Zelda Skyward Sword Boss Strategy Guide

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Boss fights are usually the most challenging aspect of any game and when it comes to Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it doesn’t get any tougher. If you are looking for tactics and strategies that you can use to bring down the tyranny of these ugly bosses, follow our handy tips.

We will appreciate if you add your own tips and strategies on how to fight these beasts. For more help on Skyward Sword, read our Walkthrough, Enemies Guide, and Goddess Cubes Locations.

Demon Lord Ghirahim

He is one creepy dude among many in the world of Zelda. You will face him multiple times throughout the adventure. Your first meeting will be at Skyview Temple.

At the start of the fight, he won’t use any weapon rather mock you by grabbing your blade in his hand. He will also use his quick movements to confuse you a bit. You should try to him on sight.

To avoid getting your blade stuck in his hand, you should try to approach him diagonally rather straight from the front. If he catches your sword, you should pull it away fast as his next move is not going to be safe for you.

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After receiving sufficient damage, he will alter his strategy and throw projectiles at you and summon his sword too. You can send his projectiles back to him if you swing the sword in the right direction. Otherwise, you can try to dodge or block.

One good strategy is that you wait for him to dash towards you and execute his attacks. If you are successful to block them, you will have a chance on counter to do the damage. If you lose your shield, you will have rely on your spin attacks or regular swipes to hit him.

Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera

It’s a burning lava coated with a hard covering. Appears like a flaming frog to me. Anyhow, The trick is to toss bombs in his mouth so that when they detonate inside, its weak spot, “The Eye” will be revealed which you can target to do the damage.

He won’t be a sitting duck ofcourse, so make sure that you doge its fireball attacks. Scaldera will also try to crush you with its feet. You need to move away in time to stay safe. Repeat the bomb throwing exercise and you will ultimately manage to take the beast down.

If you run out of bombs or need more heart, head up the ramp to stock up and then join the battle again.

Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach

You will encounter this boss in Lanayru Mining Facility. As you can see, it’s a giant scorpion all set to engulf you. The weak point is its eyes embedded in the claws. You should target only the eyes as hitting the armored pincers won’t do any good.

If it catches you, shake the controller to get free. If you receive the damage, you will get a chance to hit the eyes before the sequence starts again. You can predict the onset of its pincer attacks though as the eyes turn red and blue just before the attack.

At the end, it will bury itself underground and attack using its stinger. You should blow away the sand to reveal the position. When both the claws have been dealt with, you need to damage the central eye to win the fight. Stabbing attacks will do the trick.

The Imprisoned

The prisoner is trying to escape and you need to nullify its attempt in Sealed Grounds. Your goal is to hit the seal spine on its back so that you can stop it from escaping. You can climb on its back and hit the target.

You can also try to slow down its ascending movement by tossing bombs towards its feet or if you can use the air coming from vents, you will be quick enough to reach its feet and do the damage yourself. Stay cautious though as you don’t want to fall off and screw things up.

Ancient Automaton Koloktos

Ancient Cistern is the place where you will face this freak. The objective here is to reach the beast’s central core. You will have to dismantle the arms first. How you do that? Wait for it to execute its armed attacks (dodge them ofcourse). It will reveal some cores and the protruding ends you can target with your whip.

You can then pull it to separate the arms from the central part. This will reveal the central core of Koloktos. You don’t need to worry when it starts moving around the arena as there won’t be any other special attacks to dodge. Keep your focus and target the central core to remove the threat.

Abysmal Leviathan Tentalus

Tentalus resides in Sandship and his tentacles are itching to snatch a piece of you. In the beginning of the fight, you will only have to dodge and attack its arms. Soon, it will rise up, making the fight more personal.

Its large eye is the weak point but the moving arms will be a constant source of trouble. The interesting part of the fight is that you will restore your health on hitting these arms. So being aggressive is not a bad option here. Since your sword can’t reach it for physical attacks, you can rely on your bow.

The best time to fire arrows at it is just after it attacks you. If you are having trouble in charging the sword for Skyward Strike, you should try to track Tentalus’ movements. You will figure the way to charge it ultimately.

Ocular Parasite Bilocyte

You can find this parasite in Levias. The central eye is the section you need to target but you will have to do something about its fins that protect the eye. You can repel its poisonous goo back with your sword, smashing it left or right. The angle of can be adjusted and you can hit the wings.

When the fins have been taken care of, focus on the central section. You can send back the goo by striking the sword vertically. Repeat the exercise and after sometime, you will manage to bring the Bilocyte down.

If you have any other tips on how to fight these notorious evil bosses in Skyward Sword, you can share them with us in comments.

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