Halo 4 Specializations Unlocks Guide

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Unlike the previous Halo games, Halo 4 brings something that is new to the series. I am talking about the specialization one can choose after reaching the normal level cap which is 50.

In the previous installments, players were only able to earn points, which will increase their rank until they have reached the maximum. Now, after level 50, you will have the option to choose a specialization and progress through it (level 10).

During the progression, you will be able to unlock some of the useful load out elements like armor abilities, packages or upgrades. Each specialization progression consists of 10 Levels, which should be completed before you can go onto the next specialization.

Following Specializations are available in Halo 4:

Halo 4 Specialization – Wetwork
If you like being stealthy and untraceable, Wetwork specialization will suite your style. Through progression in this specialization, you can unlock the following:

  • Wetwork gold visor
  • Wetwork blue/orange visor
  • Wetwork armor set
  • Wetwork armor set variant
  • DMR Weapon Skin
  • Stealth Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Pioneer
This specialization will allow you to collect xp at a faster rate so that your rank is increased quickly. You can unlock the following while progressing through this specialization:

  • Pioneer gold visor
  • Pioneer silver/blue visor
  • Pioneer armor set
  • Pioneer armor set variant
  • Plasma Pistol Weapon Skin
  • Fast Track Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Engineer
Being an engineer, you will be able to pin point the locations of the upcoming ordnance drops. You may also be able to have intel about the content inside those drops. An Engineer can unlock the following:

  • Engineer gold visor
  • Engineer pink/purple/blue visor
  • Engineer armor set
  • Engineer armor set variant
  • Suppressor Weapon Skin
  • Drop Recon Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Tracker
A tracker can retract the current ordnance to get the weaponry of choice. Following unlockables are made available while your progress through the Tracker.

  • Tracker gold visor
  • Tracker purple visor
  • Tracker armor set
  • Tracker armor set variant
  • Boltshot Weapon Skin
  • Requisition Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Rogue
The zooming capabilities are improved. The zoom does not go out if your are being hit.

  • Rogue gold visor
  • Rogue red/orange/silver visor
  • Rogue armor set
  • Rogue armor set variant
  • Carbine Weapon Skin
  • Stability Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Stalker
You can track the former enemies through this specialization. Being a stalker, you will unlock the following items:

  • Stalker gold visor
  • Stalker yellow/green visor
  • Stalker armor set
  • Stalker armor set variant
  • Battle Rifle Weapon Skin
  • Nemesis Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Pathfinder
Being a pathfinder, you will be able to move at a faster rate using the detached guns. The mounted weapons will take longer to overheat. The unlocks are as follows:

  • Pathfinder gold visor
  • Pathfinder orange/green visor
  • Pathfinder armor set
  • Pathfinder armor set variant
  • Assault Rifle Weapon Skin
  • Gunner Armor Mod

Halo 4 Specialization – Operator
This specialization will help you out in the vehicles combat by increasing their durability. Being an Operator, you can unlock the following:

  • Operator gold visor
  • Operator orange/purple visor
  • Operator armor set
  • Operator armor set variant
  • Magnum Weapon Skin
  • Wheelman Armor Mod

Found something missing? Let us know by commenting below!

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  • Chipper300

    So you have to be level 50 to choose any specialization you want?

  • Thomas G

    Such a good recap of what the specializations are. I used my unlock code and was wondering why I couldn’t access them in-game. Looks like I need to get to level 50 and fast!

  • Dillon

    Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten the email yet? What is the email supposed to look like? If i was supposed to get the email by now then can someone tell me what i need to do to unlock the other specializations?

  • http://segmentnext.com ReAcTiOnzz

    the whole specialization thing is bull people are going to unlock all specializations and think they’re cool when 2 days later they get bored of it and get off Halo 4.Specializations were a good idea but turned out terrible thats why people want it so bad so they can get their teerible perks the only good 1 in my opinion is Wetwork because im an assassin type im not sure about you guys but i think specializations suck

    • bigm1ke72

      I finally got my email Today. Dont give up hope guys lol.

  • Jacob R. Schmidt

    The email has not been sent to you if you are under 18

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Uhlmansiek/100001314065209 Chris Uhlmansiek


  • fredrik

    It’s past nov 30 I have no email with a code for more specializations I’m a lvl 70 with wetwork and operator!! pliz send the email so we can unlock more specialization!!

  • Hubbard

    It’s past nov 30 I have no email with a code for more specializations I’m a lvl 70 with wet work and operator done wen or how the hell do I get more if I can’t I’m gonna be so pissed I bought this game halo 3 all day

  • garrson

    it says that above that there are gold visors for ever level and that is not true there are only the colord visors the gold is for beating the game on legendary who ever did this article needs to research before posting to the net espesaly about halo 4 what a dumb ass

    • Joe

      Nah, you’re the dumbass. It unlocks the gold visor for the specialization armor only. It’s hilarious how illiterate idiots are usually the ones who call other people stupid. Even if the person who posted this was wrong, that would only mean they were misinformed. Your grammar just means you’re a retard.

      • garrson

        dude its not a gold visor each of them is another color not all of them are the same i have unlocked and they are all diffrent the only gold visor is for beating the game on legendary difficulty and it gives you the armor for it as well

  • thomas

    this is bulsh** the lady at game stop never told me about limited edition so icant level up anymore becauseim level 70 this is gay iguess i will just play black ops 2

  • marc

    it is because if you dont have limited edition then you cant start at any specialization if you do you can pick any specialization . if you dont have limited edition halo 4 you will have to wait sorry but you need to choose wetwork or operator and you can keep playing you dont need to pick specialization if you dont want to but you wont be able to lvl up anymore than 50.


    You reach lv 50 and every rank goes from (1-10) but your lv doesn’t reset

  • brandon

    standard edition owners will get a code before nov30

    • Adilber

      Its november 30th but still no code, do i need to dign up for something, or do anything specific in order to recieve it??

  • Bill

    If you look at the end of the specialization trailer and read the fine print it says this. You must play multiplayer before 11-20 and then sometime before 11-30 you will get a code to your email address that is registered with waypiont that will unlock the other 6 specializations. I have the regular ed. and can only see Wetwork and Operator. However I played today and say someone as a Pioneer but their rank(SR was like 57) I have also seen a Stalker (again rank said SR 54). I only see two but am not SR50 yet either and have been checking for the email. I would like to know how to unlock them too so I have more than 2 choices since you can also use them in Spartan Ops.

    • Adilbet

      Does anyone know how to get the new 6 specializations im already in operator about level up again but dont have any new specialization to pick ? I dont know how to get them ?

  • Marx

    People without limited edition will only be able to unlock wetwork and pioneer in first place one SR 50 is reached, people with the limited edition can unlock any that they choose.

    • Chris

      I’ve seen people with Level 66… So it means if I get to 50 I can choose a Specialization en it will start from level 1 again with that SP.?

    • halo 4 fan

      I got a code from xbox to give me all eight specializations u just have to complete wetwork or pioneer to use the others

  • Fraser

    Maybe the people that you’ve seen using specializations have reached level 50 and restarted back to lvl 1 with that specialization…

  • Eric

    Aren’t, using**

  • Eric

    Do you have to be level 50 because I’ve seen people who aren’t using specializations and mine won’t work, I do have the limited edition also.

    • dakotah

      yes you do have to be level 50

      • Chris

        I have the Limited Edition of Halo 4 and have all the Specialization but they are all LOCKED!!! How can I get on of them… I’m currently on level 42!!…

        • Chris

          Annother Thing is that I’ve benn seeing people with just Level 1 and had the Specialization Armor… How?

          • blarg

            ah, that problem is from the servers acting up, i had that happen to me in fact. i’m a level 49 and had been playing matchmaking but the server started acting up and somehow made me and my friends appear as level 1. it caused our gear to revert to basic loadouts and made us almost lose, but about halfway threw the game we got out loadouts back and our stats were fixed. i assume we were just lucky but i’ve heard things like that have been happening alot, i guess the system just is not stable yet.

    • dam ur ugly 2

      Some of people you see lvl1 with the specialization may be guest under someone else

    • dam ur ugly 2

      Some of people you see lvl1 with the specialization may be guest under someone else .