WWE 13 Attitude Era Characters Unlock Guide – How To

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In WWE 13, the Attitude Era mode will allow the fans to relive the classic memories in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. You won’t just be playing those historical matches but also working to unlock characters and the hidden bonus content. To unlock the old wrestling superstars, there will be a list of objectives you need to complete.

Most of these objectives are straight forward, but you can easily miss some others.

In order to assist you in your goal to unlock all the characters of the Attitude Era, we have this guide that will let you know that how you can unlock different characters. For more help on WWE 13, read our Attitude Era Unlockables Guide.

WWE 13 Attitude Era Characters Unlock

Rise of DX

“We got two words for you” – the phrase brings back some memories, right? Anyway, you will be able to unlock the following characters in this span:

1# Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Match: Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Mankind and the Undertaker

You need to complete the following tasks to unlock:

  • Complete all Historic Objectives
  • Get Mankind’s damage to “moderate”
  • Get Undertaker’s damage to “light”
  • As Michaels, strike Undertaker (as legal opponent) with a chair to get DQ’d

2# Cactus Jack
Match: Dude Love vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley


  • Following are the objectives you need to fulfill:
  • Hit Helmsley with a trash can
  • Slam Helmsley through the barricade
  • Slam Helmsely through a normal table
  • Win by pinfall

3# Kane ’97-‘99
Match: Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker

The objectives you need to fulfill during the match are as follows:

  • Get the Undertaker’s damage to critical while in the ring and then win the match.

4# British Bulldog
Match: Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bret Hart


  • Complete all Historical Bonus Objectives

5# Bret Hart
Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart


  • You should win by pinfall or submission
  • To get the historical bonus, you need to perform the signature move (Sharpshooter) to end the match.

6# Animal and Hawk
Match: Road Dogg and Billy Gunn vs. The Road Warriors


  • Win the match
  • When Hawk is the legal tag partner, get his damage to “moderate”.
  • You need to succeed at the WWE Attitude moment to get the hidden bonus.
  • Win by pinfall with Billy Gunn pinning Animal.
  • Also try to hit Hawk with the tag team title near the announcement table.

7# Billy Gunn
Match: Dude Love vs. Billy Gunn


  • Perform a finisher on Billy Gunn and pin him in 10 seconds.
  • Win in 4 minutes.

Austin 3:16

1# Road Dogg
Match: Steve Austin vs. Road Dogg


  • You need to defeat him in 2 minutes.
  • Perform a Stunner on Billy Gunn during the match.

2# Undertaker ’97-‘98
Match: Undertaker vs. Kane


  • Perform a Signature move.
  • Perform a Chokeslam.
  • Get Kane’s damage to “critical” and perform a standing grapple.
  • Then, within 20 seconds, perform a running dive attack on Kane outside the ring.

3# Dude Love
Match: Steve Austin vs. Dude Love


  • After succeeding the WWE Attitude moment, withing 20 seconds, get a chair and hit Dude Love.
  • Win the match by pinfall.

Brothers of Destruction

1# Paul Bearer
Match: Kane vs. Undertaker


  • You need to win the match to unlock him.
  • Perform a Chokeslam.
  • Succeed at the WWE Attitude moment.
  • Perform Tombston Piledriver and pin Undertaker in 10 seconds.

2# Ken Shamrock
Match: Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock


  • You should try to finish the match using the Ankle Lock.

3# The Great One
Match: The Rock vs. Mark Henry

Win the match to unlock the character. You can also try the following if you are interested in additional bonus:

  • Perform the Rock Bottom on Mark Henry.
  • Perform the People’s Elbow on Mark Henry.
  • Win the match in 4 minutes.

4# Big Boss Man
Match: The Rock vs. Big Boss Man

Winning the match is the primary objective. You can also try the following:

  • Win the match in 1 minute.
  • Win the match with “light” or less damage.

5# X-Pac
Match: X-Pac vs. The Rock


  • Get The Rock’s damage to “critical”.
  • Perform a finisher and pin in 10 seconds.


1# Triple H
Match: Triple H vs. Kane


  • Successfully perform a Corner 10 Punch combo.
  • Win the match without hitting your finisher.
  • Win by escaping the cage.

Road to Wrestlemania XV

1# Mr. McMahon
Match: Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon

You need to win the match to unlock the character. For the hidden objectives, you need to do the following:

  • Prevent Mr. McMahon from climbing the cage
  • Climb to the top of the cage and escape to win
  • Perform a Stunner on Mr. McMahon

2# Paul Wight
Match: Mankind vs. Steve Austin

To obtain all the bonus, you need to win the match with the following objectives:

  • Perform the Double-arm DDT on Austin.
  • Perform the Mandible Claw on Austin.
  • Win by submission

3# Shane McMahon
Match: Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac


  • Get X-Pac’s damage to “moderate”.
  • Perform a finisher on X-Pac and pin him in 10 seconds .

If you have completed all the scenarios until now, you will also unlock Kevin Nash.

Off Script

1# Vader
Match: Kane vs. Vader


  • To unlock everything, you need to:
  • Hit a Diving Clothesline from the top rope.
  • Perform a Chokeslam.
  • Perform a Tombstone Piledriver and pin him in 10 seconds.

2# Godfather
Match: Godfather and Mark Henry vs. Road Warriors

Here are the objectives you should be looking to complete in this match up:

  • Perform the Pimp Drop.
  • Prevent Hawk from ever tagging into the match.
  • Win by pinfall with Godfather pinning Animal.

3# Edge
Match: Edge vs. Vader


  • Perform the Downward Spiral and pin him in 10 seconds.
  • Win the match in 4 minutes or less.

4# John Cena ‘04
Match: The Rock and Steve Austin vs. Triple H and the Undertaker

Complete the following objectives:

  • Perform the Rock Bottom on Triple H.
  • Perform the Stunner on Undertaker.
  • Win by Pinfall

5# Bradshaw and Farooq
Match: Acolytes vs. Kane and X-Pac


  • Perform the Clothesline from Hell on X-Pac.
  • Win by pinfall with Bradshaw pinning X-Pac.

6# Christian ’99, Edge and JBL
Match: Edge and Christian vs. Acolytes


  • Perform at least 2 double-team moves.
  • Win by pinfall with Christian pinning Bradshaw.

7# Lita ‘00 and Stephanie McMahon
Match: Lita vs. Stephanie McMahon


  • Perform the Moonsault from the top rope and pin her in 10 seconds.

8# Eddie Guerrero
Match: Steve Austin vs. Eddie Guerrero

You need to complete the following tasks:

  • Perform a Stunner
  • Win by pinfall in less than 2 minutes.

9# Trish Stratus and Lita
Match: Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Here are the objectives you need to complete:

  • Avoid getting hit by a finisher
  • Win by pinfall

10# Chris Jericho ‘99
Match: Chris Jericho vs. Road Dogg

The tasks you need to complete are as follows:

  • Perform a Lion Tamer on Road Dogg
  • Perform a Power Bomb as a finisher, and send Road Dogg through a normal table to get DQ’d in 5 minutes or less.

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  • h

    i have it in my pc how to dow attitude moment

  • Robin

    I cannot get Shawn to perform a sharpshooter on Bret Hart, how do I apply it? (for play station)

    • Chris

      Be at his feet when you have a signature move in stocked (Triangle) for xbox its (Y)

  • Blake

    I can’t get Chris Jericho to put road dog through a normal table please help (wii)

    • Justin

      I was wondering the same thing can anyone help me

    • Shawn

      You have to set the table up in the corner, then use your finisher as Dogg is standing in front of the table.

      • Ryan

        You dont HAVE to set the table up in the corner, I set it up out side the ring and when I had finisher was able to pick him up and turn around while he was up in the air and then slammed him threw the table. If you are still having trouble try that Road Dogg will follow you out of the ring so knock him down so you can pull a table out and set it up first. Then a pose should wake him up and bring him to you. Good luck.

  • Fred Vogel

    For the liontamer, be at their feet and press Y/triangle as a FINISHER (yes, you have to get 2 finishers to complete the task in 5 min).

    For double arm ddt with Mankind you have to press Y/Triangle PLUS move the left joystick in any direction

  • adam weiss

    Yeah I can’t figure out how do double arm ddt steve austin with mankind either need help.

  • Louis Pottert

    How do I perform the liontamer on Road Dogg with Chris Jericho on my xbox 360 of wwe 13?

  • Val

    How do i perform a chokeslam with 97 98 undertaker i keep getting the piledriver in this inferno match

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      Press Triangle when you have a finisher at your disposal. If you move the thumb stick while pressing it, he does the Tombstone Piledriver. Just make sure to press the button by itself.

  • Valdez

    How do i perform a chokeslam with undertaker did it once dont remember what i originaly pressed im in this inferno match help would be appreciated thanks

  • chintuz

    i am having hard time performing
    succeed at the WWE Attitude moment
    please help

    • michelle

      me 2

      • Ryan

        Wait for the WWE Attitude moment to present it’s self then just hit the button it tells you too. It’s actually really easy to do. Just like doing an OMG Moment set them up in the stop for it with a finisher stored and hit the finisher button. Works every time.

  • http://segmentnext.com jason

    wwe 13 is a rip off.it claims the biggest roster ever but u have to spend your life doing a bunch of retarded shit to unlock the roster.thats not what i paid for i paid for the roster not the headache….

    • Matt

      I felt the same way at first, but then I really got in to it as I grew up in the days of Macho Man and Hulk Hogan, and then attitude era. This game kicks serious ass. It not only teaches what made wrestling what it is today, but it teaches the new generation who were born after it exactly what went on and how it happened. Jason… If you’re pissed off that it’s challenging you can head over to Walmart, I heard they have a sale on tampons, but in my opinion this is the best wrestling game released… ever. The only down fall is that they blur out the WWF logo and never say WWF. If they hadn’t done that, this would be the most epic wrestling game of all time to date.

      • Matt Sucks Balls

        Wow, Matt. You’re a real piece of shit. He doesn’t want to spend all of his free time unlocking characters. Learn to read dumb fuck.

        • http://YourMom.com People Got To Learn.

          Bro, Hes just lazy. Its fucking easy to get every superstar, he just don’t know how to do it! Not even you, your probably stuck with the same unlocked characters defaulted to be played.

  • Best In The World

    I had a question on how to actually do the double arm ddt with Mankind. tried every set up and he kept doing the Socko instead. any help would be appreciated!

    • wwehelper

      Press the finisher button and a directional button

      • alex

        help with this all it seems to do i just a running bulldog how do i do the double arm ddt???? on ps3

        • TALHA

          ITS EASY