Final Fantasy 13-2 Gil/CP Farming Guide

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You don’t need to grind much to level up all roles to 99 in Final Fantasy 13-2 but still, if run out of gils or want to level up faster to battle tougher enemies, you can read our guide for easier more convenient ways to farm Gil and CP.

For more help on Final Fantasy 13-2, read our guide on Ailments and Enhancements, Monster Adornments and Fragment Skills.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Gil Farming

Find silver pampas in a A Dying World, in the north-west section of the map. If you are lucky, they will drop Haste Shoes which sell for 10,000 gil. Or you can go to Archylte Steppe and set the weather to rainy by using the weather manipulation machine.

Go to the western part of the map, just past the cliffs and look for Microchus, Vampires and other monsters. They drop top-tier items for monsters, which you can use to level up monsters or sell them to Chocalina (Shop) for +1000 gil.

Or you can look for rare Bohemoth that pops-up in Episode 3 Yaschas Massif -01X AF. It’s a rare monster but is common enough to be worth farming.

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Killing it will reward you with 2,000 Gil and CP, you can easily rack-up CP/Gil in thousands at this spot. You can watch the video below for more:

Or you can also farm Gil/CP in Academia 400 AF. It involves killing the monsters by failing to pass the security barrier. That is if, you still have it up. You can watch this video below for more:

If you know any other ways to farm gil/cp, let us know in comments!

Final Fantasy 13-2 CP Farming

The easiest of ways is to get the CP Fragment Skill ‘Grow Egg’ and go to Academia 400AF to farm monsters. You can have up to 1000 CP per battle which lasts only few seconds.

Grow Egg can be unlocked via the Chocobo Girl in Serendipity after all Fragments from Bresha Ruins AF005, AF100, and AF300, as well as all Fragments from Mt. Yaschas AF010, AF100, AF110, and AF01X have been earned.

Or you can earn more CP using Monster Abilities. Few monster abilities increase CP like the last ability of Level 99 Green Chocobo ‘CP Plus’.

If Academia 400AF is a bit hard for you, you can farm CP in Oerba 400AF. It is easy and less rewarding method to farm CP but that no longer holds for CP Fragment Skill. You can easily get around 500 CP by killing the monsters in this area. You can put collectors catalog on both Serah and Noel to increase the reward – Gil and CP.

Final Fantasy 13-2 doesn’t really require much grinding compared to Final Fantasy 13. You should be able to level up each role to 99 just by collecting all fragments (See fragment Locations). Each fragment rewards 30,000 CP and collecting all fragments rewards you with Defragmented trophy so it’s worth the effort.

Defeating Ochu in Arhylte Steppe rewards you with 30,000 CP and if you unlock Paradox Endings, you can earn up to 10,000 CP for each (See paradox endings guide).

Don’t forget to watch both videos above which probably two of the best ways to farm CP/Gil in Final Fantasy 13-2.

If you know any other easier ways to farm CP/Gil, let us know in comments!

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