Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues Location Guide – How To Learn Combat Moves, Combos

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Jade Statues unlock melee combos in Sleeping Dogs, which are really important in brawls and street fights as the game progresses. There are 11 Jade Statues that unlock the corresponding 11 melee combos.

Jade Statues are a bit tricky to find and most importantly, most of them are in the areas that are locked when you start the game. So, before you go find the statue, you need to unlock that area by progressing through the game.

Once you have found the Jade Statue, return to your former martial arts teacher, located in the North Point. As a reward for returning this statue to him, you can choose one of the combos available in the Melee Training Menu and learn it by attending the class.

To learn the combo technique completely, you will be required to perform the combo thrice, and then you must defeat a set number of opponents, with or without using that combo. When the lesson ends, you will have access to the new combo technique in your list of techniques.

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Sleeping Dogs – Jade Statues Locations

Jade Statue #1
Location. You will find this statue on the boat where you will observe the drug deal between the popstar and the supplier.

Jade Statue #2
Location. The statue can be found on the second floor of the Club Bam Bam. The statue is placed on the bar counter near the manager’s office. You won’t be able access the the area untill Winston asks you to make an example out of the club’s manager.

Jade Statue #3
Location. During the cutscene where Wei is blamed of being a rat working for HKPD (Water Street Gang’s Accusations), you will be able to spot a statue placed on one of the kitchen counter. You can come back to this territory later to pick it up.

Jade Statue #4
Location. Although, ‘Bride to Be’ is the mission that will direct you to the temple that has the statue but if you have completed “Tiffany’s Song”, you can get in the temple where the statue is place on the central altar.

Jade Statue #5
Location. The statue can be found in the waiting area of the central hospital. It’s open all the time so you can get in there and grab the statue anytime you want.

Jade Statue #6
Location. You can find this statue in a Bridal Shop. It’s the same shop where you drove Peggy to in “Bride to Be” mission.

Jade Statue #7
Location. At the K-bar in Soho, you can find the statue placed on one of the bars in there.

Jade Statue #8
Location. Head to the main hall leading into the greater cemetery near the Kennedy Town. You will be able to find the Jade Statue on one of the seats in the viewing area entrance point.

Jade Statue #9
Location. You can have this statue after you get to the gambling den on the northern coast of the central. The statue is inside the den but you won’t be able to access it till you do the “Riffraff Disposal” for the doorman. And this mission won’t be accessible till you have completed the main story mission, ‘Bride to Be’.

Jade Statue #10
Location. The statue is impossible to miss as you will have it while completing the main mission, ‘Bad Luck’ in the third act. Look for the statue in a display case in Chin Tsao’s Mansion.

Jade Statue #11
Location. You can find the statue in Vivienne Wu’s apartment. The statue can be located on a table inside the dining room.

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