Serious Sam 3 Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Performance, and Fixes

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If you are a fun seeker, adventure lover, and serious about your passion, Serious Sam 3 is just a game for you. It has just been released on Steam and has already won the hearts of the fans by retaining the classic gameplay action and introducing new fun elements that enhance the experience.

It is without doubt best Serious Sam ever but if you don’t like to sprint, then you may not like it. I mean, it’s pretty cool for us, so should for you. It’s just a damn sprint after all.

Anyway, if you are experiencing any technical difficulty in enjoying the game without any hiccups, you can refer to our workarounds below!

1# Game Locks Up – Multiplayer
Serious Sam 3 stutters for few seconds when you try to host the game.

2# Serious Sam 3 Cannot open file Error
Verify the game cache and double-check your system date, it should be set correctly. If that doesn’t work, follow the instructions in this tutorial to apply certification patch, it would resolve this issue.

3# Application Has Malfunctioned
Disable your antivirus or firewall because it may cause this error by blocking the executable.

4# Serious Sam 3 Crashes
Game doesn’t really go well with other applications running in the background. First culprits to cause the crash are anti-virus and other security softwares. If you have one or more running in the background, disable them, and relaunch the game.

5# ATI Low Performance
You will have to wait for the optimized drivers for ATI before you go complaining about the game being buggy and giving you horrible performance when all other games are running fine. Just wait, it will come.

6# Preparing to launch Serious Sam 3: BFE
If you get stuck on the loading message above when you try to launch the game, launch the game as administrator.

7# Serious Sam 3 Random Crashing
Make sure you have adequate free memory available for the game or it may result when you try to play the game. Good fix would be to close all the applications running in the background and try again.

8# Blurry Textures – Graphics Quality
If you are getting blurry textures in the game, make sure you aren’t imposing any specific graphic setting through Nvidia or ATI control panel. Set all settings to default especially 3D Settings and run the game again.

9# Game Crashes After DirectX Install – Bluescreen
This issue has something to do with processor (AMD) and may require you to update your Bios to latest firmware if you want to resolve the issue. You can read the info here.

10# Missing/Invisible Textures
Developer suggests – open console and type:

  • ren_bOcclusionCulling=0 [enter]
  • ren_bGeometryInstancing=0

and see if that helps.

11# File Signature Verification Failed
Verify the game cache to resolve the issue.

12# How To Change FOV
plr_fFOVOverride = # (where # is the FOV you want, must have the = sign)

13# FPS Randomly Drop
Turn off Ambient Occlusion.

14# Poor Performance
If you are getting poor performance on your high-end PC gaming machine, you should probably run the game in DirectX 9 and avoid DirectX 11. You will notice much improvement.

If you face any other issue, you can either comment here, or post it on official Steam Forums, where Croteam support staff is helping everyone who is facing any technical difficulty in running Serious Sam 3 smoothly.

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  • kashif

    game continuesly hang while runing…………
    any advise please ??

  • nitin

    whenever i start the game it stuck and shows just “saving game,please wait” and then nothing happens ………..please help me ………..

  • sandu_ionel_21

    when i start the game i play it for a few minutes and (by the way at campaign (summer in cairo ) 1 porblem : i cant find the saves that i am making 2problem :when i reach a certain point of this stage (when that big spaceship destroys that building after a minute lets say freezes i cant move cant do nothing i cant play it i have to reboot the pc
    pls pls pls heeelp !!!! sorry my bad english

    • bla

      same here! :(

  • ovidiu ovidius

    on my serios sam 3 at under cloud stage…is blocking look up…under the bridge…what can i do? please desperate help

  • richard

    3# Application Has Malfunctioned
    Disable your antivirus or firewall because it may cause this error by blocking the executable.

    i havent got an antivirus and the firewall is off.
    doesnt work