Dishonored Blueprints Locations Guide – Unlock Upgrades At Piero’s Workshop

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There are few upgrades that you require blueprints/plans for before you can unlock them in Piero’s Workshop. If you intend to buy these upgrades, find these blueprints and return them to Piero. This will unlock that upgrade for you!

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Dishonored Piero’s Upgrades Blueprints

Lens Magnification
Mission. High Overseer Campbell
You can buy this blueprint from Griff. He is being held by the thugs down the street past Granny Rags’ apartment. You will need 200 coins!

Sokolov’s Formula
Mission. High Overseer Campbell
You can buy this blueprint from Griff. He is being held by the thugs down the street past Granny Rags’ apartment. You will need 200 coins!

You will find a copy of this blueprint in Anton Sokolov’s lab when you attempt to kidnap him.

Bonded Galvani Weave
Mission. High Overseer Campbell
In the backyard, look for a Workshop and inside it, you will find a locked cabinet. You will find the key in a glass bottle on a shelf in the corner of the workshop.

Look for anti-magic machine, turn around and look to your left to find a workbench with a run to your right. From here, you should see a shelf in the corner ahead of you.

Incandescent Paste
Mission. House of Pleasure
Find the Dunwall Whiskey Brewery and look for a valve wheel that operates a fast closing shutter. You should find the blueprints past that shutter. You can bypass the shutter with the blink or simply slide under the shutter before it closes to retrieve the blueprint from one of the lockers past the shutter.

Folded Galvani Resin
Mission. The Royal Physician
At the start of the mission, look for a warehouse with a minecart on the second floor. You will find this blueprint on the workstation next to the minecart.

Spiked Grenade Housing
Mission. Lady Boyle’s Last Party
You will find this blueprint inside the main gatehouse of the Boyle Estate. Use the Boyle party invitation to get access to the grounds and get to the gatehouse to retrieve this blueprint.

Small Scale Combustion Refinement
Mission. Return to the Tower
You will find this blueprint on General Tobias’ desk, in his office. His office is one of the rooms next to the Wall of Light near Lord Regent’s private quarters.

Note. If you have someone missed any of these blueprints, look for them in Daud’s headquarters during Flooded District mission.

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