Darksiders 2 – The Weeping Crag Dungeon Guide

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The Pale Rider’s journey to the Cauldron leads him through this ominous cave. Death can simply pass through this area, or he can elect to explore the Weeping Crag more thoroughly. Why anyone would like to waste more time in a not so attractive place like this? Well, if you are hunting down the collectibles, it’s mandatory that you stroll around a bit until you get the required items.

The Deathgrip and Voidwalker (or Phasewalker) are required to fully explore the Weeping Crag.

Entry and Drawbridge
First of all, there’s a Stonebite on the stone pillar on the east side of the Weeping Crag’s drawbridge, shoot it if you have the appropriate quest. Then, cross the bridge and run up the low wall on the bridge’s west side to reach the Crag’s second floor.

When you encounter a locked door, wall-run to a wooden post to the right. Drop down to the hand hold below, and then continue wall-running to the right to reach another post, and then another. Work your way up to the balcony above.

Balcony and Stairwell
Construct Warriors who ambush you on the balcony, show them who’s boss. The north door is barred, so enter the west door instead to reach a stairwell.

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Slay another Construct Warrior, open a chest here, smash the west debris, and explore the nook in the west wall to drop down into a hole and land on a lower level.

Lower Ledges
There’s a chest down here, after you raid its contents Deathgrip the overhead loop and swing eastwards to the ledge for another chest. Slash into the water and swim south to find the underwater Boatman Coin under the Weeping Crag’s drawbridge.

When you get all nice and pruney, step out of the water and go to the second story of the Crag. Wall-run across the posts and hand holds to the right of the locked door and drop down from the second handhold and Deathgrip the north handhold as you fall.

Deathgrip yet another hoop and reach the grassy ledge. You’ll find a chest here with your name on it (figuratively). Dive back into the water and get back to the locked door.

Navigate the wall posts and hand holds again and get to the balcony. Enter through the western door and climb the stairs and proceed through the door to the north.

Pressure Platform
Step on the pressure plate in this room and a platform will rise from the water. Then it’s fully raised, sprint across to it. Climb it, and then the wall before it lowers.

There’s a Warp Portal here, use the Phasewalker to open it. Then go down the eastern stairs and turn north to open another portal on the ceiling. Jump through the first to pop out on the ceiling. Then go through the door in the north to find a secret area.

Forgotten Treasury
Loot the tree chests here, then dive into the southern waters. Swim to the west and you’ll find an underwater Boatman Coin.

Climb back up and drop into the northern waters. Swim to an underwater alcove and surface to discover a hidden Gnomad Gnome. Leave the area and go down the south stairs to get to the next one.

Skeleton Key Chamber
Run across the north wall and jump the corner to find a chest with a skeleton key inside. Then enter the southeast nook and jump between the narrow walls to climb up to a balcony.

You’ll find another chest on the northwest ledge; you can reach it by wall running around the room and jumping the corner. After you have the stuff jump down and go through the south door.

Going Back to Lower Ledges
You’re back in a familiar territory. Drop down from the balcony’s southwest edge to land near the locked door you noticed previously. Use your newfound Skeleton Key to open the door and head through.

Stalker Den
A menacing Stalker lurks in the small chamber beyond the locked door. Strive to evade its ferocious attacks and strike from advantageous angles.

Scour the room for valuables after slaying the Stalker, and crack open the two chests here before dropping down through the northwest hole.

Submerged Staircase
You land on the top of a long, narrow staircase. Rather than descending the submerged stairs, make a long wall-run between the staircase’s narrow walls, jumping between them as you race toward a high ledge containing a Book of the Dead page.

Claim the page, and then plunge into the water below and swim down through a low underwater passage to reach a small, watery cave.

Gorewood’s Lair
Beware: a vicious monster named Gorewood lurks in this final area. You’ll also find a Stonebite on the east wall.

Keep mobility and dodging in mind when facing Gorewood. Although his attacks are slow and telegraphed clearly, they deal a lot of damage. Keep a sharp eye out for his snare attacks, they’ll root you in place and leave you helpless against the giant’s crushing blows.

Once you’ve learned the tells for his attacks and dodge his snares properly, Gorewood becomes an easy fight. Slay Gorewood to complete a side quest for Thane and receive a unique weapon, the Gorewood Maul.

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