Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items Parts Locations Guide – How To Build

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Black Ops 2 Zombies mode supports the ability to build/craft different usable items. You will build these items by adding different parts needed at the work bench. Some of these parts required to build these items spawn randomly while some have set locations.

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Air Cannon) is one such item whose parts spawn at random spots on the map. You can only carry one part at a time, and you drop the part you are carrying when you are knocked down at that spot.

These workbenches you use to build these items are item-specific. They only accept parts of the items that can be built at that location and stay there until you have completed these items.

Once you have built an item, it can be repeatedly picked up by you and all members of your team from the workbench after they are destroyed, but Air Cannon (Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23) is an exception. You can also use these items to distract zombies because they will generally try to destroy these items.

You can only carry one item at a time. You will have to drop the previous item to pick up the next item from the workbench. Following are the items you can build in Black Ops 2 Zombies mode, followed by the parts required to build these items and their respective locations.

For more help on Black Ops 2 Zombies, read our Green Run Tranzit, Green Run Bus Depot, Green Run Farm and Green Run Town Guide.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items

Map. Bus Depot
Parts. Mannequin, Fan, Dolly
Parts Location. Look for the Fan Blade on seats, Mannequin Torso leaning against sign and Doly near lockers.

You will find all these parts in the starting locations. You can build this item and use to open the door that requires power. You can use that door to go outside and this way; you will be saving $750 which otherwise had to spend on opening the door. You can use turbine to power the Electric Trap and Turret items as well as open the Pack a Punch room.

At the Diner, Farm and Town map; you will need a turbine to open different doors. Furthermore, you can use turbine to turn on all perk machines. Turning on the perk machine will allow you to buy the perk, but you will need to switch on the power to use it. If you switch off the power, your perks stop working. Turbine will break after a number of uses even when it isn’t attacked by zombies.

Zombie Shield
Map. Diner
Parts. Dolly, Car Door
Parts Location. You will find the Car Door in garage and Dolly in Diner.

You can use this shield to bash zombies. It has limited durability, and you don’t earn any points. It will break after a set number of uses, but it provides excellent defense, and you can use it to create a barrier. When you aren’t using it, zombie shield protects you from being hit by zombies from behind and surprisingly, this doesn’t affect its durability.

Map. Farm
Parts. RPD, Lawn Mower, Ammo Pouch
Parts Location. You will find the machine gun in house or at barn. Look for the Ammo Pouch in the living room or the kitchen of the house. Finally, you will find the Lawnmower around the sides of the house.

It’s an excellent offense weapon that can guard a point of interest or a pathway. You will need turbine to run it, and it will fire at zombies whenever they come within its range in front of it.

Electric Trap
Map. Power House
Parts. Battery, Rod, Base
Parts Location. You will find the rod by the windows up stairs from the bench. Batter on some barrels and Tesla Ball assembly (base) beside the Tombstone Soda.

Electric Trap requires a turbine to run, and it will cause zombies to attack it. Be careful around it; it can even knock you down.

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Air Cannon)
Map. Town
Parts. Jet Engine, Handle, Light, Wires
Parts Location. You will find the Jet Engine in the tunnel between Bus Stop #1 and #2. Wires can be found in the same area as the Electric Trap parts. Look for the headlight in the cabin where Bowie Knife is; between Bus Stop #4 and #5. You will find the handle in World at War map section on the right stop of the road between Bus Stop #3 and #4.

Air Cannon as the name suggests blows wind on zombies has limited durability. It has a gauge on top of it, which shows how high the pressure is. It has 15 seconds of continuous fire power, but it doesn’t affect the Lightning Guy.

If you increase the pressure to max, it will explode in your hand, and parts will scatter nearby. To avoid that you can allow the pressure to return to zero, it will make you move slower when it is out. You can gather the parts and re-build it from the items on the workbench. Only one member of your team can have Air Cannon (Wonder Weapon), and it is required for the Easter Egg.

Power Switch
Parts. Power Box, Power Switch, Arm
Parts Location. You will find all these items in the Power House.

Pack A Punch
Parts. Table, Battery, Head Piece
Parts Location. You will find these items below the Bank inside the Green Run Town.

Navigational Table
Parts Location. It is part of the Easter Egg. You need table, NavCard, Card Reader, Radio and Meteor. Workbench Location – Under the radio tower with red blinking lights in the corn field.

You will find the Meteor and Nav Card at Bus Depot. The Meteor is in the hole in the wall at the Bus Depot. Pay $750 to open the door and immediately go left and look for it in the hole. You will need to crouch to pick it up. Nav Card is behind the Bus Depot. Again, take a left out of the door and walk to the window at the end of the Bus Depot. Walk along the side and look for the card on the ground.

You will find the table at the tunnel in one of the two locations. One is the walkway with M16 and other is the ‘S’ bend in the map. Walk around until you get a notification to press X. It’s on the left side of the tunnel if you head towards the dinner.

Alternatively, if the table doesn’t spawn in the tunnel, it will appear in the lower level of the room after the power room. On the ground, on the right side of the bridge you land on.

The Card Reader can be found in one of the locations. Either in the Town near the dumpster and box or at the farm house left of the refrigerator where a weapon can be stored on the wall.

Finally, Radio can be found at two locations. First is the garage at the diner, in the room with the car at the top of the file cabinet. You may have to jump to get this item. The other location is Nacht Der Untoten. Look for it towards the right of the building, on top of the bookshelf that was knocked over.

Bus Parts Upgrades
Bus can receive three parts upgrades found scattered throughout the map. These are Plow, Roof Hatch and Ladder.

It attaches to the front and instantly kills zombies in front of the bus as it moves. This will prevent them from coming in front.

Roof Hatch
It gives you access to the roof of the bus from inside; however, there is only one roof hatch. It can also be used to access the rooftop of the Diner where electrified knuckles can be bought for #6,000. These knuckles replace your knife and do one-shot-kill until level 15.

It can be used to climb to the roof of the bus from the left side. It is very useful in certain locations where you cannot reach the doors on the right side of the bus.

For a detailed guide on Bus Upgrades Parts, read our Bus Upgrades Parts Locations Guide.

If you find something missing, tell us by commenting below and we will add it up in this guide!

140 responses to “Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items Parts Locations Guide – How To Build”

  1. Shawn says:

    The turret also will kill you if you pass in front of it.

  2. RazielKain says:

    Also a trick I found, is of your in deep doo-doo, you can place the wind turbine down and it acts like a monkey bomb, it will destract the zombies for only about 5-10 seconds depending on how many flesh-eating b*@#$%!s are attacking it. but if your a skilled player, that’s plenty of enough time

  3. Jackhammer says:

    where is the handle for the bus located?

  4. Mike Sanchez says:

    On tranzit it tells me wrong nav card, is there any other place to check for the nav card besides the side of bus station?

  5. jiggy j says:

    there is a nav card under the bus drivers seat

  6. Charles Osterkorn says:

    Why so angry bro? You own apple products too?

  7. glen says:

    what do you use the brain for its found at bus depot in the wall outside

  8. The Quicksta says:

    Why does it say “New” on the maps??? Whats new about zombies?

  9. Josh says:

    I’d just like to tell everyone complaining about the “Wrong NavCard”… People have found coding which shows that a NavCard is accepted, and when handed to the Bus Driver, he says “NavCard accepted, changing Bus route.”

    What I think will happen is when Nuketown is out for everyone, the NavCard reader will work, and the NavCard reader will ask you which Bus Route you would like, so you can go to Nuketown on GreenRun. The coding has been found, this 2nd bit is what I think will happen.

    I am not saying that it is certain that it will take you to Nuketown, I am saying that the code has been found, and that it is highly likely, the bus will change routes taking you to new places, depending on what you tell the Navcard Reader to do.

  10. blubuick97 says:

    I’m trying to build the jet gun, but the jet engine isn’t in the tunnel. Does anyone know where els it might be????? Plz help

    • (coming from bus depot to diner) on the left side of the tunnel. if your looking at the m16. then go straight over to the other side and head left. itll be in the corner. where the 2 garage doors are, and one is half up with sandbags.

  11. tommy says:

    For pap with more than one person, have a friend drop a turbine by the green lightning bolt at the power room entrance….go in the pap room and STAY there, even if a zombie destroys your turbine the doors wont close as long as someones in there. when building the nav table there is no building station….just walk along the fence slowly more towards the right and wait untill you see add part. Also unrelated but something to think about, at the bus depot on the right facing the building theres a window that says shelter…now go in the tunnel by the m16 theres another window that says shelter inside of it…now go a little further down the tunnel and look in a window and see a door halfway open with a light on inside of it…weird right? Now for those of you who have played nuketown survival you know theres a bomb shelter in the backyard…is that how nuketown is going to be linked to green run/tranzit? Interesting at the very least.

  12. Hunter Sundbeck says:

    What did I find in the cabin? You get the Bowie knife there and I found an item that looks like a monkey’s head

  13. Kev says:

    Hi guys I’ve done all Easter egg pretty hi up on all leader boards but still can’t figure out what the box is with lightning bolt is for at the town next to where the mystery box sits sometimes at the bk of map next to dumpster any 1 know what this is for

  14. Pvt.Unknown says:

    Where you can build that navitable? Under the antenna there is nothing where you could build something. Is there some part that has to be put first or why I can’t make that table?

    • John says:

      I can not get the meteor from the bus station help??????

      • Josh says:

        With the meteor, me and my friend couldn’t find it, but we eventually managed to get it by crouching, and one of us getting the NavCard on solo.

        For the Navtable, again, my friend and I just kept walking sideways along the fence slowly, I faced away from the fence while doing it and managed to get it, just be wary that it only apears in a very very small area, as the description says, it is on the right side of the antenna, facing away from the road.

        Hope this helped 🙂

  15. matt says:

    Can someone tell me where I can find a map of green run??

  16. Thomas says:

    has anyone found where the yellow lighting bolt part goes,i have found it in a few games so far but it goes no where

  17. Alex says:

    Hey, I can always use a partner n stuff for black ops, if you want , add me : HADESWRATH666 – PS3

  18. Joe says:

    Anyone interested in building nav table on ps3 add me joemartin25 can build the table and heat it up just need help with throwing emps in portals

  19. Martin says:

    Once u have built the Nav table . You have to heat up the meteor with the jet cannon and the voice tells u to throw an EMP grenade into the teleporters (all 4 at once then u get the Easter egg ) it cannot be done on solo and the hardest thing I found was finding 3 other players that new what they were doing . Anyone who would like to try this with me … My gamertag is windowlickerps3 on xbox

  20. azaboi says:

    i have tried picking up the meteor at the start, but it wont let me, i know where it is, but it wont come up with the icon to actually ‘pick up part’ any help please? if it helps im trying to do it with two players

  21. paul says:

    First of all the anyplace that needs a turbine is the power station door second ino one cares about the 360 I save more money every year not spending the money it takes to be able to play online what else is funny is the fact none of you know that yourban talking about at all and further more your a joke btw did Easter egg first night I played black ops 2

    • David says:


      • dude i know. everyone asks the same exact question. i was like dumbasses man, i figured out everything in 2 games. just go slow youll be alright. lmao

        • RazielKain says:

          I know Jacob. round 5 and pack-a-punch was built. idk what happened but the bus seemed like it was on a tight schedule, it never stopped hahah I just had to jump off and on. but it was handy cuz zombie couldn’t ever get on hahah.

    • x360 says:

      And PAUL this form is for helping people not talking trash about gaming systems you dont like and telling people they are idoits and that none of them know what they are doing get a life and grow up

    • timfuckinhansen says:

      I just wanna let paully boy here know that most people have a life where they wrk and take care of people. They aint got a life where they still live with mommy and daddy got no bills and do what they please…like play games on the gaystation 3… so as far as im concerned u can put a high caliber rifle in ur mouth and pull the trigger not once but twice, make sure u dont fuck that up like u fucked up ur life dueces bitch!!

  22. magnsu says:

    There is a carpet over my crafting bench and no of the parts are there? HELP

  23. Jason says:

    Whats up with a part crafting area in the diner just past the grill line and in between the window?

    • blackops23 says:

      you have to find a roof hatch and thats where that goes.. the hatch can be used for the bus too but the hatch can only be used for one or the other.

      • Cometx5 says:

        The diner is used to get the galvaknuckles which last until round 14 while the bus just allows you to go on top of the bus

        • RazielKain says:

          ya, I have played transit probly over 1 million times, im addicted to it. and if im playing and there is the closed hatch on the bus. I never use the hatch on it, cuz zombies will fall down and complicate zombie-proofing the bus. so I use the galviknuckles and they help a lot becuz by round 15 I already have the pack-a-punch and the air-cannon. so it helps. 🙂

  24. Caleb says:

    I put the navigational table together and used the nav card but it said it was the wrong one. Any ideas?

    • in the dlc that just came out theres another navcard so maybe by the time all 4 dlcs are released you will need 4 players and each of the players needs one of the 4 different cards or the card from die rise goes to tranzit and the tranzit card goes to the 4th or 3rd dlc map and so on. just an idea

  25. Moses says:

    what happens to an item if while you’re holding it, you die? by falling into a pit of lava for example? at the lab specifically?

  26. Chris says:

    What exactly does the nav table do?

    • Caleb says:

      I don’t know, I put it all together and tried to put the nav card into it but it said wrong nav card. There’s only one nav card so I don’t know how it’s the wrong one.

    • exoc says:

      the nav table easter egg beats zombies gives you an achievement but you have to have 4 people (who aren’t idiots) then it is a long but awesome process depending on which quest you do.(quests are activated by turning on power)

  27. Trevortitus says:

    I just got done playing and I built the navigation table with the meteor and stuff but when I try to put the nav card into the radio, it says incorrect nav card. Help?

  28. Travis says:

    I can find the switch and the panel but where is the arm to turn on the power?

    • Chris says:

      I always tend to find the hand just near the door when you 1st enter the power station, failing that I’ve found it on the opposite side, come from the room where you build the switch turn left immediately then keep looking on the floor till it tells you to pick it up

    • Chris says:

      I always tend to find the hand just near the door when you 1st enter the power station failing that I’ve found it on the opposite side come from the room where you build the switch turn left immediately then keep looking on the floor till it tells you to pick it up

    • DaCore55 says:

      I can usually find the zombie hand in one of three places because the hand is just as light and bright as the floor you have to really look for the blue X symbol to pick up part.
      1) After you drop down from the outhouse, the next room you enter I can find it to the right of door way
      2) Just before entering the doorway to workbench or power switch room (usually right after climb small staircase)
      3)Just before entering the doorway to workbench or power switch room the pathway to the right (usually near the blockage to the left)

  29. Imorti says:

    How do u get the right nav card? shooting it with jet gun?Y

  30. Imorti says:

    How do u get the right nav card? shooting it with jet gun?

  31. Eric says:

    Do we shoot the table to figure out what nav card to use?

  32. gregory says:

    why can i not pick up the meteor in the start. I was able to solo but not with two????

  33. kacey says:

    What does the navigational table do once you put all the parts together? We have been trying to finish this for 2 days. Those things that jump on your head make things pretty difficult.

  34. fienedep says:

    cant find the door for the zombie shield in solo? its no where in the garage Oo sometimes its there and sometimes its not .. is there another place it can be hidden than the garage?

    • gregory says:

      Check in the bathroom of the garage usually on the right wall(without window)

    • DaCore55 says:

      I can usually find the car door in one of three places. One the driver sided of the car that is on the lift in garage((left room of mystery box), two on the work table in the garage with the car on the lift(left room of mystery box) or three in the hallway on the right wall (right room of mystery box)

  35. Bigmoneyboss89 says:

    Ok, so i finally found all the parts to the navi table and some how found the work bench in the corn field, but when i built the navi table,wich took me two hours on solo play, it says wrong navi card.wheres the other card and what is this one for? I have the one you find behind the bus staion, and it says its the wrong one. Whats up with that?

  36. OG YOUNG BLUNTS says:

    How to Pack-A-Punch

    To start, you’ll need the Turbine at the Bus Station.
    To build the Turbine: grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane’s wing under the payphones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window. Take each part to the workbench to construct.
    Escape the Bus Station and board the bus. Ride it to the Power Station, or the third stop on the bus’ route. Access the Power Station by buying your way through the shed door directly across the bus stop.
    Enter the Power Station and activate the power.
    To turn on the power: collect the Zombie Arm, the Circuit Board, and the Lever. All three are scattered in the small Power Station. Collect them and attach to the power switch to turn on. Learn how to turn on the power with our video guide here.
    Make sure to bring your Turbine with you. Place the Turbine near a door with a lightning bolt symbol. Remember this location, if your Turbine shorts out before you reach the next location, you’ll need to replace it or get a friend to help.
    Next, get to the Bank. Unlock the front door, then blow open the Vault doors with grenades or the Ray Gun.
    Inside the vault, you’ll find another lightning bolt door similar to the Power Station door. If your Turbine is active in the Power Station and correctly placed, the lightning bolt door in the vault will open.
    Down inside the bunker through the now-open door and look for three parts; the shell, the stool, and the battery. They’re all scattered around the small new area. Pick up each piece and construct on the nearby workbench.
    When you’re finished, you’ll gain access to the Pack-A-Punch machine!

  37. Aidan says:

    Is the table that you mentioned the same thing as the plank that you find in the tunnel with the M16 or is that something you missed?

  38. Will says:

    Why is the nav card not there? And where does it go if it is not behind the bus deposit ????????

  39. Dan says:

    U need to find the big plank to make tge work bench under the tower to build the nav card reader!

  40. Chocolate girl says:

    So how exactly do you open the door to build the Pack of Punch!!! I am still confused!!

  41. Imorti says:

    Ok so the electric tower has no visible work bench ( yet this site said its easy to find ) under the tower against the chain link fence the add part icon pops up thats how u build it up had to figure this out after eading every ? And comment on this topic we havent fully built the nav table yet because we lagged and died so just find a electric tower in the cornfield and run up to chainlink fence to find the icon we also found a part to it in the hidden waw map section on a ta le hopefully ill have a youtube vid asap

  42. Brian says:

    heres my question, we built the table under the tower, but it keeps saying were using the wrong card, anyone ideas?

  43. Caleb says:

    If someone wants to reply to me directly here’s my Xbox gamer tag THA RUSSIAN64

  44. Caleb says:

    Where does the moon stone go cause me and my friend got the navcard and its with us constantly even when we leave and the moon stone doesn’t spawn anymore for u we’ve tryed ever thing please help.

  45. goodNight says:

    So i picked up the nav card behind the bus station before i new how to work the easter egg and so i have never used it. However every tranzit game i go in to its like in a side slotand i can still pick up other biuldables. It never goes away… is this how it works for everyone? or does it go away after you use it and you have to get it again?

  46. willyz says:

    Umm the nav card is never in the beginning left of the bus station in the little area… and wer exactly in the cornfield is the workbench for the navtable

  47. Imorti says:

    We found what we think is the electric tower by following the power lines but couldnt find work bench do we need all parts to see it?

  48. Just helping out says:

    The table is in the corn fields, GL finding it its not hard, just run along the side of the corn field and youl eventually get to it!

  49. ag93 says:

    Could any please tell where the work bench is to built the navigation table I have all parts just can’t find the workbench to assemble

  50. Rkjorvy says:

    What does the navigational table do?

  51. Rkjorvy says:

    What does the navigationaltable do?

  52. Simon says:

    Hiya guys I have found all the parts for the air cannon, but i am struggling to find the workbench to build it on. can anyone tell where to find it.

  53. Jack says:

    So how do you attach them to the actual bus, do you just press X or Square Near The place the part is attached?

  54. Jack says:

    How Do You Upgrade The Bus?

  55. BrandonP says:

    How do I get under the bank???

  56. clixbrigidxterx says:

    We found a teleportation in cornfield…

  57. clixbrigidxterx says:

    Zombie shields can be destroyed by zombies even it is at your back.

  58. Nate says:

    I would like to know what can be built in the corner of the diner. It looks like a hatch to the roof. Theres no build table there but there is an option to add a part there. Has anyone found the right part or accessed the roof there?

    • Rye says:

      Nate the Hatch to the top of the is the same hatch used for the bus. You must pick either or, using the hatch on the diner roof permanently keeps it there, thus not being able to use it on the bus.

      DOES anyone know what to do with the Nav table parts?! Where do I take them once I’ve collected them.

  59. burtonsb says:

    where do you build the nav table. and can you open the room to PAP on solo? i cant seem to do it the turbine runs out before i get to the town. thanks

  60. Cecil says:

    Okay, So im looking for the pack a punch items. it says below the bank. How do you get below the bank in Town?

  61. steve ridenhower says:

    Thanks for the guide! However you didn’t tell us where the workbenches are, which makes it hard to build items. Also your other guide says the turbine consists of mannequin, fan, and toy airplane wing and this one says mannequin, fan, and dolly. Which one is it? Thanks!

  62. jasman86 says:

    bluprint for nav table

  63. SincerelyxBlazed says:

    Where the table to make card reader

  64. David says:

    Where are the bus upgrade parts? and I can only play solo and was wondering if the pack a punch is the same on solo because I don’t know how to get under the bank as u say the pack a punch parts are located

    • Added the link to the Bus Upgrades Locations Guide.

    • Joshua says:

      Anyone with any questions for black ops 2 plz message my account bubeloveone on xbox 360 only sorry I don’t havd p3

    • Sam says:

      To get under the bank you will need to throw a grenade at the big safe looking door. It will open. you will do this until you get to a door with a power sign on it. You will have to place a turbine there and a turbine at the other power door near the power switch at the same time. To get to the power switch you have to go to the place after the farm on the bus and buy the door for the shed. If on 2 or 4 player you can have people protecting each turbine and door so it doesnt get destroyed. If on solo you will have to get 1 or 2 crawlers so it comes with you and will not attack. Once the doors are open you will have to find all three parts to the pack-a-punch and use them on the crafting table. crap that was long but good luck!

      • Jason says:

        since u can only have one turbine at a time you dont need a turbine on the door in the bank just one on the door with the bolt on it in the power room area then you tun back to the town and the pack-a-punch area will be open so long as your turbine in power area is still intact.

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