Uncharted Golden Abyss Collectibles Guide – Photos, Rubbings, Treasures and Mysteries

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Uncharted: Golden Abyss is full of mystery items, treasures, and other collectibles that it would force you to play it multiple-times for platinum trophy. It was three trophies just for collectibles and then few for completing different mystery item sets.

It would take you a lot more than just a single-play through to get all these collectibles. Being your partner in crime, we will be assisting you in getting all these collectibles with the help of this guide.

Just remember the key and get started. I would suggest you to finish the game once before starting the hunt for these collectibles.

Item (Mystery)
Location/How to find it

Uncharted Golden Abyss Collectibles Guide

Following are the treasures, photos, Glyphs and Mystery Items you can find throughout the game, listed by chapter.

The Last Guardian
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Chapter #1

Photo #1 – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. At the start of the level, take the photo of the Peligro sign next to the car facing the fence. You can use the car mirror to line of the shot to perfection.

Photo #2 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. You will see this bridge in a short cutscene after climbing the first cliff. You can take the shot from the spot you are standing at when the cutscene ends.

Mystery Item #1 – Kuna Death Mask (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. After the picture Drop down the right side and climb down and to the left

Charcoal Rubbings – #1 and #2 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. You can’t miss these rubbings. They are part of the story intro to rubbings. After the cut-scene, get them from each bridge post.

Mystery Item #2 – Treasure Survey Compass (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. After getting the Rubbings, get the Survey Compass before crossing the bridge in the back area. If you can’t find it, face the bridge entrance and turn left. Look for it in the dark corner of the area.

Mystery Item #3 – Musket Pieces – (The Conquistadors)
Location. You will have to get this mystery item before doing the next two story related Rubbings. Cross the Rope Bridge but do not run the columns.

Drop off the ledge by the flowers on the left side of the bridge and climb the rock face to get Musket Pieces treasure.

Charcoal Rubbings – #3 and #4 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. They are again story related and can’t be missed.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. You can’t miss it. Your partner will tell you about this Glyph and you can’t proceed without retrieving this treasure.

Photo #3 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. When you come across a landing between two waterfalls, go up and left towards a fallen log.

Position yourself farthest to the area and aim for the waterfalls for this photo. Line up the photo with the branch in the center for perfection.

Mystery Item #3 Survey GPS – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. Find the Survey GPS at the top, next to the fallen log. This is the same area you take the Photo #3.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. When you are climbing between the two waterfalls, you will come across a grassy landing about half way up. Drop down and climb up to the left side using hand holds to grab this treasure.

Chapter #2

Mystery Item #4 Yomosakote – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. Climb the first status you come across and drop off a ledge to its left to get this treasure.

Photo #4 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. After climbing the first rock face and meeting Dante, turn around to take this photo from the ledge nearest to Dante.

Photo #5
Location. After dropping down you will see Dante waiting for you on a log. Turn around and snap it

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. When Dante asks you to do cut some Bamboo with your Machete in a cut-scene, climb the spot across the river, cut the bamboo and climb above it to get this Glyph.

Charcoal Rubbing #5 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. After re-uniting with Dante on the far side of the river (When you discuss the advantages of roads), hop the gap across the river, then immediately look left.

You will find a wall grip, jump over and climb down towards the river. You will come across this rubbing; you can stand on a log to get reach it.

Charcoal Rubbing #6 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. While hoping over the gap across the river, you will come across a tall column on the right. If you find it hard to spot, look for a column with a bamboo patch at its base.

Cut it down with your sword and climb the vine. Rubbing is at the top of the rock face/column.

Photo #5 – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. After your first encounter with the enemies around an abandoned truck, backtrack up the small hill to find a stump.

You can take the photo by this truck with stump in the foreground of the photo with the giant wheel in the bottom of the frame.

Photo #6 – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. Climb this abandoned truck (It’s a big yellow truck), turn around and use the crates to line up this shot.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. After dropping off the truck, take the alternate path leading to a wall of bamboo. Cut it down and follow the path leading to a wall that you can climb to get this glyph.

Charcoal Rubbing #7 – (The Sete Cidades)
Location. You will get it during the cut-scene with Chase.

Photo #7 – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. Protect Chase and after that instead of following her, search the rare side of the central platform for a stone hand hold.

Climb the wooden walkway and snap a photo by aiming at the red barrels of the Tree Poison.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. Look for this glyph in a grave, at the end of the walkway towards the blue-trap leading to an area with graves.

Charcoal Rubbing #8 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. On the wall, opposite to the area where you found the glyph. Look for the platform with two white cots, turn right to the find this rubbing.

Photo #8 – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. Take a picture of the Radiation Sign at the Uranium Mine gate that Chase points out.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. Defend Chase while she crosses the log. Cross the log yourself and turn left to find an alcove and climb up. Look for the glyph on the wall.

Charcoal Rubbing #9 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. After another gun fight, look for a snake status with a patch of bamboo at its base. Climb the status and then climb up to the rubbing.

Photo #9 – (Secrets of the Kuna)
Location. At the bottom of the rope gunfight area, move down the path away from the carved wall and then turn around to take the photo.

Chapter #3

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. You will get this treasure after jumping off a ledge to attack an enemy.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. Take a right, instead of left after gaining control on the bridge. You will find this glyph on far right.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. After getting a sniper rifle, snipe the enemies, and instead of jumping the gap to meet up with her. Drop down the ledge before the gap and use the handholds to climb to an area under the sniping point with glyph.

Charcoal Rubbing #10 – (The Conquistadors)
Location. After the first sniping task, cross the gap and run down the path. You will find an alcove on your right with some bamboo.

Cut through and climb up to a platform with more bamboo. Cut these down again to find the Rubbing spot.

Mystery Item #5 – Land Deed – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. It’s part of the story, you can’t miss it (You will solve this after the big jump).

Mystery Item #6 Sextant – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. After finishing the fight with a guy coming up the slight hill, look on your right for a place to climb up and grab this item (It is right before the town with barrels and trucks).

Photo #10 – (Odessa Mining Company)
Location. Once you reach the small town, snap the first two red barrels. Don’t go past the truck or the chapter will end.

Chapter 4

Charcoal Rubbing #11 – (Proof of Life)
Location. Starting cell where you first wake up, look for it to the right of the barred door.

Mystery Item #7 Class Ring – (Proof of Life)
Location. Instead dropping down after climbing out of the cell, turn left and leap across your prison cell to drop off in adjacent cell. You will find the class ring in the corner.

Photo #11 – (The Revolution)
Location. From the adjacent cell, take a snap of the torture chair.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. After getting your sword, cut through the sheet and run straight for the far wall to grab it off the shelf.

Mystery Item #8 – (Poisoned Powder)
Location. After cutting through the sheet, climb to the top of the burning room and cross the ceiling rafters. On the far side, jump to the blue pipe and go right. You will find this item in the sink.

Chapter #5

Mystery Item #9 Victorian Pendant – (Proof of Life)
Location. Before boosting chase up, look for a gray sheet and cut through to find this item by a pile of cinder blocks in the left corner.

Photo #12 – (Poisoned Powder)
Location. After boosting Chase, go straight into a small shack and take a picture of the stove and white pot on the left.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. After crossing the plank above the area when you split up with Chase, drop below the far side of the plank (Balance Beam) on a platform with this glyph.

Mystery Item #10 Archaeologist’s Trowel – (The Trail of Vincent Perez)
Location. You can’t miss this, you will get it automatically after meeting up with Chase.

Charcoal Rubbing #12 – (The Revolution)
Location. After finding the Trowel, keep going on your left until you come across a fence. Look at your right and you should find a wooden grave stone in the dark corner.

Mystery Item #12 How To Replace Bananas – (Poisoned Powder)
Location. Look for a small opening on the left between fences to climb through. Look for this book on the barrel.

Treasure – Turquoise Glyph
Location. Opposite to the ledge Chase is standing on, the dirt path terminates with some tire and this glyph to the right.

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We've got a lot of guides and FAQs here, and you can thank Afnan for providing many of them. It's him who does the research and assembles our FAQs before we can publish them.

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