F1 2012 PC Crashes, Errors, Graphics, Freezes and Fixes

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F1 2010 was a painful experience for PC gamers with a plethora of bugs and game breaking issues, but Codemasters took the feedback and improved the game in 2011. F1 is back again this year, and it is the most polished yet.

How did they do that? Well, they probably learnt from their past mistakes and ported the game with a dedicated team. Even then, you might come across few bugs and errors due to some compatibility or driver-related issues anyway. In that situation, refer to the workarounds listed in our troubleshooting guide below!

#1 F1 2012 – Flickering Problem
If you have been facing the problem that your screen keeps on flickering, and you are using AMD’s crossfireX, create a custom profile for F1 2012 and put “AMD CrossFireX™ Mode” to “Optimize 1×1.”

#2 F1 2012 – Black Screen Crash
You can try out the following work around:

  • Head to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2012\hardwaresettings
  • Open the hardware_settings_config.xml file in a text editor like Notepad++
  • Go to line 7 and change it:

to true. Make sure that you are using the latest Gfx drivers, and if you are sure that the drivers are updated, try rolling back to older, more stable drivers.

If the problem still persists, open the same file and set multisampling=”off”.

#3 F1 2012 – Invincible Walls Bugs
I am not quite sure that this bug still exists or not, but you have been unlucky enough; it’s better to report the support staff or maybe wait for the patch.

#4 F1 2012 Error – Cannot Initialise Graphics
Make sure that you have the updated version of gfx drivers. Manual Installation of Directx may solve the problem for you.

#5 F1 2012 – The Game Does not Start
Since graphics are crucial for the game-like F1, any outdated version may create problems. Make sure that you aren’t using too many old drivers. Furthermore, you can try the following workaround:

Right click F1 2012 executable file and click properties, and then un-check the “enable steam community in-application” box. The problem can also be because your Steam Account was not connected to your current PC. Make sure you launch the game with Steam Logged in. Furthermore, try checking the integrity of the files.

#6 F1 2012 – Game Crashes to Desktop
You can try the solutions in the above-mentioned points. Old drivers (like motherboard’s bios) can cause problems. Please not that updating motherboard’s bios is a risky step so don’t try it until you know exactly what you are doing. You can make use of CPU-Z for assistance.

#7 F1 2012 – Brakes Problem
If you are facing the issue that you can’t speed up because the brakes are being applied even if you haven’t pressed the pedal, then you should try re-configuring your controls for the wheel. It’s not a but so re-configuration or even a PC restart may solve the problem.

#8 F1 2012 – The G27 Not Being Recognized By the Game
It can happen to some wheels when you press a button from keyboard or mouse when game asks you right at the start-up screen. Make sure that you press the button or the pedal of the wheel so that the game does not recognizes it as keyboard or a regular controller.

#9 F1 2012 – Error Code 41
The problem can be due to the servers at Codemasters’ end. You may want to try again later. You can also get the error if you don’t have updated drivers specially for Nvidia cards.

#10 F1 2012 – Engine Blows Out After/During Every Race
It’s a problem reported by many users. Seems like a bug which will probably be fixed by Codemasters soon.

If you come across any other issues, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out!

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  • henlil

    When I try to start the application it says directX10 or 11 support needed. I have directX11??

  • AirsoftMarine36 .

    @david I got the same thing..

  • David Todorović

    I click the icon and i must wait for a min. Then it starts gets to the starting menu and than crashes help ! :)

  • yashashva singh

    when i start the game it says that entry point not found what to do now ?

  • mohamed

    the game takes a longtime to start from 5 6 min and then it crashes to desktop what shold i do

  • kailash smit

    i have a really weird thing i doesnt autosave!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohit

    Well i started career mode, but after few races the autosaving feature does not work and i cant progress further. I have to restart my career all the time, very annoying..someone help please

  • fokak

    When I start game normally it shows F11 2012 and after 20 second it back me to desktop. please help me…

    • Derek

      Right click and go to properties. Un-check the steam community check-box and it will work.

  • puli

    i have a problem with autosaving,after the race in singapur the game dont save my progress..how can i save that?

  • pete

    When I start game normally it shows F11 2012 and after 20 second it back me to desktop. please help me…

  • ketan

    my game crashes to desktop…
    the f1 2012 logo appears and the crash without any error…
    pls help me….m dying to play the game

    • Jehanzeb

      I am having the same problem, i have acer aspire 5749, core i3-2350M, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000. Help will be appreciated.

      • Jehanzeb

        and it is running on my pc but not on my laptop, the specs are of my laptop

        • klaus

          Same problem here.. it doesn’t start and no error displayed, hope anybody can help me

          • Yugz

            Please help, I have Mecer I7 with the HD 3000 graphics card.

            Game works perfect on my desktop. Does not want to work on my laptop.

          • petr

            same as me. I have AMD Radeon HD 7670M/2GB. I think this is due to switchable mode of graphics card. We need some fix from codematsers.

    • mohamed

      i have the same probleam did u know how to fix it

  • Orlando

    When i want to start a race, the game closes himself every time.
    I tried to reinstall the game but that didn’t work.
    Does any have a solution?

  • Mikael

    First my game crashed. Then when I start it says that my profile save is corrupt

    • alvaro

      a mi me pasa lo mismo con el flashback pero no me caliento porque no lo uso trato de jugarlo lo mas realista posible lo que si me pasa que el modoo trayectoria no me lo guarda !!!! antes me pasaba que se trancaba cuando ponias modo trayectoria y era por el parche que baje en español, si sutituyo los de audio se tranca solo pude con los textos ahi tiene una solucion para el que no pueda iniciar el modo trayectoria

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the solutions! I had the Black Screen issue and followed the steps, solved everything. It was a change of Multisampling from False to True

  • John

    Keep getting a black screen and also the car during any session or race looks like it’s blown an engine or gear box but the stats say they’re okay. I will be ready to fall in live with this game once these bugs are sorted out.

  • Gabriel

    The game opens Not saying “can not initialize graphics”
    DirectX10 or 11 support needed

  • Gabriel

    o jogo não abre dizendo ”cannot initialise graphics”
    Directx10 or 11 support required

  • David Zaly

    i have a problem with the young first day at the baseline performance test i dont have a target score and i fail all the time and i cand move up in carrer mode if you can help me it will be a pleasure

    • Daniel

      Me too i have this problem too

  • Elliot

    Yep, I’m having #10 issue. Every time I brake into a corner at high speed, the engine blows for no reason.

    I can’t get past lap 2 of the Melbourne circuit! Awesome game, but this is bloody annoying…

    • Elliot

      Hmm.. this might be to do with down shifting too fast.

  • Mahesh

    whenever using flashbacks during racing with far chase camera view, it returns with screen getting inverted.. til restart d far chase camera view wil b inverted.. then switching to othr camera views works but by d time d car gets crashed anyway.
    using nvidia geforce 8600GT.. bug or graphics driver problm??

    • Aioria

      I have the same problem, i dont think the cause is your video card my card is a GTX560
      and this problem is very annoying it makes very hard enjoy the game
      it must be a bug i hope that codemasters release very soon a patch to fix this errors

      • Reis

        Having exactly the same problem.

    • Mallen

      Same problem here …. very annoying … couldn’t yet enjoy the game

    • Arefin

      I have ATI Radeon 5770 HD (1 GB). I am having the same problem. I am running windows 7 32 bit.

    • Melroy

      Same problem. Very irritating!

    • Pittbull

      You should buy this game LOL 😀

  • Niks

    I have problem that says: Driver 306.23 crashed and have sucesfully recovered. By the way I am using Nvidia GTX 550Ti

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