Max Payne 3 PC Tweaks, Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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Console gamers had the chance to play the game earlier and now, its PC gamers’ turn to enjoy the high flying shooting action of Max Payne 3.

Technical issues can sometimes be a curse for a PC gamer specially when one cannot pin-point the problem. To avoid such desperate situations, you can refer to the following troubleshooting guide that will cover the common problems that you may face while running Max Payne 3 on your PC.

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#1 Max Payne 3 – Install a Windows Service Pack Error
If you have the required Service Pack and still can’t run the game, then you should try running the game as administrator. This may fix the issue for you.

#2 Nothing Happens on Pressing the Launch Button
When the game does not start without giving any error then the problem is may be related to .NET, C++ and DirectX tools. If you have a retail version, these tools are present on the discs so that you can run the setups manually.

#3 Max Payne 3 Tweaks – List of Command Line Parameters
Since it’s a PC game, players do have the freedom to use some command lines for small customization. The list is as follows:

Force specific DirectX adapter starting from 0.

Force cpu count if query is not successful.

Force multi-threaded DirectX runtime.

Force DirectX 10 if available.

Force DirectX 10.1 if available.

Force DirectX 11 if available.

Force DirectX 9.

Force VSYNC [0, 1, 2]; (0 equals Vsync Off)

Force fullscreen mode.

Force FXAA quality [0..3].

Force gpu count if query is not successful.

Force vertical resolution.

-language english
Force English language.

-language french
Force French language.

-language italian
Force Italian language.

-language german
Force German language.

-language spanish
Force Spanish language.

-language russian
Force Russian language.

-language portuguese
Force Portugese language.

-language polish
Force Polish language.

Force MSAA [0..5].

Force MSAA quality level.

Force specific monitor starting from 0.

Force reflection quality [0..3].

Force refresh rate.

Force game to load with safest settings.

Force shadow quality [0..3].

Force SSAO [0..1].

Force 3D stereo support [0..1] (1 is on)

Force tessellation quality [0..3].

Force the Anisotropic texture filter quality [0..4].

Force the texture quality [0..2].

Force usage of high quality shaders [0..1].

Force water quality [0..2].

Force horizontal resolution

Force windowed mode.

#4 Max Payne 3 Crashes After Changing the Graphics Settings To High
This happens sometimes that you increase the resolution to very high and get a black screen as a result. After force quitting and re-launching the game, the black screen doesn’t go away or the game gets crashed. In such scenario, you need to delete the graphics settings file manually to set the settings to default.

In case of Max Payne 3, delete the graphics.xml file from \Documents\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 3\

#5 Max Payne 3 – Error Code 1641 on the Launch
The problem is related to .NET 3.5. Even if it has been installed properly, your system may need a reboot for the proper functioning. So if you are getting this error, you should restart your PC and launch the game again.

#6 Max Payne 3 Crashes with Error “StackHash_XXXX” on Launch
The issue is mostly faced by the Windows Vista users on Data Execution Failure. You should try to run the game as administrator that my fix the issue. Alternatively, you can try out the following procedure.

  • Open your Start menu and click Control Panel
  • Browse to “System Maintenance” then “System”
  • In the left panel, select “Advanced System Settings” from the available links
  • You should now see the System Properties Window, which will have three sections. The top section is labeled “Performance” and has a “Settings” button. Click this button.
  • Select the “Data Execution Prevention” tab.
  • Select the option which reads “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”
  • Use the “Browse” button to locate the executable file for the application you were trying to start when you received the StackHash error, and click Open to add it to your exceptions list.
  • Click Apply or OK to commit your changes.

#7 Max Payne 3 – Stuck at Long Initialization
This issue can be due to different reasons, but this workaround may help:
Max Payne 3.exe properties, set the compatibility to Windows 7 and click run as Administrator. For other operating systems, same method can be used.

#8 Max Payne 3 – ERR_OS_VISTA
Follow the link to find a fix for this problem.

If you come across any other issue while playing Max Payne 3, comment, and we will try to help you out.

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  • Fu*K

    i have a problem during installing Max payne 3.. it says “there is no isarcExtract founf”
    Please help… i

  • Shashank M Suresh

    i have windows 8.1 and i get the long initializing error . i did as u said but no use
    . please tell wat to do

  • zBankz

    Max freezes in the VIP Room can’t move but the game still runs for eg people still comes to shoot and I die :/….

  • KickAssMexi

    When I press ESC to start the game and close Social Club, it plays the first cutscene for about 2 seconds and closes to desktop, saying “Max Payne 3 has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
    Feedback would be appreciated!

  • Farhaj

    Please Guide me….. I am facing problem during gameplay. Actually the character of Max Payne3 pauses for few seconds when i press button F for collecting the weapon or sliding during the game.

    Please guide me why it is happening with me.



  • Adrian

    the game becomes very slow after i pick up a gun

  • dubert

    after last update the language is changed from english to chinese. how do ik change it back????

  • sony

    when starting the game from desktop it says – please start max payne 3 using the launcher . plase anyone can help ?

  • Atif

    Hey! I installed Maxpayne.. did all the cracks and updates.. but now when the cut-scene ends… my player does move.. the movement controls doesnt work.. although i can do the bullet dodge and shoot… I think its cux i installed the update on cracked version.. is there any solution?

  • garink

    please help me… when I started chapter 9, my Windows close the game. my last save game when max meet the manchete (this condition marcelo was burned), but I don`t know the game closed if I restart to continue the save game checkpoint.
    Please send me solution at

  • soheil

    I am from IRAN.I was searching on the web for finding some solution for Max payne 3.
    that’s my problem:
    I installed the game.and try to load the game.some time i get a black screen i wait for 10 minutes and nothing happened.some times i get a blue screen and my comp will automatically restart after a few seconds.
    I am using windows 7 (32 bits)
    i tried the game in 7 (64 bits) and windows XP (SP3)
    but i still have that problem.

    • soheil

      can anyone help me please

  • saurabh bhattacharya

    In max payne 3 @ chap 9 just after d cutscene when a guy burns marcello then jst at d end of that cutscene my game hangs and stops responding and a force close is required to get back to windows via task manager..
    Anybody plz help me wid dis issue..

    • Peter Marques

      Me to, i cant load the game. this sucks

    • Oz

      I am Having the same problem .. couldn’t find slution any where !!

    • Mike

      Me too, the same problem

  • lion

    from where I download the rsc to install it?

  • Andrew

    Hello guys. When I try to change video settings i cannot do that because it says “video memory: 357MB/0MB. Video memory exceeded. Please lower your settings”… what can i do to change video settings cause I cannot play the game due to frames…

  • juGis

    ASUS card owners: If Max Payne 3 is crashing to desktop (blank screen) in DX11 mode (but DX9 is working without errors), uninstall the ASUS GamerOSD. Worked for me!

  • Michael

    Hey Guys,when i run Max Payne 3 ,when there is Loading Video It Stucks And my Gfx card stop working there and Green screen use to come with so many liness or if it does not stuck there then it is use to stuck while i start to Play so why is that so ? Plz help mee plzzzzzz
    My PC Specs :
    Core i3 3.07 GHZ
    4GB RAM DDR3
    HD 5570 1GB GDDR5
    PSU : Cooler Master Extreme Power Supply 460W

  • 7arooney

    Hey guys, when am just starting max payne 3 and just signing in as a rock star account it telling me “please ensure that you have internet access and try again”, so what can i do please help…..

  • anmol

    hey guys when i start the game a black screen appears showing input not supported what to do???? i am completing all the requirement…

  • Andoni Olea

    I have 2 problems: A. – The graphics settings when DX9 to DX11 change but must be restarted after it returns to DX9. 2.-When I start a game (first time) menu controls do work but not the game controls.

  • Hasnain Ali Mirza

    I am using Windows 7. I had installed Max Payne 3 completely, with updates too but on launching the game, an error occurs and windows starts finding solution for it. When I cancel it, game terminates. No effect if i click on game leaving ignoring that error. Please help

    • Hasnain Ali Mirza

      please reply! :/

  • hsisa

    when the game is about to finish installing a blue screen appears and my computers gets restart.How can i solve this problem.

    • anwar

      the installation is too slow taking 4 hrs to install, when setup completes blue screen comes and computer restarts… Plz help in need..?.

    • Akshay

      I have the same problem . My screen goes blue and restarted . After many tries the game run but at the launch the black screen appears . And not responding so now what i do ??? plz hlp me someone . pls !.

  • Abin

    u have to install socialclub setup in the redistributables then only a local profile will form and game will start.

  • Dro

    When I start the last chapter, the game freezes. I get the message that the program has stopped working and I have to kill it in task manager. The weird thing is that the game works fine at any other point in the game. It just freezes whenever I start chapter 14. Please help! I’m running Windows 7, core-i5, 8gb ddr3, xfire sapphire toxic 6950 with stock clocks

  • Hudaif

    When i try to play it says could not locate on local machine plzz help me what can do to play max payne 3 plzzzzzzz

  • Nafis

    When i start the game they show the credits and then game closes and says application eror(0XC00000aa5)
    How to solve this please help!

  • Ayush

    why my maxpayne 3 Stuck on loading after installing updates.


    Trying to run in WINDOWS 8 consumer preview, keep on crashing when launching the game …

    any ideas?

  • Bhargava

    I installed the game successfully. but on launch “missing d3dcompiler_43.dll” in XP and “please run maxpayene 3 using launcher” in win7. Can u please resolve this. ThanQ’s in advance….

  • B & G

    Video input out of range!!!! How can fix the must be out of monitors capacity…how can i lower it?? ani 1 plz helP..!!! :)

  • Dead Vain

    No matter how fast i click da mouse i cant disarm the man in chap 9 who attacks max after burning marcello….!

  • Dead Vain

    On chapter 8, theres a sniper guy shootin from da top of a building. Enemies come out of a door to kill max. But whn i try to enter da door it doesnt open…
    Plz, could anyone help me to solve ths ‘door doesnt open’ problem?

    • Mark

      The door is not supposed to open, you have to flank the guy to the side and shoot him. Then the door opens

  • Edna J

    I’m stuck on MaxPayne3 chapter 6 (ps3) and can’t advance to the next chapter. I pass ch 6 find all things I need to find, but for some odd reason the game will NOT let me advance. I’ve tried turning on and off the console, and NADA again. I’ve played this chapter over and over and over. Please help sick of chapter 6

  • lewton

    guys! if you’re having the keyboard problem and you have Comodo Firewall installed, here is the fix: Comodo Defense+ is blocking MaxPayne3.exe from accessing system32/DINPUT8.dll (related to keyboard input). You need to edit the rules for MaxPayne3 in the Defense+ security policy, marking it as a trusted file.

  • John

    Need help,downloaded the game,took weeks to install,or to unpack to be more precise,anyway after the install i did the patch as suggested,replaced the Profile Crack and those things and when I try to run the game it runs black screen and after few seconds of different shades of black cursor appears and you have to ControlAltDel to get out of the game, and to say Max Payne 3 has stopped working. I’ve tried running it as an administrator,I’ve set it in comptability for Win7 and I’ve blocked the main game exe in firewall. I run Win7 64bit have 4 gigs of ram, Amd Athlon X4 630 Processor 2.8 GHz and Ati Radeon HD 4670. Hopefully this will help you to tell me if i can run this game with my PC and If i can,why won’t it work. Thanks!

  • harry

    anybody has the fix of that fucking loading screen plzzz telll i rlly wanna play this game plzzzzzzz

  • Rakeshhhh

    guyz….please help me out in this…my game when startng its saying please run max payne 3 using game launcher ? what should i do i knw…? plz help me fast…i was eagerly waiting to play the game…?

    • will

      start game using playmaxpayne. Should be below maxpayne.exe

  • Sas

    I fixed the Keyboard not working problem bug issue! (without formatting or even a restart). i have just finished the game..
    what i did:
    1.uninstalled the game, and social club, and .NET4
    2.fiscally deleted social club folders from program files and my documents.
    fiscally disconnected internet cable (disabling network card will also work)
    3.closed all anti virus/melware etc.. programs MaxPayne3 and ran it (didn’t copy any of the cracks yet, if it is not running at all, place the Launcher crack.)
    5.ran social club update and MP3_patch from DVD4 (not the launcher patch)
    6.after running the game first time, i exited from the “press enter” screen and place “profile folder” and crack – didnt place the DLC folder only after i started playing.
    Dont forget to block: MaxPayne3.exe, PlayMaxPayne3.exe and Renderer.exe (can be found at the program files/rockstar/social club) @ the FireWall before you reconnect to the internet.

    i hope it will wor for you all.

  • Yazid

    i have a problem where the game has stopped working before the rockstar logo..please help!!

  • Alphax

    Hi all . I have a problem and that’s same as some other people face it but no answer was there for it …
    When i try to launch the Max Payne 3 in windows 7 an error comes . It says “Max Payne 3 has stopped working” and i can only close the game !
    I installed Social club and DirectX and got the updates but still the same error .
    If you know the way please tell me what to do

  • shushant

    guys i’m having a problem with max pyne 3 …the game crashes while its first loding when he opens the door!
    need help plz !

  • Rohan Rajgurav

    Unable to find the command line in max payne 3.
    I have bought the retail version and I do not have a launcher as l.a. noire. please help
    thanks in advance

  • zahd

    my pc restarts with a blue screen during installation..i have tried upgrading and degrading the graphic driver, but still same problem..
    please help

  • Dominik523

    Hey! I have a problem when I try to start my game. It won’t start and it just says “No DirectX 9 runtime found. Please install latest Directx runtime.” Please help m!

  • Vaibhav

    I m stuck on chapter 9 cutscene
    right after when marcello is burnt alive in the cutscene whatever i do i cant seem to disarm the guy; i can block but not disarm him
    even if i do it correctly the game goes in a loop n shows empty space n max bleeds to death

    please help me
    the game i running fine otherwise

    • Alex

      I have the problem have you found a solution ?

      • lexa

        and me too

    • lexa

      and me too! :( How to fix it?

  • Dead Vain

    im stuck on chapter 6…whn the cinematic finishes showin max gettin bald & he’s goin to get fabiana, the game freezes & any button i press thn doesnt work…! The game ran good on my system, but now its givin me a sh*t…. I have core i3, 2 gb ram, 512 mb ati radeon hd 5450 agp….plz help me…..

    • Dornaim

      Same problem…

      • sardar

        i have same problem,plz help us…

    • abdulrahim

      me too same proplim

    • ara

      you should lower your graphic settings and run it again and it passes the cinematic just fine after that the game saves so you can go back and change the settings back to a higher performance

  • Melvin

    Hello friends,

    Purchased dvds of Max Payne 3 it asked to copy dvds in laptop hard disk after saving all there i need to extract files then ran set up… all seems to he good and game did get properly installed and when i tried opening the exe file it asked to to open it via launcher something poped up social club i tried it doing offlibegame opened Rockstar logo appeared it asked me to enter for stqrting the game later it remained the same only loading appeared for very long time with background music playing it went.on and on i needto finally force close it.. i am using Dell inspiron with 1gb graphic card .. 4 gb i jave also updated my nvidia please help

  • Jackson

    I’ve got a retail copy of the game and all was working fine until the game/comp crashed. I didn’t know which shortcut to the game was the right one so I swapped them out and put the PlayMaxPayne3.exe as my shortcut and renamed it Max Payne 3, once I clicked it I get the error ‘Please run Max Payne 3 with the launcher’ AKA ERR_NO_LAUNCHER. I put back the file and changed its name back to its original form…but I still get the error, any help would be appreciated :)

    • Liason

      I did the EXACT same thing and i have the same problem :(

  • Alex

    When i open Max Payne 3 he give me error and he leave on the game and he say me Close Program

  • Jocke

    Hey, I cant connect to multiplayer server :(

  • utkarsh jha

    i start the game…..but when it reaches the initial cinematic scene (showing max drinking) my system just hangs there …plz tell me wat to do

  • carbonKid992

    please help me….!!!!
    my max payne 3,
    i have install every thing and update everything,
    and install max payne 3 over six time,
    but still the same problem,
    the problem is, when i start the game the screen either goes black or show the first title then it stuck/freeze…….
    what is my pc problem…..
    i use asus A43S, intelcore i5-2450M, 64 bit, graphic nvidia geforce 610m.2GB. windoes home premium…..

    • Sas

      make sure you install RSC before you enter the game

      and then exit the game and place the profile from the crack @ my documents/rock star games / social club .

      block MaxPayne3.exe, PlayMaxPayne3.exe and Renderer.exe in the firewall

      • dule031

        I have no rock star folder in my documents.any help?

    • Maq

      i have the same problem………. i have proper;y installed RSC but still te problem persists…help me.

  • Yoni

    All you guys that have the problem with the loading screen make sure you installed RSC properly.
    I had the same problem reinstalled the RSC and it works!!

  • charsta

    I have a problem with chapter 9. After I finished chapter 8 the game went to loading screen to load chapter 9. But it doesn’t move on. It’s stuck on loading screen.
    Anyone who can help?
    Thank you

    • Ares

      I have the similar problem !!! PLS HELP SOMEONE!!!!!

    • Engin

      same problem. I couldn’t find any solution for this problem. is there anyone fix this issue?

  • ajid

    hi all need some help here,
    i’m instaled max payne 3 and go to all process and have done good so far as well as in game plyaing no fps droping in highest setting but after half hour i got error that says ” display driver has stoped responding and has sucessfully recovered” and i tried to play the game’s for 3 time and got same erorr message when the 4th try my PC got bluescreen. can someone help me with this problem, or have same problem like me?

    i tried everything from overclock,downclocking, update patch to latest version, block firewall etc..
    but still got this problem
    here is my rig:
    amd phenom x4
    MSI Radeon HD 6850 1GB
    4 GB Ram
    1,5 TB
    PSu powersonic 550watt

    i think my rig can handle this but whats wrong? can anyone help me please?

    • Sas

      blue screen is usualy an anti virus problem
      which one do you use?

      try to disable desktop composition from the EXE proprieties\comparability

      if it still the same error
      for the display driver. download driver cleaner
      and run it from safe mod
      and then install newest driver again.

    • Wollies

      Just install windows SP 1 (windows6.1-KB976932-X64) 903mb

  • MrJok3r

    When i change the brightness in my game, goes to the first cutscene, when Max opens the door my game crashes, how to fix?

  • james

    hi I’m having a problem when i launch the game my screen just says no signal, i can hear the music from the menus but cant do anything. I’m guessing its a resolution problem , I’ve updated my video driver, my screen is a 1080p HD 32 inch 60hz refresh rate, i have a gtx 560ti card so I should be able to run it fine. Please need help

    • Sas

      If you have other cards (like on board)
      try to disable them via device manager

      and go to compatibility mod and check run in 640X480

      if its work. it is a GPU problem
      if not its a game problem

      bdw it is always good to uninstall the driver with DriverCleaner and install (the newest) again.

  • Noname

    My problem is #7. I have Windows Vista. I tried every service pack available and nothing happened. The game keeps getting stuck at the very first loading screen.

  • Asela

    why stuck Max Payne 3 in chapter xiii video ?

  • incog

    In Chapter 11, that white automatic doors won’t open. I’ve tried to restart the whole chapter, and still nothing happened. Can someone help me with that problem?

    • Asela

      crack prob i think

  • Sas

    I cant find a fix for the keyboard problem.

    the game just dont recognize it

    keyboard not working in game (only @ max payne 3)
    anywhere else it is fine.

    @ the game menu and itself the keyboard wont work
    even when at the start it sais ” press Enter”
    it wont recognize the key.

    Please help! what can i do?
    i tried different keyboard and its the same.

  • teodor

    sorry for may english i am romanian:) when i start the playMaxPayne3Launcher he sad could not located max payne 3 game executable on local machine please re-install from original media!!! what do i have to do?

    • Arcl

      Heres how i did it man…run regedit…press ctrl+f..find max payne 3 and start deleting any folder that contains files having max payne 3 in find next until you have deleted every file having max payne 3 in it,also delete the social club folder..and voila you finally pass the loading screen!and the game executable error is also resolved.

      • Altaf

        great excelent I wana hug U my friend

      • Junaid

        Arcl bro, will this really work in this error of could not located max payne 3 game executable on local machine please re-install from original media!!!

  • maruf

    plz help..
    when i try running the game it says
    ”Please run Max Payne 3 using the launcher”
    and there is no launcher in the game i installed.

    • Dominik523

      launcher is called playMaxPayne3.exe, try to find it

  • Benny

    also the loading bug, someone a good fix PLS ?!!!?

  • Ace

    I have had the game randomly pause on me, like as if I am hitting escape. And when I hit escape to un pause it re pauses. I also often have it just up and crash no warning signs no reason. I have good hardware. So I am really surprised.

  • trust

    i’m running on windows xp sp3 and i have the loading problem. it’s stuck there. i can’t run with compability mode windows 7. some sugestion’s. thanks

  • Seishiro

    @Akatosh I have the very same problem! My keyboard and mouse all work in other games, just not Max Payne 3. Looks like, I’ll have to connect another keyboard and mouse to my PC to play it normally… <_<'

  • Akatosh

    Thought this was a legit thread. Clearly, several people here have downloaded the game iilegally. Too many pirates here for my taste. Where is the administrator?

    And don’t worry, pirates – you won’t hear from me again. I’m done with this site.

  • John

    Still cant save

  • Reed

    So i have a problem when I bought it was smooth playing on high but then I donwloaded the lastest NVIDIA driver everything cool but somehow now I lag a lot like getting 3 FPS in the start menu someone knows something about it?

  • Jakub

    Fix loading stuck or inicializing stuck

    IMPORTANT: Keep step by step

    1. Install the game, abort the update.
    2. Copy Profile files to your documents/Social Club folder
    3. Install update MP3_Patch_Update_1_0_0_17.exe
    4. Install update Social Club v1.0.9.5 Setup.exe
    5. Install Update MP3_Launcher_1_13_0_0.exe
    6. Copy RELOADED (3 files) into game folder
    7. Turn off or disconnect your NET cable
    8. Run the game from game folder as administrator with compatibility for Windows 7
    9. And loading stuck is fixed.

    Tested on Windows 7 Professional SP1

    • sud

      could u send me the link to dwnld these files…i dnt hve thm on either of the dvds….

  • Akatosh

    Ok… Update on the situation.

    I went out today and bought myself a new keyboard and mouse. I had little faith in it of course, after reading about all the weird problems this game has. But then, as a miracle, it all worked.

    Turns out that my four year old keyboard-set was the cause of my problems. Everything works fine now. I….am stunned. I have been looking all over the web for solutions for the past two days, and THAT was the issue? And only on this game? Wow…just…wow.

    Well, I am going to start a new game now, to get the full Max Payne experience. If anyone ever bothered to look into my issue, I apologize for your time spent, and thank you for your effort.

    Akatosh out.

    • CoffeeForever

      Thanks Akatosh, I got the same problem and saw your post on this.

  • kaustavnath

    tried everything but giving up hope…. Don’t know what to do with the “loading” screen problem….got no crack folder in any of the 4 DVDs…Can anybody Please help???????

    • Arcl

      Heres how i did it man…run regedit…press ctrl+f..find max payne 3 and start deleting any folder that contains files having max payne 3 in find next until you have deleted every file having max payne 3 in it,also delete the social club folder..and voila you finally pass the loading screen!

  • Jit

    I just got the updated patch of max payne 3..and this time its showing me INITIALIZING in place of LOADING…. Is thr anyother way? And thanks 4 ur reply bro @henk

  • Akatosh


    I have encountered a strange problem. The game runs just fine on the highest quality, and I have no crashes or anything like that. The game does not stutter or anything. BUT… The game seems to do whatever it wants to do. Bullet Time is going off when I press the forward button. Max lies down on the ground when I run, the weapon selection screen comes up all the time, Max wont shoot when I click. What the hey is going on?

    It seems to me, like the game thinks I am pressing 50 buttons at once when I only press one.

    I have reinstalled the game 4 times. Still the same. I have installed the updates for the game. Still the same.

    I have updated my drivers (also for keyboard and mouse), I have tried to plug the keyboard out and in, both in-game and out of game, I have messed around with all the settings about graphics and video. I have set the controls back to default, I have selected keys for myself, I have set them back to default again. I am going insane. The worst part is not being able to shoot, cause then I die.

    If I press ESC 15 times, the game works OK for about 3 seconds, and then Max is back on his stomack, while Bullet Time goes off, the weapon screen is up and I cant shoot, or select weapons, all at once.

    Sorry for the long post. Any ideas? Could it be the keyboard? All other games (like Diablo 3) works fine with it.

  • John

    The game dont ceep the saved games,when i close the game after chapter 2 and started again the next day all my progress was gone and i started again the game from the begining.After that every time the i close the game the saves disappear.I stoped and waiting for a fix.

  • Henk

    1. Make sure the installer extracted the profiles to “Documents -> Rockstar Games -> Social Club ->”.
    2. Make sure you installed MP3_Launcher and Social Club.
    3. Open notepad or other text editor, in it add this:
    PlayMaxPayne3.exe -scofflineonly
    and save it as PlayMaxPayne3.bat and save it-put it in the Max payne 3 game directory.
    Start game using PlayMaxPayne3.bat

    • KK


  • Guillo

    In chapter IX I’ve got heavy graphic glitches, the graphic stretches in lines from the center of the screen and I can’t see s***, now at the scene where you slide down the roof and apparently there is a chopper in front of me since I can only hear the sound from all the junk on the screen. I don’t know if this is in game issue or my g-card blew out :S

  • Henk

    With the latest update (yeah a cracked one is available) the game doesn’t hang the loading screen anymore!

  • New

    I`m getting Blue Screen

    • John

      ok now install the windows installer which is in dvd.

  • Jit

    I’m having a problem in the loading screen..i installed the game properly then when i start the game they ask me to press ”enter” i did so..then it says ”loading” then it goes on and on and on..i’m using windows 7..i changed compatibility to vista service pack 2 as there is no option of windows 7 bt thn when i start the game it freezes in the ”press enter”page..and this time nothing wrokes..please help me out..i tried what you said but still nothing works

  • Brk

    I fixed my crashing problem after pressing enter to continue to main menu. I did a couple of things so i don’t know which one actually fixed it. First I updated my graphic card. Then I re-installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1. Finally I read found this fix and gave it a try.

    This is a simple FIX you can try if you have the loading problem…

    1. Make sure the installer extracted the profiles to “Documents -> Rockstar Games -> Social Club ->”.
    2. Make sure you installed MP3_Launcher and Social Club.
    3. Open notepad or other text editor, in it add this:
    PlayMaxPayne3.exe -scofflineonly
    and save it as PlayMaxPayne3.bat and save it-put it in the Max payne 3 game directory.
    Start game using PlayMaxPayne3.bat

    Hope it helps. But again I don’t know which one fixed the crashing.

  • william

    rubbish service from rockstar, no help no game, no fun. I paid for a the game not the headache it comes with.

  • MasterDuo

    Hi,got a problem that 1Gb VRAM 5650 is showing only 512MB of VRAM.
    Though before it was showing only 0 MB but that is solved by setting direct x value to 0 thanks to vaibhav ,now getting only 512 MB of VRAM , though game is playable in low setting.Pls someone assist.
    My Config:i3-330M 4gb Ram,1 GB 5650 ,win 7 64bit.

    • Masterduo

      The new patch has cleared all the problem.kudos to Rockstar for a good patch.

  • vaibhav

    when the game start black screen pop out and remain as it is for several minutes …….after that it crashes

  • Bruce1337

    I have a problem installing. The game comes in 4 discs, the first 2 discs install nice and fine, but when I load the 3rd disc, the installation stops with an error saying “Feature Transfer Error: The device is not ready.” and the whole installation shuts down. I have tried installing 3 times now.
    Can anyone please help me?

  • Bruce1337

    I have a problem installing. The game comes in 4 discs, the first 2 discs install nice and fine, but when I load the 3rd disc, the installation stops with an error saying “Feature Transfer Error: The device is not ready.” and the whole installation shuts down. I have tried installing 3 times now and am getting very frustrated.
    Can anyone please help me?

    • zag

      I’ve had that happen on a few game disks with win7.

      not sure what it is.

      but you can get around it simply by coping the disk to hard drive and the install from the HD you should be fine to delete the disk off the HDD after the install is complete.

  • kingadrock24

    My problem is when I launch the game, it actually crashes right after the Rockstar logo appears. Then I have to use the Task Manager to bring me back to my desktop. It does this every single time and is very frusturating because I don’t how to fix it. Does anybody have any ideas how I can fix this?

  • motoh

    when installing the game, it gives me a blue screen at about 70 / 80%, please help

  • Henk

    I got the game working but wanted to change my settings.
    I changed it, the game forced me to restart the game. It started hanging at the first message. Over and over. Even after manually deleting the graphics.xml file.
    So i tried #4 but it didn’t work for me. I can add -safemode and start the game in a small screen and adjust settings but whenever i want to start it normally it crashes at the first message.

    Any tips?

  • Ali Asif

    Guys, it’s requested that please post the fix number you have tried mentioned in the article. Like you can say that i have tried #X or #Y….

  • tom69

    Hey, I have a problem, when I launch the game the black screen of death comes out and nothing happens,HELP. What should I do?

    • harry

      just right click on the max payne 3.exe select properties then tick on campability with win xp service pack 3 and run as administrater tick that also had this problem and when i solve this i got stuck on loading scree fuck it n srry fr bad enghlish

  • seid pepic

    Whoever had problems getting past the rockstar logo in max payne 3. We found a fix thanks to this guy!!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! spread this everywhere.

  • Migdzow

    i start the game, game comes to the rockstar message and just keep there. freeze, and cant do shit. someone help me i rly like&want to play max payne…

  • André

    help … when I start the game, the game closes and the message max payne 3 has stopped working!

    • jaky

      install the social club

      • avi

        I’ve installed the social club! installed and updated my drivers and still doesn’t work!it tells me “max payne 3 has stopped working!” using windows 8 on bootcamp on Macbook Pro
        PLEASE HELP!

  • amit

    its stuck on loading screen
    waht to do?

  • Kert

    I have problem when i start game choose new game and then the game just paus itselff i press esc but pause again, sorri for bad language 😉

  • haddad

    on a certain part in the game in the exact same spot everytime it freezes and goes back to desktop but multiplayer and all missions before that work fine

    • Jack

      I have the exact same problem, mine freezes on mission 2 part 14 tho :/

      • Ali Asif

        Crashes like these are usually due to missing files. re-installation in different directory may solve the issue for you….

        • haddad

          i re started my computer, played on it worked and wasnt crashing for a bit further then crashed again, i then tried,on steam, to verify integrity of game cache, it worked again for a little bit, then crashed again so it cannot be a missing file.

          • haddad

            there seems to be a variety of different crashes including ones on multilayer. There needs to be patches.

  • josh

    Every thing loads fine. Get to the first level, and in to the gameplay and the player (Max) wont move, his leg run but that about. He just wont go anywhere. Help please??

  • z

    I found a way around it too.

    When you are on the loading screen, hit the “HOME” key, and it will bring up the RSC. Click on the setting (thing that looks like a gear) sign out.. and then you should be able to play.. Am going to go back in it to see if it saved my progress.. I’ll report back in a sec!

    I apologize.. don’t sign out.. hit “EXIT” then it will let you continue.. and yes it saved my progress!!!

    *sings* Do what you want cuz a Pirate is free……YOU ARE A PIRATE!

  • cris

    when i try to open the crak file my windows crash and restarts

    • abilash

      install windows 64 bit and install all driver..then the problm is solved..

      • Wollies

        Just install windows 7 sp1
        no more blue-screen

  • tonty

    hi guys i have the problem with setting the graphics when i press enter after to apply the changes nothink happens it just will not let me save the settings i select any ideas or anybody else having this problem yet. i have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit i7 920 2.67 radeon 5700 hd 6 gig of ram

    • boxc

      i got the same s*it help cant change settings from no where
      using GT540M,i5,4gb ram

    • Vaibhav

      Problem of Graphics card not getting detected by game and Graphics setting are also non-editable with dead performance.FOR THIS GO TO %USERPROFILES%DOCUMENTS\ROCKSTAR this folder you will find a GRAPHICS.XML FILE.Open this file and edit only the Direct-x line value with zero(0)and nothng else.Save it Re-run the game and change the game settings as you want them.
      My issue got resolved through these steps hope yours get too…

      • Domas

        It’s won’t help for me. I change directx 9 to directx 11, game restarts and nothing happend, it’s still directx 9. I add to command line -dx11 but it also won’t help me. Any ideas? I have i7 and GT540m.

        • Sina

          I have the exact Video Card, NVIDIA GT540M, and i have the same issue… ANY IDEAS? It doesnt change to direct X 10,10.1 or 11… it goes back to DX9………

      • Sina

        Dude, I have even tried this any other command line syntax but nothing happens!!! Still DX 9 remains the same. It actually started to piss me off…… dammit

  • Alin

    I’ve installed Max Payne. I launch the game,offline mode, and when the game asks me to press enter at the begin , i press enter then a loading text appears, and here remains stuck.The animated logo it’s still working but, the loading text remains there and i can’t even acces the menu.Please if you know what problem might be.I have an i7 2600k and gtx460 , 4gb ram, so the problem shouldn’t be the hardware. I also tried to run the game as administrator, but the same problem…

    • steve

      same problem as you on max payne 3 stuck on initialising..did you sort it yet?

      • urfriend

        hello guys having problem of stucking at initialising screen after pressing enter
        just follow the steps as mentioned
        it worked for me
        1.Install the game as usual but make sure to TURN OFF THE FIREWALL during installation.
        2.After installation update it with RELOADED MP3_Patch_Update_1_0_0_22
        a) Then Install Social CLUB that you will find in crack\update folder.
        b) After that paste the profile folder present in crack into the directory %UserProfiles%\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club.
        c) At last paste the rest of content of crack in your game installation directory in the traditional way.
        3. After that TURN THE FIREWALL BACK ON Unplug you LAN CABLE and BLOCK THE PLAYMAXPAYNE3.EXE FILE for all sort of connections.(this step is very important too else your Social club will not Auto sign-in)
        4. Atlast run the game as admin.
        Your game should start properly now

        • Sanket

          Getting stuck on Login Screen? Heres How to solve it
          1. Whn u have fully updated and cracked MP3 do not start the game.
          2.Go to my documents Create the floowing folder manually (If exist delete it)
          Rockstar Games/Social Club
          3.Paste Profile in that folder

          Note : Don’t run the game before you do this or it will stuck again

        • Noirrit Kiran Chandra

          How can I block PLAYMAXPAYNE3.EXE??

    • Debaser485

      Same problem here! Anyone found this problem, or better yet, a solution?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Max Payne 3.exe properties, set the compatibility to Windows 7 and click run as Administrator.

      • Bob

        I’m having the same issue. After the door opens in that first cinematic at the beginning, it remains stuck. There are 2 files MaxPayne3.exe and PlayMaxPayne3.exe . As I understood, I’ve set the MaxPayne3.exe’s compatibility to windows 7, and ran the PlayMaxPayne3.exe, because it can be started only from the launcher, but this didn’t solve my problem.

        • marek

          same problem :( ****

      • Breno

        How can i set compatibility to windows 7?? im already on windows 7!! and the options only shows up to windows vista ( SP2 )

        Help please T_T

        • Freezy

          well, it’s veery easy.. just create a social club account sign in, and you will pass this screen

          • anmol

            @freez: but i dont get the social club account sign in during running the game or that loading screen…

        • Some-ONE

          set compat… mode to xp sp3

    • Vaibhav

      ht@all guys having problem of stucking at loading screen after pressing enter or they can’t get RSC to work just follow the steps as mentioned in reloaded crack of around 210 mb worked for me
      1. Install the game as usual but make sure to TURN OF THE FIREWALL during instllation.
      2. After installation abort when game tries to update on its own and then open the RELOADED crack folder and,
      a) Update the three .exe files(mp3launcher,mpgame and social club) that you will find in crack\update folder.
      b) After that paste the profile folder present in crack into the directory %UserProfiles%\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club….if the directory doesn’t exit, don’t worry just create it.
      c) At last paste the rest of content of crack in your game installation directory in the traditional way.
      3. After that TURN THE FIREWALL BACK ON and BLOCK THE PLAYMAXPAYNE3.EXE FILE for all sort of connections.(this step is very important too else your Social club will not Auto sign-in)
      4. Atlast run the game as admin.
      Your game should start properly now

      • Marcus

        didnt work .still in that loading screen with animations :(

      • Sanket

        Simple..Turn off internet…dont figit with firewall

    • anonimous

      I have the same problem in the loading screen, it freezes there forever and ever.

    • Arcl

      brodas the problem has been solved….Heres how i did it man…run regedit…press ctrl+f..find max payne 3 and start deleting any folder that contains files having max payne 3 in find next until you have deleted every file having max payne 3 in it,also delete the social club folder..and voila you finally pass the loading screen!

  • rock

    unrecoverable fault-please restart game. this the error im getting when i tried to install.any solution plzzzz.mail me

    thank uuuu..

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Corrupted installation. Re-install and try again! If it still doesn’t work, change the media you are installing the game from.

      Also, if you could elaborate which OS you are using, it will help us dissect the issue.

  • Seb

    Help… i try to change some of the grapichs on maxpayne 3 but it says i got 0 ram -.- can someone please tell me whats going on?

    I am currently running it on a laptop

    Specs: amd radeon 6990m – gb memory
    intel i7 2,2 ghz
    6 gb ram

    • Maulik

      I found a solution for 0MB problem : just add -availablevidmem x000 to your Max Payne 3 shortcut. (x being the number of gigs of graphics memory). No it runs smooth and beautiful!

  • Disgruntled Player

    After staring up Max Payne 3, it loads, goes through the first 2 screens of text and then at the title screen (before the menu) it freezes. I’ve read that it’s a problem with a quad-core setup and setting it to use 2 cores while game is loading helps *SOMETIMES*,
    otherwise it just keeps freezing. Help please :(

    • marek

      pls did u somehow figure this problem out ? I have the same problem and I tried everithing,but nothing help

      • anonimous

        I have the same problem here.

        • david

          same thing for me, cant find any info anywhere tho

          • david

            i finaly got mine to work by re-installing on my C drive, however i changed my graphics settings and now the game has gone back to’has stopped responding’ at the enter screen, another poor quality pc game from rockstar, i know i cant count on them to get this fixed.

  • Akash

    The game looks stretched, I’m playing on 16:9 resolution of my monitor, everything looks stretched and fat.

    • Bell

      I have the same exact problem, and it is very irritating. I’m using the same resolution as my monitor and everything, someone please help!

    • chucky2003

      I have the same problem,i tried everything that i could think of and no luck,the only way i could have the image normal was just to adjust my monitor to 4:3,but of course i have a smaller image

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        A wide screen fix may help, but I have come across anyone who have successfully done that, so until then, play on whatever resolution the game plays better.

  • dickmaestro420

    Game runs fine and everything. Only problem I have is that it stutters deastically when it loads parts of the world and objects during missions. Once that “load-lag phase” is over the game plays smooth. Any fix for the stutters?

    • harihlede

      i have the same problem :(

      • Troy

        If you have have any version of the Intel i7 processor, you must disable hyper-threading in the bios, that is known to cause stuttering in many games.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          That (above comment) and make sure you aren’t using old drivers, specially if parts of the world and objects are loading.

    • Jammasterj007

      I am also suffering from this exact same issue on an AMD Phenom X4 based rig. Is there any way to tweak the game’s texture streaming or even allocated memory size? It runs beautifully as soon as the “load lag” ends.

    • wolfreon

      Is there any fix yet? I experience this too. Is it not because I use a 5400RPM hdd?

  • Tim

    I have installed max payne on an mx 14 (alienware) laptop and I cant launch it it. i saw you have a fix for that problm but i dont get what you mean.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      What your operating System? Make sure .Net Framework and DirectX is installed. You can find both these files inside the game installation directory.

    • jon

      Hey Tim if you haven’t got it to work I found this solution on another forum and it worked for me. The launcher that pops up and says checking for updates, just keep clicking on that launcher anywhere but a button and whoila! Also, remember to go into the shortcut and target paremeters and add -windowed at the end.

      Problem is you have to do this evertime you launch and change to fullscreen everytime too.