Darksiders 2 Boatman Coins Locations Guide

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Darksiders 2 is a massive game – not just in-terms of its length, mind you, but also in-terms of how much optional content (side-quests and other goodies) it has to offer.

One of them is collectables, and there are a large number of them which have specific rewards which you can find after collecting. In this guide we’ll go over the places to collect the Boatman Coin, which is arguably the most abundant collectable item in the game.

Boatman Coins are a useful alternative to Gold for purchasing some loot boxes from Vulgrim. Because of this, they are a great way to get some powerful items.

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Darksiders 2 Boatman Coins Locations

We have listed these coins by the area in which you can find them. If you find more coins in these areas, let us know in the comments below, and we will add them up.

StoneFather’s Vale

Boatman Coin #1
Location. After speaking with the makers and leaving from the northern gate (by speaking with Thane), you’ll come across a small water pool with the coin clearly visible in it.

Boatman Coin #2
Location. Once you enter the Stonefather’s Vale, mount on Despair and head west. A large corrupted door will be visible at a distance, and next to the door is the second Boatman coin.


Boatman Coin #3
Location. Enter Bansewood from the West. The coin is located in the South West corner of the map, hovering in midair. To get it, go up the side of the hilly part and jump to grab it.

Boatman Coin #4
Location. This coin is found in The Nook in Bansewood. This is the most North Eastern dungeon of Bansewood. Inside the first room up the stairs, there are a few barrels. Destroy them to reveal a coin.

Boatman Coin #5
Location. Take the southeastern path towards the Charred Pass. There is a chest on the west, and further west behind the chest is a coin on the edge of a jump. Jump accurately to grab it.

Boatman Coin #6
This coin is found immediately after the 5th coin. Continuing down the Charred Pass, you’ll encounter a two pieces of log. Search the hollow log on the left for the coin.

Boatman Coin #7
There is a flooded area with a well at the center, north of the logs with the 6th coin. Swim down a short distance in the well and you will find the coin.

The Cauldron

Boatman Coin #8
Location. In the room with the huge flow of lava in the middle, look for the coin on a descending ramp ahead of you as you enter the door.

Boatman Coin #9
Location. After finding the dungeon map, you will fight a Stalker in a circular room. Destroy the barrels around the circumference of the room to reveal the coin.

Boatman Coin #10
Location. After finding the Skeleton Key, use it on the door. In the next room, push the blue orb into the hole. Instead of jumping on the newly formed climbable object, leap away from the wall to grab the coin that’s floating in midair.

Boatman Coin #11
Location. After unlocking the second skeleton lock, enter the room and turn left immediately. There will be a crate there; break it to reveal the coin.

Boatman Coin #12
After defeating the boss and turning the lever to finish your objective, Go up the spiraling staircase to the north. At the center of the staircase is the coin hanging in midair. Jump off to grab it.

Boatman Coin #13
When going through the Shadow Gorge, turn right and go north towards the Shattered Forge. Dive into the water and check underneath the broken bridge for the coin.

Boatman Coin #14
After you have to shoot the Shadowbomb, climb the side of the tower and walk around the edge. As you jump up, you will see it immediately.

Boatman Coin #15
This coin is located directly ahead of 14. After fighting the Stingers and Prowlers, go through the door that opens, and take a right immediately. Grab the coin before dropping down.

The Fjord

Boatman Coin #16
When you enter the Fjord, there will be a coin floating in midair to the right. You’ll have to go over the cliff near the NPC called Blackroot. To do this, mount Despair, and leap off the cliff to get the coin.

Boatman Coin #17
There is a watery region in the southwest region. Go there and head to the end of the east side bridge. Check in the lake’s bottom to find a coin there.

Boatman Coin #18
Stick to the northern path and follow it till you arrive at a door. Enter into the cliff and turn right once inside. Go past the two chests and to another dead end, where the coin can be found.

Boatman Coin #19
Location. On the road to The Drenchfort, there is a cliff which you can leap off from to find a coin. It is exactly opposite to the rock formation (Oran’s Right Leg).

The Drenchfort

Boatman Coin #20
In this first room in the Drenchfort, drop down to the bottom where there is a tunnel. Follow it till the end to find the coin.

Boatman Coin #21
This is located in the room with the large statue and the blue orb. Climb the northern wall and walk over the narrow stone arch.

Boatman Coin #22
In one of the rooms, a cutscene will play and several ravagers and prowlers will attack. There is a coin in the southwest corner of the room there.

Boatman Coin #23
On the first floor of The Drenchfort, get onto the nearby platform which holds the massive statue. Run past the feet to the other side and you’ll spot the coin.

Boatman Coin #24
One coin is in the archway in the easternmost rooms, west of where you find the dungeon map in the chest.

The Shattered Forge

Boatman Coin #25
This one is found during the Sidequest ‘The Hammer Forge’. This sidequest can be activated by returning to the Tri-Stone after completing the quest at the Drenchfort.

Speak to the Makers to receive the Maker’s Key, and speak to Alya to receive the quest. You’ll have to explore The Shattered Forge.

As soon as you enter the dungeon, there will be a chest on a podium surrounded by water. Dive into the water and you’ll find the coin floating in it.

The Nook

Boatman Coin #26
Location. We’re revisiting The Nook again, which was located at the northeast of Baneswood. After crossing the beams in the room with no floor and descending down the staircase, you’ll end up in a sort of courtyard. The northeastern part of this courtyard contains some vases in which you can find the coin.

Boatman Coin #27
Location. You’ll reach a room in which the staircase descends into the water. Dive in and follow to where the stairs end. You’ll end up in an underwater room with the coin.

Boatman Coin #28
Location. Inside The Nook, there will be a large room with a strange floating head-like thing. Smash the barrels next to the door you entered from for the coin.

Boatman Coin #29
Location. After killing the floating head and climbing over the Corruption, follow the tunnel to a room with the water in the middle. As you dive into the water, the coin should be to the left side.

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  • Harmer

    The remaining four missing coins are the 2 in boneriven dungeon, one acquired by going pass the gate near the mystic stonebite, and the other one is in an alcove just before you meet the first pair of hives. The last 2 coins are inside lost light death tomb.

  • Harmer

    If I’m not mistaken, coin 21 and 24 are the same.
    One more coin for Drenchfort, after you release the water from the west side, you’ll find the water being blocked by a rock wall, which can be lifted by a level only reachable after the water is released. When pulling the level, look behind you for a coin floating in the air. Jump accurately to get it.

  • Cheata

    The Final 2 coins not mentioned in this guide are located inside the death tomb in lost light. Just after entering the main room look to the left and right and you will see them hovering in mid air either side of the walkway. use the grab skill to get them

  • arko

    ther is another 1 in The Fjord.its in the watery area between the two chest near coin 17.to get ther u need to climb the tower from the front ie the non watery side.ther r ledges to climb over ther

  • Rowan

    You missed a boatman coin in The Scar where you fight Ghorn for the Maker Shamans quest. Its after you cross the chain of the first construct you obtain. Youll see if floating in the air.

    • arko

      can u be more specific?
      cant find it.round staircase 1 is mentoined

      • Cheata

        The Scar

        West Custodian Cavern
        Sprint across this room and activate the Maker Custodian Roll across the west lava afterward, park the Custodian on an orb slot, fire its chain at the distant target, and tiptoe across.

        When you reach the end of the chain, Deathgrip the hoop on the nearby broken pipe and swing to solid ground. Go west, swing across two more hoops.

        Wall-run to the north. Jump the corner and when your wall-run begins to lose steam, jump off and Deathgrip the hoop ahead to swing over to a hand hold. Climb up to reach a ledge with an ornate chest that contains a Skeleton Key.

        After getting the key, Carefully jump down from the ledge to land on the Custodian’s chain below, grabbing a floating Boatman Coin in the process.

  • arko

    found 1 in weeping craig in the water(facing the water from the bridge jump down head straight then ther is small area in the left)