Assassin’s Creed 3 Convoys Guide – How to Defend

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Defending convoys in Assassin’s Creed 3 is one of many side activities one can do to earn a reward. Convoys, however, only spawn in Frontier so whenever any group is in trouble, you can play the hero part and save them from the bad guys. A shield icon on your map will tell you the exact location of the convoy.

Now, you can defend the convoys either by yourself, or you can hand over the job to your fellow assassins. In order to assign the convoy defense job to your assassins, open up the assassins wheel, and you will see the message “Your Convoy is under attack” in the corner of the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to assign the job.

Although, assigning the job to the assassins can save your time but in the earlier stages of the game, they might not be strong enough to defend convoy groups. However, you don’t need to worry about their deaths (fellow assassins) as they will be available to your service again faster than the older Assassin’s Creed games.

Contrary, if you take the job yourself, it will take a minute or two to clear out the mess after you have reached the designated spot. You can collect your reward and head back to your primary objectives. If you are having any troubles in defending the convoys, share with us in the comments below, and we will try to help you out.

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  • Artemis

    how do I recruit assassins

  • figured it out

    *i figured it out thanks to Richard & Bas*

    if you have no assassins heres what you have to do when it says your convoy has been attacked
    – fast travel to frontier
    – open your map and look for a shield icon
    ** you must be in Frontier for the icon to appear **

    not sure if this is only my game or everyones but if i am not in Frontier i cant see any icon other than fast travel and harbormaster

  • jim

    I’ve sent 3 conveys of which 2 were successful… But my other says attacked, yet I had no message in play telling me that it was under attack and I’ve not seen the shield symbol yet? :l

  • Richard & Bas

    The way to defend the land convoys is as follows (well this works anyway :-)):

    1st Way:
    * You sent a land convoy
    * and don’t have assassins
    Open up the frontier map and look for the “shield” symbol, mark it with a (X), call your horse and ride fast to the rescue.

    2nd Way.
    * You sent a land convoy
    * and you “have” assassins :-)
    Now you cant call assassins to help while in the frontier, so “fast travel” to Boston or new york, select the assassins menu “Convoy under attack” will show as a message, hit “square” button. They will then go to the convoy.

    * When the convoy comes under attack

  • Toby

    One of my land convoys were attacked and destroyed, and I can’t craft a new one because it says the inventory is full. What should I do?

  • warriorofdark2

    i have a problem i didnt saw my concoy was under attack so my convoy is gone or something and now i dont have a single one. what do i have to do??

    • Dekka10

      You need to craft a new convoy

  • KerovinBlack

    That’s all good and well,
    But what does one do when they miss the time required for the defending.
    I had no idea what I was meant to do in the first place, it just said convoy attacked, and that was it.
    Now there is just a red cross Attacked and I can’t send any other convoy.
    What to do??

    • Dekka10

      Your convoy was destroyed because you missed the window for defending it. Now you need to craft a new one before you can send any more convoys.

  • DaBillBoB

    Ive found that you can only open the assassins menu in one of the two citys. So if a convoy gets hit. must you be in a city to start the mission?

    • Dekka10

      Yes, unfortunately your assassin recruits are not available in the Frontier or the Homestead

  • Tomahawker

    How do i defend naval convoys? (much more money that way)

    • Luke Bender

      You can’t

      • Ricky B

        Well that’s just plain stupid in my opinion.
        Heck I find the naval missions more fun than most other things in the game. Now Olympic if there were more of a variety an you didn’t come off as so overpowering sometimes but thus is the roll of the dice with upgrades. I think they should srsly consider putting into the game the option to defend your naval convoys, somehow. (yes I know realistically how on earth would you know they’re being attacked far out at sea,same could be said about the land convoys tho lol)

  • Al

    hey my assassins dont have the option of going am i doing something wrong? the notification pops up on the left side of the screen then it goes away i holp the LB and go to my assassins wheel and they have no option to go to the rescue of the convoy.

    • Killdog

      I am on sequence 6 and I have lost the forest/lumber category in my stockpile. How do I get it back? I was eager to start making a profit and i sent a convoy without paying much attention to who I sent and what I sent. It was attacked and I can’t find the sheild icon to defend it. Can you send your forest guys on the convoy? Also, if you have no lumber in your stockpile does that make the forest option disappear until they make more?

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