Black Ops 2 Zombies Green Run Tranzit Strategy Guide

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These perk-a-colas are highly recommended if you intend to reach later rounds. Earn points and spend them on perk-a-colas to buff up your teammates. Some machines require a Turbine to be turned on. The different perks you will find are:

Quick Revive – Bus Station
When playing Solo, quick revive allows you to revive yourself. You can repeat it thrice before the machine vanishes. When playing with teammates, quick-review triples your revive speed when helping downed teammates.

Speed Cola – Diner
Speed Cola doubles your reload speed and is one of must-have perks for the Diner.

Double Tap Root Beer – Farm – Barn – Secondary Story
It will dramatically increase the rate of fire of the weapons you use, but at the same time, it will burning a lot of ammo.

Tombstone – Power House
It’s a savior. Must have for those who spend more time downed in Tranzit. When you go down, you will have to retrieve your Tombstone upon respawn at the next round. It’s always on the timer and starts counting down the moment you respawn. If it times out, you will less of your previous loadout.

Jugger Nog- Town- Southwest building
You get extra health. It allows you to take extra hits from the zombies before you go down. It might not be useful in the early rounds, but in the later rounds, you will need every bit of health you can get and this is where Jugger-Nog comes in.

When you are playing in a team, support your Jugger-Nog to increase your team survival chances. Consider Jugger-Nog a pre-requisite if you intend to venture into the dark SMOKE.

Power Ups

You can kill a zombie in one shot with any weapon. It’s a very useful power-up that can save you and your team in the later rounds. If you find it at the end of the round and you don’t need it, let it sit till the round resets.

Pick it up to kill every zombie in the game. There is a slight delay though so make sure you don’t drop dead before Nuke becomes effective.

Picking up Max-Ammo gives every team-mate maximum ammo for all of their weapons. This is critical, especially for the special weapon as it’s only way to replenish the ammo in it.

Pick up this power up to repair all the broken barricades across the map. This can buy you time depending on your location.

It doubles your score for every action you perform. You can get enough points to visit Mystery Box, Perk-a-Cola and Pack-a-Punch machines more often.

How To Store Weapons / Storage Boxes

In the Farm map, you can store weapons in the Fridge found in the central house. This can be quite handy if you die and do not have the Tombstone Perk. However, at higher levels, it is relatively difficult to get access to the fridge easily during dire situations.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit Weapons

For an in-depth guide on weapons, perks, upgrades and power ups, read our Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Weapons, Perks, Upgrades and Power Ups guide.

Galvanized Knuckles
The Galvanized Knuckles can be found on the roof of the Diner, and can only be accessed by using the roof hatch of the bus. They cost 6,000, and can one-shot all zombies below level 14 and kill all zombies in two hits below level 24.

Smoke and Evil That Lies Within!

In Tranzit, maps are surrounded by smoke / fog and entering that before you decide to enter the area, make sure you have one finger on your melee button. Every time you will walk into that smoke; an evil creature will attack on your face, leaving you blinded.

You can only melee it so make sure you do if you want to survive. Second reason not to venture into the smoke is that it blinds you, and you might end up walking straight into the horde of zombies with little to no escape route available.

If you intend to enter that area, make sure you go in groups / with your friends and stay in close proximity. It will increase your chances to survive the zombie onslaught. Before entering with the team, make sure you have purchased multiple Perk-a-Colas and have doubled up on Mystery-Box weaponry.

Mystery Box – Where To Find It

There won’t be survivors without Mystery Box. In Black Ops 2, mystery box brings some near future weapons and old wonder weapons to the mix. The mechanics are similar.

You find the mystery box and use it to get the upgraded weapon and after using it a number of times, you will meet a teddy bear that will teleport the mystery box to an unknown location.

Your will find it in the Diner area; it’s your first step after Bus Depot. When it isn’t there, it will be at one of the locations marked with a stack of ammo boxes across all five maps. You should mark these sites since they are potential locations for Mystery Box.

You can reload mystery box only via Max Ammo Power-Up drop. You will either get this drop by killing zombies or from Pack-a-Punch machine the first time you put the weapon in.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit Easter Eggs

You can find all Teddy Bears with the help of our Teddy Bear Locations Guide. To unlock Babble of Tower Achievement, read our Tranzit Easter Eggs Guide.

Green Run Zombies – Tranzit Strategy

Green Run Bus Depot

You begin your journey from inside the terminal at the Bus Depot area. Inside the room, there are a bunch of zombies who seem dulled-out and will have no interest in you. However, if you attack anyone, all of them will charge at you. You need to take care of each one in order to open the door out of the Depot.

Important thing to note here is that you can knife down the zombies quickly. In the first round, a single swipe will take care of each one. This is a good way to conserve your ammo and to rack up some points.

Keep a watchful eye on the barricades because once the fight begins, some of the zombies will begin attacking the barricades to bring them down. You can also repair damaged barricades to earn some easy cash.

Once a weapon has been fashioned, any player in the game can pick it up for use. However, each survivor can only equip one finished item and one unfinished part. Furthermore, if you respawn at the start of a new round, any unfinished part you were carrying is dropped where you went down.

Before departure, the bus will flare its horn a couple of times. Be sure to hurry because you definitely don’t want to miss the bus. In the scenario that you do miss the bus, you will need to take shelter and wait for the bus to return.

The bus has all windows barricaded. During your ride, zombies will try to board the bus; destroying the barricades in the process. You must repair those barricades and earn some points in the process. Keep a sharp eye on the barricades to your left and right.


The Bus will drop you off at your first stop, the Diner. For 750 points, you can gain access to the place which comes with a Perk-a-Cola and a Wall-Buy weapon.

Visit The Garage
The Diner is linked with a Garage which can be accessed with another 750 points. The Garage is the first location of the Mystery Box and can be opened by spending 950 points.

On spending, the box will award the player with a random weapon every time. Every weapon is high tier and increases your chances of survival by a great deal.

After a number of uses, the Mystery Box will reward you with a teddy bear and then teleport to a different area in the map. Once the box has vanished you will be refunded your 950 points.

Green Run Farm

The countryside farmhouse is a host to a large horde of zombies. The area is divided between two regions: The Barn and the Farmhouse itself.

A couple of great finds here in the two-story barn. Firstly, you’ll find another Perk-a-Cola here and secondly there is a zombie-clearing wall-weapon hidden behind a stack of crates.

There are only a couple of exits inside the Barn so watch yourself and don’t let yourself be cut off.

Similar to the Barn, the Farmhouse is also two stories tall. However, in scale, it’s much smaller with narrow rooms and passageways.

The Farmhouse is the second location of the Mystery Box, which you can find on the second floor. Besides that you can also drop down from the balcony (Stack of boxes) and reach the outside grounds. A pretty nifty escape route in the event your exit is cut off by a swarm of the undead.

Power Station

This is fourth stop on the bus’ circuit.

The access door is hidden well from plain sight, and you’ll have to run around a bit to find it. Spending 750 points will grant you access to the secret door and with it into the underground facility.

Head for the Reactor room and flip the switch to open the power-shutters blocking the stairs. This will take some considerable time as the Reactor needs to power-up. Once the power-up sequence is complete you can escape the facility.

Destroyed Building
You must head underground for the lower Core if want to access the upper damaged building.

Inside the lower Core stay alert for zombie popping up from below. After clearing the destroyed building you must follow the same path across the lower Core to get back.

Green Run Town

The fifth and final bus stop is the largest area in Tranzit and is the ruins of a small downtown main street. You’ll find two Perk-a-Colas here, and you better equip everything since this town is packed with the undead.

City Streets
The area has loads of room to explore and kite zombies, but you’ll find no wall-buy weapons here.

The streets allow you to access a bar with a second floor and the second-floor apartments. The small floors have multiple entry points, and you can be surrounded by zombies in a second if you’re not careful.

The Mystery Box will also make an appearance here. One possible location is upstairs in the bar, and the other is in a small alley off the main street.

The main highlight of the bank is off course its main vault, which contains two vault doors.

The first vault door contains a safe-deposit box which can be used by players to deposit or withdraw points. The second vault door grants access to the innermost vault, which contains more deposit boxes.

Don’t forget to share your own strategies and secrets you have uncovered in the comments below!.

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  • Nocturnaldawn

    In the diner instead of building the latch inside the bus there is a vent in the back corner on the ceiling that you build it on. Once built you go to the roof and you can buy them on the wall for 6000 points


    Tell me how to make the eletric fence

  • Josh Trujillo

    wat dat?

  • Josh Trujillo

    to pick it up u have to squat down on your kneeze and in local it only there in original difficulty

  • John Schaeffer

    do u have to be online to build the nav table

    • Nocturnaldawn

      No but you do to get he acheivement

  • Tobbing

    I was playing with a friend and when we came to the farm the
    busdriver didnt stop!!!!!!

    • Remi

      use emp grenades to stop it and a turbine to make it go again

    • prince

      did your friend or you shoot the driver a couple of times or has he had red eyes looking at the back of the bus

  • SelfishMachine7

    If you want to get up to high rounds add me – SelfishMachine7 i’ll be more than happy to help you through anything in zombies. :)

    • John

      Would that be psn or Xbox 360?

  • awsomeface

    First of all, i found the jet engine inside the tunnel on left, but that was just once, mighteve moved. second, i had to have a turbine at the powerhouse “secret entrance” door and protect it while my freinds went to the bank and got under it into the secret door with the already made pack a punch. P.S if you get off the bus in the tunnel you will find to the right a m12 colt or something likew that :)

  • justin

    I heard there was a way to lift the fog completely, which would get rid of the demons, does anyone know how to do it?

    • aksFinest25

      It’s pached already

    • GRAJE

      Not me

    • Chelsea

      it only works when you are in theater. you watch the video you have played in and one second after the power switch is turned on you pause it and the after you pause the video go in to free roam. and look out and there will be just fog around the power station. you go outside the fog and there is no fog

  • Jason

    Just saying but i killed the electric man with the galvin knuckles in about three hits or so
    it was actually kinda easy…soooooooo you can kill him with em

  • Solarstripe

    When in the fog, after perhaps missing the bus, you’ll notice the small creatures which jump on to you. If you run to a green lamppost and wait for one of these creatures, making sure no zombies get you. Do not let the creature land on you- it jumps in midair for a bit to allow you to react. Move aside and make it hit or land near the green lamppost. It will burrow there and create a teleport which will take you somewhere else, maybe to the bus or your team. It may not work every time, it must be done accurately.

  • Kyle

    Lookin for help to do good on transit I’m good but can’t find good help to get far add me psn K_BOURGEOIS89 say tranzit in request

  • Josh C

    For those who do not know the head crabs are called Denizen of the forest annoying buggers but easy to kill if one latches on to your head just melee it 5 times with a knife not sure how many times with the knuckles or ballistic knife but this should help some.


  • orson_aston

    How to Teleport: To build a teleport you will need three things…a turbine, a denizen (the gremlins that attack you in the dark smoke), and a lamp post. Lamp posts can be found throughout the game but typically in the dark smoke midway between stops. You can find an example of a lamp post at the bus depot (on the opposite end from the bear) or at the Diner (right in front of the garage you use the turbine to open). Place a turbine near the lamp post to turn it on. Next, get a denizen to attack you and carry it to the powered lamp post. The denizen will be sucked off of your head and into the ground – creating a little crater filled with milk (or some white soup). Jump into the crater to randomly teleport to another area of the map. Tip: grab your turbine before jumping into the crater, because it is highly likely that you will end up in the dark smoke under another lamp post – use the turbine again to create another crater. You only teleport from lamp post to lamp post. Putting the difficulty on ‘easy’ and practicing will help you get your bearings, so when you’re on the run you’ll know exactly what to do for future games. Hope this helps!

  • reece

    some of these comments are funny, theres sooooo much more to tranzit..

  • bryan

    how do u hit the green button in the electric basement and in the vualt

    • joe

      u put a turbine in the electric room and a door opens in the bank vault till the generator runs out

  • james

    Does anyone know if they are making other counties than green run? It shows at the begginning of zombies a globe and you chose green run. Does anyone think there will be more counties like as a dlc or something?

    • CycloneChilli

      Download extra map packs. These cost Microsoft Points

  • eli

    do any of u ppl know how to unlok the power house on the map???me and my frend have been tryin to figure it out but we dont know how….

  • melysa

    when i go trough the corn feild to the map Nacht der Untoten i ussaly find a breifcase what is it for? anyone know?

    • Josh Trujillo

      tower of babble

  • Jeremy Lamb

    why are the maps so small in this game

  • Superman

    Lol people! I will answer all questions.

    First, the Avogadro. Also known as lightning zombie. Easy as pie, punch him with galviknuckles a few times or use an emp grenade.

    Second, how to get galviknuckles, find the part to get on top of the bus, use it on the diner. Turn around after climbing up. Yippee.

    Third, how to last long. A few suggestions: train, have good teammates, be good yourself.

    Peace out.

  • danny

    hi what is the vent for in the diner i dont know what it is for can anyone tell me i look but nobody has videos of it

    • eric

      you use the trapdoor for the roof of the bus and you get the galvaknuckles if you do

  • shay

    Please add me if you know how to survive.more than 15 rounds


    • Fran

      Psn or xbox?

      • Josh Trujillo


        • GRAJE

          Fuck it.

  • Nathan

    Hi guys, got off the bus at the power thing and opened the door and fell into a white room… do you get back out without the turbine?

    • Prince

      You have to find 3 parts and build them iin order to turn on the poweer. Once you have the power turned on, you wait a few then the door will open and only there is your way out.

      • Navas

        Astrid August 16, 2011 You remembered all those covnos? I’m crying my pretty eyeballs out while reading this; I nearly died of dehydration (Ok this is exag already) For the longest time I was wondering when are you going to blog about me. (Hahaha. Conceited much? BUT HEY, you love me right? You conceited, I’m conceited. Great minds think alike!) I just thought of another formula (the Joseph the Dreamer one; will let you know soon) What I really, truly wanna say is:Hi I’m Astrid. I love you, my friend.

  • Autumn

    All that just scares him away he comes back you have to throw EMP grenades at him but you don’t want toget rid of himexactly you have to capture him he’s the main key Inthe achievement The Tower Of Babble look it up if you want to know how to do this

  • Autumn

    Knifing him just scares him away he comes back you have to throw EMP grenades at him but you don’t want toget rid of himexactly you have to capture him he’s the main key Inthe achievement The Tower Of Babble look it up if you want to know how to do this

  • Autumn

    Knifing him just scares him away he comes back you have to throw EMP grenades at him but you don’t want to kill him exactly you have to capture him he’s the main key in the achievement The Tower Of Babble look it up if you want to know how to kill him for good

  • You’re wrong

    First of all, the cornfield is between the Farm and the Power Plant, NOT btwn the Plant and Town. Secondly, the Cabin is between the Power Plant and Town, opposite the green street light/teleporter, NOT by the cornfield. Plus, the NavCard Machine pieces are NOT all in the cornfield. Only one part, found in the Nacht Der Untoten portion, is in the cornfield. The purple rock is at the Bus Depot, the board is at the Plant, and the Control Panel is usually by the dumpsters in Town. Also, you can only stun the Electric Zombie with your knife, it doesn’t kill him. The only way to kill him is with an EMP grenade. Oh, and it’s spelled m-a-n-n-e-q-u-i-n, NOT “manakin”.

    P.S. I didn’t have the patience to make all the needed corrections.

  • Slenderman_420

    ok first of all the turbine does not weaken the effects of perks, i have found three navcards, ive been playing the game since the first minute it came out, i got the care package for the $300.00. i have done everything on zombies, im pretty sure me and him are the first 2 people to make it to wave 254, if your wondering how after wave 100 the zombies reset and its round one again it just says round 100, add me on PSN my gamertag is slenderman_420, and my friends is finalslim16

    • Hotchocolategirl

      Where are the nav cards???

  • Joshieo37

    Anyone else find that if you attack the robot bus driver enough his eyes go red and he tells you off? I reckon its fun to do while your not killing zombies.

    • ragda

      He eventually kicks you out of the bus and prevents you from entering… if you don’t have the ladder on the outside to get back in that is.

    • KingOfZombyz

      Eventually, he gets mad enough to a point in which he throws you off the bus and locks all the doors. Leaving, everyone on the bus locked in… and you locked off.

  • Mason

    Just had that same prob 2day me and my friend were playin and first saw him we just ran around him constantly and knifed him he’ll move but when u keep knifing he’ll go away 4 a while

  • ryan

    Hey so I think it was at the diner stop, in one of the buildings there is a vent on the ceiling and if you get close to it it says “add part here,” or whatever it says at the workbenches. Does anybody know what that is?

    • ragda

      A hatch ladder you normally put on the bus. Using it here prevents you from putting it on the ladder and vice versa.

  • Tom

    Is there an easier way to get out of the power station. I either fall in the lava or jump out the window with the bus there and I am on the wrong side of the bus doors.

    • Colton

      Tom, make sure to upgrade the bus, put a ladder on the left side of the bus so that when you do intact jump out of the broken building at the Power Station you are able to climb up the bus and get onboard. If you’re not able to get the ladder yet and find yourself in this predicament then wait for the bus to start moving and jump on top while is passes by you.

  • Damon G

    We found that although you can use a turbine to buy a perk, it doesn’t become active until the power is switched on.

    • Colton

      Ah makes sense, we tried to use perks using turbines once and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working.

    • Josh Trujillo

      u have to leave the turbine next to the machine and not pick it up and it will work but if u dont then in the bottom left corner u can see the perk all faded

  • kevin

    i keep finding a fuse box on the wall next to the refrigerator in the farm house….. does anyone know what this is for or where is goes… its a part, but doesn’t belong on any table i found

    • Mitch

      The nav card reader is a part for the navigation table. Which you build near a pylon in the cornfields

  • Reiss

    The navcard is found in the Bus depot area if you go to the left as you go out the door and go to the edge of the building you will see a small pathway leading around the side… it is found in the trash in that area.. hope that makes sense
    xbox playercard: REISSistance412

    • bigmoneyboss

      there must be another navi card cuz when i built the navitable it tells me to insert navi card and when i go to insert it it says wrong navi card

      • Josh Trujillo

        i agree

  • Jonathan

    Killed him with one EMP grenade for the achievement 😛 Also you don’t have to turn the power on to use the cola-machines or the pack a punch. Just sit a turbine next to it and it will power it.

    • Colton

      I’ve heard that using the Turbine instead of turning on the power for the cola-machines weakens the affects of the perks. I’ll need to test it out, not confirmed yet.

    • Josh Trujillo

      if u dont leave the turbine there for the rest of the time playing ur perk wont work if u look closley at the perk in the bottom left it will be faded

  • Unwritten

    Anybody know what the NavCard is for ?

    • Mitch

      Nav card is for building the navigation table. But I have no idea where the workbench is that you use to build it

      • You’re wrong

        It’s under the tower(or “pylon”, as some call it) in the left side cornfield. There is NO workbench, you have to find the invisible table by checking the two fenced sides under the tower/pylon.

    • psykko mann

      where did you find it? show me where it was!!!! i have everything else figured out!!

      • Colton

        I think, just from what I have managed to read. The Workbench for the Navigational Table is supposedly by the Tower of Babel.

    • Josh Trujillo

      lots of ppl say it for the second bus route as a theory

  • denzel

    how do yu use the teleport lights

  • Field

    What is up with the fire on zombie mode? It’s killing me more than the zombies?

    • warlord gir

      if you ever played the moon on blops 1 and done the easter egg you should know but if not ill tell you what happend on the moon easter egg you have to do a bunch of tasks after you do the tasks a guy named edward has you launch a rocket at the earth wich blows it to pieces the next time you go back to earth it will be all firey and in shambles


    Can you get the bowie knife or was it replaced by the electric knuckles if so where?

    • Mitch

      The Bowie knife is in the cabin between the power plant and the Bank

    • Rockstarz1219

      Bowie knife is in the cabin which is in between power and town.

  • john

    If u jump off the bus and leave the doors open can you catch up to the bus and hop on.

    • NismoUss

      We just did catch the bus!

  • Smokkeytreat xbox360

    did u guys know that if u deposit money one game, and u die , when u start another game ur money will still be there?

    • Colton

      Confirmed. Same goes for the fridge. The weapon will remain in there for future games.

  • Mitch

    Could someone please tell me where the workbench is that you use to build the navigation table? I’ve looked all over the web and haven’t found it

    • psykko mann

      you build it under the pylon in the cornfield… where is the navcard?

      • Mitch

        The nav card is behind the dumpster after you take a left out of the bus station. You have to slide along the left side of the building and it is laying behind the dumpster in the middle of a bunch of paper laying on the ground. The card is very small. And could you give me a better idea where the pylon is?

  • ichbins

    run into the fog and when the goblin hit you run under a green light and jump then you can jump in the hole of the goblin

  • JugInUrButt

    Whadup fellas. Does anyone know how to get underneath the bank? I heard you could. Only thing I think I haven’t done. Wanna check that shit out.

    • Josh

      Go to power plant. Where you jump down, turn around and look at wall. There will be a power sign on it. Put a FULL, NEVER USED turbine on it. Next get back on bus ASAP. Book ass to the bank, and then blow up the first two doors with grenades. Third door will be unlocked by the turbine you left if you did it right.


  • David

    How do you pack a punch?

  • Tboz51

    Add this…

    EMP grenade does 2 things (very important) 1) kills your bus so it stays longer in a station. 2) while you’re in bus and you throw a EMP the bus shuts down AND zombies outside also shutdown. It is like the game thinks you’re dead. The zombies are not retroactive (as in) they don’t auto start back up. It is like they give you a 5-10 second extra head start.

    Not sure what getting off bus after throwing one does yet? Maybe someone can add?

  • JC

    Ive found that if you wait in the bus station to after round four its easier to make it through the whole level and have one person carry the turbine and everyone else protect them bc tht shit relecomes in handy and never try to be the hero if someone gets left behind… ends bad

    • Mike

      Lol, that’s not entirely true. Some guy on my team went down on wave five at the diner and I hopped out with the gun from the top of the bus and the wall weapon in the diner, revived him, then both of us held off six waves of zombies with the shield and those shitty guns. Being the hero has its rewards, as both of us had about 8k points and the power was on for the perk machines. I had this happen to me, except I got left alone at the diner. I thank whatever diety was watching over me as I got the Galil from the box. Plus, almost every zombie attacked me for some reason. ((I say that because the other three members of my team got a whopping total of 46 zombies over a five round period and I got all the rest.)) Any idea why this is? Do they seek out the loner for an “easy” kill?

      Gamertag is owned1ikeaboss on Xbox Live, hit me up

  • ATurtle

    When you get in the corn field do the denizens still come out of the ground?

  • Beau

    In the corner of the diner there is what looks like a pile of trash and flies around it. It offers for you to biuld somethig there i have found one peice and it seems to open a hatch to the roof.. i havent found anything else.. any thoughts??

    • Funkymonkey

      The part you use is the ladder, this can also be used to access the roof of the bus from the inside, there is only one ladder so you need to choose if u want to access the diner roof or the bus roof. On the diner roof is the electric knuckle duster (behind you when you get to the top of the ladder, cost 6000 points (1 hit kill to lvl 14, 2 hit kills to level 24)

      • Funkymonkey

        I dont mean ladder, the ladder is to access the bus roof from the outside, what I mean is a hatch ladder (square hatch with a few steps on it), hope thats clear!?!

    • gunney345

      if you get the ladder that grants you access to the roof of the bus from inside, u can use it there instead and get access to the roof and galvaknuckles.

  • Danthing

    Ok some corrections to what you have put down here. Firstly the shields durability still exists when its on your back, however it does seem to last longer in this position. It will however eventually break. Also the fridge and bank deposit box can store a gun and credits, however it isn’t only for the game you are playing in. It will store them for any match you choose to play regardless of time. I can go into a match, throw an upgraded gun in the fridge and then in a different game even with different players come back and retrieve it, same for credits. Source: Personal experience.

  • nico

    I found this thin called the “navcard” im unsure what it does but im guessing it opens the door in the poer facility that is right behind you when you drop down. 😮

    • psykko mann

      where did you find the navcard at? i need it for the navcard reader that i built….

  • Ass_Lint

    When you guide a jumper zombie from the fog towards a green light he will leave a tunnel. Theses tunnels can be used to travel from location to location much as the bus does.

  • Chase

    I found that if you repeatedly melee the bus driver he will skip the next stop. This could play a large role in different strategies.

    • purechaos95

      I found out that if you knife the driver too much he will say something along the lines of “Door Privileges Revoked asshole” and you cant open the doors anymore..

  • justin

    Did you guys know that there is a secert place in the safe?

    its a bit of the map “Five” there is a pack and punch there too!!

    its the part with the cages with monkeys in it

  • Josh

    Anybody know where the second lever is in the underground power room thing, I found one in the control room and the box close to where I jumped in but I can’t find the second lever to power it on anywhere.

    • A Turtle

      You need a zombies hand. It spawns somewhere down by the power room.

    • dogballs VII

      “That’s not a lever” you are looking for the zombie arm and it is found on the floor in the white room.

  • cgk1213

    To kill the electric guy use a turbine near him it paralyzes him than slash him to kill him. The green lights mark where buildable items are. The babies/denizens burrow under near the lamps teleport you to a nearby lamp. Bring the electric guy with the air cannon near the power room and than have concussion grenades so that when he enters the room you kill him by using air cannon to drag him to middle of power room and than you use concussion grenades to finish him off this will turn on the power to green run so that the fog lifts and than the other survivors (besides richtofen) from the last game will come back through a ship down to earth from moon via shuttle and will thank you and than ride the bus away usually saying some vulgar comments and than dempsey will say “man wait until i get my hands on that crazy german”- basically saying now that richtofen will more likely be found on the next map. must have navigation table built

    • Chris Koch

      Is that the complete Easter Egg?^^^^

      • Josh

        Anybody know where the second lever is in the underground power room thing, I found one in the control room and the box close to where I jumped in but I can’t find the second lever to power it

      • Josh

        Anybody know where the second lever to turn on the power in the control room underground is.

    • Dark

      Where do you build navigational table, must you have built b4 taking electric guy to power room

    • Jet The Hawk

      wait….I’m about try that…please record that…I will to, I want to see this unfold on youtube….

  • RenoROX

    To open the doors with the lightening bolt, you drop a grenade and they blow open. Simple I kno, but it works.

  • A Turtle

    What does the navigation table do?

    • Jake

      I’ve fOund something rather interestIng after the power I’d shut back off the tower of babel is in the corn field you need the electricity dude there for sure but I’m lost ag this part ool

      • A Turtle

        That still doesnt answer my question.
        That and where is the work table to put the navigation table together?

        • dave

          below a telegraph pole in/around the corn field- beware though its a maze :/

  • SuperR3t4rded

    Me and a friend tried playing the game, but we weren’t recorded on the leaderboards, because we were playing on custom match. Isn’t that like the only way to have a private 2 player match?

    I mean, I don’t want to play with these dumbass online noobs who’re just playing with you ‘cuz them little bitches know you’ll be taking them to a high round… + they don’t have headset. they don’t even realize their value……

    Anyone knows what to do?

    • Ian

      Yeah, grow up quick, take some classes and realise the error of your ways.

      • McStud

        Sorry man if we don’t have headsets but that doesn’t make me a noob, does it? I get to at least round 15 by myself.

    • vladmirkuz

      you should add me on playstation , vladmirkuz , im not a noob as i get to round 23-30+ almost everytime and getting higher

      • Matthew

        Amen praise it my brother just cuz we don’t have headsets shouldn’t make us noobs. I mean I can at least get to round 15 while ending up getting the ray gun and at least5000

      • Matthew

        Amen praise it my brother just cuz we don’t have headsets shouldn’t make us noobs. I mean I can at least get to round 15 while ending up getting the ray gun and at least 5000 points.

    • ugly9

      I just search around for the non douches with mics and build my own team by inviting them to the party.


    You guys messed up on the air cannon. It sucks zombies in not blow them away. Trust me, I just put it together last night.

    • Colton

      Depending on how long the air cannon takes for you to assemble determines, in my opinion, how useful it is. The Air Cannon has about enough power in it to save yourself maybe three times or once if you’re in real trouble. The first time we built it, also the first time we played the map, took us about 45 minutes so is useless for us.

  • Tom

    At the bus depot if you leave and go left there is a fire pit (when the floor opens up) we managed to run through that, Keeping to the left and that looks like a good camping spot as the zombies can only come through one way and have to come through the fire, they cant come from behind plus there is a little wall to hide behind there if necessary. there is also a good distance between the zombies and you, maybe not so good solo, but as a group of 2/3 it works great, got to round 21 so far :/

  • Simon

    Hi guys,
    How do open the door that’s immediately on your 6 when you drop to the basement of the “power” area?? turbine does nothing!!!

    • Tom

      I noticed that too, Im very puzzled too. it doesnt open if you turn the power on too, maybe im wrong, anyone else managed to get in there?

      • Simon

        it says power source required when your near it but no clues as to how to open it.
        someone i was talking to reckoned that the electric trap and the turbine should open it, but i cant get to work.

        • fred

          i guess one person needs to put the electric generator next to it then there is a door i think in the bank or in the town somwhere that op[ens so u need two people to do this or be really fast and make it from the power switch to the town

          • THEH0LY1

            hey guys it aint a door its what powers the pack a punch you put you “pppg” personal portable power generator) there and when you build the pack a punch thats what powers it. its not a door

      • mrdecdog

        jump in it to teleaport

      • nate nichols

        It opens the last door to the pack a punch room. You throw a grenade at both the bank vault doors (located in the city) to get in them, someone must stay behind at the power room at that door and use the turbine on it. Easiest way is the people/person who stays at the power room is to take the bus while the other people stay in the city. So you all don’t get separated. You can also throw your pack a punch gun back into the pack a punch for 2k points for full ammo

      • Colton

        Hey Tom & Simon,
        The door that you are referring to its a component of opening up the area to assemble and turn on the Pack-A-Punch machine. In order to do this, you must set a turbine down by the door you speak of then get on the bus and quickly head to the town. Once at the town head through the first set of the doors and you should arrive in the bank. Look for a vault, should be back-center and throw a grenade at it. After that you will enter the room with the bank deposit/withdraw. Once in here there is another vault, again throw a grenade at it. This will open up another room and there should be a staircase that leads down.
        Quick note: If you notice that the door at the first place (where you turn on the power) has a green arrow symbol, this symbol is also seen on the wall that reveals the hidden room harboring the pack-a-punch. You can set the turbine and leave it and rejoin your team and abandon the turbine ultimately losing it to power drain or zombies or my team usually leaves one person behind who waits by the door while other members travel to the town. Once they get to the spot, the teammate who was left behind can quick set it down let it open for his teammates then pick up the turbine and run through the smoke to the next town. Note: this person most likely will not make it to the town to pack-a-punch himself. The reason for this is because we usually hold the Town for a couple rounds, if you plan on not holding the Town for a few rounds, abandon the turbine because after the Town the bus will take you back to the Bus Depot and you will be able to get another Turbine.

        Someone probably already answered this but thought I would try to offer a little more advice.

      • yves

        yes you have to use a emp grenade to have access to those doors id the door show a lightning throw a emp grenade youll see it works

    • BergZee

      Get a friend to put a turbine by it and make him stay with it, you then go to the town, blow open the 2 bank vault doors with grenades, then you will see the green logo that is also on the door on your 6 in the power area, push them both and the door opens leading you to the pack a punch pieces, put them together and your good to spruce up your guns.

    • Connor

      That’s part of the pack a punch. In town use an explosive on the bank door and it will open up. Use another explosive and a 3rd door will appear. You need to use a turbine on the door with the lightning bolt in the power room and it will open the 3rd door in town and you will get parts to build the PaP.
      Also there are 2 green street lights. When the muskrats land on you steer them towards the green light and they open portals which you can travel thru. Do this for the alternate transportation achievement

    • Connor

      That’s part of the pack a punch. In town use an explosive on the bank door and it will open up. Use another explosive and a 3rd door will appear. You need to use a turbine on the door with the lightning bolt in the power room and it will open the 3rd door in town and you will get parts to build the PaP

      • Jonathan

        You can also use the ray gun to blow the door open instead of an explosive

        • Mathieu

          Or the rocket launcher.

    • Smokkeytreat

      you need a turbine. thats the door u need to create pack o punch

    • Jonathan

      That power source is not a door. That is to open the secret underground vault in the bank on the next bus stop in the town area. Some one person has to stay behind. I recommend leaving one zombie crawler around. Once in the underground vault if one person stays down there it will not close up if you decide you want to pick up your turbine.

    • Patrick

      It’s part of how to pack-a-punch. You need to place a turbine there and the bank vault (the room after you open the 2 doors with grenades) will open. You assemble pack-a-punch down there.

  • Lewis

    Ive been trying to figure this out, and Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but if you take one of those face huggers from the fog into the green street lamps they run away and some kind of vortex is created beneath the lamp post, permanently. It’s gotta add up to something, I just havent figured it out yet. Any ideas?

    • Simon

      could they be the alternate mode of transportation??

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        You can run through the SMOKE surrounding the maps.

      • logan

        After they make the vortex if you jump into it. It will teleport you to another location where one of the green lamps are

      • for real

        Go to the green lampots wen there is a lurker/monkey/THING on ur head, stab the pole, and jump. thats the achievment
        im not kidden
        BTW these lines pass out da box VVV

    • Jonathan

      If you jump onto the portal, it transports you to a different street light across the map

    • dave

      these portals appear once you lead the zombie pig to a green street light, the portals can take you to another RANDOM streetlight , in my exp. sometimes if you miss the bus its better to wait for the next one, or run to the next map than take the portal, ’cause its hit and miss were it takes you :) -there is also a trophy for doing this – hit me up on psn (sadcmuzzy1991)

    • Nick

      Those vortexs are teleporters. stand on it for a couple of seconds and it will teleport you to one of the locations. I don’t have them all mapped out though.

      • Shawn

        You can actually teleport at nearly all of the lightposts. At the busstop build the turbine pick it up take it to the back of the bus and face it towards the flashing lightpost that is beside the back left corner of the bus. Now turn around and go to the edge of the myst just in it, when you hear one of those creeps turn around and run to the turbine. He’ll still try and jump on your head then he’ll dig the whole in which the portal is created to teleport. It’s not just the green lights.

    • Brian Fury

      yes it creates a random send teleporter…

    • frolock

      they are called enzymes of the forest. Just thought i would share some knowledge.

      • brenden

        You mean Denizens?

      • ConfusedBeast

        Enzymes? Thats from biology. There called Denizens. Forest Denizens/

    • Gregory Wynn

      When the ‘tree hugger’ is on you head JUMP into Tue vortex thing and it will teleport you to a location on the map. If this has helped send me a a xbox360 friend request my gamer tag name is GODofAWESOME13

  • Lewis

    The Cabin can be found between location 4 and 5. It is not after the cornfield (which is found between location 3 and 4). After location 4, about half way to the next stop there will be a car wreck of a van and a car and also a blinking street light. Jump off the bus at that point and keep heading right into the woods with the big trees and towards the flames. It will lead to right to the cabin.

  • Andrew

    I can’t find the cabin. Any help? I did find nacht though. Is it past the power place for the cabin? I’m lost trying to find it

    • phil

      See above mane!

    • frolock

      when going to the town STAND on the top of the bus do not crouch eventually you will be knocked off the bus by a metal post.When this happens go directly right into the clearing you will see a cabin once inside no denzymes of the forest can get you and there will be a bowie knife and a part for the jetgun inside the cabin.
      Source:I find easter eggs

    • Dave

      after you leave the power room heading for town, you will come to the green teleporting light. turn hard right and you will run right into the cabin. It is literally right off the road.

  • Andrew

    I can’t find the cabin. Any help? I don’t see any fire AFTER the corn. Or a path to a cabin. I did find nacht though

    • phil

      After you Leave the Power area, keep the doors open; you will see a VERY SMALL fire shortly after leaving (less than a minute) on the right, run towrads it then the cabin is directly on the your right

  • Matt

    In the farm portion of transit there is a barn in the back of the area that you need a turbine to open. When you open the big doors of the barn the back door should open too. Go out the back door and let it close behind you. Then use the turbine again to open the back door(AND ONLY THE BACK DOOR). Then stand by the big doors on the inside of the barn and the zombies will gather up outside the big doors and only a few stragglers will come in the back door. This is a good way to wait for the bus to show up or collect points if you have a machine gun and the balls to use it.

  • Cum zombie

    Yeah I encountered the cum zombie he ejaculated sweet love on me.

    • tu

      ^ this.


      Tt>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the zombie of whitness was a satisfieng death :3 trololol

  • Austin

    We encountered the boss “electric zombie” and our team was wiped out by it. We were playing splitscreen two-player on easy difficulty trying to figure out the maps and we had made it to round 15. We had already turned on the power and assembled everything except for the last work bench, and we went back to the café to purchase the electric fist for 6000. When we bought it, however, everyone around it started getting stunned by electricity and then the electric zombie from when you first turn on the power reappeared and began to fight us. He did not respond to being hit by the new electric fist or gun fire, and made short work of us. Any help on how to kill him or if buying the fist for sure spawns him would be A LOT of help.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I will see what I can do in the next round of updates :)

      • bel lybutton

        If u can keep running in circles he cannot hit you. You need to get on the bus and knife him.

        • jon

          concussion grenades kill on contact along with a achivement

      • Dexter

        EMP gernades rape the electric doucher

      • brandon

        if ypu emp him with the emp grenade he dies right away

    • doug

      me and my friends killed him with 2 emps and alot of gunfire hope that helps

      • bdfgbndfgn

        You gotta turn the power off.

        • phil

          No, no, no, you just have to knife him. He’ll move a little away just keep knifing him and he’s gone after 5 hits with the little knife. Not sure about the knuckles, sounds bad if you hit the electric guy with electric knuckles. Bowie knife from the cabin though should do it in two or three i’d say
          Source: just did it 30 seconds ago lol

          • unnaturalsavage

            yh first time i saw him was when i powered up an electric trap (and from the statements above about the ELECTRIC knuckles i can definitively say he is ATTRACTED TO ELECTRICITY)

            the second time i encountered him i was more prepared as i knew guns dont do shyt and he was attacking the bus….. a teammate of mine knifed him and it worked (electric dude kinda got stunned as when u knife a zombie at level 30) so i started knifing him and sure enough the guy was gone after a bit…

            however since i have read this article, i can now say turning off the power is the best route, considering i now know perks are obtainable by way of the turbine, the power is only useful twice, once to open the door downstairs and once to turn on pack a punch…

            thus my suggestion is to either knife him to hell (he probably comes back tho) or turn off the power until ya absolutely need it

          • bob

            if you turn the power off, your perks are no longer operational (notice that the symbols are faded). knife him or use emps

          • chuter8

            the electric knuckles are worth the six grand dont put the small later on the roof of the bus use it in the dinner with them its a one hit kill till round 15 they rule in the fog and kills the electric in two strikes well worth it

    • john

      running in circles and when far enough throw some grenades.

    • DEWSH

      He seems to respond to melee attacks, so knife the Sh!t out of him!

    • santos

      when you get the mystery bot and get emp grenades, use that against him and hell leave as quickly as he came’

    • Bob Peterson

      add me on xbox i can help you out! L3 O L3 L3 Y

      • Monica

        add my on xbox. i dont have a mic. tho. but i can hear thru my tv. (: GT: Sicman Of Va

        • Bro

          Or beat the piss out of him with zombie shield

    • Brian

      Anybody know how to get into the roof of the diner?

      • Nick

        Instead of putting the ladder-type thing on the roof of the bus, you put it in the diner. Sorry, don’t know its exact part name.

        • ragda

          You can call it a hatch.

      • Tyler

        put the hatch on the dinner instead of the bus.

      • steve

        There r 2 access points for the roof in diner and bus. ones in the shed at gas station, and shed at the farm. cow pusher and latter all show up as well. the sheds require a turbine to open to find these items.

    • Brian Furt

      i was able to kill him quite easily with the galvaknuckles…u can run from him fairly well as well. but try the emp grenades and the galvaknuckles.. i hear the turbine blaster thingy works too

    • cool-ninja345

      add me if you have ps3 psn because i know how to kill the electrial zombie invite me to a game of zombies tranzit on christmas break my online id is cool-ninja345

    • brandon

      upgrade all guns, get all perks, (revive, jugged nog, double tap, stamina up) if these help comment back

    • John

      The “Obogadro” is spawned when you activate the power (you can see him if you watch the top of the generatoras it activates), he is killed ONLY by melee, and im not sure if the galvaknuckles do any damage to him.

    • bil

      the electric boss zombie is released after you turn on the power he will encounter you in a latter round and can be “killed” one of two ways you can wait till he resembles a man and knife him or use EMP grenades. I put quotations around kill because you never really kill the boss zombie Avogadro. you only make him go away to reencounter you in a latter round. his position can always be located by looking up to find the over head thunderstorm.
      p.s. the “electric fist” or galvaknuckles will not affect Avogadro.

    • winston

      emp grande

    • brandon

      emp him with the emp grenades and he dies right away

    • Epico

      The electric fist doesn’t spawn him. He will spawn when you turn the power on and lightning is seen in the sky. An easy way to defeat is to get EMP granades from the Mystery Box or the electric fist. Be patient with the electric fist though it will take a while

    • Mathieu

      Throw an EMP grenade at him. It’s instant kill. You can get the grenade from the box.