Zelda Skyward Sword Side Quests Guide

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You can take many side quests in Skyloft and other areas in Skyward Sword, completing these side quests will reward you with 5 or 10 gratitude crystals, which you can trade with Batreaux for rare item rewards.

He is a monster living beneath Skyloft in a shack. You will encounter him first during Missing Child side quest. You can receive up to 65 Gratitude Crystals for completing these Side Quests that are in the game.

For more help, you can read our Walkthrough, Boss Strategy Guide, and Gratitude Crystal Locations.

Lost Child

Once you place the Ruby Tablet in the Statue of the Goddess from Skyview Temple, a lady will tell you about her lost daughter Kukiel. After that head to the graveyard and talk to the woman who’ll point you to the Lumpy Pumpkin on Pumpkin Landing where an old man has been raving about monsters.

Go and speak to him then fly to Pumpkin Landing that is east of Skyloft. Speak with the old man by the table where you can pick up the Heart Piece and get started with the Pumpkin Landing side quest.

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If you want to get to Kukiel then you need to need to walk by the tree in the middle of the night and hit the graveyard that is nearest to a tree. Push the graveyard and the door to the shed will open,said by the old man.

Do the above procedure by returning to any bed in a villager’s house near the Graveyard and select to sleep until night. Go down the ladder and head the rickety patch to the shack. Go inside to meet Batreaux who wants Gratitude Crystals which is another side quest.

Speak with Kukiel and go to her house that is by one of the bridge near the Bazaar. Sleep here and talk to her mother to collect your Gratitude Crystals.

Missing Sister

You’ll talk to the guy in the area by the Light Tower in the southwest area of the town who will tell you that his sister has gone missing. Go southwest towards the Fun-Fun Island to pass over the tiny island with a Loftwing where you have to land and talk to the sister of the man but she will ask you for some medicine.

Go back to Skyloft and talk to her brother in the plaza for some Mushroom Spores in an empty bottle. Go back to the girl who shall give you five Gratitude Crystals. Talk to her brother to get five more of these.

The Haunted Restroom

Receive a love letter to Karane from Cawlin in the Knight Academy hallway. Give it to her or to the ghost haunting the Knight Academy rest room at night and you’ll get five Gratitude Crystals. Either way you will get five Gratitude Crystals on which ever task you complete from above.

Fledge’s Workout

You’ll be able to complete this side quest after Stamina Potions are available in the Potion Shop. Fledge will ask for some Stamina Potions after you talk to him in this room at night.

You can sleep in the house if you want to advance to the night or if you are late.After you bring him two Stamina Potions and talk to him. He’ll ask to see you again and reward you with five Gratitude Crystals.

Missing Baby Rattle

Bertie, the husband of who owns the Potion Shop will tell you about a sad baby on this back.Go to him at night in Bertie’s house on the east side of town and speak to him.

He will talk to you about the missing Baby Rattle which you can find by using Dowsing near above the central windmill in Skyloft. Use the Clawshots to get up here and climb up the wines on the small islands above Waterfall Cave wher you can leap and control your fall on to the bird’s nest.

Collect the Baby Rattle by blowing off the sand from the nest. Return it back to get five Gratitude Crystals from Bertie.

Plow Needed

Speak with Kina in the pumpkin patch after you complet the Pumpkin Island chain of quests that is related with the Heart Piece and she will tell you that she need some help to plow the field.

By using the Dowsing, you can find the right Mogma for the task that is in the volcano cone in the south part of Eldin Volcano. Your robot will be brought to the sky after you talk to Mogma.

You’ll gain five Gratitude Crystals from kina after completing this.

Missing Crystal Ball

You should talk to Croo who is sitting at a table in the Bazaar when the Fortune Teller a.k.a Sparrot disappears. The Fortune Teller can be found at the far side of the town.

Find the missing Crystal Ball above the entrance of the Earth Temple in Eldin Volcano. Use the Clawshots to gey up there and the robot willl move it for you receiving five Gratitude Crystals.

Beedle’s Missing Beetle

Fall asleep in Beedle’s bed but first call Beedle’s Shop by ringing the bell and you’ll wake up on Beedle’s Island. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the missing beetle.

You should talk to Stricht who is expert in tracking down bugs. Stricht will give you a challenge that you need to complete to win the beetle which you need to return to Beedle and get those five Gratitude Crystals.

Item Check Crush

Once you flirt with the Item Check girl Peatrice. Her father Peater who is the Bamboo Island operator will be upset with the myster suitor. Go to Peater’s house at night below the Bazaar and talk to him so that you can get going with the side quest.

Flirt with Peatrice at dawn at the Item Check and then talk to her again to complete the quest. Peater will grant you with five Gratitude Crystals after you solve the issue.

Cleaning Pipit’s House

Go to Pipit’s house at night-time and his wife Mallara will ask you to clean the house using the Gust Bellows. The house is east of the bridge in town. Receive five Gratitude Crystals after you clean up all the windows and the bed.

Strange Plant Wanted

Owlan(Instructor) will ask you to get him a strange plant when you enter his room and talk to him. The plant is a member of the Kikwi Tribe. Find it using Dowsing in the Faron Woods and get five Gratitude Crystals after you return it to Owlan.

Fun Fun Island

Once you talk to the owner of Fun Fun Island who will tell you about the missing piece of the island,the Game Wheel. Use Dowsing to track down the wheel which can be found in the Lanayru Desert near the southern most Bird Statue.

Strike the Timeshift Stone and go up the vines. Make your way to east by hanging from the wall and find the Wheel in the sand. Your robot will bring it to the sky and you will get five Gratitude Crystals in return.

Bamboo Island

In this island,you can take part in a Clean Cut Challenge where you will need to cut as many pieces as you can of the Bamboo. It will cost 10 rupees.

If you get slices more than 20, you’ll be reward with a Monster Horn or Evil Ore but if you get 28 slices then you will be rewarded with a rare Goddess Plume.

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