Dishonored Errors, Crashes, Freezes, FOV, FPS, Stuttering and Performance Fixes

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Dishonored is a blend of many tastes, so I don’t think that you will find many reasons to dislike
it. The game got released in US today (It will be released a few days later in Europe) and
those who were waiting for it eagerly are all pumped up to get their hands dirty.

Unfortunately, some of them might not have been able to play the game due to unusual errors, crashes, freezes or other game breaking issues.

If that’s the case, refer to our list of workaround to resolve these issues. If you can’t find what you are looking for, comment and we will help out!

#1 Dishonored – Poor FPS Performance
If you are using SLi/Crossfire and experiencing poor FPS, I will recommend that you turn it off to see the difference.

#2 Dishonored – Poor Performance / Stuttering
This issue may well be related to Vsync. Try turning it off and you will be able to observe a considerable boost in performance. Disabling the SLi/Crossfire can also resolve the issue for you.

#3 Dishonored – Game Unavailable/Corrupt game files Error
You just need to restart Steam and log back in to resolve the issue.

#4 Dishonored – How to Remove Intro Logos
If you are annoyed by the intro logos which appear every time you launch the game; this is what you can do to get rid of them:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored\Dishonored Game\Movies and delete, move or rename the following:

  • Legal.bik
  • LogoArkane.bik
  • LogoBethesda.bik
  • UE3_logo.bik
  • ZenimaxLegal.bik
  • ZenimaxLegalIFR.bik

#5 Dishonored Crashes – Stop Responding
If you haven’t been able to launch the game and are experiencing constant crashes on launching the game, right click on in Steam, go to properties, and click on ‘set launch options’.

In there, enter: ‘windowed’ without the quotation marks. Change the settings to what your PC can easily run and restart.

#6 Dishonored FOV Fix
If you don’t like Dishonored’s Field of View settings, you can change them by following the instructions here.

#7 Dishonored – Settings Don’t Get Saved
All right, if you can’t manage to save the settings in Dishonored and they keep on changing every time you start the game, you can try the following work around:

  • After changing the in-game settings, minimize the game to windows (Alt+Tab).
  • Now, you need to find the .ini and .inf files for Dishonored and mark them as read-only.

This can make your settings to stick permanently.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask us by commenting below and we will try to help you out!

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  • ardalan

    Hi all!
    Here u are!the ultimate dishonored app crash (long error kernel….)fix with ati card !
    1-just right click desktop and click on screen resolution and see your current resolution
    2-right click desktop and go to amd vision engine control center(amd ati catalyst software)
    3-open ‘my vga displays’ > ‘properties(vga display)’
    4-untick ‘Use extended display identification data(edid) or driver defaults’
    5-set your resoulution in step1 u see and the refresh rate too 60-200hz(its 75 for me, depend on your monitor)
    6- now take a breath and open my lovely game of the year best story best action best… Dishonored with no f***g error! cheers!
    sorry for my english!

    dont forgot to mail me and say thx if your prob is solve!

  • Jake Billing

    Hi guys just wanted to check back on the whole “Dishonored crashing” thread, did anyone come to any conclusions?

    My problem is the same as the guy above – game crashes leaving Lady Boyle’s Party. I play on PC and I have shown screen shots below.

    Game crash:


    In game trigger:

  • daniel

    i install and when i play and when i see any one in game and get close they get black texture help me pliss

  • Nick

    Lately, when I play Dishonored for an hour or more, it won’t just crash to desktop, but it will crash my entire computer. plz help? I’ve got an Nvidia Geforce 310M and an intel i3 2.27 gHz processor in a Sony Vaio with 4 RAM

  • Nathan

    Hey there. The game works great except when i get close to people they turn completely black except for their teeth and eyes. This doesn’t happen with anything else in the environment. Just the people. I cant make out any facial features or clothing colors-just black…any ideas as to how to fix this?


    • Ali Asif

      Your system specs? The problem can be due to your gfx drivers. Which version of the drivers you are using?

    • daniel

      i have this prob tooo help me plis

  • Steve

    Crash every time coming out of the sewers after meeting the guy and accept to get in the boat it crashes, I have tried all the work arounds and nothing works.

  • Travis

    I have the game on the 360 and I am doing the mission for SlackJaw where I have to go inside Galinini’s Lab (however you spell his name). I completed my objective inside his lab but everytime I try to leave the building to go into a new area, it gets to the loading screen and it freezes. I even backtracked to a save from three hours prior but same problem. I don’t know what to do at this point. No scratches on the disc, I cleaned it, I cleared my cache on my hard drive, nothing is working…so I’m guessing its the game itself. Help?

  • Mik

    Settings revert every time i load a save and the config files do nothing for it.

  • Bryon

    Same thing here only I’m on 360…

    • andrew

      I am having the same goddamn problem. Whenever i leave Lady Boyles house after basically killing everyone the game crashes and my xbox freezes. let me know if you find out a cure for this b.s.

  • ET

    APPCRASH on startup after logo/intro movies. Loading screen crashes to desktop with a windows error reporting window.

    Verified Game Cache, Up to date Drivers, Running admin, with launch options in steam set to windowed.

    • Ali Asif

      Have you tried disabling the logo/intros?

  • Alex

    I’m having a problem. Second area, going toward the Golden Cat. I just did slackjaw’s quest to find out where his undercover guy is. Now, everytime I go into a new area, the game crashes, even if it’s right back into the house. I can play the game fine, but only in that one area.

    • Anonymous

      @Alex same or me I saved basically right before the part, where you break the generator, and it freezes shortly after. If you want to contact each other on any solutions or fixes my email is

    • gerg

      just wanted to say im having the SAME problem let me know if you find a solution

    • dor

      i’v finished the golden cat quest and after i left yhe area it told me the loylist conspirasy as dissald (something like that my englis is not that good)

    • flee

      Hi chaps I’m having the same issue only mine usually crashed with every 2nd new area I entered but now it constantly crashes on entering the golden cat, the loading screen just hangs and then boom…if any of you have found a solution pls do tell.