Zelda Skyward Sword Pieces of Heart Locations Guide

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Like most Zelda games, you can collect four pieces of heart to increase Link’s health in Skyward Sword. This would help you fight toughest of foes. If you want to collect all the Heart Pieces, you will have to consult our Goddess Cubes Locations guide. Because some of the heart pieces are found in these chests.

You can find the locations of the remaining heart pieces below, categorized by area. For more help, read our Gratitude Crystal Locations, Goddess Cubes Locations, and Boss Strategy Guide.

The Sky

Heart Piece #1
Location. Lumpy Pumpkin, Pumpkin Landing
To get this heart piece, you will have to roll into one of the rafters in the Pumpkin Landing pub which in turn will break the chandelier, but you will successfully knock down this heart piece. You will need Goddess Sword for this task, so better come prepared.

Heart Piece #2
Location. South of Skyloft
Strike the Faron Woods Goddess Cube #2 with your sword, retrieve the treasure chest, and open it to get this heart piece.

Heart Piece #3
Location. Batreaux’s House, Skyloft
Get 10 Gratitude Crystals and bring them to Batreaux in Skylot. He will reward you with this heart piece.

Heart Piece #4
Location. Lumpy Pumpkin, Pumpkin Landing
This is a bit tricky to get, so let’s try it step by step. To earn this heart piece you will have to pay your debs for breaking the Lumpy Pumpkin Chandelier. For that, you will have to do three tasks.

  1. Deliver a bottle of Hot Pumpkin Soup to Eagus at the Sparring Hall.
  2. Deliver a huge stack of pumpkins to the storage area without dropping them.
  3. Entertain the audience one night by playing your harp.

Once you have completed these three quests, you will be rewarded with a heart piece. You will need your Goddess Harp and an empty bottle to successfully complete these quests.

Heart Piece #5
Location. Beedle’s Airship Shop
You can buy one heart piece from Beedle for 1600 Rupees.

Heart Piece #6
Location. Beedle’s Island
Activate the Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube #3 and retrieve this heart piece from the treasure chest. You will need Hook Beetle for the task, come prepared.

Heart Piece #7
Location. Dodoh’s Drop, Fun Fun Island
Win the Dodoh’s Drop mini-game at Fun Fun Island during ‘No Fun Island’ side quest and you will get it as a reward.

Heart Piece #8
Location. Skyloft Knight Academy, Zelda’s Room
This heart piece is in a closet in Zelda’s room in the Knight Academy. To reach there, drop down into the crawlspace from the chimney on the roof, using your Clawshots, by grabbing onto the target in the chimney. Drop down at the end of the crawlspace into Zelda’s room. Get it from her closet and leave.

Heart Piece #9
Location. Pumpkin Pull, Skyloft
Win Fledge’s Pumpkin Pull mini-game during ‘To Get Stronger’ side quest and you will be rewarded with this heart piece.

Heart Piece #10
Location. Strich’s Bug Paradise
Retrieve it from the chest resulting from the Goddess Cube you found at the Volcano Summit.

Faron Woods

Heart Piece #1
Location. Faron Woods, ledge extending from the trunk of the Great Tree
Climb the great tree along the roots, near the hole where you find Oolo the Kikwi. Follow the branches leading to a rope. You will see this heart piece ahead of you, use the rope to clear the gap and pick it up.

Heart Piece #2
Location. Skyview Temple, Outside the room you get Beetle
Get the Beetle and kill the enemies around you. Point the Beetle towards the top of the room and guide it into a small alcove at top of the oval structure where you got the Beetle.

You should see a diamond switch, which will open a gate at the base of that structure, when you strike it with Beetle. When gate opens, you will see a treasure chest inside, containing this heart piece.

Heart Piece #3
Location. Sealed Grounds, Behind the Temple
Summon Goddess Wall by playing Goddess’s Harp near Gorko at the Sealed Temple. Draw the symbol he requests, and he will reward you with this heart piece.

Eldin Volcano

Heart Piece #1
Location. Eldin Volcano, on the ledge overlooking the area you met your first Pyrup.
There is a heart piece sitting on the ledge overlooking the path past your first encounter with Pyrup. To reach this area, From bone bridge, climb up the ledges across from the path you used to reach there, and hop over to the area overlooking the road. Kill the two shelled Pyrups you encounter and retrieve the heart piece.

Heart Piece #2
Location. Fire Sanctuary
Catch the runaway Mogma during one of the burrowing sessions to get a heart piece as a reward.

Heart Piece #3
Location. Volcano Summit
Find a hole you can burrow into with Mogma Mitts near the Fire Sanctuary. It is the same hole, with blessed butterflies flying around it. You will find the heart piece inside that hole, retrieve it, and continue your adventure.

Lanayru Desert

Heart Piece #1
Location. Lanayru Desert – In the northeast corner, beyond a cracked wall.
Bomb the cracked wall, on the hidden pathway across the sinksand in Lanayru Desert to get this heart piece.

Heart Piece #2
Location. Lanayru Shipyard
Complete the minecart mini-game at the Shipyard during ‘Clear Sandship’ in less than 1 minute 5 second, and you will get this heart piece as a reward.

Heart Piece #3
Location. Lanayru Gorge
Win four consecutive boss replay battles in Thunder Dragon’s Challenge to earn this heart piece.

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