Risen 2 Legendary Items Locations Guide

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Legendary Items are unique items, artifacts, which give you bonus attributes to raise your particular skill level.

You need to collect at least 20 legendary items to get Legendary Hero achievement/trophy associated with the collection of these artifacts. They are marked your logbook similar to the usual quest and can be tracked with journals that you come across while playing through the game.

There are legendary items you will find as part of the main story, one such example is ‘The Titan Weapon’, which you find to find the ultimate evil in Risen 2. We will be listing down Legendary Items by Island, so that it is easier for you to browse through the guide.

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Risen 2 Legendary Items – Tacarigua

All the legendary items you can find on the Island of Tacarigua.

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Legendary Item – Peg leg
Location. You can find this artifact on the mountain path near the tomb. Go through the cave by Vasco’s tower, turn left and straight towards the wooden bridge. You will come across a second cave. Near this cave, look for large rock. Search the terrain behind this rock to find this legendary item.

Legendary Item – Meerschaum pipe
Location. Find Pete’s treasure to get this legendary item. Talk to Holly (Prostitute) in Booze’s tavern. Pay her 100 Gold, and she will tell you the little secret about Pete’s treasure. Find Pete outside a large tomb and among other things, retrieve his Meerschaum Pipe, a legendary item.

Legendary Item – Hand mirror
Location. Find the book ‘Pirate Raids’ in Jack’s Lighthouse. Read the book and look for the clues in the pirate tavern. Start by asking the innkeeper for rum. Ask for the trade, meet the 2000 Gold demand to get this artifact.

Legendary Weapon – Silver Mask
Location. Enter the large house to the left in Tacarigua, when you are to meet Di Fuego, the governor. After entering the first room to the left, look for a book to the right of the bed. Read this book to get this legendary item.

Legendary Weapon – The Left Boot
Location. Read the book on the first floor of Booze’s place in the Pirate’s Den. It’s by the place where Lola (The Prostitute) sleeps. It will give you the directions on how to retrieve this legendary item.

Risen 2 Legendary Items – The Sword Coast

All the legendary items you can find on the Island ‘The Sword Coast.

Legendary Item – Bottle of Memories
Location. Find the women ‘Kapua’ in Shaganumbi village; she is at an altar between a cauldron and the leader of the village, Chani.

Talk to her and she will reveal how much she knows about voodoo. Once you have acquainted her, she will be open for trade. Among other alchemy items, she sells ‘Bottle of Memories’, a legendary item. It will cost you around 2000 Gold.

Legendary item – The Powder Bag
Location. Complete the quest Cargo Crates for Miguel to get this Legendary Item as a reward. Locate the merchandise scattered throughout the shores of the island, and once you have found them, visit Miguel to complete the quest.

Risen 2 Legendary Items – Antigua

All the legendary items you can find on the Island ‘Antigua’.

Legendary Item – One Left Boot
Location. It can be found on a small island off the west coast of Antigua. Go through the port city and turn north, towards the cave leading to the Mac’s tower. Follow the keep to the small path towards the shore and be prepared to fight monkeys and Sunken.

After clearing the area, look for the boot on the island. Don’t forget to take the treasure map from the chest nearby, it leads you to the treasure on western beach of Antigua.

Legendary Item – Silver Mask
Location. You get this item as part of the reward after completing Gibson’s Grave quest. Talk to Quinn and buy the key to tavern (You can find Quinn by the port city’s coast).

Enter the tavern and open the door to the room on first floor. Read the book inside leading you to this legendary item. You will have to dig Gibson’s grave and retrieve this item among other things.

Legendary Item – Voodoo Needle
Location. You can buy this item for 2000 Gold from Emma witch. You can find her in the port city.

Legendary Item – Hangman’s Noose
Location. It’s a bit tricky to get this item since it requires you to control a monkey to reach places a mortal can’t reach. First, you will have to learn the skills required to tame the monkey and to execute it perfectly, you will need at least 6′ Cunning.

Release the monkey on the second floor of the warehouse and guide it through the broken window and climb the roof until you reach the hole. Enter the attic and search it. You should notice several chests lying around; Hangman’s Noose is lying on top of the one of these chests.

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    Shrunken Head (+10 Intimidate) can be found in the Graveyard in Sword Coast on top of a gravestone near the buried treasure.

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