Silent Hill Downpour Side Quests Guide

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If you want to get a platinum trophy or 1000 gamer score points in Silent Hill Downpour, you will have to complete most of its side-quests.

These side-quests are also a breath of fresh air if you want to just explore the Silent World of Downpour, or if you want to complete all the Mysteries.

In any case, if you are stuck at any side-quest in Silent Hill Downpour, read our detailed walkthrough of these side-quests. For more help on Silent Hill Downpour, read our Endings, Mysteries Locations and Puzzle Solutions Guide.

Silent Hill Downpour Side Quests

All Points Bulletin
Hillside – You need to call the four patron cars to complete this side-quest. You can start this side-quest west of the underground entrance of the Police Station.

You should find one of the police cars that are patrolling around. Stop it to take the side-quest.

First you need to find a dispatcher radio. You should find it in the dispatchers office in the police station.

If you can’t find it, approach the police station from McCammon Street, through the broken wall, across the beam and you should see it.

Find the radio inside the room and activate it to input following codes:

  1. D375
  2. C466
  3. B557
  4. A648

Entering these codes will call the four police cars and side-quest will end.

Bird Cage
This side-quest involves freeing five birds from their cage. You can find these bird cages in Hillside, Pearl Creek, Chastain Heights, Pleasant River and Port District.

You can start the side-quest by in the Hillside. After exiting the police station using the hole in the wall, head straight but keep to the right and you should come across a small opening to a yard.

Go through the yard and up to find a bird cage in the center of the porch. Finding this bird cage will trigger a cut-scene and start a side-quest. Follow the directions below to find the rest of the bird cages:

Pearl Creek
Look for it in the south of the bank, at the center of the Brite St. and Lansdale Ave.

Chastain Heights
Before the transition to Pleasant River, in the northern side of Brite St.

Pleasant River
Before the barricade, in the southern side of Rice St.

Port District
Search the docks, in the corner of the town.

Stolen Goods
Pearl Creek – This side-quest takes place in the apartment building you use to enter Pearl Creek.

To reach the apartment with the stolen goods, exit the first apartment, turn left and follow the hallway to the buildings staircase.

Take the stairs to reach the third floor. Take the hallway at the top of the stairs and walk up to the first door on your right.

Read the ‘Threatening Letter’ which is also a mystery collectible. Open the door to enter the stolen goods apartment.

To trigger the side-quest, pull the bed away from the wall to uncover a stash of stolen items. Grab them to start the side-quest. Return the items to the rightful owners!

The Locket and Gold watch were stolen from the third floor, across the hall from the apartment with the stolen goods. Find the table near the kitchen and place the locket in the case. Look for a desk in the bedroom and place the Gold watch on the display hand.

The Money Box was stolen from the second floor, from the apartment across the hall from the Hillside transition. Place the box in the child’s bedroom next to the scattered coins on the nightstand.

The War Medal was stolen from the ground floor apartment, from the case on the bedroom nightstand.

After you have placed these stolen goods from where they were stolen, side-quest will end. After that you can go back to the stolen goods apartment to find more swag.

Pearl Creek – It starts with a missing child poster near the arc of Cook Street and Lansdale Ave.

To find this poster, search the near the west side of Lansdale Ave, north of Cook Street, in front of the building. Read the poster to trigger the side-quest.

Find Mother’s Note
To find Mother’s, follow Lansdale Ave and in the northern section for a yellow ribbon tied to a lamp post. Look for a lunch box lying on the ground. Open it to read Mother’s Notes.

Find The Key!
Find Pleasant Rive and take the east route on Rice street, leading to the docks in the northern edge. When you reach the edge of the marked route, look for this key at end of the pier.

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  • jonathan

    i completed the digging up the past side quest. not in 1 playthrough but 2 (i hope that dosean’t matter) i got all the artifacts but i didn’t get the trophy. my game was acting weird, it wasn’t marking everything i did in my journel like usual,just a few of them. including digging up the past. do i have to start completely over or do i get the trophy after watching the ending. anybody know?

  • bryan

    What are the codes for the electronic safes? Or how can I find them?

  • Ryan

    You skip a quest like the one in the apartment with all the missing items in it. That you have to return that the thief stole.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      It’s there :)

  • Jackieboy

    The enemies you fought were shadows of a Doll, Find the doll, Break it’s face! and the shadows won’t be able to fight you

  • lilitu

    It’s a mannequin monster you see later in the game. If you have the UV light you can see the \ghosts\ of her. If you searched hard enough you would have seen the mannequin herself.

  • abc

    How can I find some money to use vending machine? My action level is easy, riddle is hard.

    • Kristin N

      Open any cash register to grab some quarters. Some won’t have any, the one in the store where you find a spare bulb will have a key, but for sure the one in the diner at the beginning has some and there are more next to a cash register in the movie theater.

  • Willhamina

    to answer your question:

    this is an excerpt from a gamer: \One misadventure that stuck with me involves Murphy exploring the basement of a random house. Entering via a window, Murphy is greeted only by the noise of soft sobs. Examining a nearby milk carton reveals an ad for a missing child, hinting at the origin of the haunting wails. After finding the rest of the basement locked off, Murphy follows the sound of TV static upstairs. Flipping the switch causes the TV set to short circuit and explode. The crying stops immediately. Traveling back downstairs, Murphy finds that the once locked door is now open. What happened next is one of the most disturbingly confusing moments I can remember in any horror game. A woman’s angry groans sound from the back of the pitch black room. Flicking on my flashlight reveals a shadow and nothing else. Suddenly something cracks Murphy over the head with an intimidating shout. I swing with futility at invisible enemies. How do you combat a ghost? I track the phantom’s shadow on the wall in order to gauge its location but can do little to fight it. Eventually I lose my nerve (and health), and decide a hasty retreat is in order. I’ll live to discover the truth behind this surprising paranormal occurrence at a later date.

    • Lil Cornchip

      That freaked me out so bad when I played it. But the ghost attacking you was a monster (I don’t know exactly what) that came from a manniquin or however you spell that. I don’t understand what the house was for except I got a gun from the basement after the door was unlocked. I see this reply is almost a couple months late lol I hope you figured it out. Oh and you need a UV light to see the ghosts easier.

  • kyle

    what side quest is it where you enter a house through a basement window and you see the missing girl on the side of the milk carton?