Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers Guide – How To Play as Coach and Player

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Connected Career is one of the most intriguing features in this year’s installment of the Madden series. This mode lets you play whatever role you want in the NFL season, whether it be a role of team coach or a new upcoming rookie.

The best factor about this new feature is the control it gives you. You can change or manage your team from virtually anything, including console, internet, and/or ever mobile phone at anytime possible.

This guide is designed to help you give useful insights into the coaching department of the game as well as player’s life in the NFL.

Connection Careers – Getting Started

When you start a Connected Career mode, the game will prompt you to choose whether to play as a coach or a player. Both of these choices will need to be backed up by a “back-story”.

Now these back stories give your coach or player certain benefits in certain areas so choose them wisely and according to the style, you want to play.

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Below is the list of the back-stories available to the coaches and the players:

Motivator(Coach): Being a motivator will also give you a 25% discount on packages that increase a free agent’s interest in signing with your team as well as 25% off packages to decrease the odds of a player retiring.

Strategist(Coach): Being a strategist will give you a 25% discount on XP boost packages, the Coach XP package, discount packages, which reduce the XP cost for your players, and the Predictability Package.

Team Builder(Coach): Being a team builder will give you a 25% discount in packages that increase the interest of a player re-signing with you, the Expert Scout Package, and Trade Influence Package.

High Draft(Player): Choosing this backstory option will give you the shortest way to make it into the starting lineup and play for your team instantly.

Low draft(Player): You’ll have mediocre ratings and will have to really excel in practice and in the preseason just to earn a few snaps in your first year.

Undrafted(Player): Your ratings will be much lower than the other back-stories, and you’ll have to scratch and claw for every piece of XP you can get.

Connection Careers – Play As A Coach

The coach has many aspects to his duty:

Spending XP: Mainly use your XP to buy yourself Scouting upgrades. This will help you find cheaper yet better players for your team. Second use your XP to enhance your Quarterback position so your star player earns more XP points from a single game.

Do not spend much on the retirement packages for any positions. If your player retires you can easily fill the void he left from the free-agent market. Furthermore, remember the defensive upgrade are hugely underpowered in this game so might as well not spend XP on it.

Remember that you can spend the points of every player according to your desire. Just deal with star players of your team for yourself and let the AI do the rest for you.

Resigning Players: Make sure the first offer you make to the player is just too good to refuse unless he will be off to the free-agent market to find a new team for himself.

Bidding Free Agents: When bidding for free agents keep in mind the desired salary they are looking for. Instead of paying them their required salary per year for 8 million give them 5 million per year as base salary with 2 million as a signing bonus per annum.

Thus if a player looking for a five year contract worth 8 million per annum making it a 40 million deal will genuinely be interested in your deal, which grants him 35 million after five years.

Signing bonus allows you a way to give the player the money he wants while also creating salary cap room for your team. My negotiations screen allows you to keep tabs on your contract negotiations. It tells you the status of your buying and selling.

Contracts: Keep in mind when you sell off a player his base salary is transferred to his new team. However, his signing bonus you still have to pay. Basically, this is dead money. You cannot use this money for any other purposes. So keep this in mind when thinking about selling one of your players.

Retirements: Players can retire on any point during the course of the off-season. So keep an eye on the newsroom to keep up-to-date with all the retirements so a player does not leave you hanging on the final day of the season.

Scouting Players: Scout what players you want beforehand and not when the draft opens up. Scouting beforehand lets you keep tabs on the players who will be available later to replace any weak players in your team.

The best suggestion to give you will be; after the first week of the regular season, if you go to the More menu at the top of your screen, and then drill down into the following menus: Strategy & Team Needs.

From here you can highlight any position to see a list of what round and position within that round potential draft picks are expected to go.

These are listed in a general order of which draft pick is better than who, but you can find the actual overall rating of some of the players, player type, and the scheme, they best fit into.

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