Final Fantasy 13-2 Live Trigger Rewards Guide

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E: To the northwest end of the ruins.
Q: In the future, it’s taught that Cocoon fell to Pulse during a war. What should I ask Noel to clarify?
A: “Stop joking around!” “Listen to the voice.” (FA)

E: After the battle against the weakened Atlas.
Q: The paradox may have been caused by someone meddling in history. Let’s think about that.
A: “Listen to the voice.” (FA)

Episode 3-1

Yaschas Massif AF010

Blue Butterfly on answering all the LTs
White Chocobo Chick on answering all the 6 LTs with 4 or more FA

E: Talk to the first Researcher.
Q: The eclipse is the result of Fenrir’s premature appearance. What could be happening in the ruins?
A: “The fal’Cie wanted to meet you.” (FA)

The Last Guardian
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E: Talk to Noel/Serah after passing through the darkened area.
Q: Why is the eclipse only happening here? Let’s see what Noel/Serah thinks…
A: “Boredom?” (FA)

E: After defeating Aloeidai, speak to Hope twice.
Q: Hope wonders if I have any questions about this world, now seven years in the future.
A: “Why are you so grown up?” (FA)

E: Talk to Hope by the ramp leading to the command center.
Q: After meeting with me again, Hope seems lost in memories. What should we talk about?

E: Talk to Hope after the Oracle Drive event.
Q: Hope has been analyzing the Oracle Drive and the images that appear to be Lightning. What should I ask him?
A: “Sometimes, I hear voices.” ** “You’ve got an interesting weapon” (FA)

E: Open the gate using hollow artefact.
Q: Noel seems troubled about something. He says it’s personal. How should I respond?
A: “Are you worried about the gate?” “Bothered by the moogle?” (FA)

Oerba AF200

Whimsical Headdress on Answering all the LTs.
Yellow Propeller on answering all the LTs with FA.

E: Collect the artefact.
Q: The paradox is solved and an artefact has appeared. But questions still remain…
A: “How much would the artefact sell for?” (FA)

E: Use the Artefact to open the Gate.
Q: Noel is upset about Yeul. He wonders why I don’t ask him about her. What should I say to him?
A: “Sorry, I drifted off.” “Do you want me to ask?” (FA)

Yaschas Massif AF01X

Academic’s Hat om answering all the LTs
Red Silk Hat on answering all the LTs and only two or more FA

E: Talk to Serah/Noel as you ascend the first cliff.
Q: Yeul said that if you change the future, you change the past. But what exactly does that mean?
A: “Isn’t that how it works?” (FA)

E: Talk to Serah/Noel after talking to Yeul before entering the ruins.
Q: I met another girl with the same name and face as Yeul from the future. What could it mean?
A: “Does Yeul have a twin?” (FA)

E: Talk to Hope after seeing the Oracle Drive.
Q: How should you interpret the images shown by the Oracle Drive? You decide to ask Hope.

Episode 3-2

Sunleth Waterscape AF300

Blue Flower on answering all the LTs,
Pumpkin Head om answering both LTs with one FA.

E: During the cinematic after the opening Royal Ripeness battle.
Q: Snow’s here because of something Lightning said in his dream. What else does he know?
A: “Let’s defeat the flan!” (FA)

E: At the south end of the map, after defeating the Flan who were congregating around the Artefact.
Q:Snow’s friends are still trapped in the pillar. What should Noel ask him about?
A: “Feel like a song?” (FA)

Episode 4

Augusta Tower AF200
Sky Blue Newboy Cap if you answer all the LTs
Light Bulb on answering all the LTs with 2 or more FA

E: Talk to Alyssa in front of the elevator.
Q: Caius and Yeul headed to the top of the tower. Why?
A: “There’s treasure here!” (FA)

E: Heat to the 52nd floor.
Q: Noel doesn’t think Caius is behind this mayhem. Then who is?
A: “This is just like a murder mystery!” (FA)

E: Mandatory LT during the battle with Proto fal’Cie Adam.
Q: The Proto fal’Cie keeps regenerating. What’s the battle strategy?
A: “Throw Mog.” (FA)

Academia AF4XX

Crystal Star on answering the LT

E: Speak to Hope three additional times after the mandatory story conversations.
Q: “Hope has traveled 400 years into the future. What should I ask him?”

Episode 5

The Void Beyond -???-
You will have to close the Academia and restart the story there through the gate to access this location.

Caius’s Sword on answering all LTs

E: Talk to Yeul
Q: Serah’s trapped in the shade of Valhalla. Yeul seems to know something…
A: “Are you the one who’s been speaking to me?” (FA)

E: Talk to second Yeul
Q: The goddess gave her servants the ability to see the future. What else does Yeul know?

The Void Beyond: New Bodhum

NORA Symbol if you answer all the LTs
Afro on answering all the LTs with three or more FA

E: Talk to Lebreau.
Q: Everything looks the way it did before I left on my journey. What is this place?
A: “Can I take a nap?” “I wasn’t asleep!” (FA)

E: Talk to Yuj.
Q: Yuj is acting like nothing happened. What should I talk to him about first?

E: Talk to Maqui
Q: Maqui says someone is waiting at NORA House. What does he mean?
A: “The NORA House?” “Oh, yeah, him.” * “He was joking!” (FA)

E: Talk to Gadot.
Q: Gadot says I have it easy. How should I respond?
A: “I work hard, too!” “I love it here!” (FA)

A Dying World AF700

Crystal Rose on answering the LT

TE: In the cinematic after the Gogmagog fight.
Q: My life shortens each time I see the future. What should I say to Noel?

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