FIFA 13 Best Young Players Guide

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FIFA 13 has been in the market for quite some time now, and the hardcore veterans of the game are all busy trying to build the best team possible. The most obvious way to do this is to buy established stars like Ronaldo, Rooney and Messi into your team.

However, all of you will find doing this to be very hard because of the budget and other limitations on you. This guide will let you know about the young players in FIFA 13 which you can acquire at cheaper price tags, and yet they still have the potential to be superstars.

You can buy these players cheap and in time build your whole team/franchise around them. The players on this list will have skill and talent but most importantly youth on their side, which will allow them to grow even more.

Note. I haven’t included younger players who are regular starters, like Hazard and Oscar, in their teams, except for a few exceptions.

Viktor Fischer
He is an 18-year-old midfielder from Denmark. He primarily works on the right-hand side of the midfield but can also play behind the striker because of his immense offensive skills.

Within a few year’s time, he can become one of the most lethal play makers in the game, providing goal scoring opportunities to your strikers on a silver platter.

Luke Shaw
This kid is only sixteen, and he plays premier league football for Southampton. Need I say more? He has supreme pace and dribbling skills for his young age.

These attribute make him lethal on the wings as he plays an attacking left back on the pitch. Snapping this kid up may ensure you 15-20 years of exemplary service to your team.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen
This is 20-year-old keeper and can be the heart of your team for the next 20 years as well. Although his skills are bit on the lower side, he still has potential to be a team leader like Casillas and Buffon.

Allesio Crango
This is another keeper on the list. He is an 18-year-old keeper with tremendous reflexes and is not afraid to come forward out of his comfort zone when needed.

He has a tremendous potential of growth also and can be bought very cheaply, but he is a solid investment into the future.

Juan Manuel Iturbe
Naturally, this kid is a striker, but he is just as comfortable playing on the left wing. He is only 18-year-old yet has the potential to have his final ranking at his peak to be somewhere in the late/high 80s.

This little Argentinean has all what it takes to follow in the footsteps of his countrymen, Messi!

Lucas Piazon
This samba striker at 19 has superstar written all over his face. Not only, his finishing ability is good, but he has excellent passing too so you can work him in midfield if circumstances demand as such.

He is a complete package when it comes to an offensive footballer and of course, his talents will only grow with his age.

Danilo de Silva is a very versatile footballer for FC Porto. He is only 21 years old can play efficiently both in the defense and the midfield.

If nurtured rightly, sky is the limit for this fellow. Danilo’s overall skills are ranked at 77 in the beginning so expect him to hit the mid 80s in a couple of year’s time.

Danny Welbeck
Welbeck is playing as a striker in Manchester United by default. This means he is behind Rooney and RVP in the pecking order. This does not mean that he is not talented.

In fact, he is supremely gifted as a support striker and finisher. He would be an asset to any team he walks into and given his situation, he can prove to be an easy buy.

Ouasim Bouy
Bouy comes from Holland and plays for Juventus in Italy. He is 19 years only and still is a midfield general on the pitch.

He can grow into a player with an overall ranking well into the 80s quite easily. So pick him up as soon as possible.

Stevan Jovetic
He is a 22 years-old striker from Montenegro. This player possesses excellent ball control and dribbling skills, so he has no trouble firing his shot from clusters or crowded positions. He is already ranked 83 and under the right tutelage may even surpass Roberto Baggio.

Jack Wilshere
He is a 20-year-old midfielder who plays for arsenal. He may be injury prone but is very talented too with a lot of room for even more improvement. He may not be a good header of the ball but he sure does know how to pass the ball.

Iker Muinain
Muinain is 19-year-old midfielder/winger playing for Athletic Bilbao. Although he is still 19, his skills are ranked at an overall average of 80. If you acquire him for your team, it would be a great addition. Let’s face it this kid can only get better from here on forward.

Christian Eriksen
Eriksen is a 20 years old Danish footballer playing for Ajax on the club level. He is an attacking midfielder and compared to the likes of Sneijder and Rafael van der Vart. He is already ranked at 80 so this makes him a sure success for any team who purchases him.

Luiz Muriel
Muriel is a Colombian striker playing for Italian club Udinese. He is only 21 years old and can prove to be a solid investment for your future.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
The Ox as Arsenal fans refer him is a terror on the wings. He is only 19 years old, but his pace rivals that of Walcott and maybe even Ronaldo in a few year’s time. So you can see why he is an attractive option at least.

Mario Balotelli/Neymar
The last two players on this list may be hard to get. They are young. However, they are already established footballers in their respective teams.

Balotelli, 22, still has room for improvement and this being a football simulation game instead of real life you will not have to deal with his off-field antics.

Neymar, 20, is already ranked at 85 that should tell you all you need to know about him. However, unlike any other players on this list, he will come with a heavy price tag.

If you have any other players to add to the list, let us know by commenting below!

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  • GGManUnited

    Giorgi Chanturia, please, just buy him.

  • last_n

    My Team : Chelsea 2017/2018

    Hart (92)

    M.Richards(86) — Caulker (87)– Nastasic (87)– Marcelo(87)

    Bale (94) — Wilshere(91) — Javi Martinez (89) — Ronaldo (90)

    Messi (94)

    Aguero (91)

    Lloris (90)

    Cahill (84)

    Fabio Coentrao (82)

    Pogba (87)

    McEachran (85)

    Pastore (85)

    Neymar (90)


  • Amarillonegro

    My Squad with Dynamo Dresden in 2015:
    Biraghi (Beast from Inter ) Okore ( over 90 Strength) Kongolo. is a Giant) Opare
    Kovacic (must buy!) Fred (B.e.a.s.t.)
    Alison (over 85 potential) or my scouted Player
    Deuolofeu. Musa/ or my scouted Player. Jese Rodriguez/ Bruma

    These guys are amazing and capapble of destroying every team .
    Subs: Bruma (buy him! unfortunately got injured for me), Elek (beast DM/CB), Benito (LB who grows linke +5 every season), a scouted Striker, a scouted OM

  • Zack Daniels

    Markus Mendler, German RM, starts at a 67 I got him to a 95 after eight seasons, Eden hazard I got to a 97 at the age of 29, Hallem Hope (ST) from Everton starts at a 58 and I got him to an 89 after 9 seasons, Kevin Osei from Marseille (CAM) starts at a 78 and I got him to a 93, Sebastian Coates from Liverpool can get to a 91 (or higher) as can Fabio Borini. The final (and funniest) is Vito Minnone from arsenal (GK) will get to a 92 afterfour or five seasons and will be worth anywhere up to 50 million.

  • Todd Crawford

    Sigurdarsson from Wolves/Iceland. Ibrahima M’Baye, Inter. Marrone, Juve. Wanyama, Celtic, Bruno Cesar, Benfica. Granit Xhaka, M’Gladbach

    • Todd Crawford

      Shaqiri, Bayern, Stocker, Basel

  • rattle123

    Club – Liverpool
    Year – 2024


    Carver–lee harding – Zouma– Jack robinson

    suso (CM) (ST)
    Bell Bagie (ST)
    Bruma (LM)
    Shelvery (CM)
    e.hewitt (RB)
    Williams (RM)

  • Radja

    you guys should buy alexander merkel in 6 season he is 88 and still 24, and you have to buy Yassine Benzia from olympic lyon

  • Anonymous

    Saqib :’)

  • Mathoz

    Jese Rodriguez, VM, HM and CF, from RM Castilla
    Casemiro, CDM and CM, from RM Castilla
    Berthomier, CB and HB, from OGC Nice
    Rodrigo, ST and CF, from SL Benfica

  • Bullia Vargas

    here are some top cam the best youth players maher who start out as a 76 and with in 3 seasons is a 88 can sell him for 50 million he cost around 10 million Adryan start at a 72 cost 5 million 3 seasons is a 85 at age 20

  • Jasper

    Get Oscar From Chelsea
    But Buy Him in first season
    or he will become expensive

  • Youssef Mulumbu

    Youssef Mulumbu — Class player with loads of talent.

  • acer

    samul yesil from liverpol, gave me a win against totonham in the capital one cup in the semi’s!

  • Bonnke

    Adryan from flamingo, 88 in my 3rd season already up from 75 and 17yrs old :)

  • maestro

    lorenzo insigne from napoli can go upto 93 if played reuglarly and ibrahim mbaye of inter can go all the way to 94 a lb only 17 year old, enzo fernandez of real madrid can go all the way to 96 left med, sterling of liverpool to 92

  • luke jordan

    Adryan – 17 years old CAM can reach high 80s maybe 90s buy him straight away u can get him for 6m – bargain and also Kurt zouma also 17 very good CB I’m very confident he can reach high 80s and last one merkel who plays for genoa is a CAM who is 20 years old and starts at 75 overall and can reach 88 – 90 overall in just a few seasons

  • big mike

    I wanna start from scratch . Give me a jung XI

  • Joe lord

    Eder is quality he’s from sc braga – Portugal league
    Striker scores goals fast good touch also holds ball up well brings others into the game

  • Bobby

    I bought EL SHARRWAY for 28m in season 2, second transfer window with Torino from Serie A, but had to trow in someone Verdi to complete the deal. Them sold him in season 3 January transfer to Barcelona for 96m. Which allow me to buy Javier pastorone from PSG for 26m ad Neymar for 46m. The reason I got both Neymar JP so low is that I just enquire and they suggested how much I pay.

  • Dara

    Phil Jones got to 90 for me and also Chris Smalling got to 89, as much as I hate to admit it as a Chelsea fan.

  • Danny

    aidy white is good 91 pace

  • Danny

    Audubon white is good 91 pace

  • Joe

    After a few seasons just have a look at all the f/a and put them in your first team in 2 seasons got a player from 71 to 84

    • Joas

      Which player u got as free agent?

  • Anirudh

    Where is mario gotze.

  • Harsh

    Adyran from flamengo – he is 17 and is 73 in the start . In 1 season he came to 79

  • Foriers Kevin

    my real madrid at start second season

    Ter Stegen
    Walker Sergio Ramos Varane Marcelo

    N. Sahin Xabi Alonso
    J. Rodriguez M. Özil Neymar
    L. Diarra

  • DERperXD

    euhm: lionel messi, he’s only 24(or 25 i’m not sure) years old and has a starting overal of 94

  • msilverman16

    WIlli evseev becomes a high 80’s, early 90’s player

  • big mike

    EL SHARRWAY !! 12 M . After 3 year 52 M .

  • Sim

    I disagree, my muniain is 91 overall in only 3 seasons

  • Connor

    Jonathon Dos Santos from Barcelona becomes a high 80’s player when played consistently.

  • simon

    leandro from gremio

  • sashen

    El sharrawy from milan a centre foward who can improve up to 96 I’m 3 seasons!!!!!!

  • Name*

    and Iker Muniain improves by like 1 every 2 seasons don’t buy him

    • Singh

      In my career mode I play muniain once every one game and he’s 91 OVERALL at 22, grew 11 times in 3 seasons. Now he’s worth 46.5 million

  • Name*

    Sebastian Coates goes from 71 in first season to 84 after 6 seasons well worth the 3.5M

  • United

    Giorgi Chanturia – 91 potential..

  • Pound Sterling

    Cristian Tello from Barcelona ,Jese Rodriguez from Madrid both are wingers. those guys are terrific.

  • Daniel

    James Rodriguez fro Porto – 96 in 2017
    Alberto Masi – 93 in 2017
    Manolo Gabbiadini – 92 in 2017
    Hugo Lloris – 96 in 2017
    Juan Iturbe – 89 2017
    Victor Fischer – 87 2017

  • Luke

    Guieda Fofana is good, he starts at 73 as a CDM at Olympic Lyonais and in a couple of years reaches the low 80’s.

  • Albin

    Romelu lukaku, i think everyone knows who he is
    Buttner, a left back from netherlands who plays for manchester united
    Gaston Ramirez, gets really really good after a few years
    Oscar, gets good in every attacking way
    Axel witsel, hes passes is out of this world
    Nathaniel Clyne, a young right back who plays for southampton who gets quick, great stamina and awesome tackles
    Kouyate isnt so much of a talent but still gets very good, one of the greatest CBs inte the game after a few years

  • Eiukko

    Hummels is 23 but a complete at the beginning…… he is a good leader

    Also Kurt Zouma and Ibrahima Mbaye is very yound playes 0f 17 years……………….both who start with an OVR above 70

    Zouma CB
    Mbaye LB
    Nathan Ake CB
    Markus Henriksen CM ( he is a beast when shooting from distance)

    • jason

      i agree both zouma and also mbaye i woould also add leitner from dortmund fred,leonardo ardryman from brazillian leauge

  • Milan

    Leandro from Gremio Brasil, he is very young and begins at an overall of 73. Bought him at FC Porto, in the 3rd season he has an overall of 89. He is fast, strong and a very good finisher……

  • Joe

    Mollo. Cb. He’s 21 now. Being around 2018 in the game and already an 89. Got this dude on a free. Go to buy players and search for free agents every coming transfer window you won’t regret it!

  • Rooney

    Nathan Redmond is an asset to any team! Amazing pace and acceleration!

  • Tonmoy

    What about neymer he is a 20 years old punk aftr 2 or three year he will 93-95 hahahahahahahaah the awesome brazillian punk emo

  • Fang

    What about Nathan Redmond Right Mid He goes up to the mid 80s in like 2 to 3 years depending how how many games you put him in.

  • Bjorn

    Luciano narsingh from psv holland maybe the fastest on that place to play….

  • Steven

    Felipe Ramos is a good goalie. he starts at 67 or 66 and in one years time, if you loan him you have an 86-91 goalie

  • william

    Thomas you spastic, Danish is what you call the people from Denmark

    • Krill

      No Danish is the language like english is the language in England. People from Denmark is calle Danes. Maybe youre the one there is studip william

      • Dylan

        English can be referred to people too. So I guess it’s the same in the case of “Danish”

      • luke

        No William is right Denmark, Danish and danes are all the same meaning

  • Thomas

    Christian Eriksen is from Denmark…