Prototype 2 (PC) Errors, Crashes, FPS, Freezes and Fixes

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Like many other games, Prototype 2 launched late on PC. The game is out now for PC gamers and the fans must be enjoying it already. But, there might be some PC users out there who couldn’t manage to run the game properly due to some game breaking bugs and other technical issues.

If you are among those unlucky few, follow our workaround guide to fix the most common issues.

#1 ‘Prototype2.exe’ has stopped working
To resolve this issue, you can try out the following methods:

  • Try running the game as “Administrator”.
  • It may be due to some hardware plugged into your PC. Try unplugging them one by one and see if the game gets started.
  • You can also try adding “-window” or just windowed at the end of shortcut file to run the game. Add the parameter at the end of the command line of the shortcut.

#2 Prototype 2 FPS Drop Fix
If you have been experiencing drastic drops in FPS then you can try out the following fix to resolve the issue:

Put the command as launch options in steam “windowed windowwidth=1920 windowheight=1080” without the quotes.
Launch the game again to see difference. And if your PC is not good enough to run the 1920*1080 resolution then you choose the lower resolution value.

#3 Prototype 2 – How to Fix the Refresh Rate Problem
Just like the FPS drop fix, you need to add the command “RESOLUTION=1920×1080@60” in the Steam Launch options. This will give you the appropriate refresh rate in the game.

#4 Prototype 2 Mouse Fix
If you are facing the mouse lag then it is recommended that you try out these drivers for AMD cards. The mouse lag must be refined at least till you restart your PC.

#5 Prototype 2 – Game is Stuck During a Mission
You may face the issue especially during the early tutorial session of the game. In that case, you can do the following:

  • Press Alt+Tab to minimize out the game.
  • Open Task Manager and select the processes tab.
  • Right Click on prototype2.exe and click set affinity.
  • Make sure that your CPU is selected as ‘0’.
  • Press Alt+Tab again to start playing the game normally.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask us in the comments below and we will try to help you out!

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  • Arnav Pandey

    my game is stuck at the mission “The Air bridge” while travelling to the green zone
    what should i do ???????

  • Gurman Singh

    help me my game stucks
    during mission 13

  • Ishaan Nandwani

    My game keeps on loading after killing uncountable deads in the beginning… What should i do…

  • Sunil Yadav

    Download a crack

  • Usama Nadeem

    guyz please help me out………………!
    when I grab the soldier in prototype 2 then there isn’t any button appearing on screen to consume………!
    how can I fix it.???????????????????????????????

    • Sunil Yadav

      reinstalling may fix dis issue

  • Mihai.TX

    hei guys I’ve instaled prototype 2 now and I have the same problem and i can’t find any solution. Did you managed to fix it? help me out here!!! :-/

  • TheButterChest

    I can not fix this.=(

  • TheButterChest

    Me three…I have looked all over the internet and could not find anything.

  • Shrinath Raju

    can wee play prototype 2 with a normal joystick??
    i dnt have a xbox 360 joystick and i feel comfortable only to play with a joystick!!
    plzz help me out!!

  • Shrinath Raju

    guys i dnt have a xbox 360 joystick but i am used to play with a joystick and i am not able to play using it in prototype 2…. what should i do??

  • Saaim

    In my pc,in prototype 2 ,Sgt Heller grabs the soldier(by taping E) but then doesn’t consume.I have reseted all controls and have done everything i can to make it work but i cant.I request everyone who is reading this to kindly tell me a solution….I shall be very very grateful/THANKS

    • Prototype2

      you need to press right click or try play 2-3 mission that will teach you to consume

  • Shashank Dubey

    help me with this guys….. :)

    “ERROR: Could not load DLL prototype2engine.dll. You probably have a static intializer that is crashing The most common cause is forgetting core::NameStringAlllocationStatic ); static const engine:: Name Foo (Bar core::NameStringAlllocationStatic) Or verfy that the dll exists. Youn can debug the issue by running your main project with the comand line >> <<"

  • SKG

    My PC Specs:
    1st Gen Intel Core i3 @3.2 Ghz Quadcore
    6GB Ram
    500 GB Seagate HDD
    Asus Nvidia GeForce GT610 2GB

    Prototype 2 Runs Smoothly Without Any Problem I’m Getting About 40-50 FPS in Medium To High Settings

  • Thanuj

    when i play this suddenly monitor goes black and need to restart. but my performances are OK to play this game
    Processor – Intel core i3 2nd gen 2100, 3.1Ghz
    Ram – Kingston 4Gb
    VGA – NVDIA GeForce GT 430 2Gb
    OS – Windows 8 Enterprise edition

  • Kouta

    prototype 2 can’t start mission 10 the airbridge mission, can somebody help pls

  • ThatGuy

    To all of you who have lag just insert this: -resolution=1920×1080@60 in the shortcut’s target parameters, this should fix it. BTW if u can’t run on these settings just lower them.

  • Danskii93

    I cant find it. Got windows 8

  • Jon

    During the first Dana Mercer Mission the loading screen gets stuck(It doesn’t go into gameplay). This happens after i get into my heli to go to Red ZoneHElp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • chaddddd

    prototype2 crashes on screen coming after that msg”prototype 2.exe encountered probem”


    Windows 7 64 bit

    processor: AMD Phenom Quad core 1.60 GHz

    Ram: 4GB

    Graphics:ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200

  • Xtian Dagdagan

    prototype 2 is so lag in my pc. I lower the settings to 640×800 off/low but still laggish…
    any help please……..

    my specs are
    intel pentium dual core e6600 3.06 ghz
    2gb ram
    intel gma x4500
    windows 7 32 bit…

  • sdadas

    Help me! I have bugs! i dont know how to stop them!!!!!!

  • tanmay

    I have windows xp 64-bit and a good processor and graphic card but when i am about to consume somebody during a mission my Proto 2 just shuts down

  • vikas

    I have problem with settings that I m not able to change settings of prototype two

  • rajrocz

    hi,guys in prototype game , i got stuck on loading page . NO OTHER OPTION, in Rescue Elizebeth Greene mission /////

    i hav lost my original game cd,…juz working wit the installed one
    /and using GTX610 2gb nvidia card &2.50gb ram

    suggest some better ideas plzz…

  • Omar

    Hi gys plz help me when i open prototype 2 suddenly a black screen flashes and then prototype 2 dont works and stops. Plz help me what to do and i tryed all the things such as updating drivers and etc. My system is dell N5010 i5 processor m460 2.53 GHZ And intel hd i5 graphic

    • Motasem B Twait

      hello omar i have the same problem if you have fix for it please msg @facebook-836647231:disqus
      thanks bro

  • kyle laface

    i have sound and everything but my monitor says input not supported how do i fix it and i bought the game new

  • Alex Mercer

    I was get the original audio device sound but it still don’t work when I play prototype 2.The game also run very slowly can somebody help me.I’m using windows 7 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Cpu T5870 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz/installed memory(RAM):2.00 GB/system type 32-bit.

  • sanjeeb

    When i play the game it works perfectly without but after sometime it stopworking and say it does’n work properly….help me..

  • lyndon

    I have problem with my Prototype 2.. when ever i start a new game in the introduction the cars in the chase doesnt appear so when the big monster chase me even how fast i run still failed because of the cars doesn’t show!! I just notice the cars in the walkthrough vids

  • Leo0819

    Prototype 2 wont start the mission, won’t use any console can’t do any sub missions or games it’s just stuck at free run. can any one help me please.
    My spec is
    Win 7 ult 64bit
    Processor dual-core 2.60GHZ
    Ram 2gb
    Graphics NVDIA GeForce 9400 GT

    • ad_43

      same problem dude

    • Re7naldo

      Once you reach level 23 the game just ends . Nothing you can do

  • S kar

    prototype2 crashes on screen coming after that msg”prototype 2.exe encountered probem” my system spec is
    xp 32 bit service pack3
    processor amd athlon x2 250 3.2 ghz
    ram 2gb
    graphics – ati hd 4850 pls help

  • matt117

    My Prototype 2 wont run unless i find the dll called PROTOT~1engine.dll
    do u guys know were u can find it??????

  • prince

    Hi I have a black box version after full installation when I wanna launch the game an error will appear and says that prototype 2.exe has stopped working and when I click on more details I realize that “prototype2engine.dll” ran with a problem i installed microsoft visual c++ 2005,2008,2010 but still nothing I updated my gaphic driver and I installed directX but nothing. please help me.
    System info:
    VGA:nvidia gt 240 1 gb
    RAM:4 gb
    CPU:Intel core 2 Quad Q8300
    os:Mirosoft Windows 7 SP 1 32 bit

  • neo

    is there any solution for memory leak ?

  • Abhishesh

    My game prototype 2 is installed properly but when i run it , it shows a black screen and shows a message “A problem caused the program to stop working corectly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”.
    Please help me. You can help me by e-mailing me at “”

  • mohammad

    I have problem 1 and i did what you said but it didnt change and when i want to run ,shows ‘Prototype2.exe’ has stopped working and i have the latest directx and 4 gigabyte ram and its windows 7 64 bit and my graphic is 2 gig
    so what can i do????

  • ivan

    Se me cierra al hacer las misiones “macho alfa” y “nido de viboras” me dice que prototype2.exe dejo de funcionar

  • ivan

    Cada vez que entro a la misiones me dice que prototype2.exe dejo de funcionar en las misiiones macho alfa y nido de viboras.

  • mtownshend

    What kind of forum is this? There’s 100 problems and only one person trying to help who only gives customer support answers???

    You would think after the 5th or 6th post and replies you all would realize you are talking to yourselves with this one, this game is screwed up and we all (who paid for it) got taken for $50.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      The only reason you aren’t seeing any replies to the post are because the game has been patched by the developer and most of the underlying issues have already been fixed.

      If there is unique error or a problem you are experiencing, we can’t help you in that, you will have to take it to the developer support forums.

      Finally, this isn’t a forum :)



      • TriadWarfare

        Patch, What Patch? The game hasn’t been patched since it was released and Activision is not interested in fixing this broken game.

  • natasia

    i can’t change my controller setting to gamepad, help please :(

  • yesudas

    when i run the game the screen goes black and only suond can be heared.

    sometimes it say “unable to initialize Direct3D. check the README file and ensure that your system meets minimum specification” somebody please………….. help me

  • lord13

    hi everyone
    i have a problem with the game
    when im enter the game there is no sound nothing at all
    could you help me?
    is there any file missing
    please help

    OS – Windows xp service pack 3
    Graphics – 2.00GB RAM

  • azim

    I have problem that when I play prototype 2. After I play until LabRat mission, then I shutdown my computer. Next day I play and want to continue next mission, when I went to the place where mission suppose to start, nothing happen. PLEASE HELP ME….

  • John

    i’ve Got strange Problem , Event Letters Doesn’t appear , he said Press ( it must be E ) to Consume , No , Says ( Prees [*] to Consume ) and Press [*] to hunt and Press [*] To Defend , i’m really piseed of any Solution ? Installed the Game Still That Problem

  • lord13

    same here anyone can help?

  • kenneth

    May be you need to update your Video Card Driver i update my Video Card Because it crashes to me and the screen got like destroy and i play for the 10 minutes and then i update my video card and install directx 9 or 11 and it works.and this is for anyone who get crashes :)

  • Zymka

    Maybe is your ram memory have a bad sector. Try to test your memory,if you have more memory you need to test only one in the same time. Sorry my english is weak.

  • hehe

    me 2