Final Fantasy 13-2 Hidden Monsters Locations Guide

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You can’t find these monsters without Moogle’s Throw and Mog’s Manifestation Skill Fragment. You will get these two abilities once you New Bodhum 700 AF in Episode 5. Remember, you may have to throw Mog a few times to catch these monsters because Mog sometimes doesn’t bounce right.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Hidden Monsters Locations

Location. It can be found in New Bodhum 003 AF, Town Square. Run to the bridge over sea in New Bodhum and throw Mog into the sea to catch this monster. (Click To See Location Image)

Location. It can be found in New Bodhum 003 AF, Meteorite Impact Site. Go to the gate in New Bodhum and throw the Mog up the ledge below by walking to the edge of the map facing northeast.

Trick is to get Mog land on the ledge above you and if you can’t find the sweet spot from where to throw the Mog – Throw it when you have Cocoon to your left. (Click To See Location Image)

Location. It can be found in Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, Forest Crossroads. You will need the beast to get this and it may be the most tricky to get.

You need to be on top of the beast (it’s head) and throw Mog onto the two Flans by the middle rock at the start. (Click To See Location Image)

Location. It can be found in Archylte Steppe – Year Unknown, Plains of Eternity. Look for the patch of pink flowers by the red cactuar opposite the village.

You will have to throw Mog into the flowers to catch Chichu. There are some other valuable items that can be picked up here – You can throw Mog again to pick them up.

Chichu is one of the best COM monsters so level it become your worthy companion in the battles against the bosses. (Click To See Location Image)

Location. It can be found in Archylte Steppe – Year Unknown, Clearwater Marshes. Aim for the tree sticking out above the ledge.

Nanochu is hidden above the rocks to the left so you need to get Mog reach that spot by bouncing off the edge and up above the rocks. (Click To See Location Image)

Silver Chocobo
Location. It can be found in Academia 4XX AF, Research Facility. You need to throw Mog into the big green screen sphere in research facility. (Click To See Location Image)

Mog will grab Silver Chocobo among other items. Keep throwing till you get, there are lot of items to collect here.

Location. It can be found in A Dying World 700 AF, The Black Sands. It’s a bit difficult to grab this monster; It is on the bottom left island of the A Dying World.

Look for a corner and a treasure sphere to pick up at the top left of the island. Throw Mog up and onto the cliff. Try to get him to bounce off backwards to reach the bottom left of the island to grab this monster. (Click To See Location Image)

If you have come across another hard-to-get monster, let us know about his whereabouts in comments below and we will add him up.

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  1. Dhaze says:

    Cactuarama is actually found by chocolina in the black sands just throw moogle near her and you will find it

  2. miuracrazy says:

    Oh, and Cactuarina is also present in New Bodhum 003 AF (forgot to specify).

  3. miuracrazy says:

    There’s also Rangda (SAB), which is available if you throw Mog off the end of the pier in New Bodhum 003 AF.

    And then there’s Cactuarina (MED), which is in the gate-crater area up on the ledge in the NW side.

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