Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Weapons, Upgrades, Perks and Power Ups Guide

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Saiga 12 – The semi-automatic shotgun is quite similar to that of M1216, but with a smaller magazine and the fact that it’s not fully automatic.

  • Magazine Size – 10 Rounds
  • Damage – High
  • Range – Low
  • Recoil – Medium

R-870 MCS
It’s a pump-action shotgun which deals very high damage. Most zombies will die in one shot.

  • Magazine Size – 8 Rounds
  • Damage – Very High
  • Range – Low
  • Recoil – Moderate

COD:Black Ops 2 – Handguns

The semi-automatic pistol isn’t the stronger option, but if you have nothing, it can save your ass. At higher levels, you won’t be seeing much of it.

  • Magazine Size – 8 Rounds
  • Damage – Low
  • Range – Low
  • Recoil – Low

Mustang and Sally
The pistol has got very high damage and can work like a shotgun when it comes to damaging. So if you find one, you should change your M1911.

  • Magazine Size – 6 Rounds
  • Damage – Very High
  • Range – High
  • Recoil – Low

The semi-automatic pistol fires 28 gauge shotgun shells and has the potential to take out zombies with a single hit.

  • Magazine Size – 6 Rounds
  • Damage – High
  • Range – Low
  • Recoil – High

The fully automatic pistol has a medium damage capacity, and every magazine gets you 12 rounds.

  • Magazine Size – 12 Rounds
  • Damage – Moderate
  • Range – Low
  • Recoil – Low

Another semi-automatic high damaging pistol which can be useful in early rounds.

  • Magazine Size – 6 Rounds
  • Damage – Very High
  • Range – Low
  • Recoil – High

The semi-automatic pistol has a magazine of 12 rounds with a very high damage per shot.

  • Magazine Size – 12 Rounds
  • Damage – Very High
  • Range – Medium
  • Recoil – High

It’s a three round burst pistol with quite an impressive fire rate and medium recoil.

  • Fire Mode – 3 Round Burst
  • Magazine Size – 15 Rounds
  • Damage – Moderate
  • Range – Moderate
  • Recoil – Moderate

Although the weapon has a higher range, the damage can be a set back. The semi-automatic pistol has 20 rounds per magazine.

  • Magazine Size – 20 Rounds
  • Damage – Low
  • Range – Moderate
  • Recoil – Low

COD: Black Ops 2 Launchers/Explosives

The rocket-propelled grenade can be a useful tool with zombies in a group cluttered together. It may sound like a devastating weapon, but its accuracy is a big issue.

  • Magazine Size – 1 Rocket
  • Damage – Very High
  • Range – Moderate
  • Recoil – Low

War Machine
The War Machine has a six round magazine of grenades. The weapon is semi-automatic, which can be used to clear an area crawling with zombies. Just fire the six rounds in all directions and wait in a corner.

  • Magazine Size – 6 Grenades
  • Damage – Very High
  • Range – Medium
  • Recoil – Low

Dystopian Destroyer
It’s an even more damage launcher than the war machine. It has a six grenade magazine which can be used to create havoc.

  • Magazine Size – 6 Grenades
  • Damage – Extremely High
  • Range – Moderate
  • Recoil – Low

I don’t think that I need to describe the function of a simple grenade. Whenever you are out of ammo or both your weapons need reload, just run across the map a bit and when most of the zombies are following you, you can use the grenade to do collective damage. This will give you time to reload and get back in action.

COD: Black Ops 2 – Special Weapons

Ballistic Knife
You can throw this knife to the target, and it usually gets you a confirmed kill.

  • Magazine Size – 1 Blade
  • Damage – High
  • Range – High
  • Recoil – Low

The Krauss Refibrillator
Its fire mode is like a spring launch. Basically, it’s a melee weapon that can do some hefty damage.

  • Magazine Size – 1 Blade
  • Damage – High
  • Range – High
  • Recoil – Low

COD: Black Ops 2 – Wonder Weapons

Ray Gun
The best weapon to stick to in any situation. The fully automatic weapon fires green circles with their radium being increased with distance. Its damage is quite impressive, and each magazine has 20 rounds for you.

  • Fire Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Magazine Size: 20 Rounds
  • Damage: Extremely high
  • Range: Infinite
  • Recoil: Low

Porter’s X2 Ray Gun
A better variant of the original Ray gun. If you get your hands on it, don’t dare to lose it.

  • Magazine Size – 40 Rounds
  • Damage – Extremely High
  • Range – Infinite
  • Recoil – Low

COD: Black Ops 2 – Perks

Along with different types of weapons, there are some perks that can help you survive in the fight against the zombies. You may find them expensive, but their use cannot be ignored. Following Perks have been in included in Black Ops 2 zombies:

Speed Cola (Dinner)
If you drink this cola from the machine, it will speed up (repairing windows, reload, etc.) your character, which can be helpful in restoring distance between you and zombies at a faster rate.

  • Cost. 3000 Points

Quick Revive (Bus Station)
You can revive yourself, and revive time for other players is reduced three times.

  • Cost. 500 Points

Double Tap Root Beer (Farm, Barn)
The fire rate of the weapons you are carrying is doubled.

  • Cost. 2000 Points

Juggernog (Town in Southwest building)
The player’s health is increased twice as much.

  • Cost. 2500 Points

Stamina-Up (Town Northeast building)
The sprint time is doubled.

  • Cost. 2000 Points
  • Tombstone Perk
    Gives you back the perks and the weapons you had before death.

  • Cost. 2000 Points

COD: Black Ops 2 Pack-a-Punch and Upgraded Weapons

Just like the predecessor, the Pack-a-Punch machine is back which you can use to upgrade your weapons. The machine is located in the town (in the bank). Once you are in the power house below, you need to place the turbine near the green lightening door.

Head further down to the location of PaP in the bank. Craft it using the map there and after that, you can use it for different purposes.

How to activate Pack-a-Punch Machine Step by Step

  • Turn on the power.
  • Shoot the first bank door with any ray gun or explosive in the town to open it.
  • Shoot the second door behind that door with ray gun or explosive.
  • Use the turbine at the green lightning door in the power room.
  • It will open a hatch in the bank vault where other green lightning bolt was.
  • Find stool, battery, and a pack-a-punch shell in the new area.
  • Build them on a workbench.
  • Profit

Your turbine might die before you get back to the town. If it happens, you will put up another one. Easy way is to get your friend place a turbine there while you are waiting at the vault in the bank.

Pack-a-Punch Weapon Upgrades


  • M1911: Mustang and sally
  • Python: Cobra
  • Five-seven: Ultra
  • Dual-wield Five-seven: Ultra & Violet
  • B23R(Gun on bus): B34R
  • Ray gun: Porter’s X2 Ray gun
  • Executioner: Voice of Justice
  • Kap-40: Karmic Atom Perforator-4000


  • MP5: MP115 Kollider
  • Chicom CQB: Chicom Cataclysmic Quadruple Burst
  • AK74U: AK47-FU-2

Assault Rifles

  • SMR: SM1L3R
  • MTAR: Malevolent Taxonomic Anodized Redeemer
  • Type 25: Strain 25
  • M8A1: Micro Aerator
  • M16: Skullcrusher
  • MK14: Mnesia
  • Galil: Lamentation


  • RPD: Relativistic Punishment Device


  • DSR 50: dead Specimen Reactor 5000
  • Baretta M82A1: Macro Annihilator


  • Olympia: Hades
  • R-870 MCS: Refitted-870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer
  • M1216: Mesmerizer
  • SAIGA-12(S12): Synthetic Dozen


  • RPG: Rocket Propelled Grievance
  • War Machine: dystopic Demolisher


  • Ballistic knife: Krauss defibrillator

COD: Black Ops 2 Zombies Power Ups

Max Ammo
Excluding the current magazine, the Max Ammo power up refills players’ ammo to the maximum.

Double Points
The power up rewards double the normal points for each hit/action. The power up will last for 30 seconds.

Floating Bomb, glowing. If you pick it up, it blows all zombies in the map but doesn’t end the round.

Insta Kill
It’s a one-hit-kill power up. Use your knife or pistol, save ammo of your primary weapon with insta kill activated as it makes every lame weapon lethal anyway.

It will repair all the broken windows instantly.

Still a work-in-progress. We will update this guide tomorrow at night with the final changes.

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