Borderlands 2 Commando Axton Builds Guide – Guerrilla, Gunpowder, Survival

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When it comes to knowledge and tactics in the battlefield, no one can be better than the witty Commando who has a large amount of experience behind his back.

Such is the case with Axton, the Commando in Borderlands 2, who is an expert in warfare and has the equipment to fend of the largest of threats.

Mr. Commando here has some of the most impactful set of skills to mess around with, particularly his signature turret, which can be turned meaner with some awesome buffs. Here are some ways you might want to build Axton.

Note that these builds are primarily focused on selfless co-op play – but that doesn’t mean they don’t work when you are soloing.

Note. If the Skill Builder doesn’t load the build for you correctly, open it separately and try to open a Skill Tree of any character. It will ask you to input your age, do that, and once you have gone past that age restriction window, try to open the build again; it will work this time.

For more help on Borderlands 2 builds, read our Commando, Siren and Gunzerker Builds Guide.

Build #1

Though many consider the ‘Gunzerker’ as the tank, it’s actually Commando Axton who has the capability to withstand tons of damage while remaining in the frontline. You can say that Axton is a cool hybrid of a supportive gunnery (thanks to the turret) and a tank.

This build is focused on maximizing the survivability and tank aspect of Axton, with heavy investment in the Survival tree, and a decent bit in the guerrilla.

The real marvel of the Survival tree is actually evident during the later stages in its progression, with excellent high-end abilities like Phalanx Shield, Grit, and the best of all, Gemini. Gemini is perhaps Axton’s most powerful ability, allowing you to deploy two Sabre Turrets at one time.

This also means that all Sabre Turret related skills (like Phalanx Shield) will have effects on both turrets, so to amplify the performance. When this aspect is combined with a good team, you can really tank your way into and through anything.

This doubling also applies to the Guerilla tree ability Sentry, hence making both your turrets fire much faster than otherwise. Combine that with Scorched Earth, and you get a tank that is so lethal that you don’t even need anymore explanation.

Build #2
“The Nuker”

Though the Survival tree is Axton’s most recognized, and also one that defines his role in co-op games, it’s often a good practice to actually play him with ‘Gunpowder’ in focus.

This build does exactly that, utilizing all the buffs available in Gunpowder, and also taking advantage of the various powerful abilities in the Guerilla tree. However, I recommend using Shotguns and SMGs with this build instead of Assault Rifles.

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  • Paul S

    Hey, this is my build, pretty much maxed out the turret to be as offensive as possible while disregarding scorched earth for a good defense with phalanx shield and mag lock. Also tried to bulk up my commando a bit, just bunker down and outlast the enemy.

    Laser Sight-5
    Double Up-1

    Phalanx Shield-1
    Mag Lock-1

    • Paul S

      this is for solo play by the way

  • Kyle E

    I’m using a setup that works well with both Single Player and Multi-Player, with ample points into your Sabre Turret but doesn’t leave you lacking by yourself.

    -Sentry 1
    -Ready 4
    -Laser Sight 5
    -Willing 5
    -Onslaught 5
    -Scorched Earth 1
    -Grenadier 4
    -Double Up 1

    -Healthy 1
    -Preparation 4
    -Last Ditch Effort 5
    -Forbearance 5
    -Mag-Lock 1
    -Resourceful 3

    This setup works extremely well with the Terramorphous Class Mod, (or an Engineer Class Mod) and a Cooldown relic. Your turret will be in constant use, slagging everybody and drawing their attention (and in Multi-Player enemies will focus on the Turret and Gunzerk Tank) leaving you to use supporting fire and an on-the-run medic for anyone who gets downed. Taking away the Phalanx Shield (which is dropped in 1-2 bullets in TVHM) lets you use the point to a better effect.

    And play around with the points here and there to change the set-u to however it works for you!

  • chris

    heres my solo build:

    -Sentry 5
    -Laser sight 5
    -Onslaught 5
    -Scorched Earth 1
    -Grenadier 5
    -Crisis Management 5
    -Double up 1

    -Impact 5
    -Metal Storm 5
    -Battlefront 5
    -Longbow Turret 1
    -Duty Calls 1
    -Do or Die 1

    this build focuses on dealing massive damage. it allows you to have extreme firepower and kill anything that moves in a matter of seconds.