NCAA Football 13 Modes Guide – Tips and Strategy

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If you are going to play EA’s NCAA Football game for the first time or have been out of touch recently, then you may well have a hard time to settle in and enjoy NCAA Football 13.

Although, the game imitates the actual essence of the sport to a greater degree but at the end of the day, it’s still a game, and you will have to get used to certain aspects like controls before you claim to be an NCAA veteran.

Different game modes will help you polish your game so it’s important that you try the basic modes first. The following article will give you a bird’s eye of these modes so that you can follow the right track of progression.

Always Start With the Practice Mode

I know that practice is not the mode one can relish a lot but this is where you will get to know the basic game mechanics. First of anything, you should get yourself familiarized with the controls.

I know that practice is not the mode one can relish a lot but this is where you will get to know the basic game mechanics. First of anything, you should get yourself familiarized with the controls.

On the training ground, you are your own trainer. Try out every option and keep on practicing the basic moves until you have mastered them.

Different players and teams have different reactions in different environments. You can choose your favorite team and get along with it on the training ground. The mode is also a the best option to devise your initial plans and strategies.

Exhibition is to Test What you have Learnt in Training

If you have the basic mechanism of a NCAA football game, then you can skip over the training. Jump directly into the exhibition mode where you can choose any team to compete with.

You can use this mode to test the tricks you have mastered on the training ground in a competitive environment. If the “Normal” difficulty is too much for you, don’t be shy to lower it initially so that you can learn faster.

Team selection is important. If you don’t have a favorite, then I will recommend you to go with the team with maximum stats.

Players’ unique abilities are important too but being a beginner, stick to the basics. Try to play with different teams as this way, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

The Dynasty Mode

This mode will let you play a career with a team. The dynasty of your team lies in your own hand. You won’t just be playing matches rather managing the whole team.

How good your players perform on the field is on you as you will have to improvise considering the pros and cons of individual players.

Player selection and scouting will play a significant role to improve the performance of your team. You can keep a limited number of players in your squad so you will have to remove some players to enter the new talent. Young players usually perform better, so keep looking for them.

The Dynasty mode will proceed in a progressive manner so if you struggle early on, don’t get frustrated and focus on developing a balanced squad.

Road to Glory

This mode calls for patience as you will be creating your own player and train it to be a legend. The created player will be an amateur, but you will have various options to improve the stats. Like I said before, don’t rush, just wait for the player to improve progressively.

It’s important that you decide that whether you want your player to be a position specialist or Jack of all trades. For example, if you want it to be a Quarter Back, spend your points on its speed and throw rather than catching attributes.

Heisman Challenge Mod

If you are aware of the basic gameplay of NCAA Football 13, this mode is exciting enough as you will be taking control of the players who have won the Heisman Trophy.

The concept of the mode is pretty much similar to “Road to Glory” but the addition of legendary players makes you feel as if you are living the hardships they must have faced.

Don’t forget to share your own tips with us in the comments below!

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