Assassin’s Creed 3 Hunting Guide – Tips To Become Predator

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Getting a little low on money? Or perhaps you need some material for crafting something important?

If you’re in the middle of an American Revelation, with a nice little home with artisans waiting for you to get some goodies for getting the Capitalism cycle up and running, then you should consider the art of Hunting.

Assassin’s Creed 3 gives you the option to hunt down animals and sell their skin for some extra cash or use it as an ingredient for some specific recipe. While hunting can be intuitive, it can get a little daunting with the well-designed behavior of the animals, which get frightened easily, becoming hard to catch.

The Hunting Quest
In Sequence 4, during the main story progression, the third mission you will play is called ‘Hunting Lessons’, and is exactly that.

This is a tutorial mission that will teach you how to hunt. I highly suggest that you try to accomplish the optional objectives here to get some first-hand experience of the different methods with which you can hunt.

These optional objectives are:

  • Hunt three different kinds of animals.
  • Use bait and a snare to catch an animal.
  • Air-assassinate two animals.

The mission itself is a very simple tutorial of how to catch prey and skin them. The first optional objective should get covered automatically and quite easily – it’s the second and third that you should focus on.

For capturing a doe, you can toss the bait into the brush that you’re standing in, and patiently wait for it to get close before you take it down with your fists. This method of hiding in brush and using bait is effective, easy, and can get you some easy skins.

You can set up a snare in the brush or the tree behind you. If you use a bait there, you can wait and catch an unfortunate animal in the snare – you’ll mostly get rabbits from this method though.

For the ‘air-assassinations’, find a brand on the tree that you can crouch on, and lay some bait below yourself as you cling. When a target comes beneath you, pounce on it to take it down. Do that for another animal, and you should be done. If you need to take out some more animals, you can always do it with your bow.

You’ll be done with this mission after fighting off a bear attack, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

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Hunting Tips:
While the Hunting Lessons mission will give you a good idea about the concept, it’s generally a good idea to keep a few additional things in mind.

  • Sometimes it saves time to hunt from horseback. While riding, if you spot an animal, try to get close to it and tap the attack button. Connor should leap off the horse and kill the animal with his hidden blade. Note that this doesn’t apply to all animals, as some can run faster than your horse.
  • Shooting animals with a pistol or musket isn’t recommended. This will damage their pelt, and it will sell at a low price. Also, it won’t be usable for crafting purposes.
  • If you’re having trouble spotting animals, you should rely on your trusty Eagle Vision. This should give you a slightly larger area for detecting animals easily.
  • There are a wide variety of animals in the frontier, and you can discover them by finding clues.

Don’t forget to share your own hunting tips with us by commenting below!

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  • Anna

    oh and once you piss an animal off cause the arrow or whatever didn’t kill it, you better kill it asap because it wont stop hunting you until it’s dead.

  • Anna

    I’m not good at quick time hunting so usually when I hear the wolf growls I climb a tree, hang off a ledge or hide in some brush, in the brush I throw out bait and kill him, trees I do air assassinations and from the ledge it gives me time to spot where the growls are coming from so I can shoot it with my arrow. Same with bears.

  • Beno

    Kill bears easy and simple


    Shoot the mofos in the neck with a bow

  • Beno

    I found an area were bears just spawn every second it’s near the house that all your people are having a meeting

  • some guy

    I’ve caught a few smaller animals with the rope dart, but it always seems to ruin their hides. Do arrows ever ruin the hide? I need a way to hunt from a distance.

    • oli


  • Josef Roesler

    How do you get more bait? I have run out. Fruit bushes don’t offer any.

    • Harm

      You can buy it at some stores, in sequent 4 when you have to do some shopping for Achilles, you end up in a store where you can buy bait, traps and arrows.

  • mike

    i agree with superman i love to free run through the trees so find Wat you love to do and turn it to your advantage and hunt larger prey/predetors to gett big fucking dou for instance the bear or elk all are easy to kill and fight back wene the elk attacs you have a second wene he runs away dont let it gust press x again and he dellivers the deadly blow in 2 secends or less so you can wast time on rabbit will i free run and do air assasinations on bears cougars and elk and ect….

  • mike

    i am a hunting pro if you free run in the mountains you could do hunded of air assasinations on elk deer and rabbit ect….

  • Rye

    How do I find the bears and wolves and pumas and all that cause all I find is elk and rabbits

    • BAMM

      you ony find puma’s and wolves in certain areas such as your starting area near Your village, which is Kanienha or what ever

      • mike

        i find deer and others


    I’ve never hunted from horseback simply because you’re not agile at all. The horse just cant move very well in some areas. Also you’re not saying anything about what to actually hunt. From this guide I’m getting that you think it’s best to ride on a horse and hunt animals that are just going to run away. Well those are the animals that won’t give you alot of profit – for example the rabbit or the fox.

    What generates income is the big game, such as wolf, puma, bear, male deer. Those will cost relatively little tools to kill and will give you a shitload of money. (plus they will attack you, so you don’t have to run after them and waste time.

    From spotting one to killing one is usually about 5 seconds) Considering the quick time events in this game that occur when fighting animals is laughably easy, it’s actually easier to kill a bear or a pack of wolves than a rabbit.

    Sometimes the bears and deers are even so slow that you can run into them and deliver the killing blow without them even noticing. But if you, against all reason, wanna kill animals that won’t fight back, find beavers or raccoons. theyre relatively slow. Also attack every single retarded bunny 5m away from you as fast as you can at all times. – another method would just be to have your bow equipped and keep pressing the button to shoot.

    When an animal is in sight Connor will launch an arrow at it and the smaller prey will die while the larger might take a few more arrows. When skinning it you will get the arrow back so you can keep doing it forever, and if you were to run out of arrows just go kill a group of redcoats 1/10 usually has about 5-6 arrows on him.

  • Jim

    I am trying to figure out how to get the snare…I hold the “Tool” button but when I scroll through I don’t have the snare as an option…where do I acquire the snare?

    • mike

      you buy them under consumables sam as arrows and ect… buy them at general stors

  • Mike

    Anyone else having problems getting slaughtered by some animals? Is there a way to defend yourself, or kill them when they take you by surprise?

    • BAMM

      if you get attacked by a deer, after the first attack and you dodged it, quickly press the attack button before it runs away to quickly assasinate it, or you can use bows to kill animals from far away!


  • Eric

    In the diamond wilderness area (around valley forge) if you find elk, don’t kill it right away, the elk attract wolves, wolf pelts sell for 90 a piece

    • Johnny

      Elk pelts sell for 140 though, and they are easier to kill, cuz I’ve been camping near a spawn point and made over 10000. But thanks for the tip to fill the hunting map thing.

  • mike

    I am not getting credit for the snare and bait challenge. Is there a certain technique that has to be used? is the bait supposed to be the rabbit or fox caught in the trap rather than the bait you throw on the ground?

    • David

      Like he said, scare off the deer and only allow the fox to be captured. I threw the bait first and then placed the snare in the middle. Rabbits don’t count because they aren’t attracted to the bait. I also would put more than one snare down around the bait, I’ve had a small group of foxes come up and only one would snare and the others would eat the bait. With multiple snares, I’d catch two and, only once, three.

  • mike

    when i throw down bait and a snare i still dont get credit when i catch an animal. if i try doing this in the open a deer usually ruins the trap going for the bait. when i use this against a tree i will catch a fox or rabbit but i wont get credit for using the snare and bait.

    am i missing something?

    • Andrew

      Ive found that using a snare then baiting works but I did it around some cover so I could scare off bigger game to get the achive