Black Ops 2 Zombies Green Run Tranzit Strategy Guide

By   /   Nov 12, 2012

Blacks Ops 2 Zombies isn’t only about survival skills – the Tranzit campaign mode has a lot to offer players with rewards and achievements, not to mentions hours of entertainment and challenge.

The Tranzit mode is divided into a number of maps, which a player visits around and completes objectives in. The travelling from one map to the other is done on a bus, which is an integral part of the Tranzit mode.

Each map has one or the other thing to offer, and there are multiple items that can be found (and made). First, let’s go over the maps. For more help on Black Ops 2 Zombies, read our Green Run Bus Depot, Green Run Farm and Green Run Town Survival Guide.

Green Run Tranzit

There are five maps in Green Run Tranzit mode, of which 3 are Green Run maps that are also featured in Survival mode.

The maps are:

  • Bus Depot
  • Diner
  • Farm
  • Power House
  • Town

Bus Depot, Farm, and Town are also featured in Survival mode.

How To Travel To Secret Locations

Starting at the Bus Depot, the player has to kill zombies and carry out certain objectives, and then ride on the bus that awaits him/her outside. The bus then makes a stop at the different maps.

On the way, there are some additional locations that a player encounters. These are:

Encountered from Bus Depot to Diner. There are two places on the left where items can spawn.

Corn Field
Along route from Power House to Town.

Nacht Der Untoten
This is actually found to the right in the Corn Field. The path is narrow and easy to miss. Two items can spawn here.

Power Tower
In the Corn Field on the left side.

Past the Corn Field – towards the right. There will be some fire on the ground to the right, which will lead to the Cabin.

We will avoid all the story spoilers in an effort not to ruin the thrill and excitement of uncovering many hidden secrets in Black Ops 2 zombie mode. You can’t finish Tranzit; it’s just a matter of how many rounds you can survive and how many secrets you can uncover. We recommend playing few rounds to get a grip of different patterns of the undead. If you have played zombie mode before, you should already know the general strategies to kill these zombies and survive longer.

What’s New?
Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit mode continues the Zombie legend with four new survivors and offers everything you have come to expect from the classic zombie mode. Plus, it brings two new features which should definitely help you in your quest to survive the hordes of zombies. These are buildables and the Bus.

Riding The Bus and Bus Upgrades Parts

When you hear a bus horn, go outside quickly and ride a bus. You can use the bus travel between the map specified above. Zombies can attack the bus while you are entering or are on board. Pay attention to the barricades that are all around the bus. Make sure you build these barricades quickly before you become overwhelmed by these zombies.

Bus driver will always give few warning horns before it departs from any area so make sure you are close to the bus, or else you will miss it and have to survive a long round of zombies onslaught before the bus returns.

You can upgrade the bus to fend off zombies easily by finding items scattered through the county Tranzit. These upgrades are:

Plow – This item attaches to the front and instantly kills zombies in front of the bus as it moves, preventing them from coming in front and climbing up.

Roof Hatch – This item allows you to use the roof of the bus from the inside. There is only one roof hatch.

Ladder – This item allows you to climb to the roof of the bus from the left side of the bus.

For a detailed guide on Bus Upgrades Parts, read our Bus Upgrades Parts Locations.

Buildable Items – Parts Locations

There are certain items that can be made in the Tranzit mode which will give you additional benefits to increase your survivability and the effectiveness of your equipment. Each item though has 3 sub-items, which are required to be assembled on a build table / workbench.

You can only carry one part to the table at a time, and you drop the part if you are knocked down. Zombies will generally try to destroy the parts that you place on the build table if you are near it, so it is advisable to leave the table once you have placed the part.

You may not find the same parts at the given locations in your subsequent playthroughs. Any player of your team can assemble these parts to build an item. If Player A has one part and Player B has second part, they both can build the item on the workbench.

Strategically, it is recommended that one player looks for these buildable item parts while others play defensively. Once you have built an item, any player can pick it up from the workbench it was constructed and use it.

We can even classify these buildables into offensive, defensive, resource and buildables that help you unravel the secrets of the county (Green Run). If you come across a workbench, make sure you scavenge the immediate area surrounding. Usually, all the parts required to build the item on that workbench are scattered nearby with a an exception of buildables like Navigation Table that require serious scavenging across the whole county.

The items and their sub-items are given below:

Requires Manikin, Fan, Dolly. Found at the Bus Station.

All the parts for the Turbine are found at the Bus Depot. The Turbine can open powered doors for you for free, and can also power the Electric Trap and Turret items, and open the Pack a Punch room. The Turbine can also be used with any inactive Perk machine to turn it on.

Zombie Shield
Requires Dolly, Car Door. Found at the Diner.

The shield will bash zombies. However, you will get no points for this. The shield can also be used as a barrier, and has limited durability. When not being used, it’ll protect your back from any zombies trying to attack you from behind – this will not affect the durability.

Requires RPD, Lawn Mower, Ammo Pouch. Found at the Farm.

The Turret requires a Turbine to run. It’ll fire on any zombie in close premises.

Electric Trap
Requires Battery, Rod, Base. Found at the Power House.

This will cause zombies to attack it. It requires a Turbine to run.

Air Cannon
Requires Jet Engine, Handle, Light, Wires. Parts for this item are randomly spawned.

This badass item blows high-speed winds at the zombies sending them flying away. It has a pressure gauge on top, and if the pressure becomes too high, the item explodes into its parts. The parts can be recollected and again built up on a build table.

Power Switch
Requires Power Box, Power Switch, Arm. Found at the Power House.

Pack a Punch
Requires Table, Battery, Head Piece. Found at the Bank in the Town.

Navigational Table
Requires Table/Plank, Meteor, Radio, Power Box, Navigational Card. Found at various places in the Corn Field.

For a detailed guide on these buildable items and parts locations, read our Buildable Items Parts Locations Guide.

Turning on the Power

Turning the power on as important as surviving your next round but do remember, it’s a strategic decision. Turning the power on will get you access to Perk-a-Cola machines, electricity-powered-doors and certain equipment, but it also invites an Electric Zombie, which is a bit difficult to handle at times.

You will have to turn on the Power at the Power Station. Get into the basement and turn on the power for the entire county. You will need a build a switch to do that, and you can find the necessary parts to build that switch in the buildable items’ section. We have also added a link to the buildable items’ guides with detailed locations of each part you need to build that switch.

Once the power is on, you will have access to all Perk-a-Cola machines which are somewhat integral to your survival in the later rounds of the game. Again, there are benefits for switching on the power and then there are electric shocks!

Black Ops 2 Zombies Perk-a-Cola Machines / Perks Locations

These machines are scattered throughout the county. They dispense Perk-a-Colas which enhance your abilities just like the perks in Black Ops 2 multiplayer.

Go to next page to learn more about Perk-a-Colas, Power Ups, Mystery Box Locations and Tranzit Strategies for each section of Green Run.

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