
    Plz if you know a fix email it to me plz!!!

  • anthony

    Im playing black ops 2on my xbox360 and i keep gettin “error modifying game” can anyont tell me what this is about?

  • Henri

    My game crashed @ Celerium almost in the end, before you accsess the door with you on the left and the guy from the box on the right just before a shooutout. What should I do for fix ?? Please help me out.

  • Iam Destos

    Error: You have been disconnected from Black Ops 2 Servers.
    wWhenever i get into a lobby and try to join a match on the servers, after waiting for an annoying 3-5mins or more.. it disconnects me from the servers. I bught this game on steam yesterday. It worke fine from my advance from level 1 to 3 but since then this error has been occuring. My pc is ultra fast and my network too. please resolve this issue so that we all can get along and game

    • Max

      Exact same problem, only with zombies. I can play solo, but I still have the 3-5 minute wait time.

    • Tuan

      That was my problem, but I have resolved. That is because you have not received an acceptance from the network manager. With me, Iam student at University’s Queen of Belfast and I’m using Ask4 network, I have sent email to ask them, and they have checked my account, then I restarted the computer. After that I was successful.

  • Random

    I get an error saying “ERROR: sound bank failed to load cmn_root.english. You have a build problem” I could use a fix x.x

    • dlister

      I too have got this error after switching the language to polish to fix the
      Black Ops 2 Error – Could not load default asset ‘fonts/720/consolefont’ for asset type ‘font’

  • mahmood

    when i start the FOB SPECTRE – INDIA 2025


    • lqmn

      is your problem solved yet? I’m having the same one too

  • hitesh

    Can anyone help, have bought Black Ops 2 for ps3, and there is no sound on the game. Other games are fine, all connections are tested and correctly fitted, I am using a HDMi lead that I’ve always used!

  • Tuan

    I can’t play Multiplayer because when loading to enter game. It take 3 -> 5mins until finish. And i get an error “Disconnect from Call of duty black ops 2 sever”.
    I think it is same problem with many body alright??? please help me…

  • Peter

    my game works, but i have no idea why the game takes so long to do one mission on zombies and story. it takes 4-6 minnutes just for the game to load. what can i do?

  • WillRemainUnknown

    I was playing earlier today when this error says “An error has occurred please try again later” anyone else having this problem?

  • Dillon

    I have been having a lighting error in zombies and multiplayer. Anywhere there should be a shadow it instead appears pitched black. I have tried resetting the settings to their default but it didn’t fix the issue. I can’t see a darn thing other than props and players.

  • alex

    Everytime i try to find a match it says “an error occurrd while trying to find a session, please try again” and it wont let me play ANYTHING, not even combat training. What can i do to fix this?

  • Angelicai

    My problem is that an error comes up when i try and play any multi-player lobby, but I am able to play zombies in multi player? Whats the deal? is this a server issue or a driver issue?

  • mail51

    have this problem have not been able to play when are they going to fix it?

  • antonio

    yea my game is new and every time i go to get on it freezes up and i have not been able to play the game plaese help me i want to play the game

  • Chuckie

    I can’t play Multiplayer or Zombie because when loading to enter game. It take 3 -> 5mins until finish. And i get an erro “Disconnect from Call of duty black ops 2 sever”. Pls Help Me

  • Zieke

    bro im having problem with updates on steam it says 99% for the single player and 200kb/s near the 99% but its already been 1hour and the update is still not done.. i tried restarting pc and steam still the same..

    • Ali Asif

      You have done any other update through Steam? How long it has been stuck there?

  • Foggy

    I have an NVIDIA 580 GTX Twin Forzor and the game kept crashing at the boat scene. All the latest drivers including BETA ones tried to no avail.
    The suggestion of going into settings and lowering ALL of the options to LOW or OFF, including windowed (not full screen) mode worked for me.

    • Foggy

      Oh yeah … and back to normal afterwards … Sorry I forgot that bit..

  • Momam

    J’ai un bug quand je lance BO 2 sur PC il me marque ”

    Error during initialization:
    Missing config file “default.cfg” during initiliazation. May need to add to code_pre_gfx. ” J’espere que vous pourrez m’aider. Merci

    • Nomand

      Write in english, not everyone knows french, you french people think that everyone knows your language

  • Bram noffels

    When i launch BOII, it is completely black, i hear audio and then a few secs later it crashes. When i start up MP or Zombs, i get the black loading screen with in the bottom right corner the treyarch logo.

    Timezones didnt help and my pc can run it. (its pirated btw, but i bought in on Xbox)

  • gameFreak

    I have all the system required for the game… when i launch the game it open a console and… this error came up “Error during initialization: Unhandled exception caught”… what do i need to do…..?? i really want to play this game….btw im using Win 7 32-bit and i already launch it as administrator… pls help!!

  • MR dong

    Hi when id installed BO2 i was so excited untill it crashed then i tried zombie it crash as well in the being cut scene and mutiplay crash as well and help i reinstalled it

    • Ali Asif

      Did you try everything mentioned in #1?

      • MR dong

        no sorry what do you think that will work the most

        • MR dong

          btw i dnt know how to do the last method
          can you explain to me how to do it

          • Ali Asif

            .\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\redist\vcredist_x86.exe
            …\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\redist\DirectX\dxsetup.exe

            You will find some setups in the directory paths given above. Run those setups.

          • MR dong

            ok ok ill try
            but i installed everything even the 4 season map pack will that help??

          • MR dong

            Ok i did it and it still doesn t not work why i did everything

  • Michael

    I can’t get onto multiplayer server because it is unavailable all the time help!!

  • Matt

    When I first installed black ops, it seems to run fine, but when it gets to a certain point in the start up, it could be from the first intro seen (I havent even gotten to the point where I can start a campaign) or right after the dolby audio and some times it just won’t even open…. Ive spent over an hour on this now and still can’t fix it help!

    • Foreign03

      It’s because the servers are down nothing to do with your end its there’s.

  • sandyp

    Hi, I pre-ordered BO2, after installing it, I get this message: “Call of duty black ops has stopped working”. I updated all my GPU driver and sound as well. can someone please help me with this problem. I really want to play this game.I have all pc requirements for this game. thank you :-)

    • sandyp

      ohw and I use windows vista…

    • Ryan D

      I have the same Problem Bro -.-

    • Mas

      Did any of u guys get a fix for it ?

  • Ryan D

    My Game Won’t Work As in When I click to play it… it says “Call of Duty has stopped working” & that’s For all of them Single Multilayer & Zombies… Any ideas?

    • Ali Asif

      Try running it as administrator. What are your system specs? Using Nvidia Card? Have you tried the latest drivers mentioned above?

      • Ryan D

        I’ve Tried it As An admin & i have Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GT 120, Hard drive 640 GB, Memory 8190MB RAM, System Windows Vistaâ„¢ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 2 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.100608-0458…

        • Ali Asif

          Try running the installers manually (mentioned in the article). Also try those new Nvidia drivers..

          • Ryan D

            Still Nothing it Says The same Thing :( I don’t know what to do I’ve Done So much to try and fix it…

      • Danny

        My friend have exactly the same PC like my one. We have Nvidia GTX570 grafic card. Hes got 296.10 drivers and dont have this problem i update drivers for 310.54 version and i hope this work.

        • Danny

          this drivers does not work

  • random

    When I try enter a lobby and the download is complete I get an error “you have been disconnected from black ops 2 servers“ or something like that. Please help

    • Ali Asif

      Did you pre-order the game? Do you have the Nuketown map?

      • Bambi

        I have the same problem. I can only join a game when invited…. Yes I preordered and I think I have Nuketown.

        • Ali Asif

          Yes, the issue has been notified to devs and hopefully soon, your problem will be resolved.

  • random

    When I enter å lobby in multiplayer, and the loading screen had loading I get an error “discinnected from black ops 2 server“ or something like that. Please help

  • GetHyp3r

    fuck now ill have to fking play it with polski language that i dont understand :)))

  • Max

    Having same problem with
    Black Ops 2 Error – Could not load default asset ‘fonts/720/consolefont’ for asset type ‘font’

    Is there any way of changing the language to ENG without this error?

  • Malik

    My black ops 2 crashes when the first mission is about to begin. After the man finishes briefing about the Angola mission.

    • Rob

      Same here, did you find a solution to the problem ?!

    • Alex

      Same here. I tried all suggestions on this site as well as from other sites. Still NO LUCK.

      Has anyone fixed this yet?

      • Gue

        I’m also having the same problem. The weird thing is that very few other people have this same problem, so no one is even bothering to look into it. I’ll post here if i can find a fix.

  • harry

    Black ops II Lets me go through to the point of joining the game then says

    • Mason

      I have the same issue i haven’t found a fix yet any help would be appreciated

      • Joe

        This keeps happening to me what do I do? Just wait or call up play station network?

        • Gabriel

          same with me what to do?

          • Jeff

            This happens to me too, however i found a tiny solution for those who want to play while waiting on a solution, i’ve found that all nuketown 2025 games have no errors for me:) hope it helped

  • Andrew Stanley

    “#4 Black Ops 2 Crashes At Boat Scene in the Second Mission
    This issue is specifically related to Nvidia drivers. You can follow this link for the fix.”

    The update isn’t a fix for this problem, it’s an update for basic performance enhancements. Treyarch are currently working with nvidia to resolve this issue.

    • Tomas

      Hi, i’ve got a problem that seems related to nvidia drivers also, while playing Black Ops 2 zombies, i mostly after some time on tranzit get my game crashed and a pop-up of the nvidia panel tells an error related to the 306.97 drivers happened. I cant even reach further than reading 306.97, so its kinda drivers of nvidia are getting errors in general. Im going to see if downloading 310.70 drivers fix this problem.

  • Alexander S

    Hello. I currently live in Poland so I’ve bought the Polish/Russian vers., I neither understand Polish nor Russian.

    Is there any fix with the font crash besides changing the language back to Polish/Russian? Please reply!

    Best regards, Alexander

    • Nathaniel

      If you have bought it off of steam you may right click on it, go to properties, and in one of the tabs (can’t remember) you can change language to that of any supported.
      If you have a disc version you may want to reinstall it because there is usually a language box during the initial setup of installation!
      If none of these help I am Sorry!

      • Alexander S

        I have not bought it off Steam.
        I’ve tried that, but then the “#2 Black Ops 2 Error – Could not load default asset ‘fonts/720/consolefont’ for asset type ‘font’” error occur.

        When you install the game, you can only install it in Russian or Polish language, which is not very useful for me.
        Thank you anyways.

        Best regards,

        • Nathaniel

          Your Welcome!
          And I am sorry you are unable to change the language, If it’s any condolences I can’t even start the game off steam because I have a 670m! Will wait 4 patch! :(