Take Two Trademarks GTA TV and Rockstar TV

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Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar – makers of the Grand Theft Auto franchise – has just trademarked “GTA TV” and “Rockstar TV.”

The trademark doesn’t state if Rockstar is planning a web series, user-made Grand Theft Auto clips or something other thing. What it does cover is the fact that the listing mentions the following: 

Computer game programs and software; animated motion picture films featuring entertainment, namely, action, adventure, dramatic, comedic, children’s and documentary themes; pre-recorded video discs and other pre-recorded digital and electronic media in the field of live action programs, motion pictures, or animation featuring entertainment, namely, action, adventure, dramatic, comedic, children’s and documentary themes.

So, the trademark could mean from a GTA inspired kid’s program to a documentary. My best guess is it would be something close to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted TV – where they show the best clips from the game’s multiplayer uploaded from Youtube.

Source: OXM

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