Black Ops 2 Zombies Green Run Farm Survival Strategy Guide

The Farm of the Green Run Survival Mode of Black Ops 2 is, well, unforgiving, to say the least. The uninviting atmosphere reminds one of The Night of the Living Dead, and the claustrophobic surroundings just add that bit of horror.

That’s why we’ve set up a guide to give you an idea of the map itself, its key regions, and some tips to help you and your friends survive longer. For more help on Black Ops 2 Zombies, read our Zombie Mode Weapons, Green Run Tranzit and Green Run Town Survival Guide.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Green Run Farm Overview

The Farm is probably the smaller of the Green Run Survival maps, and is also the harshest. It’ll start you off in the complete open, facing a truck.

To the left is a barn with a Perk machine next to the entrance. It’s fairly large, and has an upper story suited for some long-ranged killing, provided you can actually see clearly. A Perk machine can be found on the upper story.

This is the major problem and challenge of the map; the viewing distance is extremely poor because of the thick red fog that surrounds the entire place.

To make matters worse, the fire-lava on the floor is scattered everywhere, and it’s quite easy to actually step on it and set yourself ablaze for a bit.

Another essential part of the map is a largish house located to the right of the truck. It can be considered as the center of the map, but requires you to unlock the house for 750 credits. The top balcony of the house is where you’ll find the mystery box. There is also a Perk machine there.

Key Locations

  • Main Barn
  • Central House
  • Central house parameter

The Farm

The countryside farmhouse is a host to a large horde of zombies. The area is divided between two regions: Barn and the Farmhouse itself.

A couple of great finds here in the two-story barn. Firstly you’ll find a Perk-a-Cola and secondly there is a zombie-clearing wall-weapon hidden behind a stack of crates.

There are only a couple of exits inside the Barn so watch yourself and don’t let yourself be cut off.

Similar to the Barn, the Farmhouse is also two stories tall. However, in scale it’s much smaller with narrow rooms and passageways.

The Farmhouse is the second location of the Mystery Box, which you can find on the second floor. Besides that you can also drop down from the balcony (Stack of boxes) and reach the outside grounds. A pretty nifty escape route in the event your exit is cut off by a swarm of the undead.

Green Run Farm Survival Tips and Strategies

First off, visit the barn and camp there for some zombies to show up. You should kill some zombies, and then immediately unlock the central house. This way you’ll have quick access to the mystery box and the two main important places of the map.

The map is really about going from the barn to the house and then back. The open is way too dangerous because of the bad fog and the fire that is lit up everywhere. That combo does not work well with exploding ignited zombies.

On the contrary, it’s unwise to stay in the barn or the central house for too long. Remember, the zombies will come looking for you, and since they are slow, you can use it to your advantage by luring them from one place to another.

Don’t go too far away from the barn or the house! If you do that, chances are you’ll meet a lot of zombies on the way back, and a few of them will be lit up on fire as well – not a good thing to witness when you’re going to get some perks or a weapon from the mystery box.

Another important thing to remember is to keep your barn and central house clean! If they become too populated with zombies, you’ll have a hard time entering/exiting. That’s why it’s best to go from the barn to the house and continue this back-and-forth travelling.

After round 5 and onwards, it’ll be time for you to go crazy. Drink a Jugger-Nog and go into the open – standing in the barn and house the whole time won’t get you anywhere now, as the zombies will be pouring through the fog.

In a map of this size, it’ll come down to your one-on-one skills (with zombies though). If you’re playing with friends, at this stage you should have two out in the open, while the rest stay close by or inside the barn and the house.

For the mystery box, the high-capacity, high fire-rate weapons work best in this map. If you have these, then you can go on a roll very easily in the central region. Sniper Rifles don’t work well at all, unless you are playing with friends, in which case only 1 should have it.

A great method of getting through rounds quickly is ‘looping’ the zombie horde. Since the zombies are relatively slow, you can maneuver them to your liking. Though the Farm map is quite small, the open area immediately around the truck in the map is an excellent place to create a cluster of zombies and loop them around.

Basically, you have to get the zombies to follow you around and around the truck. Because of their slow speed, a time will come where they will all jumble up close together. At this time you should turn around and shooting. This method of looping is particularly effective when you have an automatic rifle in your hand.

At higher rounds, you can even create clusters of crawlers (zombies with destroyed legs due to which the crawl) by throwing in a frag grenade in the jumbled zombies as a result of the looping. Crawlers are very slow and easily avoidable, and can be finished off with a badass RPD (if the Mystery Box was nice to you) or even an RPG.

While looping, it’s recommended that you have Jugger-Nog up. Furthermore, after round 8 or 9, you would want to buy the Quick Revive perk outside the barn quickly as well. Looping can get bad for you if you are reckless, so you should have some sort of backup just in case. At this time you should also consider buying a wall gun – the MP5 is a good choice.

At higher levels, looping around the truck becomes very difficult with faster and angrier zombies. In this stage you want to get Double Tap (located on the upper story of the barn) and increase the radius of your loop, while being a little more careful. Avoid the fire at this stage, and DO NOT cramp up into a corner during your loop, or you will be dead for sure.

When you are in between round 15-20, consider buying the galvaknuckles (located in the barn) to replace your knife. Galvaknuckles will take lesser melee hits to kill zombies, and that is very useful when you are busy reloading or have a terribly slow gun.

Your trips to the Mystery Box will also be more difficult now, and the only real way to make one without incident is to create crawlers.

Don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies with us by commenting below!.

By Haider Khan

One of the long time staff at SegmentNext, Haider is an integral part of the team with a love for writing, playing guitar, and aviation. Apart from writing for us, Haider is also a competitive FPS player and also enjoys exotic RPG games like Diablo and Xenogears (his favorite game of all time) on the side.

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    • Megan McGuire

      Has anyone else made it to level 20? How do you turn the power on?

    • Reis

      Galvanuckles aren’t in the barn, they are in the work shed behind the truck.

    • Jack

      If you are playing with friends or online with at least three people including you you can go to the house, camp, and have one person by the stairs, another by the mystery box attacking the ones that jump, and another by the window. it works well up to about 13 or so

    • Leopard Messiah

      I’ll like to think of it as the “flocking the sheep”, and the knuckles do single kills all the way up to round 13, so after that it’s pretty pointless using it unless your down to the scraps of the round, otherwise your just not going to have enough time to fist ‘em, since you’ll just get mosh pitted!

    • Gary

      How do you upgrade weapons??

      • Jason

        There’s no Pack-a-Punch on this one.

    • Jlb

      Biff , the knuckles are in the smaller barn beside the window , however it costs 6000 points , so make sure you have enough. :)

    • biff

      theres no knuckle weapon in the barn in zombies-theres a claymore in tranzit but thas it 2 wall weaps +thatsilly box -no knuckles

    • Arsh

      This is a very interesting strategy. I find it quite helpful in the points aspect of the game. Thank you for your time and sharing such a wonderful strategy guide. Nice choice of vocabulary by the way.

    • kyle

      It’s called “circling” not running a “train” or “looping”. And the drawback to Galvaknuckles is that you can’t use them in as rapid of a succession as a regular knife

      • chad

        All my freinds call it running a “train” but I guess everyone has there own version.

    • joe

      Hey now games don’t win thereselves

    • Leigh

      I joined someone’s game on this map and they had the gates open and were able to go into the field!! How did they do this?!

      • Ryan Micallef

        That would of been on tranzit

    • Leigh

      I joined someone’s game on this map and they had the gates open and were able to go into the field!! How did they do this?!?!

      • biff

        was in tranzit mode,on the bus,

    • Michael

      The Maps to small for Pack a Punch

    • Damien

      There is no pack a punch in this map.

    • Trev

      Where th fuck is pack a punch

    • Bob

      it’s called running a ‘train’ not looping, that sounds ridiculous… if you wan to give advice, use the right terminology so that us geeks can understand it, please&thx bob

      • Mylesthegreat

        Looping sounds way more strait forward than your running a train bs. Sounds like something homosexuals do lmao. Who gets picky on terms anyways. Dont be such a tool! you clearly know what the guy is saying by your completely disrespectful response to this great tip on surviving a round of zombies.

      • Kody

        Haha! You’re talking about how someone else isn’t using the right terminology and you can’t even spell want right (it’s not wan).

    • Mychael Carranza

      Another quick tip, one wall weapon can be a real life save but cost quite a bit. Galvaknuckles is great for a quick melee that pack a lot of punch. save up for it because it definitely might save your life.

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