CS:GO Crashes, Freezes, FPS, FOV Fix, Errors, Lag and Server Fixes

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Valve has gone Globally Offensive today with the launch of CS:GO – That’s your much-anticipated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For me, it’s one of the most boring launches of any big-name franchise to date. Even though it was a budget title, I couldn’t help but expect any less from it.

It’s Counter-Strike gentlemen, the genre breaking first-person shooter. If you have been eagerly awaiting its launch as I have been but are frustrating by the minor technical difficulties, follow the workarounds listed below to find your way to playing it online.

1# Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Bad Textures Fix
This may or may not help but it’s worth tying:

  • Close the game.
  • Open Steam
  • Right click on CS:GO
  • Select Properties
  • Go to Local Files tab
  • Click Verify Integrity Of Game Cache

Note. You are likely to experience texture problems on Windows 8, switch back to Windows 7 to fix the issue. Make sure your video card drivers are up-to-date.

2# Crash Caused By game_player_equip

3# Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How To Remove Hint Popups
Open console and enter:
cl_showhelp 0
cl_autohelp 0

4# SourceMod/MetaMod Crashes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
SourceMod and MetaMod aren’t supported by CS:GO client. You have to install them on a dedicated server. You can ask for the support here

5# CS:GO Blackscreen Fix
You can fix the blackscreen issue by forcing the game to run at your native desktop resolution or the resolution supported by your screen. Go go games launch options box and enter these two commands:

  • -w
  • -h

An example: -w 1920 -h 1080

6# Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently unavailable
Follow the workaround #5 to fix this issue.

7# ATI Fix – How To Disable Windows Key
Download and Install this hotfix to resolve this issue.

8# Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Low FPS Fix
If you FPS are hitting extreme lows, you hardware might be conflicting with CS: GO. One particular issue I came across here was fixed by updating Bios.

9# CS:GO Failed to Join
Change your download server location to US to fix this issue. I know it’s weird, but works!

10# Fix CS:GO FOV
CS:GO changes your Field of View based on the display settings. You can tweak the FOV using the values:

  • viewmodel_offset_x
  • viewmodel_offset_y
  • viewmodel_offset_z

If you want something closer to your old CS experience, try tweaking it as follows:

  • Viewmodel_fov 65
  • viewmodel_offset_x 1.5
  • viewmodel_offset_y 2
  • viewmodel_offset_z -1.5
  • cl_bob_lower_amt 12
  • cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0.45

12# Crosshair Customization
If you want to custmize your CS:GO crosshair, you can follow the detailed instructions here.

13# CS: GO Crash Fix – Error “Couldn’t Allocate Any Server IP Port, Tried 1 Addresses”
Set your ports by adding these values in console:

  • clientport 27006
  • hostport 27016
  • tv_port 27021


  • Go to Steam’s My games menu
  • Right-click on the game you wish to play
  • Go to Properties
  • From the General tab, click on the Set launch options button
  • Add a different client port number on each machine between 27005 and 27032 in the following format:
  • +clientport 270XX (I’m assuming you can input any two numbers for XX). Note: Do not use 27020
  • Click OK

14# Can’t Select Team or Disconnect Server
You can fix it by just opening the console and typing “disconnect”.

15# Weird Flickering
Force the V-Sync to resolve the issue.

16# CS:GO Low Sound Fix
To resolve this issue:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Hardware and SOund
  • Click on Sound
  • Window should popup click on communications tab
  • Check ‘do nothing’ under “When windows detects communications activity”

17# AMD Bulldozer CPU Crashes CS:GO
Follow the detailed instructions about this issue documented here.

If you come across anything else, let us know and we will try to help you out.

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.

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