FIFA 13 Crashes, Errors, Connection, Freezes and Fixes

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FIFA 13 is out, and the Football community across the globe is quite excited about it. However, the excitement can be spoiled with the inevitable problems one may face on an unlucky day. FIFA games usually don’t give much trouble, but if you have been unable to play FIFA 13 on PC, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide for workarounds.

#1 FIFA 13 Crashes – No Windows Media Players
Before the issue gets patched up officially, you should make sure that Windows Media Player is installed in your OS to avoid the crashes.

#2 FIFA 13 Free Kick Problem – Players Cluttered Together
The issue has been noted by the developer, and they are working on the fix.

#3 FIFA 13 Freezes With Custom Keyboard Controls
The problem existed in the demo but with the latest patch, it should not be present in the full release. If you are looking for keyboard control customization, you can refer to our guide here.

#4 FIFA 13 Invisible Man Free Kick Bug
The issue was noted in the demo and should be fixed in the full release. Just make sure that you are using the latest version of video card drivers.

#5 FIFA 13 Crashes After the Game Logo
It may be due to some peripherals connected to the PC, including your controller. If the game works fine after you disconnect the controller (Xbox 360), you should try disabling and then enabling it. Updating the drivers to the latest can also resolve the issue for you.

You can also try the following work around to fix the problem:

  • Go to your documents folder and then the FIFA 13 folder
  • In the folder, open the file fifasetup with notepad
  • Change the aspectratio to 1 instead of 1,33336.

#6 FIFA 13 Crashes On Choosing Play Match
It seemsrunning the game as administrator can fix your problem. Furthermore, try the workaround mentioned in #5.

#7 FIFA 13 – Career Load Crash issue (Xbox 360)
Try loading the career after installing the game on to the hard drive of your console. This can fix the issue for you.

#8 FIFA 13 – Connection Bugs
If you are sure that your internet connection is not a problem and are still being disconnected from the online game modes, you better contact support.

#9 FIFA 13 Stuck on the Loading Screen
If you are using EA’s central app, delete it to resolve the issue.

#10 FIFA 13 Password/Account Locked Issue
If you are having issues related to your account, you can find a detailed solution here.

#11 FIFA 13 Audio – Commentary Fix
Run the game in stereo. You can set the sound to stereo by going into the settings of your audio control panel. FIFA 13 seems to have troubles with 5.1 surround system.

#12 FIFA 13 – Career Mode Crash
The problem seems to be related to a game face bug. If you delete it and don’t load a new one, the career mode can load up for you. Furthermore, make sure that you have deleted everything related to FIFA 12 (except for the save games) on your system.

If you come across any other issues in FIFA 13, let us know in the comments and we will help you out!

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362 Responses to “FIFA 13 Crashes, Errors, Connection, Freezes and Fixes”

  1. Jake says:

    When I try to put a player on the bench for someone in my starting lineup it crashes and sends me to the main menu. Please help me! And this is on ultimate team on xbox 360.

  2. Ǿųş Ŝęmă says:

    my fifa exit when i start play

  3. ProGamer538 says:

    when i start game it only show the EA logo . I tried everything but Fifa 13 doesnt
    start. Pls Pls help me

  4. rattlesnake_906 says:

    Your system specs and what OS are you using?

  5. joewelsh says:

    I have fifa 13 on the ps3 and for several months it worked fine. but the other day when I started a new career with rayo the triangle and circle buttons decided to stop working! so now I cant play through balls or slide tackle or anything. I tried other games and the there isn’t an issue, its just with fifa. what the hells going on?!

  6. Gamey says:

    When launch the game and after going into the main menu or pause menu or any menu, the screen starts to flicker(but not while playing a match) and after 7 or 8 flickers the game crashes into a blue screen and the PC shuts down… Due to this I can’t select anything in the menu leisurely, only can go on pressing enter and start a match. Please help!!!

  7. Gamer says:

    please help me….. i’m using fifa 13 in pc and for a few months it worked perfectly but now when i select play match and then advance the game window is closed and a file is occured like FIFACrashDump_CL1184026_2013.04.17_14.23.57.dmp.please help me

  8. LM says:

    pro blub crashing?

  9. I walk in my game is still a black screen please help me

  10. lao says:

    mine crashes after a certain date, i’ve had to restart career 3 times already and it crashes anytime after the 4th yr, pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. helpme:( says:

    when i played career mode in fifa 13, it suddenly stuck and quit by itself in certain date in the game. can anyone help me?

  12. Frank says:

    why my fifa13 manager mode will auto shutdown when i purchase player in the third season???

  13. milad says:

    hey guys
    when i play the match teh screen gets dark. i see players and else but the whole stadium is dark! semms lights are off!

  14. mike says:

    every time me and my friend go into eas match day whilst picking our teams it completely freezes i have the game since it came out and this is only happening with 2 days,the disc is not scratched or damaged in anyway

  15. burg says:

    when I try playing I see the ea logo then the fifa 13 screen but it doesnt go any further…no error message or anything. Can anyone help me

  16. Medo says:

    The game crush on play match

  17. Marko says:

    Everything worked fine, but 2 months ago I went in FIFA 13, I see only the games icon and after 2.3 minutes of black screen appears (FIFA 13 Crashes After the Game Logo) I tried documents/fifa13/fifasetup/aspectratio-1, please help me, FIFA is my big love! thank you. :)

  18. Dishu says:

    install windows 7 86 bit and fifa will work

  19. Timbo says:

    Playing on my iPad the game crashes at the end of the match every time. A lose fitness and contracts but get no money or progression through the tournaments, help!!

  20. Yoona363 says:

    how i fix crash dump

  21. Adrian says:

    i have a crush…in the 7 or 8 seson…in the 10th day of transfer period… when i want to advance… the game closing…help pls

  22. Abhik Sen says:

    Downlode Fifa 13….. Installed Fifa 13… but click Desktop shotcut not lunch…. eht i do pls tell me

  23. Ghee says:

    Please help me…I played 3 hours the game with no problems,i closed the laptop and then i wanted to play again..But when I start it stays 50 seconds at messi’s picture and then it freezes when the Great Britain Flag appears ….Please help me…Please !

  24. ROSHAN says:

    MY fifa crashes after cliking in play game…tried #5 #6 not working still.. i have fifa 12 still in pc does it effect fifa 13? if yes 13 worked for 2/3 days then problem comes?solution please??

  25. John says:

    hello i have a problem in my career mode , when i finish my first season and i try to advance to the second one the game crash !!! what should i do ?

  26. Eddy says:

    I have lost over 15 games online seasons due to it crashing when I’m 3 or 4 goals ahead and they get a win on there season tally. It’s pissing me off as I have the fastest broadband you can get and it seems the ea servers crash every few games and then I have to sign in and it does straight away. I wanted to go through a career and see if I can go unbeaten and after 20 games won 0 losses it started to happen and it does every other game. Please help or is there a solution online?

  27. Eddy says:

    I have lost over 15 games online seasons due to it crashing when I’m 3 or 4 goals ahead and they get a win on there season tally. It’s pissing me off as I have the fastest broadband you can get and it seems the ea servers crash every few games and then I have to sign in and it does straight away. I wanted to go through a career and see if I can go unbeaten and after 20 games won 0 losses it started to happen and it does every other game. Please help or is there a solution online?

  28. Rtin says:

    I have fifa 13 on ps3 and update ver1.04 installed.the game has many mini freezes while switching between menus and clicking on items or in career mode the calendar passes slowly anyone has the same issue?
    what should I do?could deleting any files related to fifa 13 from system solve the problem?

  29. Sushruta says:

    The return key is not responding in FIFA 13 . . . Please help !

  30. Justin says:

    Also, every time it crashes it says “Device Driver has stopped responding and has recovered.” Any ideas?

  31. Justin says:

    How do you play as an administrator? I have problem #6

  32. Rasmus says:

    Playing on PC and return button doesn’t respond. This is not a big problem outside matches as I can click “advance” with the mouse but a major problem in-game every time I get a free-kick outside the penalty area coz the tactical free kick menu pops-up and I can’t use my mouse to click advance so I’m stuck and can’t go anywhere. Fix return problem or tell me how to shot off the pop up screen.

  33. persie says:

    I play the game on PC. The game was working properly for months,but one day it crashed when i was playing it with a controller on my PC,ever since it doesnt work,it stops on the starting screen with logo and messi’s pic before the language selection screen……

  34. Nikhil says:

    I need help please… The game was working fine for about a month or so and after that everything went bad. The controls suddenly something like *VB*_MOUSE_RIGHT*.. So i started a new profile and had to change all the controls as my joystick didnt work all of a sudden too. Then after i managed that i had a new problem with my mouse which didnt allow me to click anything.. PLZZ PLZZ HELP :( THX

  35. Simon says:


  36. Kai09 says:

    Can anybody help me? Whenever I start a match it gets stuck and I can’t play anymore.pls help me!

  37. Laimis says:

    guys i need help.yesterday i was playing fifa 13.everything was ok.but when i started playing it today game runs in slow motion!! i dont know what to do.i tried re-installing game updated drivers i even set graphics to very low but it still runs in slow motion :( please help me

  38. chocks says:

    the fifa 13 on my hp laptop was opening now it has stopped opening.guys what can be the problem

  39. evil says:

    I had this error in FIFA13 … The ball went out of bounds, rebounded on the wall and the computer made the GOAL!
    Unbelieveable !!!

  40. Lucas says:

    I downloaded windows 8 and fifa 13 doesn’t working on it what can I do ?!

  41. Avioto says:

    I had the problem that my game crashed the minute I started it. I fixed it by going to Origin settings and disabling ‘Origin ingame’. I hope this helps someone.


  43. annoyed >:-| says:

    Controller seems to crash…. every so often on career mode controller freezes only allowing me to change so or access PlayStation menu… really frustrating
    P.S. off and on again doesn’t work nor dies connecting to use port

  44. Dean_77_Rulz says:

    My Fifa 13 Keeps crashing/freezing when I finish a match against Inter. The screen just stops and I have to force quit my PS3. I have tried everything but I don’t want to start again because I am on season 7.

  45. Eduardo says:

    My FIFA 13 crashes everytime I buy or sell a player in Career Mode, it’s so frustrating because i can’t build up my team anymore. Players are getting old and I can’t replace them it’s really annoying.

  46. sharkseven says:

    Hi My Problem Is When I Install Fifa 13 in my Pc. The background graphic stuck and when i play a match it turn black(Cannot See The Pitch,Ball,Player) Just Can See Player Back,Scoresheet And Stadium. My Pc Specs Is Intel HD 3000,ram 4gb.
    Please Help Me.

  47. sharkseven says:

    Hi My Problem Is When I Install Fifa 13 in my Pc. The background graphic stuck and when i play a match it turn black(Cannot See The Pitch,Ball,Player) Just Can See Player Back,Scoresheet And Stadium. My Pc Specs Is Intel HD 3000,ram 4gb.
    Please Help

  48. Mikey says:

    Only 2 Highlights Appear When I Finish A Game. Its Really Annoying As i Can Record My Goals Then After. PLEEASSE Can Someone Help Me!??:(

  49. Mikey says:

    After Every Game I Only Get 2 Highlights! This Problem Is Really Annoying As I Cant Record My Goals. PEASSEE Can Somebody Help Me!? :(

  50. Joep86 says:

    When i try to continue to my next season (second season) it crashes when loading. Even when i tried to replay the last few matches, it still crashes. What can i do?

  51. puskar says:

    hay every time i try 2 play the game it crashes after the logo.

  52. flextor says:

    Players d not have names on their jerseys and fans do not show on my fiffa13

  53. P:W says:

    Ich habe ein großes Problem ich kann das spiel auf PC nicht mit meinem Kontroler Starten. Nach dem Spielstand laden komm ich nicht mehr weiter, da wo ich die Automatische Speicherung bestetigen muss. ICh komme nur mit der Maus weiter, aber sobald ich ein Spiel starten will bin ich wieder aufm Desktop

  54. faizal says:

    please help me guys..

    my fifa 13 crash before logo appear..

    nothing happen after i clicked te fifa13.exe..

    direct x updated, gra[phic updated..

    how to solve it?
    please guys..

  55. parth says:

    hey pls could u mail me a copy of the fifa 13 documents file pls as i have overwritten it and i cannot play the game anymore pls asap on my gmail account pls

  56. Asif says:

    Guyz i found the solution to the problem where it hangs in Fifa logo and then it crashes or a black screen appears….reinstall fifa 13 and before starting it make sure u delete the old fifa 13 save file and then start playing…the problem is u have to start your career from the beginning…hope it works!!

  57. shivam says:

    hey please can anyone help me please i have fifa 13 full game but when i keep controller settings keyboard+mouse the match starts but there when i set keyboard only game closes and crash dumpfile get inserted in fifa 13 folder please suggest me soon

  58. Pukar says:

    THe game opens to somethin black then it says FIFA 13 has stopped responding or working or something like that

  59. Makich says:

    Hello everyone i have problem with career.
    Last time i saved on 17th november and now
    when i open fifa13 go to career, load my last save it’s OK, but
    when i click ADVANCED in the career the fifa close. why???

  60. razin says:

    At the end part of my career mode, while loading/setting up for a new season it will says “this may take a couple of minutes”. But instead it get stuck on that. Pls advise. Thnx.

  61. Caio says:

    i am already on season 4 on seasons mode and i can only play the ea shild cup, which is for season 9 and 10. why cant i play the other ones, if i am already in season 4?

  62. when i select team to play immediately, it cuts off on showing my computer desktop. so please email me the solution to my problem

  63. George says:

    hi guys.I have been playing fifa 13 career mode.the problem is at the end of the second season before the match ,the game just exists on its own.What is the solution?

  64. 123 says:

    there is soo many things wrong with this game, i cant believe they have got away with selling something like this.. it NEVER seems to work properly.

  65. Ritesh says:

    after the logo it says “the instruction at 0x023324ba referenced memory at 0x07472b80.The memory could not be ok to terminate program”?????????????????what`s that??????how do i solve this?????????plz helppppppp

  66. Roro says:

    hi when i run fifa 13 and come to main menu it crush , i have try to run as admin but it didnt work and change from 1,3333 to 1 and nothing happen ,Please i need help ” ASAP”

  67. kevi says:

    What is happening to FIFA 13 by EA Sports? Have tried different installations of the game still crashes. First it crashed anytime i want to play match, then I uninstalled that one. Tried installing another one from blackbox and it crashes to desktop immediately after the logo when you run the FIFA 13 application. What the hell is wrong with FIFA?!!! Think i’ll just stick to playing PES 2013 but I love FIFA n thats why I am concerned cos i always like to do a comparison of both soccer titles each year. Electronic Arts is not getting their acts right these days, The RUN drags n freezes on my 6gb ram nvidia system and now FIFA 13 can’t even work. DAMN! Any body with a workable solution for me? Or maybe i should just 4get FIFA 13 for good cos it seems the game is an issue i’ll have to use a tissue and shove it down the toilet.

  68. pranav says:

    upgrade your graphic online
    i have updated my nvidia and problem is solved

  69. ankit says:

    i played fifa 13 for 2 season in carrer mode offline but 3rd season is getting crashed,it get automatically shut down to the desktop

  70. Faisal says:



  71. Alif Hamid says:

    I changed the aspect ratio but the problem’s still the same

  72. adi says:

    my fifa 13 gets stuck on the logo(pc)what should i do?? i have downloaded the latest versions of my video card also…but no change!!

  73. vineet says:

    Hi All,

    Does this gane pose any issues if I am using Direct X 11 instead of DirectX9?

  74. 123 says:

    career mode freezes & everytime i go online to have a match it freezes just before the game starts.. never buying fifa again, they cant even make a game work properly online or offline.. 50 pounds for a disc basically.

  75. man says:

    i have fifa13 on my PS3, it stucks every time when i want to load my saved career. what to do?

    • kitson says:

      same happend to me on xbox 360 after i uppdated the game.. but i cleared the cashe memory and delete almost every files releted to fifa 13 except the carrer saves then it worked to load my carrer save again. hope it works for you too good luck :)

  76. Rob says:

    I got to the third season on career mode just after the charity shield first prem game in it crashes when I press advance can any 1 help me please

  77. John says:

    when i click start game for which ever mode, it keeps crashing… i have windows media player, and I’ve tries #5 and #6 please help..

  78. Karl says:

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening? Is it something wrong with my PC?

  79. samh says:

    what do I do whenever I go to approach to buy a player it freezes :/

  80. kelbguy says:

    Fifa 13 career mode season 1 goes all good, but then halfway through the loading bar of season 2, the game freezes and turns itself off….????
    it happens every time, any help?

  81. mcdubwise says:

    I have the same problems as ian. When I want to edit my pro in career mode and I finish, I can’t advance. I deleted everything from FIFA 12 and any other FIFA game. Can someone please help?

  82. mcdubwise says:

    When I want to edit my pro in career mode and I finish, I can’t advance. I deleted everything from FIFA 12 and any other FIFA game. I don’t know what to do, it’s really pissing me off. Please help me out.

  83. Vinayak says:

    When i start fifa it works fine for 30 seconds… after that the game stucks.. but the commentary goes on.. plz help me out

  84. sithuaung says:

    I am playing fifa 13 on xbox 360. It always stops working after first season. How can I fix this?

  85. Daniel says:

    Hi I have a problem with fifa 13 in career .. ever, I started a new one, no problems, but now when I create a new and discover in the menu and I want to give a new day so I fifa shuts down and returns me back to the desktop.

    I apologize for my English but I am from the Czech Republic :)

  86. Joey says:

    When I play Fifa I have no sound at all. No commentary or music. But with all the other games I have I do have sound. What is the problem with Fifa 13??

    • Mrdatel666 says:

      Hi. Well I had same issue and what helped was launching Fifa 13 and then alt+tabbing to windows to click the little speaker you have in the right bottom corner on your windows taskbar. Then choose mixer and mute sound for fifa, then enable it again. See you mate

  87. SuperSaiyyan says:

    Can anybody post here the process of removing the free agents in career mode … ??? Plzzz …

  88. OFIR says:

    The keyboard does not work at all when I entered the game

  89. sims says:

    fifa13 game is not starting in my laptop… this is happining after i reloaded my os to lap,plz anybody help me

  90. sims says:

    i am using dell inspiron n5110(nvdia 525m graphic card), and i am having a problem with game fifa13…the game is not starting,it was starting before formatting my lap, but now not getting it. i dont no whether some files are missing or something out of it, bcoz it is not showing the msg error msg also. plz anybody help me out…..

  91. bogdan says:

    my game crashes in career mode after I finish playing the first match. After the final whistle I get to see the match stats and when I select advance to go forward to the main screen it crashes.

  92. ian says:

    Every time i go to edit my player,in career mode,i do what i have to do,then,when i press circle to go back,it says my squad is full,and ive been put on the free agents lists!! Its really annoying,ive deleted all FIFA 12 data,and my game face data,and it continues to keep me in edit mode,and i cant get out,im comin close to snappin my disc in 2 and forgeting FIFA ever existed,its a lousy game,and im utterly dissapointed!!!

  93. 123 says:

    fifa 13 is completely broken, career mode freezes on & offline, everything about this game is frustrating.. 50 pounds for a disc basically.

  94. Neil Philip says:

    My game crashes after choosing play game…I tried by running it as administrator..but doesnt work!

  95. rajdaiya says:

    same happens wid me
    when i click on play match n then black screen n game closes
    plz help meeeee i want to play fifa 13

  96. Yannick13 says:

    Hi ,

    I still have career crashes in Fifa 13 for PC . I reinstalled NVIDIA drivers , I don’t have a gameface (it’s a self-created character , right ?), I updated everything there is to update , I tried loading the career , saving it to another name and deleting the other one , my windows 7 is up to date , Origin is up to date , Fifa is up to date . What else could there be wrong ? The online support they provide is only on forums or is there anyone I can contact to solve the problem ?
    Or could you guys help ?

    Thanks a lot .

  97. Ka says:

    este apagar todos os problemas em FIFA 13: FIFA 13_fixer 1.2.exe:

  98. daniel worthington says:

    whats happened to me is that when ever i go to play on fifa 13 career mode and go to play a game the football is invisible. so all of the players are running round chasing adter an invisible football. please help

  99. Vick says:

    I’ve played half a season in career mode but now it crashes every time i want to play the “next match”. Help?

  100. Niels says:

    Game crashes after the logo, tried a few times but no result

  101. sohaib says:

    Crashes After the Game Logo .. i tried what u hav mentione above but it dosen’t work

  102. Arkorful K K says:

    I’m using aspire 551G (ACER) and fifa13 does not work at all on my machine,i downloaded it from cat-A-cat

  103. wacko898 says:

    I cannot change the player movement controls. I am playing from keyboard (laptop) and have changed all the other controls like pass, thru ball, sprint, tackle etc. but cannot change the player movement like player up, down, left, right. I press Enter when on the player up, down and press the desired key like arrow key up, but it doesnt change.

    WHT TO DO?


  104. steveeeee says:

    FIFA 13 fall me down to Windows if I choose language and after chosing load game, click to my load game and fall to windows. please help me.

  105. kevin says:

    When i am loading fifa 13 up it freezes when updating the EAS Store Catalouge and i can not seem to fix it, any help would be much appreciated.

  106. Teodor says:

    Guys,I have the “play match” problem…i did the thing in point 5 but it doesn’t work…i changed the resolution from the fifasetup file but it still doesn’t…any suggestions? :/

  107. akshay says:

    not opening by clicking fifa.exe..! plzzz help me

  108. Dushilino says:

    Mine Doesn’t Come On At All. After Running It On My Laptop Noting Comes Up, But I Don’t Know If It is Because i’m using Window 8

  109. ryannn says:

    my game just keeps of flashing in and out of the game!! PLZ HELPPPP!

  110. SoWhAt249 says:

    When i go to EAS FC match day and i press Kick Off and when i choose the clubs and the jerseys sometimes it crashes but sometimes it waits until i get to the next menu and when i press start match it always crashes. PLS i hav enever played this game and i so wanna play it.

  111. york11 says:

    Hi Guys!
    I need a little help. My menu contols do not work. I just can do actions with the mouse. So when I start a single game I just can’t skip the training before it because of my problem. Please help :D

  112. Fernando Torres says:

    “FIFA games usually don’t give much trouble, ”
    ARE you f**king kdding me! I had accumulated over about 60 seasons in FIFA 12 but acrosss different saves, because each time it decides to crash in the year 2021 or something.
    FIFA 13 did not have to be made(my career mode is seemingly crashed in the second season now). They just needed to make a FIFA that does not crash. Screw messi’s 360 super duper precise dribbling and flashy crap; THE ONLY THING NEEDED IS A FIFA THATS UN-CRASHABLE.

  113. WAC says:

    Playing in career mode and onto my 2nd season in January and my game crashes and nothing I can do. 2 weeks effort gone. Seriously unimpressed that they put a game on the market without adequate testing

  114. tino says:

    I start the game, everything works fine. but then when i clicked kickoff everything went wrong, it crashed, help please. just before i click play match

  115. Thomas says:

    PS3- game just stops when playing seasons/online. It says “found oponent” and goes to arena…then nothing happens and i have to exit the game. ? It says zero players online…I DOUBT THAT!!

  116. Rolf says:

    My fifa works up until i click play match then it crashes.. how do i fix this? i tried changing the aspect ratio to 1 and i am running as administrator but the problem still persists… Please help

  117. god says:

    the game always crashes when I go to “play match”. I’m so annoyed

  118. Casualer says:

    Game crashes and exits on “Welcome To Fifa 13 screen”.
    What should I do?
    Thank you.

  119. Shubham says:

    Whenever I change the resolution, they show this- E0001. I am playing the game on its lowest resolution(800*600).. But I am dying to play it on better resolutions.

  120. KING says:


    • Ali Asif says:

      Politeness, is a thing my friend. Anyway, if your head gets cool, read the news about the upcoming fix to address the connectivity and crash issues.

      • Fernando Torres says:


        I agree with KING. Ali, if you saved up and bought a BMW on the RELEASE DATE, with one brake pad short and would you drive around with bliss waiting for a fix from BMW?No. Do gametesters even test these games?
        And these ‘fixes’ are a load of crap; FIFA 12 still has more issues than anything.

        Have a good day.

        (PS. ORigin is a load of crap as well)

      • Fernando Torres says:


        I agree with KING. Ali, if you saved up and bought a BMW on the RELEASE DATE, with one brake pad short and would you drive around with bliss waiting for a fix from BMW?No. Do gametesters even test these games?
        And these ‘fixes’ are a load of crap; FIFA 12 still has more issues than anything.

        Have a good day.

        (PS. ORigin is a load of crap as well)

  121. Urvik says:

    One of my friends downloaded the game n then we downloaded crack from SKIDROW.It worked fine in his lappy but doesn work in mine.We both have almost same config still it crashes and creates some file named FIFACrashDump_CL1184026_2012.10.08_16.36.52.dmp!!
    I need help!!!

  122. 77sony77 says:


    I’m having some really bizarre issues regarding switching players in all matches. Have tried the gamepad and keyboard alike and nothing works. Anybody have any ideas ?…………….

    It always stays on one player and cannot change or switch at all. Tried AUTO, Manual and Air…


  123. leon says:

    I`m still stuck at problem 5. Tried both ideas, but nothing worked…The game still crashes when I try to play a match

  124. 123 says:

    i can’t believe how shit this game is, people should just tell them to stick the next Fifa up their ass.. There is ALWAYS something wrong with Fifa now. I got it specifically for career mode OFFLINE & it’s broken. I reckon they knew it was fucked but sold it anyway.. stupid twats.

  125. Kiddo says:

    I cannot play be a pro match everytime I play Be a pro The game crash

  126. NIVID says:

    I’m not getting full-screen !!! Any solutions ?!?!!!

  127. sagar says:

    after reaching 2014 in career mode,after finishing the world championship it crashes….please help me……

  128. Bernardo says:

    Hello.. My Fifa 13 doesnt not even starts, i click twice in the icon, and it does nothing

  129. Works Fast says:




  130. leo says:

    i had the problem with the logo screen…i changed to it wont open at all..

  131. Hussain Gani says:

    Why in my Fifa 13 Career Modes, whilst simulating in the Calendar (pressed Advanced) it freeze? The music stops, the scoreline at the bottom stops and no controls work on the PS3 altogether. It is really frustarting, I am 3/4 into my season and this has happened twice now. I have never had a problem like this on all the other previous FIFA editions. What can I do to fix this problem? I have even rebuilt my database, restored my PS3 system and restored file system yet it freezes still. Any advise?

    • john says:

      I have found that in career mode it crashes when you are about to sign a player. If you dont try to sign any players or free agents then you are ok, just when they are about to agree the contract it fooks up. have a good youth policy and dont sign anyone and your ok. shouldnt be like this, load of shite for £40!

  132. kay says:

    i already fullfill all the min. requirement for this game n plus i bought an original cd i tried everything but it seem when i start to kick off or career mode match its straight away blank n go to desktop it say appchrashed…can u pliz help me
    im running vista…

  133. kay says:

    My game crashes when I’m going for a Kick-Off match or a career mode match.

    I’ve tried everything possible, help me please!

    i already fullfill all the min. requirement for this game n plus i bought an original cd i tried everything but it seem when i start to kick off or career mode match its strat away blank n go to desktop it say appchrashed…can u pliz help me

  134. dylan says:

    whenever i try and sign in on my online account on the main page it says Updating EAS FC Catalogue… and wont load. does anyone know how i could fix this i tried deleting the EAS FC CATALOGUE update in the hard drive but it still didnt work if someone could please help me out it would be appreciated!

  135. nidheesh says:

    i tried both #5 and #6 but still the game crashes without any notifications when i start the match

  136. nidheesh says:

    i tried both #5 and #6 but still the game crashes without any notifications when i start the game

  137. Jamie Cordova says:

    My game crashes when I’m going for a Kick-Off match or a career mode match.

    I’ve tried everything possible, help me please!

  138. XileX says:

    my game dont starting if i start the cracked file in fifa folder fifa logo appears then it disappears ,and if i start the game from crack’s folder it starts but it quits the game quick and creates a file: FIFACrashDump_CL1184026_2012.10.08_16.36.52.dmp

    • Urvik says:

      Same here man…
      One of my friends downloaded the game n then we downloaded crack from SKIDROW.It worked fine in his lappy but doesn work in mine.We both have almost same config still it crashes and creates some file named FIFACrashDump_CL1184026_2012.10.08_16.36.52.dmp!!
      I need help!!!

  139. levon says:

    i am third season with psg and my career mode crashes without a reason no edit players no cheats nothing!i try everything..i go offline and the same thing crshes to desktop :( i am deleting all the files of fifa 12 and the same crash..any idea which can be helpfull?

    • makaveli says:

      hey me too ,i got no gameface to deleat , i keep going on may 30 and it freezes,
      11 and 12 did the similer thing too . they havent fixed them . so they aint gonna fix this anytime soon. anyway i think its a bug in the formations when u edit them . try starting over but without making any edits of formations . its bolocks because most of the formations they got are shite

  140. 123 says:

    This game is horrible, Career mode freezes & Every match i have like 70% of the possession & about 10-12 shots.. & The computer has 1 shot & scores everytime.. You can have the fastest player on the game vs the slowest defender & the defender always catches you up??.. This Isnt Fifa, EA have Ruined it completely in my opinion.. Iv never taken a game back b4 but with this i am 100%.

  141. JP Rock says:

    I’m using Xbox360. Whenever I want to load a Career I started as a Manager IT FREEZES. I have started new careers as a manager and played on to almost a year, but when I save and want to load back to it, it just freezes. I even have started nerw ones whotout doing anything and it doesn’t load but only freezes. I have a Career as a player and it wokrs fine. I mostly like to play as Manager so it is a BIG BUMMER. I cleared the cache, delited prior careers and started new ones on my hard drive. Nothing seems to work. I need help.

  142. Frank says:

    In career mode VP I will go to edit pro to change boots or shirt or traits and when I’m done I will try to exit but it says “the spurs team is full your player has been sent to free agents” something like that and it won’t let me exit so I have to restart the game… For it being Fifa 13 I expect a game a lot better… FIFA 10!!!

  143. Sebastian says:

    Every time I try to play a game, just stop it and go straight to the desktop on my pc! Have try to change settings, does not work! Can anyone help me?

  144. Kirk killackey says:

    Everytime I finish playing a career match, go to the results screen and it freezes. £40 for this, not very happy. It’s the same for that last boxing game ea bought out, that too freezes on career mode, still not fixed a year later. Sort ya shit out!!!!!!

  145. Dan Hammond says:

    No ball is coming up when I play in carrear mode there is just no ball

  146. me says:

    omg what is it these days with bringing out games that don’t work :/ get your shit together ea and fix this

  147. 123 says:

    im offline & career mode still freezes, are they actually going to fix it? ALOT of people only got this shit for career mode.

  148. Liam says:

    Harish, i fixed that problem myself by going into settings and changing the matchball. has worked fine ever since for me

  149. Harish says:

    Hi – I am unable to see the ball in the second season of career mode.

  150. Rana says:

    white flashes on the field are appearing while i’m playing the game….plz help!!!!!!

  151. Joe 2 says:

    Mines freezes after the game on may 1st when the results are being read it is so annoying and I have deleted my game face. Suggestions?

  152. Nick says:

    I’m playing the Seasons mode on FIFA 13…anybody know some possible reasons why I constantly search for opponents but never get games? Or it sends me to a match that doesn’t actually exist?

  153. Mark says:

    I’ve got Fifa 13 on the xbox 360. On my career mode it seems that players from all other teams aren’t growing in potential at all (after half of the game), while almost all of my own players have grown at least 3 or 4 in potential.
    I wonder if that’s normal or there’s something wrong with it.

  154. David says:

    I’ve got this on PC Windows 7, I use logitech f510 controllers. The game shuts down my computer, ie it switches off completely, then needs start-up repair or freezes onscreen with a buzzing sound. Task manager won’t work when it freezes. I either want it fixed or I want a refund, I downloaded it, will I be able to get a refund?

  155. Reece says:

    When I sometimes take a freekick on ultimate team, the screen just goes black. Done it several times and it causing my DNF to go down.

  156. jamie says:

    fifa is good but im in my second season on career mode. for some reason all loaned players from the year before are still out on loan for e.g carroll, sahin, harry kane are all unavailable to buy and still at there loanee clubs.. why im i the only one who picked this up? this is shocking to see some many glitches from ea

  157. Luke says:

    Same problem as many others, on the 30th of May my game freezes.. but in mine it only happened second season.. ive deleted my game face data, and dont think i have EAs central app (If i do i dont know where to find it).. Please help!

  158. york11 says:

    Hi Guys!
    I want to play FIFA 13 on PC but every time I create a save and want to choose my EAS FC club it crashes and it goes on every time I try to play.
    Please help me how can I fix it. Can’t live without FIFA :)

  159. Prince says:

    I just bought FIFA 13 and after i select language inside the game it crashes i have 6gb ram AMD Processor 3.10GHZ 1Gb Graphics Nvidia 550i and using windows 8 Enterprise N PLease help me i cant play game and i did all what u said bt nothing helped…
    Thanx In Advance

  160. Sa,y says:

    i dint’t even manage to play a single game coz it always crashes when it gets to the is this we paid 50 pounds jst to have it in our pc ant not able to play it?? HELP FOR GODS SAKE

  161. Miguel says:

    Hey everyone! Im a PS3 fifa player and have been having the exact same problems with manager mode. Just went to my game files and deleted my game face data and it loaded first time and working like new again. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

  162. Abhay says:

    EA PLz sort out the crash thing ASAP… Can’t live widout Fifa ! :(

  163. Fifa4life says:

    where are these patches for download?? PS3??

  164. 123 says:

    They get away with making another broken game, its the same every year.. there’s always something wrong with Fifa nowadays.. Fifa 14 will be the same, then Fifa 15… EA need to let sum1 els make it.

  165. Giochi says:

    EA released some patches to download.

  166. jamie L says:

    Fifa wtf is going on! crashed over 20 times since friday night taking the piss cant even do a manager mode shitty fucking shit SORT IT OUT FFS

  167. colm says:

    Pah!! Playing on 360. Simmed the last six games of season one with Bradford City, now in season two. The ball will not load, at all. The players react as if its there but it is completely invisible. Quite difficult to defend against. Also experiencing crash at the end of the August 2013 transfer window. The team info screens seem to be glitching out as well as being incredibly slow. See ya later €60. Any help/ comments appreciated, have already deleted all fifa 12 info. Will wipe it all and start again. Boo to you EA. Not impressed.

  168. 123 says:

    fifa 13 career mode is broken, all the hype for nothing AGAIN. they can’t sell broken games, SORT IT OUT.

  169. thijsie says:

    thats it…i will never buy an ea game again..manager mode keeps crashin at the first simulation fucks my ps3 up..ea can suck a phat babys dick..i dnt care if they fix done with ea..wish 2k make good soccer game

  170. mikey31092 says:

    My Fifa crashes completely at on the 30th May at the end of the first season. No music, no response from it at all, actually crashes my xbox.

    Any help?

  171. luke says:

    what a joke fifa can fuck off im buying pro 13

  172. Ben Storer says:

    same shit different system, crashing when trying to sign my loan players! can EA at least release a statement letting us know that we haven’t flushed £40 down the toilet?!? really thinkin bout getting a refund and purchasing pro evo! fifa sucks!

  173. Ali Asif says:

    Guys, has any of you contacted support about the issue of game freezing in the career mode etc? (specially on consoles). This will help to resolve the issue faster as they will be officially notified by the problem.

  174. kevin says:

    Fuckin shit spent 4 hours on fifa what happens fuckin freezes didnt save,spent another 2 hours screen freeze again didnt save SORT IT OUT

  175. Patrick says:

    I play fifa on ps3 and am having huge issues with the season menu. about one in every 3 or 4 times I connect to an opponent then get taken away to the loading screen with the one on one with the keeper, it just stays in that one on one screen and never goes on to the game. maybe its a connection problem but surely they can put a quit option in as the only way to get back to the game menu is to quit the whole game and go load it up agian. very annoying. does fifa need to have 100 loading screens when it starts up? this game is a rip off man its exactly the same as fifa 12, i never get mad at a game like i do when i play fifa. the AI players are stupid and you never have any time to do anything with the online lag it just isn’t smooth and theres no point playing against the computer as its so sytematic. why can’t they make it fun? fifa 06 is the best fifa of all time i enjoy playing it more than any that have been released since because its FUN not trying to be overly realistic and failing. and the players look stupid. whats with their expressions or lack there of? they look like stick figures with photographs of players faces stuck to their heads. they can’t smile for some reason. its 2012 surely there’s better tchnology out there. EA is a piece of shit. 2K would make an insane football game.

    • clarky1205 says:

      What about season mode on 360. when you play a game it is recording 2 results. if you win a game it gives you 6 pts lose 1 and it shows LL in results stats. nuts!!!

    • Stu says:

      I am having the exact same problem. Sometimes I load up seasons mode only for it to tell me I don’t have an online pass, even though I played it the last few days. Secondly, when it does decide to let me play season mode and I get to the one on one screen before the start of a game it don’t Fucking do anything!!!!!! It just stays on this screen until I get pissed off with waiting and turn it off, this is happening continuosly. I know this is just a game but we pay our hard earned money to get messed about. It seems one thing after another with PS3 and Fifa 13 in particular. Not happy!

  176. michael says:

    Just got through first season with Liverpool with Carroll, spearing and mukendi out on loans and Sahin at the club as a loanee.
    Just started 2nd season and the only loan return I got was mukendi and sahin is still loaned at my club.
    So unless loans are 12 months long, I can only come to the conclusion that the game is screwed?

  177. matteo says:

    I love Fifa 13, i have this HUUUGGE problem thats really bugging me. i play on PS3. for some unknown reason when i go into any game, the game play lagggggsss and it feels like slow motion. i don’t know why this is doing all this. you guys need to fix it ASAp

  178. jordan says:

    mine freezes on the 7th of july every time and its just after i offer angelo henriquez a contract but as soon as i press the “B” button to go back it crashes, and ive tried it over and over again about 30-40 times but ive had no luck please help!!!!!!!

    • tom says:

      exactly the same for me. just starting my 3rd season and cant get past 7th july. apparently removing any free agents is meant to solve the problem, but when i go to sell players, it freezes! can’t win! refund please.

  179. nick sacheli says:

    trying to do a transfer my whole fucking system freezes when i click on want to offer the club money to buy kinda pisses me off

  180. Morad says:

    Seriously it is so annoying to buy a game for such an expensive price and not be able to even play a single GAME. I am so MAD. Before you release a game like this, fucking check EVERYTHING damn it. I can’t do a shit… keep freezing and crashing. THIS SUCKS.

  181. Sam says:

    This is a JOKE all these problems already with FIFA 13 and its only been out 2 seconds, on my ps3 i go on career mode pick my team then edit the minutes and diificulty an that, then i do my managers name and how he will look then click advance, then like a news article comes up about my manager and his new club and the loading bar reaches the end and then freezes ive tried it about 20 times now and still no luck pleaseeeee !!!! someone help me ???
    every FIFA i have ever bought there has always been a certain problem in each one takes the mick, youd expect better from such a popular and well talked about game :(

    • Phil says:

      i can’t believe that on consoles there are so many different problems with the game. I play it on PC and in career mode as manager the games plays fine until i save my progress then quit the game, then when i load up the game go to career and load the career i was playing the game crashes, but on my be a pro career it works fine it only crashes on the manager career. The reason why most ppl buy consoles to play games is because of the ability to just put the disk in and away you go not to put in the disk load up the game and have so many issues, sounds like the Console players are having the same problem as us PC gamers how did EA make this possible. EA sort out your game because when PES 14 comes out i will buy that instead of FIFA 14. I paid £40 for a faulty game and can not return it to the shop because the product installs and i am able to play it, so just because EA has released a faulty product i am £40 down until they decide to fix all these issues i can’t play manager mode at the moment because i am sick of having to start a new career every time i want to play in manager mode.

  182. Jamie says:

    I have the same PS3 issue with manager mode not going past May 31 after I enter contract details for a player I’d loaned with an option to buy. I don’t have a game face to delete or an internet connection connected to my PS3 either.
    This is totally retarded. The game is awesome I’d just like to be able to play longer than a season.

  183. Aveneel says:

    I get an error while starting the game on PC-
    “We are unable to connect to the EA servers to activate FIFA Soccer 13 on this computer from your account.Please try again later.”


    Please help me!

  184. Aveneel says:

    I get an error while starting the game on PC-
    “We are unable to connect to the EA servers to activate FIFA Soccer 13 on this computer from your account.Please try again later.”

    <a href=";.

    Please help me!

  185. jaideep says:

    am playing fifa 13 on pc and the game still crashes after chossing play match.
    i have done all the above changes but they do not work

    please HELP!!!!!

    • Ameen says:

      Hey Jaideep i have found a fix for that. When you are on the menu screen with the play match button just go to your desktop using ctrl+esc or alt+tab and then back to the game.. Its works for me but it took a whole day to figure that out though.. happy gaming ;)

  186. Adam says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have just completed my first season on manager mode, i bought chamberlan at the start of the season on loan with a option to buy him in the deal just offered him his contract which he has accepted and when i went to accept/reject to accept the contract the game completely freezes I have tried it a few times and it just says the same thing! any suggestions of what i can do?

  187. Joe says:

    Do you have to delete your game face on the website or can you do it on the game

  188. Chantal says:

    Als we op de Xbox seizoenen willen spelen en het team geselecteerd hebben dan word er gezocht naar een tegenstander, vervolgens zegt de Xbox dat de verbinding met de tegenstander verbroken is.(er was nog geen tegenstander gevonden). Of wanneer je bij het inschieten voor de wedstrijd, wanneer je, normaal gesproken op start moet drukken, komt er dus niks in beeld, we kunnen niet op start drukken en ook niet terug. Zo hebben wij al 10 keer in een uur tijd de Xbox aan en uit moeten zetten. Heeft iemand hier een oplossing voor?

  189. potato says:

    I’m on Xbox 360 and have just started my second season on manager career, my first game of the season is a against west ham and I simulated it. At the end of the game it had the guy saying the results of all the games but after the first result it freezes. I then restarted it and the same thing happened again so I turned itoff again then waited about half an hour and turned it back on, and it happened again so I restarted it, played the match, and it froze again when saying the results. Does anyone know if there is a way I can fix it without starting a new career?

    • potato says:

      Also, I don’t know if it’s related but all the players that were loaned out before I started the career didn’t come back after the season even though it said it was a season long loan, and it still said that they were loaned out.

  190. Will says:

    Hello EA
    LOVE the GAME!! I play FIFA 13 on my PS3 and after playing thru a few months in Career Mode I found a BIG PROBLEM.I CAN’T GO TO SELL PLAYERS MENY!!! It Freezes every time i click on sell players, and i have to restart the whole console. Not only that, the squad meny is very lagy.

  191. 123 says:

    iv done 8 different career modes, all 8 have just froze within the 1st 10 games. i only got fifa 13 for career mode, im never buying fifa again because there is ALWAYS something wrong with it…

  192. thiago mendes says:

    FIFA 13 is a joke dont buy it !!!!!

  193. thiago mendes says:

    the season sucks it keeps telling me that it was a problem with the online squad “please try again later” ???????????????????? wtfff ea sports ??? do something about it asap !!!!!!!

  194. Blade says:

    On the Xbox 360 I start a career, save it to go do something else then when I try to load the career back up it crashes my Xbox every time, it happened 15 times last night, started a new career this morning and it’s doing it again, did I pay £50 to not be able to play it?? What’s going on?

  195. Terry says:

    FIFA 13 can suck my dick, won’t even let me past 30th may like the others have mentioned well and truely pissed off!!!!

  196. adam says:

    got fifa on thursday crashd allnight in all modes been playn ultimate team n pro vlubs alot crashd so many times half way fru a match :@ has destroyd my win t games playd n dnf per cent, hav to knock ig off on the mains at least 5 tymes a day

  197. Matevž says:

    Hy again,

    I’ve wrote here already but my comment was deleted. Was it deleted cus you are working on it or cus I already should get the answer on my email (I have nothing on my email, or is problem somewhere else. Anyhow I know there has been many comments so I know that if you are working on it it’s alot of work.

    Another thing, is EA working on some patches that will prevent this and if so when do you think they will be available and where.


  198. brad says:

    question, going into career mode, wanting to swap my created team into the npower league, but cant find the created team? only find it on exibition match

  199. Kvernmo says:

    Delete your Gameface JOE! That will work.

  200. joe says:

    On PS3, every time I try to load one of my saved career modes (there are four, 2 of which are auto saves of the 2nd) It loads the career mode home screen then freezes before I can click on anything. The music stops and I cant leave that screen, I also cannot use the ps button to quit the game and have to tun off my console using the button on the ps3. What do I do?

  201. christian 777 says:

    Im using ps3 and the fifa game bought from best buy. on may 30th of my first season as a coach it keeps freezing. I tried to delete all fifa 12 And its still not going throu may 30th.

    • shaun says:

      Hi, i had the same problem with the 360 version. I had to set up my 360 console from scratch by deleting everything. Then when i tried to play fifa 13 without anyother info stored on my console i was able to progress incareer mode to season 2. So far so good. Good luck.

      • christian 777 says:

        so you just delete all on your ps3 also your seved in fifa 13

      • mike says:

        Doesn’t matter. I’ve played through 3 careers(coach), and all of them had the “same date” freeze eventually. It’s a joke that EA released this game like this.

        • Ali Asif says:

          It’s hard to believe that so many people are facing the issue on consoles. I just hope that the issues will be taken into consideration soon and they will fix it as when it comes to consoles, you can’t do much to fix the issue due to limited customization.

          • Derek says:

            This could backlash against E.A and customers could go to p.e.s. I’ve got all the fifa games. I really enjoy the career mode. With if crashing on me all the time I’ve lost interest in fifa until problem is resolved. The game shouldn’t have been released in such condition

  202. Anonymous says:

    Problem #5 .. PLEASE HELP .. got this copy of fifa with great difficulty .. “NOTHING HAPPENS AFTER THE EST 2011 logo” !!!!!

  203. Ace says:

    On the 30th of May 2013 on my season it always freezes and it just annoys me.

  204. levy126 says:

    hey. im able half way through my carrer as man city on xbox 360 and im at the end of the mid season deadline date and my game crashes ive tryed deleting stuff (appart from my carrer) and nothing has worked. what will help and when is there going ti be a update to fix this bullcrap.?!?

  205. Ish says:

    I have a ps3 and i played the first career mode season with my virtual pro fine. in my second sason i got loaned and although ever match the manager sys he s going to put me in every match has been a sim instead. this has gone on throughout half of the second season. what do I do?

  206. raghav says:

    when i start a match except practice arena or skill games the game automatically stops,the screen appears black for 2 to 3 seconds.then im back at the desktop. can you please help me , im not able to play a single match. whats the problem

  207. Rashed al felaij says:

    FIFA 13 on ps3. When I play seasons and press “play season match ” it says ” ” there was problem with the online squad check.!!!!”
    I know it’s not my connect. Help please

  208. Jiri says:

    My comment was about the xbox 360 controller on the xbox 360 console and is a wireless controller.

  209. Jiri says:

    My controller freezes sometimes after I press start.. And it only happends to me while playing fifa. What ever I do, it will not continue to work. The only button working is the Xbox button. So now I am forced to leave an other winning game.. :S

  210. sam says:

    It takes me about 3 or 4 attempts to get an online season match to work. Also it will load up and lose connection straight away leaving me to search for an opponent again. Any ideas to stop this happening?

  211. emron says:

    Well I play on the career mode and when i press advance to make days pass it sometimes freezes. So annoying. ps3

  212. Xbox says:

    Im play on Xbox and had the game crash on career mode where the game will not advance beyond a certain point in the season, it simply crashes and even if you re-load it, does not work.

    I managed to fix it by changing all the game settings (Difficulty, time of each half, game speed etc) and then saving it as a new save game. (I.E dont overrite the old one just save it as a new career 1 or what ever) then I restarted the console and continued career instead of load career and it worked for me.

  213. Luka says:

    hello. i have a weird problem. i bought the ps3 version and my system doesn’t even read the disc. all other games works but when i put in fifa 13 it doesn’t even recognise a disc in it and later on the motor for pulling the disc in and out starts for a second and the disc stays in and nothing happens. but when i put the fifa 13 in my other ps3 which is jailbroken, the game is recognised(but of course i don’t boot cause it would have to update). any solutions? i tried everything, resetted the settings, unplugged the ps3 etc. thanks

  214. christian 777 says:

    Im using ps3 and the fifa game bought from best buy. on may 30th of my first season as a coach it keeps freezing. I tried to delete all fifa 12 And its still not going throu may 30th.

  215. christian 777 says:

    who to delete the ea sports central app

  216. christian 777 says:

    Im using ps3 and the fifa game bought from best buy. on may 30th of my first season as a coach it keeps freezing. I tried to delete all fifa 12 and 11 files and all fifa 13 files except my career mode (deleted the autosave also and my virtual pro) And its still not going throu may 30th.

  217. michael says:

    wow. career mode was working just fine when i didn’t sign in and now during the summer transfers of my second season it crashes a few days before my first pre-season match. i deleted all the files from fifa 12. deleted game face. the only files i have are my fifa 13 career mode, squad update, EA catalogue and profile settings. it keeps freezing on the same date when i advance. anyone having the same issue?

    • Joseph says:

      Same stuff, It keeps freezing when I go into manager Career mode and use my credits to get international “call up” to manage, when I try and play again, it freezes, WTF…

  218. Ben says:

    So if we want to play fifa 13 crash free we should delete ALL FIFA 12 content from our system. Including previous Career Modes and such?

    I’m on XBox 360 the problem seems to be if you transfer ANY of the default roster free agents then CM will freeze immediately. I simmed to January with a Created Creation Centre team and with edited rosters with no problems, bought players, played a game, simmed games, scouted players…. Try multiple CM options only thing that seemed to be the game changer was FA being moved prior to CM to actual teams.
    Either way UGH

  219. joost says:

    Fixed it, deleted the gameface, installed the game, works fine now :), thanks everyone.

  220. joost says:

    My career freezes when I try to load it, weird thing is, my career where it’s just me as a player loads fine, but it’s the manager ones that freeze when I load it, plz help?

  221. joost says:

    My career freezes when I try to load it, weird thing is, my other career where it’s just me as a player works fine, the manager ones( all 2 of them don’t work ) are freezing when I try to load, plz help?

  222. Michael workman says:

    On my first season on career mode, just played my first friendly and the game crashes if I go on sell players. I’m on ps3 and have deleted all fifa 12 saves etc.

  223. Sam says:

    Ive played Fifa 13 today on PS3 and there is one consistent error, on career mode when you start a match you see the players line up, shake hands etc, but when it gets to the point where it will show you, your team and the opponents team line up the game will freeze then I will have to restart my console it has happened 6 times at the exact same point. (I’m playing career mode with my created team from creation centre I don’t know if that has an effect, and I’ve not downloaded a game face) How can I stop this? or do I have to wait and hope for EA to make a patch.

  224. Mathias says:

    Everytime i start a match in online season mode. It disconnects just before the match is starting to play. no prob in fiffa 12,

    what could it be?

    I play xbox360

  225. Mathias says:

    Everytime i start a match in online season mode. It disconnects just before the match is starting to play. no prob in fiffa 12,

    what could it be?

    I play xbox360.

  226. Matevž says:


    I have a problem with crush also. Mine happens in kickoff mode when I’m selecting teams. Also I already played one game in Ultimate team and crush happened after I played it.

    please help,

  227. Fifa 13 Player says:

    The commentary just -can not- work, because the files are corrupted. You can check this for yourself, look at for example “english_gb.big” for your language. It is about 400kb and must have a size of ~500mb.

    EA knows this issue, PC Users like me all have to wait for a patch.
    If you want commentary right now, you can set origin to english(US) and reinstall the game because the “english_US.big” file is the only correct one till now.

    I will just wait for a fix and then set or download GB english commentary instead of the german one.

  228. chris says:

    Same problem as above! Ultimate team starts loading then says it is unable to connect to ultimate team and returns me to the start menu.

  229. chris says:

    Same problem as above! Ultimate starts loading then says it is unable to connect to ultimate team and returns me to the start menu.

  230. James says:

    After creating an online virtual pro for the online clubs and downloading game face and playing online a bit, i went back to my career (which worked fine all day) now it crashes on the load… (XBOX 360)

  231. jordzz2812 says:


    I have a ps3, and I just bought fifa 13. Everything on it works and I am loving it, EXCEPT the Fifa Ultimate Team. Everytime I go to select my starting team for the first time, it starts to load “Loading fifa ultimate team” then after about 10 seconds it says “error connecting to fifa ultimate team, returning to main menu”. HELP ME PLEASE!

  232. foolmoon says:

    had problem #6 and after doing this: it worked for me

  233. Albin says:

    I’m still having the #5 issue and I’ve done all you said. Any more possible solutions?

  234. Vincent says:

    I’ve got a problem, when i want to load a carrer the game crashes and come back to the desktop … every time, what can i do ? Your help on this bug is only for Xbox 360 :/

  235. Josh Nowlan says:

    I am having problems when attempting to play a match in career mode, as the game freezes before the training skills warm up. This also occurred in the Fifa 13 early release edition, can you please advise me on what to do, I have deleted my game face from fifa 13 and it stil does it.

  236. DyVo says:

    I’ve tried all different settings, but the game keeps stuttering. While the Fifa 13 demo was running smoothly. Also some sidelines disappear during the skill games. My specs are:

    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
    Intel Core i7 @ 2.30GHz
    8,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz
    Generic PnP Monitor (1920×1080@60Hz)
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

    So, I think it does meet the system requirements..?

  237. dominick says:

    Like many people here fifa 13 just crashes at start up. I see the fifa est 2011 logo come up then the screen goes black and then nothing. Installing graphics drivers changed nothing nor did a reinstallation of fifa 13….

  238. Zombie says:

    On-load freezing of careers is due to the gameface. But the in-career freezing has nothing to do with gameface.(well it may as well, but i have no created content, including game face.) Ive tried 3 different careers as a manager, and all three freeze in certain places in the specific career. Like my Milan manager game, it freezes just after the second fixture in the first season against Napoli. Ive tried simming, playing, and skipping via calendar. All attempts lead to complete system freeze. Which makes it unable to get any farther in the career. A similar freeze happens in my Manager Career as PSG chief. I had previously made a deal with flamengos for their youngster Adryan before saving. After i had saved i advanced a couple of days then the option to sign Adryan pops up. No matter what I choose there(Sign/Reject/Stall) The game freezes. And since I had saved after the deal was done, it happens everytime i load as well, making that saved career unable to advance. The third occasion was again different and i was actually screwed out of 2000FCC. I started a Manager Career as York City. I then used the FCC(Fifa Club Coins or whatever the hell they are called) to buy the Club Buyout Item from the catalog. I was going to make them into a top premier team. To my own foolishness i did not save right after the purchase of the club. Instead I bought quite a few players and tried to advance once, and it froze. When I reloaded, I had only approx 240,000 dollars(starting amount), none of the players i bought, and did not get the 2000 coins back. It’s very sad that EA can not extensively test one of the games biggest parts. It’s very frustrating and disheartening to be so amped up for a game to come out, finally get the game, and play for 8 hours, and for it to be AMAZING, only to lose that save game due to an impassable freeze. 8 hours of my life gone, for nothing. And thats just one career. Ive done 3. And on my 4th now.

    • harryboy says:

      The same thing is happening to me on my Xbox 360. I’m playing as a player on a career got sent out on loan and I’m now about 20 games in to the season and every time I try and play this fixture the screen goes black. I’ve tried starting a few games behind on a different save and as soon as I get to this fixture it breaks. I’m tempted to take the game back but I was so excited for it to come out.

    • michael says:

      hey man, i had the same issue. the only way around this for now is if you don’t sign in.

  239. Trane says:

    Hi guys.I have a problem with audio.I cant hear commentators,in settings it says: „undefined commentary“.Any ideas? Thanks

  240. Raposatfc says:

    I’ve played 19 online games so far, but right now every time I try to play I get stuck on the warm up screen. What should I do? I’m using PS3.

  241. raposatfc says:

    I have played 19 online games so far. But right now, every time I try to play a game I get stuck on the loading screen with the player against the goally. Have tried to disconnect everything and its still happening. What should I do? Btw I can’t leave this screen, so I need to quit the game and then turn it back on.

  242. Malte says:

    Nice posting

    but i still got a problem: i cant set my sound to surround or stereo. my notebook only supports stereo. The commentary audio issue makes me crazy… have no idea to fix it.
    sorry for my bad english, greetings from germany!

  243. MIZU34 says:

    I have FIFA 13 for the PS3, when it goes to show the replay, especially when it goes to slow-motion, the replay lags. This happens after a goal is scored, off-sides, yellow/red card. I have no issue with this on the XBOX 360 version. I’ve noticed the same problem on Madden NFL 13 on the PS3, yet it’s not an issue on the XBOX 360 version.

    I don’t think the problem is my PS3 per say, as I can play NBA 2k12, PES 2013, etc fine… it’s just Madden 13 and FIFA 13 for the PS3 that’s giving me this issue.

  244. omatje says:

    my game freeze at the startup. i dont use EA’s central app, but still ist stuck then right after i press start

  245. Shake2375 says:

    I got two Problems.
    First. The Game doesnt Load in 1600×900. There are black bars on the left and right of the screen. I tried changing the aspect ratio etc.
    Second. When get to the window where you should choose your player profile(the one after you choose the language) i could chosse between the profile i saved before and making a new one. if i choose the old one the game just turns off. i tried doing new saves already.

    I had the startup crash (problem#5), too but after i changed the mydocs->FIFA 13->instance0->replay0 file to read only it worked

  246. Bhowmik says:

    When I hit Play game it doesn’t work. Tried all the above steps.
    Let me know if you get a solution on that.

  247. wisdom says:

    I have installed the game yet it still happens my player one loads fine by the way plz help

  248. ronald says:

    My fifa 13 pc crashes the moment i press the start game button

  249. faris says:

    Im using ps3 and the fifa game bought from best buy. on may 30th of my first season as a coach it keeps freezing. I tried to delete all fifa 12 and 11 files and all fifa 13 files except my career mode (deleted the autosave also and my virtual pro) And its still not going throu may 30th.

  250. faris says:

    Im using ps3 and the fifa game bought from best buy. on may 30th of my first season as a coach it keeps freezing. I tried to delete all fifa 12 and 11 files and all fifa 13 files except my career mode (deleted the autosave also and my virtual pro) And its still not going throu may 30th.


  251. nathan gibson says:

    Got to second season of my manager career. I offered several youth players a contract which was accepted and I also approached a few players to buy. Now when i go to sell players in the menu the game then freezes. Playing on xbox 360 original black console, wired mad catz controller, fifa 13 early release connected through ethernet cable to the internet.

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