Moore Comments On PES 13 – Healthy Competition Is Good

By   /   3 years ago

PES 2013 has made a remarkable comeback this year. The game has been well received by everyone and major websites have congratulated Konami in their reviews for a job well done.

So how does the game fare against EA Sports’ FIFA 13? Chief operating officer, Peter Moore responded to the question by saying:

We always welcome competition from our good friends at Konami.

Pro Evo has been a favourite game for a number of years but I think people recognize Fifa has been a powerful force and we’ve raised the quality of what soccer games are in the entertainment business.

Moore also mentioned that healthy competition is always good for the consumers. With two strong franchises such as Fifa and PES competing against each other, it just means more work and better ideas by each developer to further elevate the game to new heights.

So which game are you going to get, FIFA 13 or PES 13? Both have gotten remarkable scores.

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  • laz

    PES has not only made a comeback, but have made the most realistic football game ever. The gameplay is just so realistic that I can’t get enough playing the game. They finally figured it out that good graphics and good animation is not the number 1 thing that makes the gameplay realistic but its the PACE/SPEED of the game that makes it feel real. Football is not a very fast sport I actually think its slow,basketball is way faster than football and PES did a good job getting the pace of the game correct which makes it feel real( which is the main point of making sports games, we want them to feel real. Example NBA 2K13 the most realistic sports game that’s being made today). On the other hand there are some things that PES needs to work on, more animations for the cut scenes because its been the same cut scenes since PES 09 or 10. Try making the movement of players a bit real whether its cut scenes or just controlling the player, they made the animations very robotic which does cost the game it kinda take away the fun a little bit,there somethings about the Football life that are not really smart that need to be changed,Football life is so good bt these minor things do spoil it a bit. NOW ON TO FIFA : The difference between fifa 13 and pes 13, both franchise aim on making the game realistic and fun as possible, iv already mentioned what I think about pes they made the game realistic and fun. Fifa on da other hand have better and more animations than pes and the cut scenes aren’t robotic like pes,they feel more real and better to look at. All in al the gameplay for fifa is nowhere near realistic the gameplay is just soo fast even if you put it on slow there’s barely a difference. With out a doubt fifa have made a very fun game to play but got the whole idea of making it realistic very wrong, like I said good graphics and great animation don’t make the game realistic but getting the PACE/SPEED of real life football and introducing it into the game makes it real with good animation and graphics makes the game as real as possible(more real). You CAN bake bread without baking powder but it will never be as nice or good as the bread with baking powder and that’s what fifa did they ended up making a very fun Football GAME and that’s exactly what it is ‘ ITS JUST A FUN FOOTBALL GAME’ and PES made ‘ a fun REALISTIC football game’. We don’t have the same taste so it all depends on each individual on what you like or want. Its just like comparing NEED FOR SPEED(fun car GAME) and GRAN TURISMO(very REALISTIC car game). So if u want a football game with a very fun football gameplay Fifa will do it for you but if you like me you like your sports games real or close to real PES is definitely for you. All the people iv told my point of views towards both games,they al have converted to pes because they also like their sports games real and they all agreed with me after playing the game n we all enjoying pes bt if u have been a fifa fan al your life and always saw fifa realistic to you don’t convert to pes you won’t enjoy pes to its full potential coz of the knowledge you gained from playing fifa.