NBA 2K13 Signature Skill Guide

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Signature Skills are the latest additions to the NBA series. Signature skills reflect different players’ unique game-style. Some of the players like to dunk while others like to make 3-pointers, each of these players have special skills that allow them to do as such.

These Signature Skills are thus placed in NBA 2K13 to put forth the best possible simulation experience. Here is the list of all the Signature Skills and how they work:

Offensive Signature Skills

It is a skill associated with a player who likes to dunk all over the defenders when surrounded in a crowd. This skill is only activated when the attacker has a defender in his vicinity. It requires a stamina of 80 and when successfully done gives a temporary energy boost to teammates.

Players with this skill have more chances of finishing a dunk or completing lay-ups. So these players are more likely to come on top during one on one encounters.

This skill allows a player to change their shot to a pass mid air with more of a chance of actually completing that pass. It decreases shot penalty by a staggering 40%.

Spot Up Shooter
This skill allows a player to make shots more easily while they are standing still. It decreases the shot penalty by 30%. Keep in mind you have to be standing still to activate this skill while taking a shot at the hoop.

Shot Creator
Players with this skill can make a difficult shot more easily than other players but only if he first creates the space to take the shot himself, i.e. no one passes the ball to him to take the shot. To activate this skill the player must break down his defender first and then in the 2 seconds after breaking down the defender take the shot.

Players with this skill are not disturbed when defenders rush at them while they are taking a shot. For this skill to be of any use you must start to wind up for a shot before a defender engages you. It completely decreases your shot penalty by a 100%.

Corner Specialist
Players who have this skill can make shots from where the baseline meets the side line with relative ease. This skill requires the player to be standing still at the corner and take the shot in the 2 seconds after getting the pass.

Post Proficiency
Players with this skill are very hard to stop in the low post. It requires that the shot must be taken from with in 17 feet of the basket.
Ankle Breakers: Players with this skill in their arsenal can break ankles when performing successful isolation dribble moves. This skill increases the chances of a defender stumbling and fumbling by 30%.

Post Playmaker
Players with this skill have decent court vision and can make passes from out of the post to make good plays. This skill requires that the pass must come from post -up position to a free teammate. The receiver will get a an added 10% chance of making the basket and an added 4% chance of making a 3-pointer.

Players with this skill are superb passers of the basket ball. The receiver will get a an added 10% chance of making the basket and an added 4% chance of making a 3-pointer. It requires that the pass must be made from anywhere other than the post.

Break Starter
This skill allows the player to start counter attacks with great outlet passing. This skill requires that the player must be a defensive rebounder and the pass be made in before 2 seconds are up after a rebound. This skill decreases the chance of making a bad long range pass by 50% if requirements are met.

Players with this skill can throw very accurate alley oop passes.

Brick Wall
This skill can make a player set up a powerful, unmovable screen.

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