Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PC) Crashes, Errors, Graphics, FPS, Multiplayer Fixes

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Ubisoft has a history of releasing poor PC ports and sadly; this doesn’t change with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. There are currently too many bugs and issues that haven’t been fixed, even with the day one patch applied. Anyway, we will try our best to list down as many bugs and workarounds as possible to help you in your quest to play this game without getting annoyed.

Do note that if you aren’t satisfied with the default video settings and feel limited by the in-game options, you can tweak the game by editing the config file that can be found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username%\My Documents\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier\default.cfg

1# How To Increase Nvidia SLI Performance
Somehow if you run the game on SLI, only 1% of your second video card is utilized. To fix this issue, open Nvidia Control Panel > Choose future soldier.exe and launcher.exe > Apply ‘Force alternate frame rendering 2’ setting manually.

2# Where To Find Saved Games Files
C:\Documents and Settings\Username%\My Documents\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier\

Xbox One PS4
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3# Mouse/Keyboard Won’t Work
If your keyboard or mouse doesn’t work, uninstall the drivers of any game pad that you might have installed on your computer and try again.

4# Black Bars Fix
Change the resolution of the game to fix this issue. Right now, playing the game at higher resolutions and higher aspect ration gives you black bars.

5# Steam Multiplayer | Can’t Connect To Host
Steam version of the game is different from the official current version of the game. Somehow Ubisoft has kept steam version of the game on old patch while has pushed the latest patch to the retail version of the game. This is why you get booted out when you try to connect from retail game to a steam version game.

6# How To Fix Y-Invert 360 Pad
Download this program and read the ‘Readme’ file.

7# No Audio, Can’t Hear Anything
There are few things you can do in this situation. First, make sure your drivers aren’t outdated. If so, update to the latest version of your drivers. If you are getting crappy voice chat quality, update the game to the latest patch.

8# Missing Menus
Re-installing the game will fix the issue. If you are on Steam, check the integrity of the file cache.

9# Easy Way To Fix MP Disconnects and Server Kicks
Uninstall the game, re-install and update it with THIS PATCH.

10# Low Frame Rates Performance Fix
Disable DirectX 11, Vsync in-game and in graphics card settings.

11# Mouse Controls Not Working
Disable Mouse Software and try again!

12# Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Port Forwarding

GRFS Ports:
TCP: 80, 1001, 1002, 2346
UDP:10007, 15765, 24340, 24360

Uplay Launcher:
TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 13005, 13200

If you need help resolving any other issue that you are facing, kindly comment below!

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  • Mikadoo

    Hey guys. I have a problem trying to even start the game. It loads to the main screen and asks to put in a new profile name, but the second I hit enter, the game crashes to my desktop. Any ideas?

    • Rio Platts

      Have you found a fix to this cause i have same problem

      • Mikadoo

        No. I have up and uninstalled the game.

  • prahumac

    i can’t hear the sound when i start playing the campaign mode!!!!!! plss help

  • Amit

    I play multiplayer but after 25 min game freezes and i have to restart my cpu need solution. Is it graphic card or its game problem I have got ati hd 6770 card and i play on low settings all option off. But still game frezees ….

    Guys need help and ubisoft you guys need to fix this few of my friend drop this game just because of bugs in the game.

  • gamer

    I just got ghost recon future soldier for my pc and trying to install it but it keeps loading and its been loading since 8 in the morning. can anyone help?

  • ghost

    hey guys,
    my problem is thay i start the game smoothly and then it crashes.
    Error says:
    Generate MiniDump?
    Could not create dump file…

  • Forrest

    Hey, my ghost recon wont start at all. I’ve made sure that i have updated all my drivers, and even got rid of anything that would impede it from starting. It comes up with the ghost recon insignia, as if it was loading, and then my screen goes black, and when it returns to normal, the insignia is gone and im back at the download screen, what can I do to fix it?

  • Mustafa

    Have a problem with the second part of the Tiger Dust Mission when i am supposed to go out on the streets.
    All i get is a blank/black screen. No video. Audio is of some announcement being made in Urdu which just loops over and over again, without any video, on a blank, black screen.
    tried restarting the mission from mission select instead of reload the game, still didnt work.
    ideas anyone?

    • Roro

      Update or upgrade your driver softwar,In the first time i have the same porblem as you in tiger dust second part and my video card was ati redeon hd 4500 when i update my driver it become 4500/5100 and work fine ,Hint :Update or upgrade your driver;How?Go to start ,then right click on computer ,then properities,then go to device manager,a box will open its your device manager, then go to display adabter and click then right click on it and choose update driver softwar it will automaticly search for a new update and then install the new one.I hope it will help,But didi you find any solution for me?

  • Roro

    Hy, george ,I thimk you need to update your adabter,i dont know ,but try it ,you need to go to start,computer,right click on the computer,properties,then:go to device manager,then go to display adapter click it then right click on it and it will give you to update your adapter.Well me i have ati redaeon hd4500 the graphics of my game was ****,But when i update my ati to 5100 it was perfect.well at least try it.
    (I have a littel problem , well the game yesterday was running perfect but today when i click on the play button , it come again ,click play ,come again and bla,bla,bla same shit,if anyone got the soltuon to my problem i apreciate the help

  • George

    can someone help me? i installed the game it runs smoothly but the graphics are **** , theres some problem in my graphics, heres a screenshot:

    my e mail is if any of you guys know how to solve this please send me a message because i would love to play this game but i wont ruin my gameplay with those graphics..

    my system: gtx 550 ti , processor e8400, 4GB ram,
    i run games like BF3 MW3, skyrim, homefront, crysis 1 and 2, all of them works perfect, its just this one.

  • John DK

    Hey there guys, i have this problem with G.R.F.S, when i open the game from steam, my game crashes and wont let me open the game, so my screen is black, then when i press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and click on Processor, my CPU is at 100%!!

    Anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it??

  • Ghost Recon

    Im probably at mission 7 idk but that so i played this game more than once so when i got up and started the game it says:
    Ubisoft Game Launcer:
    Error 2


  • Andrew Warwick

    OK to all you guys with constant crashing issues heres what fixed mine. Ghost Recon FS runs on frostbites engine. There has and continues to be a major problem with frosbite and certain NVIDIA cards. You need to install Ntune from here this is NVIDIA’s overclocking tool for graphic cards. once installed start your NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL. under the performance tab select adjust GPU SETTINGS. click custom clock frequencies and turn your clock speed down by just over 100. My standard clock is 900 on a gtx 560ti I run all frostbite games at 798. That will fix all issues with all frostbite games. Enjoy!!! -Andy Warwick

    • Andries J Els

      Worked like a fucking charm on a msi gtx 580 dropped down an 100mhhz no crashing WTF U rock Dude :)

  • Niebla

    Every time I try to lunch mision 4 dust tiger, it loads only sound, screen goes black. Hadn’t any problem before this. what can be a solution?

    • Inshal

      did you got any fix having same problem with me.

  • Dennis

    kan niet online gaan snap het niet als ik bij een vriend join dan komt er bezig met zoeken naar spel en als die 1 heeft gevonden keer ik terug naar het scherm van start spel enzo ? heb al opnieuw geinstald maar werkt nog steeds niet

  • shashi

    Future Soldier.exe – Apllication Error

    The instruction at “0x020401c5” referenced memory at “0x7a5478a”. The memory could not be “written”.

    Click on OK to terminate the program

  • KMcKaY69

    I cant go 10mins without my PC crashing wtf is up with this game

  • Rashid

    I hate Ubisoft. they do not have sense. whenever I purchased Ubisoft game I lose my money. because errors errors in starting in steam in internet connect. bla bla bla

  • Ed

    @ Pain – The slow FPS problem was solved by running the Beta drivers just released.

    This game is horrible…it crashes constantly. I am as hardcore a gamers as possible and I play many FPS games like BF3 and MW3…this game is the only one that crashes my PC and the further I get into it the more it crashes. I can shut this game down and go play BF3 for hours without any issues…I can go 5 minutes in this one without a hard crash to the desktop. Im running a top line Intel machine with 16gigs of ram and a nVidia GTX 580…this game should run like butter…instead it doesn’t run at all.

  • Pain

    I am getting very low fps in campaign but not in guerilla mode, i tried turning down graphics but not fixed campaign fps, i have nvidia gtx 560 ti

  • miguelmotta

    My pc crashes when I play the second mission (Launcher problem)and I am obliged to shut down the game. I don’t know what to do… Help me people please!!!

  • Robin

    i keep getting error code 1?

  • Emil

    Me and my friend can’t connect to eachother and we tried to open ports, turn of the firewalls…why can’t we connect to eachother?!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try switching the hosts… There was a bug in the game as well when it launched, so I will recommended updating the game.

  • Jonathan

    Just after i finished the Valiant Hammer mission , just before the cutscene my screen went dark (not like wehn it is disabled but like the game was loading something) and nothing hapened for over 5 minutes so i restarted my PC. After I got into the main menu of the game and checked my missions i noticed that i had only completed the 1st and 9th mission. I had already completed and unlocked every weapon in every previous mission. Its like i had never done those missions , all my weapons are locked again. Any help? Or perhaps any savegame?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Perhaps you are playing with the corrupted installation. Back up your save files and re-install. See if that helps. Don’t forget to back up your save files just in case.

      The worst case can be that you save files are corrupted. In that case, you are out of luck!

    • onimusha410


      I’ve experienced the same problem once before; check out the solution on this page

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