Black Ops 2 Zombies Green Run Town Survival Strategy Guide

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Black Ops 2 Zombies Survival Mode offers the same classic survival experience from the previous games. In this guide, we look at the Green Run Town map, along with its key locations, how things shape up in the map, and how to survive the zombie assault for a long while.

For more help on Black Ops 2 Zombies, read our Zombie Mode Weapons, Green Run Tranzit and Green Run Farm Survival Guide.

Green Run Town Map Overview

The Town map is a central city map, and is more focused on earning points and roaming around. It is the largest of the three Green Run Survival maps.

The Urban design of town allows decent exploration, and though the map is on average narrow-spaced, it has plenty to offer.

This is the only Green Run Survival map that has Pack a Punch, and like Farm also has perks.
The map will have you starting near a lava-filled area with a Pack a Punch machine nearby. This can be considered as the center of the area, and the four pathways from here lead to various narrow streets filled with destroyed cars and broken roads.

Right next to the lava region is the Bar, which is indicated by the red glowing BAR sign. This should be accessed right away after killing a couple of zombies. Up the stairs in an awkward area you’ll find the mystery box.

Ahead of the box is a great broken corner of the wall that allows for some sight-seeing, and is an ideal spot for shooting away at zombies from a distant to test your newly acquired mystery box gun.

Another mystery box is located in one of the four paths, which leads to a metal fence with a Perk machine and the box. Like the other maps, this one also has a lot of fire and lava stuff going on the floor. However, this map has it with abundance, and there are high chances that in these closed spaces you will die from and explosive lit-up zombie if you don’t mind these lava streams.

There is also the Bank here, which is a great place to loop zombies. I would recommend buying the access to the bank after round 7 or 8. Opposite to the bank (on the other side of the central region) is a set of stairs leading up to a burnt upper-story building. Zombies spawn here as well, and this place is very important for crowding zombies together (looping).

Key Locations

  • Central Lava region
  • Bar
  • The Bank
  • Set of Stairs Leading to Upper-Story Building.

The Town

You are in the ruins of a small downtown main street. You’ll find two Perk-a-Colas here and you better equip everything since this town is packed with the undead.

City Streets
The area has loads of room to explore and kite zombies but you’ll find no wall-buy weapons here.

The streets allow you to access a bar with a second floor and the second floor apartments. The small floors have multiple entry points and you can be surrounded by zombies in a second if you’re not careful.

The Mystery Box will also make an appearance here. One possible location is upstairs in the bar and the other is in a small alley off the main street.

The Bank Vault
The main highlight of the bank is off course its main vault which contains two vault doors. The first vault door contains a safe deposit box which can be used by players to deposit or withdraw points.

The second vault door grants access to the innermost vault, which contains more deposit boxes.

Green Run Town Survival Tips and Strategies

The first important tip in this map is to avoid the lava areas while you are actually shooting the zombies.

The second important thing to remember is to get access to the bar (and hence the main mystery box) as quickly as possible. Once you have done these two things, you have established yourself. If you leave this for later on, then you won’t survive for too long.

The bar should be your recuperating region. Kill some zombies and stuff, and when you feel you need to reload or breathe a bit, go back to the bar. Of course this will only work for the initial few rounds, but then again, most strategies will fail one way or the other at later rounds.

Keep the bar clean! Remember: the bar is your safe haven, and you have to maintain it that way. Make sure you don’t ignore the place for too long to let zombies populate both stories. A time will actually come that a lot of zombies will incubate there, but you should make sure that it stays as zombie-free as possible.

At later rounds (after round 5 onwards), you’ll need some more space than just the bar. At this time you should unlock the other regions, and opt to visit the bank more regularly. However, the bar will still remain the best option no matter what, and that is why you have to go back to it regularly.

This is because of the galvaknuckles, which are a great option for later use. They replace your knife with powerful electric gloves with which you can punch zombies in the face. I would recommend getting these gloves at round 8 or 9.

A highly effective method used by most zombie mode veterans is ‘looping’ zombies into clusters or collective horde. Since the zombies are relatively slow, you can maneuver them to your liking, and thus get them to cramp up after which you can spray your automatic gun’s mag right into them. If you’re playing with friends, it’s recommended that you get one of them to start looping.

Looping in the Town is a little difficult as compared to Bus Depot and Farm, mainly because of the widespread lava that surrounds a large part of the central area. Thus, you are required to make relatively larger paths for the zombies to follow, which can take a long time.

A good way to loop or get zombies jumbled up is to start off near the Pack-a-Punch machine, going towards the bar and then turning left into the bank. Once the zombies follow you into the bank, you can lead them up to the staircase adjacent to the bank, which will lead up to a burnt upper-story building.

Sadly, zombies spawn in that building too, but this can be dealt with by standing on the ledge of the broken wall and looking into the room. The zombies that follow you up the staircase and also the ones that spawn inside the upper story building should jumble up. You can shoot away from that ledge.

(Alternatively, you could do the same exact thing on the second story of the bar as well. However, the burnt building seems to be a better choice since after killing both the mystery boxes and perks are easily accessible).

Note that zombies cannot climb up this particular ledge from the ground. This makes this burnt/broken upper story building an extremely important part of the entire loop.

Of course, in order to complete all that you are required to unlock the bank. I’d recommend starting your loop strategy late – somewhere around round 8 or 9. Before you do so though, make sure to drink the Jugger-Nog perk to give you more survivability.

Another highly efficient way to go about the looping process is to create crawlers. Crawlers are basically zombies with destroyed legs, due to which the crawl (and are hence severely slowed down).

Not only will this give you some breathing space, but will also allow you to visit one or both of the mystery box and also the Pack-a-Punch (which requires some careful maneuvering because of its harsh location).

A great way to create crawlers is to chip in a grenade in a cluster of zombies that you have looped. At higher rounds, zombies don’t die immediately from grenades, and instead only have their legs mutilated, making them crawlers. This will spare you some time to recuperate and get things right, and should in general become a regular practice from round 15 onwards.

This map is a ton easier with friends, because it ensures that the bar and its immediate neighboring locations are as clean as possible.

The bulk of the zombie threat will come from the ones that are lit on fire in the center, and these can be taken care of easily by a group of two the camp near the bar mystery box on the upper story.

It’s important to communicate in this map because of the narrow and odd locations that one can die. Hence, make sure that you have ‘nametags’ for the various locations in the map, so that you can call out the location when downed or when in need of backup.

Don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies with us by commenting below!

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  • billbrehe

    well first off let me start by saying that i have successfully made it to high 30s on this map on multiple occasions and by that time it becomes nearly impossible and pretty old it takes me about 2 hours to get there with 3 players and a lot of strategy first off get galva knuckles before anything else you may need to buy a gun off the wall to get to that point or hit the mystery box one time but do not hesitate the sooner you get them the more points you will get you will also probably like to know that they last until level 14 and multibples of 14 after that just turn it from one hit kill to 2 and so on after the knucks as we call them you will want to get juggs with jugs you can take more than twice as many hits from zombies and will help you surrvive my 4 starting perks are jugs speed tomstone and either double tap or the one on the out side of the bar (i dont remember what it is called) then you will want to get all perks by going down with enough money to buy all other perks and tomstone plus 500 (it takes away money from everyone when someone bleeds out and i have screwed myself before) then you want to hit the box until you get rpd or hammer they are the only 2 guns that i will get to take me to high levels we usually get each person to get both rpd and hammer pack a punched monkeys do help to get away but wont kill high level zombies and eventually wont even make crawlers that is another thing crawlers give you time to buy things you need and take a break from the chaos they are the only way to get to high levels i have not played zombies in a few months because of school so these are just some things i remember from playing awhile back so if you have any questions reply to my thread and i will answer them for you and go ahead and talk trash on my post but thats how we play it here in missouri and if you have a problem with that then you can suck my ****

  • Sebas

    I usually play with three more people so maybe this wouldn’t work on solo, but anyway, here’s my strategy, on round one and two, 4 shots to the body and then knife (three shots if zombies are on fire), on round 3 full clip to the body and then knife, by this time you should have ran out of bullets so go buy the m14, yes this might sound weird but for low rounds it’s effective and you don’t waste bullets, you need to put a bullet for each round you have passed, for example, round 4 you need 4 bullets, one less if you wish to stab them, this way you should get to 6000 points and buy galvanuckles, you ate most likely to get them by round 6 or 7 and recover your points by round 9, then buy jug, hit the box a couple times and get a good weapon (but don’t switch your pistol!) then get 5000 points and pack a punch your 1911 and it becomes dual wield and explosive, good to get rid of groups of zombies, now hang in the top of the bar and kill any zombie that goes up, if you can’t control it any more jump down and get up again.

    Oh by the way! You should also get double tap, quick revive and tombstone also

  • zesk

    okay so i usually start in the far side of town near the burning building, where the box usually is, if it isnt there, dont be ashamed to hit restart till it’s there (just because it’s easier, bar has 3 entrances for zombies, this only has one) dont buy a weapon till you finish wave 2, at wave 1, shoot each zombie twice (not headshots) and then stab him, that should get you at least 900 extra points and leave you with 4/24 in your pistol.
    then at wave 2 shoot each zombie 4 times in the body and then stab, some of them might stay after you stab them but if you stab again they’ll surely die, which leaves you with 0/0 and one last zombie in said level (if you played your cards right) then after meleeing him, go to the box and pick weapons, and keep killing zombies till you get 2 of these 5: RPD, HAMR, Galil, Python or Ray Gun and after you get these, save up 3,250 and open the burning building door and buy jugger-nog (its critical to get pack-a-punch), then save
    1,250, open the bar and get a quick revive, save 4,000, open the bank and buy a speed cola (you will be very glad you got this in level 15 because LMGs like the HAMR or the RPD take a lot of time to load), then take 2000 to the double tap.
    from here on out save 5,000 (or 10,000, seeing as you’re gonna do this twice) and pack a punch your weapons. then take 6,000 to the bar and get galvaknuckels, then use all the monkey you get to get an EMP or a monkey bomb from the mystery box, until you get an EMP, a monkey or a teddy bear (teddy bears get the box back to the bar, and then just stay where the box was, get semtex from the little room underneath the juggernog room, if you like semtex grenades better, and when you die and come back, pray to god the zombies wont kill you on that level and after its over immediately get jugger and speed cola, the return to your regular romm and take the double tap, after that finish the level and hall ass to the bar for a revive. and repeat after dying again.
    i used this strategy and got to level 24 with 807 kills:)

  • Bu$hQuayle92

    Starting out knife all the zombies the first two rounds, shooting only as needed. Third round buy the MP5 from Jug. Two body shots and a knife takes them down, which should give you enough to then buy Jug. After Jug go for Double-tap, and then Stamin-up.

    By around round five or six you should easily have those perks and enough saved to pack a punch starting pistol (which you should be out of ammo with by now for maximum points). Once you get Mustang & Sally, aka your new best friend, loop the zombies in which ever area you prefer until you can build up enough points to hit the box a few times. If you’re playing solo buy revive perk asap too, but it’s only 500, if playing with others get Tombstone as needed.

    Two best areas to run a loop are between Jug and the bank, and between the bank and the bar. You can also fall back and run a figure 8 in the back near Stamin-up. Pick one of those spots, learn it, memorize it, and practice it. The more you run it the easier it becomes. If you’re playing with a group, then each of you pick a spot and run your own loop. By round 12-15 you should be running your loop consistently and conserving ammo. And unless you find it absolutely necessary (which you shouldn’t), keep the bank closed and forget about Speed Cola. It isn’t a necessity to getting into the higher rounds, plus opening it makes looping between the bank and the bar near impossible at higher rounds.

    As for the box, LMG’s are good to have, but they are not necessarily the goal. Galil is good to have early on, as well as Mtar, but both burn ammo rather quickly. Ray gun is a keeper, and a pack a punched executioner is arguably one the best guns to have through round 30 or so. whenever ammo becomes a problem, switch it out, and always keep Mustang & Sally as your backup. Keep this up and keep running your loop and this can get you into rounds 30+. Don’t always pass up weapons so quickly from the box though, executioner, cobra, and dual five sevens are often overlooked guns but can actually be quite useful. HamR and RPD are always nice to have, but you do lose some speed with the LMG and also without speed cola open reload times can sometimes make the difference. If you make it to round 30+ then even your pack a punched RPD at full ammo will be out before the rounds over without a max ammo to save the day so you are eventually just going to have to hit the box mid round and use whatever you get.


    jesus christ youzz are a shockers my stratergy is to start on round ten…than you start with 5000 points. ok straight to the mystery box stab it ten times… if it works youll get a decent gun. now go upstairs ang get the jugg. now SAVE…i usually save up around 10 to 1200 gz than packapunch my weapon get a revive and a speed cola. if you are not happy wiht your weapon simply chuck it back in the pack a punch machine walllaaaah…round 20..DWOKK THA UNSTOPABLE IN YAHH MUTHAFUCKEN MOUTHZ….NEW ZEALAND ROCKZZZZZ

  • Herr Dr. Abundis

    Totally agreeing: One thing I’ve been doing is opening the Juggernog room as soon as possible (round 1). Then you got 2 windows to repair (easy money) and by round 3 or 4 you should get the MP5, unless a blessed partner picks some Max Ammo for the M1911 (Mostly WhiteTrash Tomb’s strategy). Of course buy Joggernogg first of all!!! And of course buy another gun from the mystery box as soon as possible! then go of course for the speed cola or the quick revive yeah, but once you got these i really insist on buying tombstone (Lets face it, we will not always be partnered with good teammates that will keep your back, mostly jerks who can revive you if the moment is given) pick your perks wisely, id recommend trying the one that works like marathon, its a life saver. wwith no so rubbish players you can safely do it until round 15 (next rounds’ work depend on the team organization, eg: 2 noobs and 2 middle pros will die, I recommend a party of at least 2 pros working together, also, when looping, check that zombies follow you and are not left in the street to a point you will be going back (i often die because i jump from jugger room to the fence corner, not checking i got 20+ zombies sprinting, of course i was the only one left alive) Im not a veteran zombie player yet, that one is my friend, his gt: platanazooo (he is totally pro). Im just flourishing at zombies gt: Sir T Viola


    Best spot to be is on the stairs by jugg. Make sure u have an lmg. Don’t open the door unless u have to. This will make zombies only run up the stairs. Round 20 with ray gun an lmg both pack a punched. Der

    • CycloneChilli

      Only trouble is that to get Jugger-Nog (a pretty essential perk) you need to open the door.

    • Bu$hQuayle92

      and what happens when they start coming up the stairs and you’re reloading, or worse…out of ammo. That’s a horrible spot to sit and stay. any spot for that matter is a horrible spot to sit and camp on zombies…you will never make it past round 25 doing that.

  • Monkey Bomber

    Blow open the vault door with a grenade, then go inside and deposit money (by thousands, so you can’t put in like 1330 points) when you’re done the next time you play, visit the bank by chuckin a grenade again and withdraw your points

  • Alex

    at the second story of the bar in the corner closest to the stairs but not at eh top of the stairs if you back into the corner and look down and hold a SEMTEX they cant hurt you DO NOT USE A GRENADE ON THEM THE ONLY WAY TO GET HURT IS FROM CRAWLERS

    buy the various perks you want BUT MAKE SURE TO BUY TOMBSTONE then when you go down die but make sure you have enough MONEY to buy the REMAINING perks AND TOMBSTONE AGAIN then go pick up your previous weapons and perks now you have all the perks and your previous

    • Misty

      Yeah you can just buy it before u pick your tombstone up

  • Kaycee

    Horrible tips here. First off, there aren’t 2 mystery boxes. They move back and forth. Secondly, hanging out in the bar to “catch your breath” is a great way to die once you get past round 10.
    And LOL at needing juggernog to use the pack a punch. You can withstand the lava for a few seconds without juggernog. You just can’t hang out in it like a hot tub. Approach it from the left side, put your weapon in, and then get out of the lava. What a few seconds get back far enough you “heal” then when it spits your gun out, go up and grab it.
    Don’t pack a punch a pistol unless necessary. You should be shooting for an LMG as you’ll need the massive clip size and power once you hit rounds 20+

    • Chris

      In my opinion, it’s probably best to just right next to the Pack-A-Punch machine, put your weapon in, and the once you’re healed, jump right next to the machine and take it before it goes back in

  • LHR GatGotUrGun

    the only thing you people havent told is WHERE THE HELL IS THE POWER SWITCH IS!!!! which is a pain in the butt for me to find when im playing by myself after i die and have quick revive on

    • Really_Dude

      Um….on town there isn’t a power switch. All perks can be purchased from the start. But, on tranzit the power switch must be built in room under the shed on the stop before town. You need a turbine to access the power. However, if you have a turbine you can use that for power as well. Hope it helps……..no0b lol

  • biff

    no such thing as this galvaknuckles thing yall keep goin on about-not in farm anyway

    • Bobzta6994

      Biff, the galvaknuckles are on town, in the bar area.

  • Whitetrash Tom

    Me and my friend are playing like this and it gives pretty good results:

    1) first door to open is the one that leads to the juggernog and mp5

    2) if everything goes well at round 3 you have enough to buy the mp5 which a really good cheap rifle with cheap ammo. it is also really accurate so in the first round you can do easy headshots and be lean on ammo.

    3)next buy is the juggernog. a lot of ppl told me that they buy tombstone first but I think it is better to buy perks that will help you not die instead of a perk in case you die.

    4)when you are in control with your jug and mp5, open the bar and try the mystery box. cross your finger and hope for a good gun. If so you have a really good setup coz you still have the mp5 that can be refilled for only 500 and a more powerful gun that will refill with ”max ammo”

    5) next buys go like this: speed cola – quick revive (because your friends will start dying frequently)- pack a punch the special gun – pack a punch the mp5. Try to time your pack-a-punchings efficently by doing it when you are almost out of ammo. at this point you are no more worrying about the money and mp5 can be refilled for 4500 which is now cheap.

    6) 1 perk slot remaining : stamin up..not the fucking noob tombstone. usually I have this setup at round 12-13 and I don,t die before round 20. if I die I have enough money to buy back my perks. The problem is if you die and you are not revived on time you lose your guns so if you play with bad ppl maybe tombstone is better than stamin up.

    • Maple138

      Buy Tombstone with the last perk slot, kill yourself, buy remaining perks and tombstone again before retrieving your actual Tombstone and have all 6 perks

  • RedHeadedHellion

    Does anyone know about this? In town , on survival, if you go up the stairs to the jugger, but stop before you go through the door (at the top if the stairs) and throw a couple monkeys into the corner opposite the door, they go up in smoke and you hear the dude laugh like he does when you lose the box, but it seems like nothing happens? Maybe the zombies drop more bonuses but I can’t really tell… Any insight??

    • Swag monster

      It’s because your throwing them technically “outside of the map” same thing happens if u throw em over the busses by the cage the laugh cracks me up tho

  • SultryOperants

    Green Run – Town (Survival) Strategy… Solo:
    • Rounds 1-3:
    – Keep your M1911 (starting pistol) & take pulls @ the mystery box. You’re looking for Monkeys and either a Hamr or Galil (depending on personal preference… I like popping heads with the Galil, my girl prefers unloading the deep clip of the Hamr with aim-assist.)
    – Don’t open any doors unless you need to for the Mystery Box.
    – Stand at the top of the stairs and empty your M1911 clip into zombies as they line up. We’ve gotten up to 280 points out of round 3 zombies by shooting them through other zombies then slashing them with the knife. If you don’t mind watching your back, the bar stairs are for you. Personally, I prefer the stairs leading towards the Jugger-nog.
    • Rounds 4-11:
    – Work on Pack-a-Punching both your pistol and rifle. Buy Quick Revive and Double Tap as necessary. Avoid Insta-Kill, and only get the Nuke if there are 3 or less zombies left (six or less if you’ve the doubler.)
    – The stairs strategy still works very well.
    • Rounds 12-16:
    – If you don’t have Mustang & Sally; Sledge Hamr or Lementation; Monkeys; Quick Revive; & Double Tap, you’ve done something wrong or the box has been unkind. If you do, get a Speed Cola, too, and try to stay alive. My girl prefers standing upstairs in the bar with her back to the hole in the wall. She doesn’t usually get backed up this early, but if she does, she backs out the hole and winds a monkey. I prefer to stand on the other stairs and aim Mustang & Sally at the “inside” wall at the bottom of the stairs. I’ll shoot one gun at a time until the clip is empty, then shoot the other one. Nothing gets past this early.
    • Round 17-21:
    – If you like my strategy, stick with it. If you like my girl’s strategy, you probably want to get yourself a Jugger-nog.
    • Round 22-23:
    – If you don’t have a Jugger-nog, get it.
    – If you like flopping like a fish, try sticking to my girl’s strategy of holding the bar for as long as you can. When you get overwhelmed, back out of the building and try not to get trapped in the street. If you can, make it to the Jugger-nog building and unload Mustang & Sally at the back of the line of zombies in the street. Hopefully, you can clear a hole in the horde so you can jump down and start looping the zombies back and forth between the two buildings. If you’re lucky, you might see the beginning of round 24.
    – If you prefer my way, hold that flight of stairs as long as you can, then open the door and haul butt over to the Double Tap. Stand with your back in the corner made by the Ccola machine and the dumpster and aim Mustang and Sally at the ground near the end of the fence. When you hear zombies just off screen, throw a Monkey and as many grenades as you can before the Monkey blows, then hope you have evough rounds in Mustang & Sally to get you through the round.
    • Round 24:
    – Make peace with your deity.

  • Gamechamp

    You just do pack a punch.put your gun in, get out of the lava, then quickly grab it when it’s ready. Better and easier if you have juggernog.

    • Chris

      You don’t need Juggernog just to Pack-A-Punch a weapon. I do it all the time at the end of a round on Town survival. Just jump to it, put it in, get out to heal, jump back in to get it, and voila! You got an upgraded weapon

  • Michael

    how do you get to the pack a punch it is in the middle of the lava

    • Ranga_98

      You need to get Juggernog and then just go up and buy it (5000). You need the juggernog to survive wwalking on the lava

      • Swervezz98

        Actually, you don’t. My method is as followed:

        Go to the side of the bar with the bowling alley,
        Start sprinting towards the side of the pack-a-punch machine and then use it. You have to be very fast but you don’t need Juggernog. Note: Pack-A-Punch at the end of the round, if there are loads of zombies then you will go down and lose your Pack-A-Punched weapon and your points aren’t refunded

  • johnny

    You can only open the vault on Tranzit mode to store cash. Also in tranzit mode take the electric knuckles (located on top of the diner, using the top part meant for the bus to get up there) go to the bank and located in there to the right of the vault there will be two keys similar to the keys in the vault. Pinch them with the electric knuckles and you can put money in there to share with your other teammates if they are low on cash

  • Amos

    When I’m in single player mode I cant seem to open the bank vault. I’ve tried rpg, grenades, sentex grenades and nothing seems to work… Any ideas?

    • Chris

      I think I read somewhere in the comments or somewhere else that you throw a normal grenade at it. I think. Try it, I have no more ideas after that

  • j.b.

    u guys know on tranzit that u can activate the perks with the turbine

  • Sk8metal14

    The new zombies mode is freakin beast I love it

  • rick

    How do you get money in vault?

    • Monkey Bomber

      Blow open the vault door with a grenade, then go inside and deposit money (by thousands, so you can’t put in like 1330 points) when you’re done the next time you play, visit the bank by chuckin a grenade again and withdraw your points

  • Jacob

    How do you turn the power on in this level? I’m playing solo and I’m on wave 20 but now it wont let me buy any more perks, it says I have to turn on the power. I’ve ran all over this map and have found nothing. Can you even turn on the power?

    • TheGRR7000

      There is no power switch, power should already be on

    • Connor

      That should only happen if you hit the perk machine(s) with EMP grenades

  • SoouhonVanity

    Well, to start off. Walk around and shoot the zombies a few times and then knife to kill (for maximum points). When it gets to round 7 or 8 buy the galvaknuckles and punch (knife) the zombies and buy possibly the box OR instead of the knuckles and box buy Juggernog and a box weapon (and another perk if you wish, or even just another perk) then run around the map (Through the bank, then into the bar, jump out and go to jug, jump out and go back to the bank) I survived solo round 56 this way with a single pack a punch. I did get crawlers to buy semtex grenades and ammo at the end of each round. Personally I think my method works better than most

  • Kyle Rankin

    I dont know if you guys know this but with the deposit box you are able to withdraw the points you put in at later games. Figured it out playing with a friends last night. I put in 3000 a previous game because we were see if we could share points like that. So I had an idea that maybe I could get points back and wadaya know? Got my 3000 back (with the 300 deposit fee)

    • KhaotiK

      Yes you can. It only works for the player. Also, there are 2 more keys at the bottom outside the vault door. Hit em once with the Knuckles and then you can deposit money in that too. Once done, a perk will appear and whoever grabs it gets the money deposited.

      There is also a freezer in the farm that saves any weapon you put in it for future games.

  • deerioz

    For starters, you WANT to play in the lava cracked areas into the higher rds.

  • pizzabones73

    i put this on easy mode so i could explore the map for easter eggs & stuff, and at level 12, after i killed the last zombie, nothing happened.
    I’ve been walking around the map for over an hour now, and there are no zombies & the level won’t advance.
    Any ideas?

    the only thing happening, is the clocks bongs every once in a while, and the lava flows. other than that, it’s a dead town.

    • ZombifiedMe

      This is most likely a glitch. It’s happened to me in cod, but only rarely on the hellhound rounds. Although, it’s only occurred once to me in Blops2, also in the town. Somehow my team located the zombie after about fifteen or ten minutes. Never happened longer though. I think it’d be best to begin a new game, should this happen again.

    • Swag monster

      Sometimes a crawler will get stuck behind the buses that run along the end of the alley with the mystery box (cage) and the small library/semtex room, try tossing a grenade over them by ricking it off the building by the cage. same thing happened to me. Seems to happen a lot when using explosive weapons: mustang and sally, RPG, and the grenade launcher. hope this helped and made sense

  • Xander

    Only been playing for an hour, already love the zombies. (wish it wasn’t as gloomy, hard to see the zombies) My question is , in the bar there is a thing on the wall (going to call it “thing” because the name for it is a mile long) that costs 6000. what does it do? and for? i got and the player held it to his hand and you hear sizzling… and that’s it. If it does something, i must be blind, cause I’m not seeing it.

    • Xander


      • Joshua-Dandilion

        You use it like you would a knife! It’s a powerful electric fist!

    • Ruhrhehhrhhdhd

      Those are the Galvaknuckles, which replace your knife with a one hit kill tazer.

      • GBW_BOnRFART

        one hit kill till round 14 then it become 2 hit kill, i believe at round 19 (or 18+ idk) it becomes 3 hit kill

        • billbrehe

          its round 28 and then 42 it just goes in multiples of 14

    • Dr. Idiot

      I can’t tell if this is a troll or if you’re just that blind.