Gotham City Impostors Character Loadout Builds Guide

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One of the sets of key variables in Gotham City Impostors is the Loadout, which really actually explains how a certain player will behave, how much damage he/she will do, and to what extent he/she is a lethality in the battlefield.

Okay, I may have been under-stated by saying that it is ‘one’ of the key variables; it may well be the most important thing in GCI, and anyone running around with a Loudout that just doesn’t cut it is surely to fall against those with a relatively better combo.

So, I’ve decided to put up a few Load outs, mainly based on Body types, because they have a significant impact on Health, Melee and Speed.

Body Types

In GCI, there are 5 body types:

  • Speedy
  • Nimble
  • Tough
  • Burly
  • Mighty

Fastest of the body types, very fragile though, with low and negligible melee. Don’t even think of going near big guys with this body.

This is a body shifted slightly towards speed. However, it has slightly more health and melee than Speedy, but still not enough to match others. Nimble is the only female body in the game.

The tough body type is the most balanced of all, with a decent bit of all three attributes. This is a versatile, jack-of-all-trades body.

This guy is slow, but accommodates that weakness by being tankier and relatively more powerful in melee as compared to the previous three body types.

Oh boy, looking at this guy will tell you enough. The massive body type has the most health and can really pack a punch close-range. However, he’s so slow that there’s a good chance, he’ll never actually be able to come close to you.


Following are different ways you can customize your loadout in Gotham City Impostors:

  1. Speedy
  2. Nimble
  3. Tough
  4. Burly
  5. Mighty

Speedy Loadout Builds

Loadout #1
This build is all about close-ranged, in-your-face speedy stuff. This really focuses on taking full use of the body type’s speed, further boosting it with Roller-skaters.

Of course, the Gatekeeper’s rate of fire just adds to the charm, and some close-range damage with a hatchet and a Persuader is never too bad. A little risky to play with though.


Ready Weapon: Gatekeeper

Mod1: Silencer

Backup Weapon: Persuader

Mod2: Expanded Magazine

Support Item: Hatchet

Gadget: Roller-skaters

Fun Fact 1: Horse Healthy

Fun Fact 2: Marksman

Rampage: Kill Crazy

Psyche Profile: Histrionic

Loadout #2
Heavy stuff; the Jackhammer has some pretty sick rate of fire, but boy oh boy is it a pain reloading this beast. Make sure you’re in a safe spot when you do so, otherwise just a gentle push from a bigger guy can make you bite the dust.

That’s where the Ninja Smoke Bombs come in handy, not to mention the added health from Fun Fact 1 and some sustenance from FF2.


Ready Weapon: Jackhammer

Mod1: Penetrator Ammo

Backup Weapon: Persuader

Mod2: Expanded Magazine

Support Item: Energy Drink

Gadget: Ninja Smoke Bomb

Fun Fact 1: Horse Healthy

Fun Fact 2: Kinda Bulletproof

Rampage: Tough as Nails

Psyche Profile: Tyrannical

Loadout #3
This is a from-the-top’ type of a load-out – you’ll mostly be doing damage from a distance and height. It’s a very versatile build if you ask me, but it does have its weakness.

First off, you won’t always be using the Glider Rig, no sir. However, when it does come to use, this build is quite useful.

Ready Weapon: Partisan

Mod1: Iron Sights

Backup Weapon: Dawn Patrol

Mod2: Iron Sights

Support Item: Pipe Bomb

Gadget: Glider Rig

Fun Fact 1: Horse Healthy

Fun Fact 2: Mad Bomber

Rampage: Kill Crazy

Psyche Profile: Bipolar

Nimble Loadout Builds

Loadout #1
Range, that’s what you’re looking for. The Bear-stalker, combined with the 4x Scope Lens, will allow you to take down targets from a distance, and the Glider-Rig obviously assists this very well.

But just because you are primarily a ranged killer doesn’t mean you can’t do anything when distances become a little tight; you have the Gate-keeper and a handy Hatchet.

Ready Weapon: Bear-stalker

Mod1: 4x Scope-Lens

Backup Weapon: Gate-keeper

Mod2: Penetrator Ammo

Support Item: Hatchet

Gadget: Glider-Rig

Fun Fact 1: Regenerative

Fun Fact 2: Marksman

Rampage: Kill Crazy

Psyche Profile: Bipolar

Loadout #2
This load out is about being close, but being evasive. That’s why you have the Gate-keeper with an extended mag, and Spring Boots to keep you leap in’.

The trap-in-the-box is pretty fun if you can use it properly, and the Deep Freezer is quite handy for anyone who gets close.

Ready Weapon: Gate-keeper

Mod1: Extended Magazine

Backup Weapon: Deep Freezer

Mod2: Extended Magazine

Support Item: Trap-in-the-box

Gadget: Spring Boots

Fun Fact 1: Quick Reflexes

Fun Fact 2: Kinda Bulletproof

Rampage: Gun Runner

Psyche Profile: In Denial

Loadout #3
Close-range, Long-range – you have it all. The Bear-Stalker is bound to give you some good ranged kills, alongside the Boomerang, and the Gate-keeper will always keep you happy when fighting in tight areas. The inflatable insoles should also help in keeping you agile and hard to catch.

Ready Weapon: Gate-keeper

Mod1: Penetrator Rounds

Backup Weapon: Bear-Stalker

Mod2: 4x Scope Lens

Support Item: Boomerang

Gadget: Inflatable Insoles

Fun Fact 1: Wallflower

Fun Fact 2: Leathery

Rampage: Kill Crazy

Psyche Profile: Tyrannical

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